The Occult Phenomena

What is the Occult? (cont.)

3. History

After this short introduction, an equally brief look at the use of rod and pendulum in the history of mankind. Some of the oldest findings of this magic are probably the cave drawings in the Orange Free State, South Africa. The archaeologists reckon these cave drawings, which feature the so-called wishing wand, to be more than six thousand years old.

We also find the rod in the Chinese culture of over four thousand years ago. In those days, the rod was used to look for water and also to check building sites to make sure they were not over underground watercourses. The rod is also found among the ancient Greeks. The poet, Homer, mentioned it. The Romans, too, used rod and pendulum. The entire history of Europe over the last two thousand years indicates a widespread use of rod and pendulum. It is a depressing thing for me to hear that a theologian who has the reputation of being a believer approves the use of rod and pendulum and believes that it is a gift of God. Such an opinion can only be formed out of a lack of pastoral experience and ignorance of the serious consequences.

4. Geophysics

Rod diviners and pendulum users maintain that the reaction of the rod or pendulum is caused by what they call earth rays. Earth rays of this sort are not known to science. There are, however, other physical factors which could be adduced in explanation of the earth rays. Our earth possesses an electromagnetic field; hence the compass needles will point towards the magnetic North Pole. The earth
's magnetic field is not uniform: that is, it is not equally strong everywhere, but has fields of interference. These fields of interference are caused by geological faults, caves, underground streams, mineral deposits, salt, oil, iron, and the like. They can be measured. There is a whole range of instruments which can be used to measure these interference centers: the magnetometer, the double compass, the Askania scales, the VHF probe, the gerameter. The best instrument is the proton resonance magnetometer. Experiments have already been conducted with experienced diviners to see whether they can locate these fields of interference with the rod or pendulum. Some of the diviners were able to do so. This result, however, does not mean that, from a Christian point of view, one can accept the activity of the rod and pendulum practitioners. This will become even clearer from the next section.

5. The psychic factor

Rod diviners maintain that people are in danger if their place of work or their bed is situated in a spot where there are earth rays. They usually advise people to move their desk or bed to another place, or to ward off the danger by means of a de-radiation box. I have been able to examine a large number of these de-radiation boxes. The whole thing is a colossal humbug. I have not the time to describe this de-radiation apparatus here. [
TCE: cf. Feng-shui!]

If the interference centers of the earth
's magnetic field can have a negative influence on people, the use of precise measuring instruments is not out of place. But under no circumstances should psychic powers be used to test such centers of interference.

The question arises as to whether these fields of interference really do have an influence on people. Animal experiments have shown that ants, cats, and bees seek out these centers and like them. Domestic animals avoid them if possible. In the case of human beings, it is only those who are of psychic disposition or who have a weak and sensitive nervous system who react to them. If such a sensitivity to interference fields is found in a person, it is proper to use one of the above-mentioned scientific instruments to measure the power of the field. The use of rod or pendulum in this connection is something I totally reject.

It may be held against me that years ago I was not so radical in my views as I am now. There is a reason for this. In 1953, my first book, Christian Counselling and Occultism, was published. When I wrote it, I had only six hundred examples of occult experiences. Over the years, more and more of my books attacking occultism have been published. The result is that I have been much in demand for counseling all over the world. In the twenty-four years since, I have advised about twenty thousand people, either in personal conversation or by mail. Among these there were perhaps ten or eleven thousand who have had dealings with the occult.

We still do not know what we should understand by the psychic factor. There is not sufficient space here for an exhaustive discussion. I will make only some marginal comments. Psychic powers are mostly found in proximity to sins of sorcery. If the forefathers up to the third or even fourth generation were spiritists or if they practiced magic and other forms of occult activity, the descendants are usually psychic. Psychic powers may be either conscious or unknown. Some people are psychic without realizing it. Others come to realize that they are psychic through some particular experience. Sensitivity to the rod and ability to make a pendulum react are psychic powers. I have investigated the family histories of many people who have a psychic disposition. The gift of using the rod or discovering secret things by means of the pendulum can be acquired in three ways: by heredity, by transference from a powerful worker with the occult, or by experimenting with magic formulas as described in occult books. The question of whether there is such a thing as psychic powers which are neutral has often been discussed. If a Christian discovers he has a psychic disposition, he should ask God to take it away. The idea of some theologians that psychic powers can be purified and then used in the service of God
's kingdom is unscriptural. This is shown by the story of the fortuneteller of Philippi in Acts 16:16-18. If a Christian uses psychic powers, he is committing sin and is in need of forgiveness.

6.     Counseling

I will give two examples concerning doctors, which demonstrate that one cannot play with psychic powers.

Ex 186 A doctor came to me for pastoral advice. He said he had been using the pendulum in his work for two years. He was able to find out many hidden things with its aid. If someone gave him a photo of a person, he was able with the pendulum to give precise details as to the person's name, address, occupation and all other data about his life. He could even predict future events precisely with his pendulum. The doctor was troubled about these powers. He also noticed some character changes for the worse taking place in himself. He became a strong alcoholic and a chain smoker, smoking up to eighty cigarettes each day. He also went off the rails in other respects and became totally degenerate. He was afraid that he might end up in a mental institution, he came to me for counseling and confessed all the evils of his life. I showed him the way to Jesus. It was very hard for him to become free of his psychic gift. We had four sessions together. A prayer group was formed, which prayed for him for about four months, until he became completely free. Such a strong psychic disposition is, of course, rare. But here one can see the gift in its mature form, where the consequences can be clearly studied and seen.

Ex 187 During a series of talks I was giving in a certain town, I became ill and asked for the name of a Christian doctor. One was recommended with whom I made an appointment. When I entered his consulting room, I saw a pendulum hanging on the wall. When I asked him if he used this pendulum in his work, he replied that he used it to give an additional diagnosis. I ought to mention that this was not a mere healer, but a properly qualified doctor. After he had said this, I told him that I could not use his services as a doctor, since I would have nothing to do with pendulum practice. He was astonished. I explained why I felt this way. At the same time, I prayed inwardly that God would open his eyes. Then I had the idea of seeking God's judgment on the matter. I must emphasize that this is the only occasion in my life that I have done this. I said to him: "You may use your pendulum on me." He took the instrument in his hand, but it would not work. He looked at me in amazement and said: "You are the first person with whom the pendulum has not worked." I prayed on, rejoicing that God was at work already. He made me stand in two other parts of his consulting room. The pendulum did not move. The doctor asked me: "What have you done? What sort of a person are you?" "I believe in Jesus Christ," I replied, "and I am convinced that psychic powers come from below, and that we should not make use of them. That includes the use of the pendulum." I admitted that I had prayed for God to make His will known and for God to open his eyes. The doctor replied that he accepted this. "If you can stop the pendulum by prayer, then it is not natural power that lies behind the pendulum; it must be a power opposed to God." The doctor kept his promise. He has never since used the pendulum.

I advise no one to do as I did. I have only done it once in my life, and then because the Lord gave me an inner peace about it, in order to open the eyes of this doctor.
Powers that can be disturbed by prayer are not physical powers. Perhaps that may be underlined by reference to another example.

Ex 188 This is the experience of a friend of mine in France, whom I've known for many years. He happened to go into the house of a friend just as a water-diviner was there looking for water. My friend was troubled by this, and he went into a room in the house, threw himself down on his knees and cried to God: "Lord, if these powers are not from You, then stop them." Suddenly he heard the dowser outside cursing and swearing. "I had just found a strong watercourse here," he said. "Why can't I find it any longer?" To the man praying inside this was God's answer.

In the final chapter of this book,
In the Conqueror's Train, another account is given of how a missionary was freed from the gifts and the evil influence of dowsing.

7. Dowsing unmasked

The occult character of rod and pendulum divining is revealed quite plainly by the following incident. I was present as an observer and critical participant at a conference attended by some sixty dowsers from various countries.  A Swiss pendulum user said he did not need to go over the area itself with a rod or pendulum in order to find water or underground treasures. It was enough for him to be given a map: he would then locate the treasures on the map. He even gave us an example: he was able to use his pendulum on a map of Japan to locate water, oil, salt, and other minerals. This map of Japan was perhaps printed in Switzerland, with paper and printing ink also produced in Switzerland.  The map of Japan could never reproduce earth impulses from Japan. Here the map is merely a kind of contact bridge the dowser uses to feel his way into the nature of the earth
's surface in Japan. This is, in other words, quite clearly an instance of occult activity. Dowsers call it telesthesia, perception at a distance.  They distinguish physical dowsing, in which the dowser must walk over the ground himself, from mental dowsing, in which the rod or pendulum diviner requires only a sketch or map of the area in question. It is almost unbelievable that the theologian who chaired this conference regarded all these powers as natural gifts of God. He was quite sure, of course, of the approbation of the dowsers.  Only two of those present protested: the French doctor, Arthur Bach, from Nancy, and myself.  To cheers from the rod and pendulum dowsers we were reproved with angry words by the presiding Professor of Theology.

To conclude the whole chapter, I include an excellent report which I found in the San Francisco Chronicle of January 6, 1976. The article, which is a kind of confession, is signed by a believing man called John Price. I take this opportunity of thanking him for his clear and courageous testimony. These are his words:

I was a dowser. This gift is passed on in families by the laws of genetics [TCE: we believe he meant from generation to generation and not by the genetic make-up of the individual].  Edgar Cayce
's grandfather was an old magician, who had the power to make a broom dance around his room. He was often travelling to search for water with his rod.

The ability to work with a rod or pendulum can also be easily passed on. An old dowser who guides the hand of a young, psychic person can pass on this gift. The effect is seen immediately, and a new magician is born. That is the way that I got involved in these things. My own father passed the ability on to me. Since then I have travelled much, searching for water and passing on my ability to others.

Divining with the rod is mentioned in the Bible also, in
Hosea 4:12. The Hebrew word for staff in the King James Version means a wandering rod cut out of a forked branch. The prophet Hosea warned the people of Israel against this magical practice.

Five years ago I began to read the Bible with my wife, who is a Christian. The result was that I was converted and found Christ. I submitted to believers
' baptism by total immersion. From that day onward, my various divining rods have been dumb. They do not work any more.

I am extremely grateful for this report, because it confirms my own observations: sensitivity to the rod by heredity and transference, liberation by turning to Christ. The mention of Cayce
's grandfather, who was a sorcerer, also sheds further light on Cayce, whose story is also in this book.

Ouija Boards: one of the simplest devices to lead people into an unhealthy interest in the occult, seven million boards were sold in 1970's alone. The method is simple: the letters of the alphabet, and usually the words, 'yes' and 'no,' are placed in a circle. One person then puts their hand on the glass and calls on the 'spirit of the glass'. Questions are then asked and the glass often moves by a force, outside of the natural realm, and spells out the answer. Some answers given when Christians are present (not recommended practice for born again believers!) show clearly that the supernatural entity controlling the glass is dangerous and evil.  Again, the temptation is to receive confidential information that no other human being can know.

Here are some case histories from Dr Koch:

"Quija Board" is the English name for a spiritualistic fortunetelling game, known in France as planchette and in Germany as Psychograph. In the English-speaking world, use of the ouija board has reached epidemic proportions. In 1967 in North America alone, four million of these devilish boards were produced and sold. It is a master stroke of Satan*s strategy of deception, that this form of fortunetelling has found its way even into Christian homes.

I deliberately refrain from describing the ouija board. I would not want this book to help curious people to try it out.

American psychologists would have us believe that the game is harmless. They hold that it is only a matter of bringing to light things hidden in our subconscious minds. This view can swiftly be refuted. With the ouija board, revelations from the hidden past and predictions about the future are made. These things could not possibly be stored in our subconscious minds.

Ex 166 One of my friends is Mr. Ehret of Nappanee, Indiana. One day he went into a public building and saw several students playing with an ouija board. Not knowing what it was, he asked them. He was told that it was a means of revealing hidden things. "Good, I will test it out then. When was the house built in which we are now?" The ouija board gave the date: 1894. Mr. Ehret found the caretaker and he confirmed the date.

Ex 167 In North America and in Europe, many healing practitioners make their diagnosis by means of the ouija board. The method varies. Some lay their left hand on the patient's arm and use their right hand to guide a pendulum or glass over the letter board, which then spells out the disease. If the healer is strongly psychic, it is not even necessary for the patient to be present. It suffices for the healer to concentrate his mind on the patient.  The fact that there are demonic forces at work behind the ouija board is easily demonstrated by some examples on a spiritual level.

Ex 168 I have several times visited Kelowna, B.C., and have spoken in four different churches there. One of my friends told me about the following incident. In the Okanagan valley, about seventy pastors had been touched by the Saskatoon revival. One of the blessings of the revival was that, from Pendikton to Vernon, warnings were given from the pulpits abouts the sins of sorcery. One Mennonite pastor warned his children, too. His eleven-year-old son went into a room at school one day where some children were playing silly games with an ouija board. The pastor*s son heard the following conversation, "Who is behind your power?"

"Hitler," replied the ouija board.

The children laughed and said, "Stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Tell us the truth."

The board then spelled out, "Lucifer."

The young lads did not know this name. (What sort of religious instruction had they been given?)

They asked again: "Who is Lucifer?" Then came the clear reply:


At this, the eleven-year-old son of the Mennonite pastor stepped forward and called out. "If your power comes from the devil, then I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to stop." And that is what happened. The ouija board gave no more answers.

Ex 169 A teacher, who is also the minister of a church, was walking along a school corridor. Some children came running out of a room shouting. "We have seen a devil's face."

"What were you doing?" inquired the pastor.

"We were playing with an ouija board."

"Let me see it." He entered the room, saw* the board lying there and thought to himself, perhaps too confidently, I'll will soon deal with you! He kneeled down in the presence of several of the children and prayed. At once he had the feeling that two invisible hands were round his throat, trying to throttle him. Only then did he realize the danger of his position. He committed himself to the protection of Jesus Christ and commanded these powers in the name of the Lord. Thereupon the hands released his neck.

These examples are enough to show that demonic power lies behind the ouija board. I will close with the words of a Christian psychiatrist in New York, "The ouija board is filling our psychiatric clinics in New York."

The devil continues to pretend that he is harmless and to convince those who think they are wise that the whole thing is humbug. In this way, he wins round after round and continues to entrap his victims.

Additional note:

While I was writing this chapter, another report about ouija boards reached me. The manager of the firm in Massachusetts that produces these spiritistic boards says, "The film 'The Exorcist' has caused the sales of ouija boards to grow again. It is chiefly girls between the ages of eleven and eighteen who seek to satisfy their curiosity in this way."

Clay Atkinson, the manager in question, speaks of the many letters of thanks received by the firm. It is no wonder that this devil
's factory sold over six million of the boards by 1974. Many letters confirm that people made contact with the dead by means of the ouija board. In doing so, they have fallen victim to a great and sinister deception. It is not the dead who answer them, but demons, who have sometimes appropriated dead people's knowledge in order to give an impression of authenticity. Bishop Pike, who also took part in this unseemly game of contacting the departed, did not receive a reply from his son who had committed suicide, but from his son's demon.

If the American government knew how much evil this one firm in Massachusetts has brought on the American people, they would prohibit the production of these devilish boards at once.

Dungeons & Dragons: This is the original of many fantasy games which have become obsessive with some people.  The problem for the Christian lies in the games tendency to cause introduction to occultic ideas.  Games such as the 'Warhammer Battle Book' (Games Workshop, 1996) carry these kinds of ideas:   'Their technical skills were unthinkably advanced, their command of sorcery unparalleled. Indeed, such was their knowledge that to them magic and science were as one, blended into a single galaxy-spanning arcane technology. Their polar gateway was a device crafted from this technology, a portal between dimensions…… their gateway, the source of all their arcane power, collapsed onto the northern pole creating a region of seething energy, a wasteland saturated in magical power, an open door into the dimension of daemons and gods. This disaster initiated the Time of Chaos and unleashed new and horrifying gods into the world. It made the Realm of Chaos where dwell to this day the daemons of men and other things too mind-destroying to consider'.  (Ibid.  p.65.)…'choose victims to sacrifice to Khaine and bathe in cauldrons of blood, renewing their dark pact with the Lord of Murder. Witch Elves eat only the flesh of sacrifices and drink blood to which they add strong poisonous herbs, which cause nightmarish hallucinations and send them into frenzied dancing and obscene revelries… On Death Night the Hag Queens bathe in blood to restore themselves' (ibid. pp.83-4)…'They can be brought into the world by means of a spell which creates a short-lived magical field for them to inhabit. At times the Realm of Chaos itself expands like a great tidal wave, enabling daemons to move south. There are daemons of many kinds both great and small. It is said that daemons take form from dreams, and in this way mortal nightmares have created both daemons and gods.' (Ibid. pp.95-6)…Throughout mankind's history there have been Necromancers, Vampires and Liches who have called to arms great armies of Undead.…Zombies are rotting corpses brought to life by foul sorceries. Their flesh hangs in strips from their bodies and their clothes are caked with blood and filth. They are animated by magical power and defeat destroys them, breaking the magic that animates them…Ghouls are shambling and cowardly creatures, the descendants of cannibals driven mad by tainted flesh and the terrible knowledge of their own evil deeds.  Ghouls live amongst the dead, feeding upon corpses, sometimes attacking the living for the warm flesh that they crave. (Ibid. p.107)

Christians certainly do not believe it can be healthy to concentrate thoughts on any of these subjects.  Do you want your children growing up fantasising about this kind of vileness? Do

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