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The Friends of Islam - Part 1

The result of friendship with Ahab! (cont.)

We sent the letter on the previous page to the Daily Mail and posted a copy to Casey's address at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.  Unsurprisingly,  he made no attempt to reply directly but, on Saturday, September 22nd, 2001, delivered a 'Saturday Essay' on the Crusades in which he declared 'the Christian east was Constantinople … ruled by Emperors who were accepted as God's representatives on earth … which ruled the Christian east.'  Failing to recognise the Bible as the determinant of who is Christian, and therefore representing the Christian God on earth, inevitably results in Casey building a 'man of straw.' He correctly wrote 'the Moslem Arabs swept out of Arabia … Jerusalem itself fell to the armies of Islam … to the Christians this was 'the abomination of desolation' without mentioning the atrocities and tortures they inflicted on those who would not accept their religion!  Yet his very headline - see right and top of page - infers that the 'Christians' were more gross than Islam's assassins.  He glosses over the Islamic atrocities by writing: 'Within a century of the Prophet's death in 632AD, Moslems had acquired an empire that embraced Spain, southern France, Central Asia, and India.'  Acquired?!  It sounds as if they went out and purchased real estate!  The truth is that they raped, tortured, mutilated, enslaved and killed - and the simple choice was given to survivors - convert to Islam or die!  He is partially correct in two statements:

  1. fear caused the 'First Crusade … proclaimed by Pope Urban II in AD 1095';
  2. 'He promised that anyone who died in battle fighting for the Church would go straight to heaven - exactly as the Moslem suicide-bombers and hijackers were convinced that Paradise awaited their own act of jihad and martyrdom.'

He has clearly identified the Popes and their Church as being as vile as Islam in their theology and actions. But, being ignorant of the Bible, he fails to recognise that the Constantinople Emperors and her successor Popes in the Roman Catholic church were not - and are not - Christian or God's representatives on earth, but anti-Christ!  Thus Casey's attempt to build an attack on Christianity by recounting the atrocities, which he now at least accedes to be
'good and evil … on both sides, with unspeakable atrocities commonplace',  fails utterly.  His detailed accounts of the atrocities committed by both sides prove that none were following the gospel of peace, love, and self-sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ and only those defending their families and communities from these two vile groups might be able to claim the name, Christian!  The Crusades were carried out in direct disobedience to the Bible, to Christ's commands and to His example and that of the Apostles. But Muslims employ violence to spread Islam in obedience to the Qur'an, to Muhammad and to Allah and following Muhammad's example. The Crusades were the very antithesis of Christianity, whereas jihad is the very heart of true Islam and its long established method for making 'converts', demonstrating 'another gospel' (Galatians 1:6-9) which is not the Christian gospel!

The massive pollution of the Christian church, which had grown in great leaps and bounds through the blood of its' martyrs, who suffered oppression, torture and death from Roman times, occurred in A.D313 in a move that initially seemed to bring freedom.  Emperor Constantine gave Christianity official status alongside paganism, but took the title 'Pontifex Maximus' over the pagan priesthood known as the Pontifical College, making himself the defacto head of the Christian Church and inventing the title 'Vicar of Christ' for himself.  This latter title comes from the Latin
vicarius, meaning 'in the place of' and the Greek equivalent anti makes the popes* claim to be, literally, 'Antichrist'--the one who pretends to be Christ -- and so they have proved to be!

Constantine, the first 'Vicar of Christ,' did indeed prove to be an Antichrist with no genuine concern for doctrine but only for religious unity in his empire.  He set the standard for the popes by declaring a death penalty on those heretics who would not accept the doctrines he approved.  The original ecumenist, he convened the first Ecumenical Council, the Council of Nicea, in A.D.325, set the agenda and presided over it as Charlemagne would over the Council of Chalon 500 years later during his attempt to revive the Roman Empire. Though all such attempts failed, the popes gave their Empire continuity in religion and wielded supreme secular authority as well after they utilized a forged document ('The Donation of Constantine') to transfer Constantine's power and titles from Constantinople in the east to Rome. Historian R. W. Southern reminds us:

'... there was in Rome a single spiritual and temporal authority [the papacy] exercising powers which in the end exceeded those that had ever lain within the grasp of a Roman Emperor.'

The Roman cult which grew out of the 'recognition' and 'freedom' given by Constantine, soon became the persecutor of all those who did not submit to its doctrines. Like Islam a few centuries later, Roman Catholicism was imposed upon the entire populace of Europe under the threat of torture and death.  In contrast, Christ told His disciples that whosoever would be the greatest must be the servant of all. Instead, the popes aspired to be masters of the world. Church and state joined in adulterous partnership to expand the 'Holy Roman Empire' by enforcing conversion with the sword.  Those true Christians who held the Word of God as the supreme guide for all doctrine, and therefore judged all outward behaviour by this one true standard, quickly recognised that the
'whore of Babylon' was Rome (Revelation 17) in their midst and withdrew to form 'house-churches' which preserved the true faith.

Persecution of Jews commenced in earnest after the popes, taking advantage of the power vacuum left when the empire fell to the barbarians, began to rule not just as ecclesiastical leaders of the church but as secular kings. Papal armies fought to expand 'the Kingdom of God.' The Jews
* plight--in the name of Jesus the Jew--soon became far more grievous under the Roman cult than it had ever been at the hands of pagan rulers. In Vicars of Christ, Jesuit historian Peter de Rosa writes of those early days:

[Catholicism] will become the most persecuting faith the world has ever seen. They will persecute the race from which Peter--and Jesus--sprang ... [and] order in Christ*s name all those who disagree with them to be tortured, and sometimes crucified over fire. They will make an alliance between throne and altar; they will insist that ... the throne (the state) impose the Christian [Roman Catholic] religion on all its subjects.

A major target of conquest became 'the Holy Land,' which had already been claimed by 'Saint' Helena. Constantine was the father of the new Church and Helena was honoured as its mother. Even before the title 'Mother of God
* was conferred upon Mary it was given to Helena as the Emperor*s mother, thus proving the pagan origin of the doctrine, and every Roman emperor was already worshipped as God.  This 'mother of the church' journeyed to the Holy Land to buy relics and to build churches upon alleged sites of key events involving our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Roman Catholic Church also began to believe it had replaced Israel as God
*s chosen people. That land, promised by God to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, now belonged, for new and holier reasons, to 'Christian' Rome, the new Zion. The pagan empire had become the Holy Roman Empire, the 'Kingdom of God' on earth. The hope of its revival was the dream of all Europe during the Middle Ages--a goal which will finally be accomplished  by the Antichrist as the culmination of the 'Great Apostasy' which has now begun. The revived Roman Empire over which he will rule, with enthusiastic Vatican support as in the past, will encompass the entire world.

Once the 'Holy Roman Empire' rose in power and absorbed a multitude of pagan beliefs they could no longer blame every disaster upon Christians--who they thought themselves to be--so now they blamed it all on the Jews.  Accused of causing the Black Death, Jews were rounded up and hanged, burned and drowned by the thousands in revenge. Although now and then a pope sought to ameliorate their condition, there was no place for 'Christ crucifiers' in God
*s Holy Kingdom. More than 100 anti-Semitic documents were published by the Roman Catholic Church between the sixth and twentieth centuries. Anti-Semitism had become official Roman Catholic Church doctrine. To this day, the Vatican has never conceded Israel*s right to exist and again reveals her un-Biblical doctrines by desiring for Jerusalem to be under international control, rather than in Jewish hands.

The filthy rule of the popes was not without some retaliation. Pope Leo III had his tongue and eyes torn out by a mob seeking revenge for his unbearable tyranny and wickedness and was forced to grope his way to the side of Charlemagne to place a crown on his head and declare him to be 'Emperor'!  It was 'Christmas day' (800 A.D.) when the King attended mass at St. Peter
*s in Rome and the mutilated pope had to abjectly pledge loyalty on his knees before Charlemagne, to ensure his protection from the mob, but still cunningly reasserted the popes* traditional claim to the authority to install or to excommunicate and dethrone kings and emperors.

We note that force was the method of choice for the antichrist popes when their scheming manipulation and coercion  failed.  Pope Nicholas' (858-67) sent these instructions to the King of Bulgaria, who had converted to what he may have thought was 'Christianity,' to force Rome
*s religion upon his subjects:

'I glorify you for having maintained your authority by putting to death those wandering sheep who refuse to enter the fold; and ...congratulate you upon having opened the kingdom of heaven to the people submitted to your rule.  A king need not fear to command massacres, when these will retain his subjects in obedience, or cause them to submit to the faith of Christ; and God will reward him in this world, and in eternal life, for these murders.'

To raise an army for the First Crusade, Pope Urban II promised instant entrance into heaven without purgatory for all who fell in that great cause. The knights and cut-throats who responded with enthusiasm to that deceitful promise left a trail of plunder, mayhem, and murder on their way to Jerusalem, where they slaughtered all Arabs and Jews. One of their first acts after their triumphal entry into Jerusalem was to herd the Jews into the synagogue and set it ablaze. On their way to the Holy Land, the Crusaders gave the Jews the choice of baptism or death. De Rosa recounts:

In the year 1096 half of the Jews of Worms were slaughtered as the Crusaders passed through the town. The rest fled to the bishop*s residence for protection. He agreed to save them. on condition that they asked to be baptized. The Jews retired to consider their decision. When the doors of the audience chamber were opened, all 800 Jews inside were dead. Some were decapitated; fathers had killed their babes before turning their knives on their wives and themselves; a groom had slain his bride. The first century tragedy of Masada was repeated everywhere in Germany and, later, throughout France.

Sincere followers of Christ, too, were slain by the hundreds of thousands for attempting to follow the Bible instead of Rome. What these victims suffered from 'Holy Mother Church' Rome is a horrifying story.  The Inquisitors were caught in a web from which there was no escape, for the papacy did indeed
'reign over the kings of the earth.'  No doubt many of the zealots who carried out papal decrees were sincere--but sincerity does not excuse them any more than those who followed 'the orders' of the Nazis are excused!  In the same way civil authorities feared excommunication should they fail to fulfill the Inquisitors* demands--and kings trembled before these antichrists!  We have, for example, the humbled emperor Henry IV waiting barefoot in the snows at Canossa to make his peace with Pope Gregory VII in 1077!  No other city in the world except Vatican City has 'ruled over kings' in this way and meets the other four criteria which identify the 'whore of Babylon' of Revelation 17.

Casey mentions that '
during the Fourth Crusade the Roman Catholic armies were supposed to rest at Constantinople … But, instead, in 1204, they seized the city … The Christians of Constantinople were Orthodox rather than Roman, which the Crusaders took as an excuse to pillage the city--by far the greatest metropolis in the world.'  He has touched on the atrocities committed by Roman Catholic armies against any who call themselves Christian but do not accept Rome's popes. Greek Orthodox is a misnomer--being considerably away from Orthodox Biblical!  But this in no way excuses Rome's atrocities anymore than Islam can be excused by Casey's attempt to champion Saladin for the Muslims, or Richard Coeur de Lion of England and Louis, King of France!  These Crusades were strictly against Christ's instructions, but entirely consistent with the acts of the corrupt popes as the Islamic jihad's are entirely consistent with the example set by Muhammad.  This fact was glossed over by Casey, an example maintained by much of the world's media, for he claims that 'Moslem rulers were also more tolerant of their Christian and Jewish subjects than Christians were of Jews and Moslems ... So no wonder Moslems felt they were being invaded by terrifying savages.'  Once again, he fails to differentiate between the intolerance of Rome to Orthodox Biblical Christians and Jews, for it was in the 12th Century that Roman Catholic England threw the Jews out, just as the Catholic countries have always persecuted true Christians and Jews in every country they dominate.  It is clear from the testimonies of Christians who have converted from Islam that many of them were brought up to hate these same two groups who are so hated by Roman Catholics, and the only people in 'the West who, out of ignorance, hate all things Islamic,' (quoting Casey) are non-Christian!  The only thing Casey has proven in his article is that Rome and Islam have the same agenda as the Nazis, and are anti-Christ!

'They roasted babies and raped nuns--and that was just the Christians.'

'As George Bush launches his 'Crusade against Terrorism', what can we learn from this most terrible period in history?'

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