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Muhammad a terrorist? (cont.)

Falwell briefly gets it right - for once!

What does the history of Islam show about hatred?

Iranian cleric Mohsen Mojtahed Shabestari, addressing weekly Friday prayers in the northwestern town of Tabriz, said Falwell was a "mercenary and must be killed," the Farsi-language daily Abrar reported Saturday.  "The death of that man is a religious duty, but his case should not be tied to the Christian community," Shabestari, a representative of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, was quoted as saying.

In Lebanon Saturday, Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah called on Muslim countries to respond to Falwell who, he said, had "infringed on the prophet (Muhammad's) dignity." Fadlallah, however, cautioned against resorting to "physical violence" against Falwell, saying Islam is "a religion of mercy and love." 

Does history bear out Fadlallah's claims?

In a statement issued in Beirut, Fadlallah also urged Muslims worldwide to counter what he called "a cultural war" launched against Islam following the Sept. 11 terror attacks in New York and Washington.  Fadlallah, 67, condemned the Sept. 11 attacks. He is a senior Shiite religious authority and a harsh critic of U.S. policies in the Middle East, a region where Arabs view America as being biased toward Israel in its conflict with the Palestinians.  In August, Fadlallah issued a fatwa, or religious edict, banning Muslims from assisting the United States and its allies if they attack Iraq. He also urged Muslims to withdraw their money from U.S. markets for fear they may be frozen or confiscated.  Earlier this week, another Shiite cleric in Iran, Ayatollah Hussein Nouri Hamedani, called on Muslims to cut relations with America. He accused Falwell of implementing "a Zionist plan" to cause a clash between Islam and Christianity.

Some other Muslim clerics offered a slightly different opinion. "Although (Falwell's) opinion is insulting, he can be answered through dialogue so that all ambiguities in his mind are cleared," Iranian Ayatollah Hussein Mousavi Tabrizi said.  Tabrizi refused to compare Falwell to British author Salman Rushdie, against whom the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the father of the Iranian revolution, issued a death verdict in the 1980s for blaspheming Islam in his book "Satanic Verses."  "Rushdie is a symbol of the red line between Islamic countries and the West. But we will not issue a death verdict against the priest. Iran is a country that promotes dialogue among civilizations," Tabrizi told The Associated Press.

(HUSSEIN DAKROUB, Associated Press Writer)

The pathetic attempt to claim 'Islamophobia'

Qamar-ul Huda, assistant professor of Islamic studies and comparative theology at Boston College stated (The Boston Globe on 10/15/2002):

'IT IS IRONIC that at the same time we were dedicating the Leonard P. Zakim-Bunker Hill Bridge commemorating those who defended civil rights and promoted tolerance the Rev. Jerry Falwell was making repulsive statements that ''the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, was a terrorist.'' One wonders why civil liberties organizations, public officials, and religious leaders have ignored
anti-hate rhetoric from the religious right and accepted, if not endorsed, a culture of Islamophobia? From the time of pre-Crusader rallies, Christian writers were consumed with attacking Muhammad's religious beliefs. Polemical literature against the prophet had little to do with understanding Muhammad's spiritual message, but rather writers like John of Damascus concentrated on how Muhammad falsified revelation, had multiple marriages, had used violence in his lifetime, and had experienced self-delusional spiritual visions. These polemical writings created a cycle of hate and an undeserved association as an antichrist that contributed to confusing Christian European writers who could not distinguish any real differences between the Koran as revelation and the life of Muhammad.  Falwell's Islamophobia is a mix of modern political and religious agendas as well as a medieval vision of Crusaders re-establishing Christendom. His virulent contempt of Islam, essential to Falwell's fundamentalism, needs to project an Islam that is anti-human, incapable of development, uncreative, authoritarian, and intrinsically fictitious.  When it comes to relating to Islam, Falwell's fundamentalism is deeply rooted in a mythology of false claims, baseless theological accusations, and historical Oriental fantasies of ''the other,'' all of which are essential for a pure sacred identity. Real dialogue between Christians and Muslims will be meaningful only when mutual understanding is at the core and genuine efforts are made to learn from each other based on what we believe and where our faiths take us.' [emphasis added]

Contrary to these high-lighted lies of Qamar-ul Huda, the facts of history show us the true nature of Islam and Muhammad!  Try as they might they cannot overturn the historical record which exposes Islam as a religion founded by Satanic revelation through an 'angel of light' (2 Corinthians 11:14) who Muhammad thought was Gabriel!

Falwell -  prophet of Hate

The Pakistan News Service ran the headline above with the following editorial (Updated on 2002-10-09 09:39:49):

'Riding on the self-created Islamphobia wave, Fundamentalist preacher Jerry Falwell was given a microphone on prime time CBS program ''60 minutes'' to air pre-recorded racial slurs towards Prophet Muhammad. This program is normally reserved for investigative reporting and high profile interviews. Unfortunately, CBS let it be used as a propaganda tool and to preach hatred against Muslims.  This development is more disturbing than mind-boggling. This interview marks the entry of hate speech into primetime, and a new onslaught of attacks on Islam and Muslims in America. For long the media has insinuated anti-Muslim slurs, enjoying torturing the Americans of Islamic faith by spelling out religious affiliations only when a crime was committed by a Muslim, but otherwise never mentioning any affiliations.
How many times has anyone in the media ever mentioned that Timothy McVeigh was a Christian? Yet, the media is always quick to remind us that Usama bin Laden is a Muslim. The fact that there are a billion peaceful Muslims in the world who disagree sharply with his philosophies is never mentioned. Now the broadcast media, particularly CBS has shed its hijab and has come out to show its true colors.  This act must be condemned by followers of any faith, as well as by all free-thinking Americans. America stands for free speech and freedom to practice religion. Prophet Muhammad's message, the religion of Islam, is a continuation of same message which was relayed by God via Moses for Jews and for via Jesus for Christians. By hateful slurs, Falwell has in fact insulted all Abrahamic religions alike.  Not only should Jerry Falwell be condemned but also CBS must be condemned for allowing hate speech to be transmitted. Falwell is long known to be a 3rd rate hate-mongerer. Unfortunately, by its action, the once-prestigious CBS now joins the list.  Falwell, you had the microphone and you said what you said what you felt like saying. But, it is in the United States' best interests to unite with those Muslims who want to live in peace, and want to allow the rest of the world to live in peace. However, no Muslim can or will stand defamation of Islam, its teaching, or of their beloved Prophet Muhammad. These comments are designed to inflame passions in an already tense situation, when as human beings, we should be coming together, uniting under a common banner of peace and world brotherhood. It cannot be anything but sheer spite that motivates these comments, and those of us who believe in respect and tolerance cannot help but find them utterly disgusting.'  [emphasis added]

The story can be checked at [link may no longer work!]:

Is there any truth in this editorial from Pakistan?

Falwell is a fool who has been shown to have supported cult-leaders, heretics, and false prophets, but it is laughable to read this editorial from Pakistan with its contemporary record of classic Islamic hatred and violence towards Christianity and other religions. As we have clearly shown by the overwhelming evidence of history, Islam has two faces - the "religion of mercy and love" expressed by  Fadlallah when they are weak or in the minority, and the violence, torture and murder originated by Muhammad once he gained powerful forces!

They ask:  '
How many times has anyone in the media ever mentioned that Timothy McVeigh was a Christian?' The truth is that McVeigh made no claim to be a Christian and to read the full and clear rebuttal of this claim go to [link may no longer work!]:

We include part of this article which appeared under the heading:

OKC Killer 'Worshipped Science'
Timothy McVeigh Was Not A 'Christian Terrorist'
By John Lofton

'It's a big lie that's been repeated many times since the terrorist attacks of 9/11. But it's demonstrably not true. And the fact that it is not true was easily discoverable with just a little research. The big lie? That Oklahoma bomber and mass murderer Timothy McVeigh was a Christian . . .

TCE Note: Lofton then gives an extensive list of people who have claimed this to be true - and there is a plethora of similar misguided claims on websites - but Lofton concludes:

'. . .Was Tim McVeigh a Christian? No, he was not. And, as I say, even the most basic research would have exposed this big lie. For example, there is the book
American Terrorist: Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing (ReganBooks, 2001) written by Lou Michel and Dan Herbeck, who are staff reporters for the Buffalo News in New York. In this book, Michel and Herbeck tell how McVeigh committed adultery, was a thief and used illegal drugs - acts that are, to put it mildly, not fruits of the Christian Spirit. Ditto, his mass murders, incidentally.

He Believed in 'Science'

Michel and Herbeck also tell how during the Gulf War McVeigh lied about attending church: "On Sunday mornings, the recruits were required to either attend church services or spend an hour cleaning the barracks. McVeigh, an agnostic, chose to clean the barracks until he found out that nobody took attendance at church. One Sunday, he signed up for church and just slipped away from the rest of his platoon. He found a field of tall grass and lay there, a little worried about snakes, but enjoying the opportunity to relax in solitude. The following Sunday, McVeigh signed up for church again. This time, he sneaked into an old abandoned barracks to kill time."

Another story. Michel and Herbeck tell how McVeigh once "paid a visit to the local Seventh Day Adventist Church, but he found that service bored him . . . McVeigh had never been inclined to criticize people for their religious views, but he concluded that organized religion wasn't really for him. He believed that the universe was guided by natural law, energized by some universal higher power that showed each person right from wrong if they paid attention to what was going on inside of them."

But the smoking gun is a quote by McVeigh himself regarding what he believed. Michel and Herbeck say that McVeigh would tell friends, "Science is my religion." To worship at the altar of science is, of course, idolatry and not Christianity.  Finally, in an interview, Lou Michel told me: No, Tim McVeigh was not a Christian - "though he acknowledged the possibility of a higher power. But, he didn't accept Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, so far as I know."  Michel notes that, at the end, McVeigh did pray with a chaplain and receive the anointing of the sick, known as the last rites in the Roman Catholic Church. "But," says Michel, "I think he was just covering his bases." He didn't ask for the last rites until they were offered to him.  Whether McVeigh really repented and had a true conversion no one can know. But either way, the event happened long after he had committed - as a non-Christian - his act of terror in Oklahoma City. . .' (John Lofton is editor and publisher of The Lofton Letter, a Christian newsletter).

TCE Note: we have no idea of the beliefs of John Lofton and hope he is not inferring, in quoting this source, that the Roman Catholic 'last rites' connection could in any way have led McVeigh to become a Christian - as we have made clear on other pages, the church of Rome is an anti-Christ cult.

It is worth visiting the readers comments page on (see links above - or go to summary on next page) to read the ignorant opinions, vitriol, and hatred expressed by readers.

Is this the moderate view? Kill Rushdie, but 'the priest' is from a much stronger nation - so 'dialogue' with him?

Don't disturb me with the FACTS - my mind is made up!

'Nothing can be gained by Mr. Falwell's stirring such embers of resentment. Even if history shows that the prophet Muhammad led an army to defend his budding faith in the Arabian
peninsula during the 7th century, of what relevance is that in today's world? How does Mr. Falwell rationalize the violence done by the Crusaders, inquisitors and proselytizers in the name of Jesus Christ?' 


Even if? Muhammad was not defending his 'budding faith' - but initiating jihad as an example for his followers!

As you can read - Falwell could easily rationalize - if that were his habit, but, as we have proven on these pages, quoting the acts of the anti-Christ Roman cult - and trying to attribute them to orthodox Christianity - proves nothing!

What sort of a 'Christian' is Britain's man of Straw?

The British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw stated that Falwell's comments were "as much an insult to me as a Christian as they are to Muslims."

Presumably, Straw has also been duped into believing that Islam can claim Abraham as their father - this is an error that Muslim's try to use when it suits them!

The myth that the Arabs are the descendants of Abraham through his son Ishmael was made in response to the Jews, who had boasted that Abraham was the father of their race (The Concise Dictionary of Islam, ed. Cyril Classe, 1989, p.179).

McClintock and Strong (Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature, 1981, I:339) comment:

There is a prevalent notion that the Arabs, both of the south and north, are descended from Ishmael; and the passage in Gen. xvi:12... is often cited as if it were a prediction of that national independence which, upon the whole, the Arabs have maintained more than any other people. But this supposition (in so far as the true meaning of the text quoted is concerned) is founded on a misconception of the original Hebrew.... These prophecies found their accomplishment in the fact of the sons of Ishmael being located, generally speaking, to the east of the other descendants of Abraham whether by Sara or by Keturah. But the idea of the southern Arabs being of the posterity of Ishmael is entirely without foundation, and seems to have originated in the tradition invented by Arab vanity that they, as well as the Jews, are of the seed of Abraham - a vanity which, besides disfiguring and falsifying the whole history of the patriarch and his son Ishmael, has transferred the scene of it from Palestine to Mecca.... The vast tracts of country known to us under the name of Arabia gradually became peopled by a variety of tribes of different lineage. 

Most standard reference works on Islam reject the Arab claim to Abrahamic descent. The prestigious
Encyclopedia of Islam (eds. Gibb, Levi-Provencial, Schacht, 1913, I:543-47) traces the Arabs to non-Abrahamic origins. Even the Dictionary of Islam (Hughes, 1885, pp.18ff.) questions the whole idea that the Arabs are descendants of Ishmael The truth is that the Arabs of the Middle East are the descendants of Akkadians, Sumerians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Egyptians, Hittites, etc., and the real reason  Muslims claim to be descendants of Abraham is for religious purposes. Muhammad tried to transfer the historical setting of the Biblical patriarchs from Palestine to Mecca in his Quran - and even has Abraham rebuilding the Kabah! For Muslims to admit that Abraham never lived in Mecca - and there is absolutely no record in the Bible (the ancient document, par excellence!) of him even sojourning there - would show that the Arabs are not his descendants. This is totally damaging to the Quran and the archaeological evidence also supports the Biblical record that Abraham came from the city of Ur - which has been found in Iraq - and then moved west to Palestine (The Bible and Archaeology, T. Hughes, 1965, pp.13-36). If it were admitted that Abraham never lived in Mecca and thus the Arabs are not his descendants, then the Quran itself would be overturned.

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