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'Arab Spring Time for Hitlerian Brotherhood'!

February-July 2011

Mahboob Khan - epitome of an American Muslim

The late Mahboob Khan was an American Muslim, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and one of the founders of the Muslim Students Association.  He was also instrumental in creating the Islamic Society of North America.  Mahboob Khan's widow is on the board of one of the regional organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR.

Mahboob Khan also founded three mosques in California, which preach the totalitarian doctrines of the Brotherhood.  In 1993 Mahboob Khan hosted the 'Blind Sheik' Abdul Rahman at one of his mosques just two months before the Sheik's terrorist group attacked the World  Trade Centre, killing six people and wounding more than a thousand.  In 1995 Mahboob Khan and his mosque in Santa Clara, California hosted and held a fund-raiser for Ayaman al-Zawahiri, a member of the Brotherhood and the number two man in
al-Qaeda after Osama bin Laden.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been extremely successful in its plan to become part of America's civil culture and to infiltrate the institutions of America's civil government, including the White House, both political parties, and the conservative movement as well.  In the midst of the current crisis in Egypt we see that the biggest ally of the U.S.  in the Middle East has been spurned while both Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, and the present director of national intelligence have given the Muslim Brotherhood an endorsement as a peaceful, moderate and democratic organization.  FBI directors actually appear at the annual dinners of CAIR, and the president has appointed members of the
Islamic Society of North America to top positions in the Department of Homeland Security.

In the U.S., Frank Gaffney, deputy assistant secretary of defence under Ronald Reagan, is founder and president of the
Center for Security Policy and co-author of the new book 'Sharia: The Threat to America.'  He told World Net Daily that Islamism has infiltrated the American Conservative Union, the host of CPAC, in the person of Washington attorney and political activist Suhail Khan (the son of Brotherhood supporter, the late Mahboob Khan) and a group called Muslims for America.  Many conservatives on the board have refused to believe the evidence of Suhail Khan's Brotherhood allegiances and agendas, accepting that Suhail's public appearances with Alamoudi and the Muslim Brotherhood fronts took place a decade ago, and that he doesn't promote violent agendas.  Gaffney also accused another ACU board member, leading conservative political organizer Grover Norquist, of helping the Muslim Brotherhood spread its influence in the nation's capital by assisting Khan into the White House when George Bush was in the presidency.

Paul Sperry, author of '
Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington' and 'Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That's Conspiring to Islamize America,' also states that Khan is running 'an influence operation on Capitol Hill that's quite sophisticated and slick ...  has been a consultant to CAIR [The Council on American-Islamic Relations] and served on committees at ISNA [the Islamic Society of North America], both of which the government says are fronts for Hamas and its parent the Muslim Brotherhood.'  Norquist has been involved with Islamic organizations for more than a decade.  In 1998, Norquist created the Islamic Free Market Institute (also known as the Islamic Institute or II) with Khaled Saffuri, a Palestinian who formerly worked for a now-defunct organization, the American Muslim Council, a Muslim Brotherhood front.

The Islamic Institute was funded in part by AMC founder Abdurahman Alamoudi, a top Brotherhood operative and al-Qaeda financier now serving a 23-year sentence on terrorism charges.  Gaffney has been sounding the alarm about Norquist's links to Islam since 2000 when he became aware of the true nature of the Institute and its role in introducing presidential candidate George W.  Bush (starting in 1998) to Brotherhood operatives, such as CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad, Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Sami al-Arian, and Alamoudi.

Gaffney has recognised the
dawah doctrine of Islam, 'pre-violent' jihad, intended to advance the process of Islamizing a non-Muslim country by feigning a peaceful attitude to the population - and lying if necessary - to gain positions of influence within the targeted society until you recognise the opportunity to strike and take power (by violence if necessary).

Yusuf Qaradawi, recognised by many as the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and identified as the world's most influential Islamic cleric by Andrew McCarthy, former lead prosecutor of those responsible for the first World Trade Centre attack in 1993, and author of '
The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America,' famously boasted:

'We will conquer Europe, we will conquer America, not through the sword but through

The joint Islamic doctrine of
taqiyya (lying for the faith), which is somehow not considered lying by those partaking in this blatantly Satanic religion (where you tell non-Muslims what you want them to know in order to 'protect' the faith) is an authorized and mandatory part of sharia law and fits the pattern set by Muslim organizations worldwide.

Veteran FBI agent John Guandolo has stated that:  'The most prominent Islamic organizations in the United States are all controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.'  While many naïve reporters in the mainstream press and many government officials try to portray them as moderates, and even secular, the Muslim Brotherhood is in fact a deeply radical organization, committed to the destruction of Israel and the institution of Islamic
sharia law over all the world.  Their motto is clear:

'Allah is our goal; the Prophet is our guide; the Koran is our constitution;
jihad is our way; and death for the glory of Allah is our greatest ambition.'

The potential rise to power of this extremist group in Egypt poses a grave threat to Israel, America, and the rest of the free world but, since they refuse to acknowledge this reality, the world powers continue to pursue their policy of appeasement by working to create a Palestinian state at great cost to Israel.  The plan remains for the UN to unilaterally and officially proclaim a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital and the 'vote' on this issue will be taken not far from where Islamic terrorists flew fuel-laden airplanes into the
World Trade Centre Towers and killed 2,752 innocent men, women, and children - and almost exactly ten years after that dreadful attack.

The last two months have seen protests flaring up across North Africa and the Middle East - Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Iran, Algeria, and Libya - and the too common assumption in the West is that these nations' citizens are inspired by Western freedom and, stimulated through social media to call for the overthrow of their old, restrictive regimes, they desire to replace them with Western style democracies.  But Western democracy is not necessarily the highest aspiration of the protest movements because the common thread is that people are, firstly, demanding improvements to their highly oppressed and badly treated lifestyles.  Leaders in North Africa and the Middle East reveal the whole range of dictatorship lifestyle, from the examples of 'poor/liberal' Islamic leadership, as determined by comparison with the Qur'an and the life of Muhammad, to the very good examples parallelling the paths laid down by these 'authorities'.  That all of the leadership styles result in the whole gamut of abuse of the human/civil rights of the poor, weak and oppressed people of their nations should speak volumes to the people of the world.  Not to those thoroughly indoctrinated by Islam, of course, or even to those who think their brain-power puts them way above the riff-raff who are fooled by such religions.  One group will clearly continue to cling to the promised appearance of their Mahdi (the Anti-Christ), while the other clings to the hope of a World Government with a comparable Leader (the Anti-Christ!).  Whatever - the End-Times End-Game remains the same!

Dictators fall like skittles before a large Rock

Starting in Tunisia, where 'popular pressure' drove President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali out of the country, followed by Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak, the dictators continue to fall like skittles before a large Rock (1 Corinthians 10v4; Daniel 2v45).  Who will be next?  Libya's Muammar al-Qaddafi (aka Gaddafi Duck)?  Yemen, Algeria, Jordan, and Iran have all had to deal with protests perceptibly inspired by the success of Tunisia's successful revolution while Syrian demonstrations have not yet been successful.  We will see in time whether the inconsistent behaviour across the area and, inevitably, among individuals is really a desire for democracy or guided by other forces with a more nefarious objective - not just to rid themselves of a hated leader or to choose their leaders in 'free' and 'fair' elections with the possibility of democracy, or theocracy of the Muhammadan-kind.  Any kind of change that reduces arbitrary rule, the absence of the rule of law, brings some freedom of speech, reduces endemic corruption and inefficiency, and overturns the unjust social and economic order to bring more equal rights, would doubtlessly be acceptable to many.

We saw 'demonstrators' on our TV screens bragging about the success of their demonstrations in Egypt - a success, they claimed, obtained 'without trouble or bloodshed'.  But the demonstrations were said to have begun with riots in which 60 women were raped and the Egyptian Museum was looted! 
Is it rational to think this is the beginning of a movement fired by any kind of high spiritual motive?  But it is entirely in line with the kind of behaviour that evolutionists should expect of their highest kind of man - and Islamists prove to be capable of in line with their spiritual leaders origins!  This same spirit remained in the mob that sexually assaulted reporter CBS chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan while she was on-air!  On Friday, February, 2011, the day after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stepped down, she was covering the jubilation in Tahrir Square for a '60 Minutes' story when she and her team and their security were surrounded by a mob of more than 200 people.  Amidst chants of 'Jew', she was separated from her crew and surrounded by men who delivered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before she was saved by a group of women and about twenty Egyptian soldiers.  She was eventually rejoined with the CBS team, returned to her hotel and flown to the United States on the first flight the next morning before being hospitalized.  She later revealed ( that Egyptian soldiers accused her and her crew of 'being Israeli spies'.  In the Muslim world run by Satan no evidence is required to find the opposition to Islam - or even the plain 'neutral' - guilty of any number of imagined offences.  It would not trouble such minds that Logan is not Jewish.  Are any of her CBS crew?  It is unlikely, for Jews are fully conversant with the Nazi-like hatred for them that portrays every facet of the Islamic world.

Women in Egypt, and many other Islamic countries, can testify to the almost daily humiliation of being pinched and groped in crowded buses and streets if they are observed to be guilty of the 'crime' of failing to wear Islamic clothes.  Onlookers are usually indifferent, or even laugh and join in the abuse, many hurling the 'f' word, 'Jew' or 'whore' at the abused woman.  Even when perpetrators of assaults on foreign women are known by their victims who then try to seek justice, they often find it just leads to added hours of abusive interrogation of the victims themselves
by the police!

Egypt and many other Muslim countries have a terrible record of sexual harassment and a survey conducted by an Egyptian Women's Rights group (in 2008), found 83% of Egyptian women have been sexually harassed while the numbers for foreign women was a staggering 98%.  Most of the men in the survey admitted they have harassed women and most of them blamed it on women for dressing provocatively and, slightly surprisingly, the majority of women in the survey agreed that women who dress immodestly deserve the harassment.  Presumably this means that men are so out of control in Islam that the only way a woman can avoid such abuse will be by disguising the fact that she is a woman - except that the vast, shapeless,
burkha they would have to don to achieve this declares their female identity from a considerable distance.  Doubtlessly, Muslims will argue that this illustrates the effectiveness of the garment.  But, presumably, the 83% figure also means that a very high percentage of Egyptian women have not been following the Islamic dress code?  Perhaps an Islamic student can reveal to the world where the burkha is clearly described in the Qur'an/hadith so that less women will be abused in Islamic-controlled countries?  Strange that so many women from the West have exchanged a life of occasional abuse (at least the women we know in the West who dress 'modestly' attest to this truth) for a life of potentially high abuse if they go and live in dominant Islamic countries?!

The Islamic system clearly rewards women who turn on other women who do not follow
sharia closely enough.  A Muslim woman gains respect only when she is as condemnatory of her  immodest sisters as her men-folk - many of whom apparently find great difficulty in controlling themselves when they gain a glimpse of the female form (as testified by women in Muslim households who are often abused and raped by their own men-folk!).  Thus they also find agreement with the misogynist culture that U.K. humanistic 'justice' courts have proven to still exist in the minds of non-Christian pagans and which therefore regularly blames the female victims, and not the predators.

The fact that the Egyptian mob yelled 'Jew' at Lara Logan is entirely consistent with the use of the word as an insult in Muslim countries where it is used as a signal that someone is fair game for assault or worse, for a 'Jew' is considered subhuman and deserving of whatever happens to them.  Evidence the Muslim scriptures that command death to Jews wherever they are found and Islamic law which determines that female captives in battle are automatically divorced from their husbands and can be sexually enslaved by their captors, an example set by Muhammad himself in allowing sexual enslavement of women captives in all his battles against non-Muslims.

Coptic Christians have been publicly complaining about Muslims kidnapping and raping their young women, and then forcing the girls to marry their attackers, for many years and the culture of abuse is such that even some Muslim women have begun speaking out!  It is also a fact that Arab men have openly sexually abused the few Jewish women they are in contact with in their countries as a form of political activism!  Even a simple study of recent persecution against Coptic Christians in Egypt which reputable Christian observers affirm, shows that the Egyptian revolution could have dire consequences for Israel, the U.S., and, obviously, Egyptian Christians.

It is very noticeable that Muslim boys are excused and defended for misbehaving towards their sisters and women in general from an early age.  They accept the doctrine that uncovered women are to be loathed and disrespected and treated as 'uncovered meat' by men such as Egyptian Muslim preacher, Sheik al-Hilali, who used this phrase to try and defend Muslim men who raped Australian women wearing bikinis on the beach.  Similar excuses have been forwarded in the U.K. to explain why some Islamic menfolk are prosecuted for trying to get teenage girls drunk (while they claim alcohol is forbidden!).  It is difficult for Islamists to argue that they are not part of a religion of sexual exploitation when their founder married a six-year old and took her virginity when she was nine-years old.  A consequence of such a 'spiritual' example has set in motion the honour killing, female genital mutilation and abuse, all of which are almost guaranteed to subjugate women and set a fearful example to the rest of society.

The assault on Lara Logan should wake-up the world to the realities of Islam in the Middle-East, where the Muslim mob mentality over-rules any democratic notions a minority may hold.  Women and non-Muslims will therefore continue to suffer under any Egyptian regime at least as much as they did under Mubarak and the dream of equality for all citizens remains just that - a dream - while Muslim machinations continue to aid and abet destabilizing events and lead to the creation of barbaric states that threaten people worldwide.

Anti-Semitic Developments in the Arab World

While these 'apparent' pro-democracy demonstrations were being observed by the main media, there was a riot in front of Tunis' main synagogue which led to appeals from the Jewish world to leaders in the region to renounce anti-Semitic rhetoric and violence that has accompanied some of these linked demonstrations that claimed to be calling for something like greater freedom in the Arab world, for Arabs, but the same old hatred for the original chosen people.

It took no time at all for the Muslim Brotherhood to issue a statement advising the military on who they should - and should not - talk to.  Reuters certainly did not miss the significance:

'The statement was a sign that the group, kept on a tight leash under the rule of deposed leader Hosni Mubarak, is becoming more assertive in voicing its views on how Egypt should be run.'

So before the Brotherhood have any apparent power they are seen giving directions to the military.  Even more disturbing was the way the military opened Tahir Square to allow Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, the radical Sunni preacher exiled by Hosni Mubarak, to return home and preach a message of
jihad.  Anyone not in the Brotherhood attempting to gain the platform was literally pulled off stage (e.g. secular liberal Wael Ghonim was refused the opportunity to speak) while the military stood by and made no effort to intervene.  Al-Qaradawi has supported the works of Hitler (calling him a 'divine tool' who was used by Allah to punish the Jews for their sins!) and suicide bombers, yet the military allowed this anti-Semite back in the country to lead a rally and preach on national television over their state run media.  While hundreds of thousands of Egyptians participated in demonstrations and victory marches this long-exiled spiritual head of the Muslim Brotherhood addressed Muslims gathering for noon prayers in Tahrir Square (literally, Liberation Square), Cairo.  Al-Qaradawi has long been renowned as a typical Muslim-leader, hating Jews and advocating suicide bombings, and calling for the death of all Jews with such recorded rants as:

'...Oh Allah, take this oppressive, tyrannical band of people … take this oppressive, Jewish Zionist band of people … do not spare a single one of them.  Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them, down to the very last one.'

In January 2009, he said: 'Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the [Jews] people who would punish them for their corruption.  The last punishment was carried out by [Adolf] Hitler.'

Despite these facts some claim him to be 'a moderate' and a symbol of 'enlightened Islam'.  It is noticeable that he tries to play the 'all things to all men'
dawah and taqiyyah game when speaking to the Western media, in particular, and tries to point to Muslims' 'tolerance of non-Muslims' while condemning the attacks of al-Qaeda.

He even speaks out against the systematic castigation of wives, calling the practice unwise, saying:  'Blows are not effective with every woman, but they are helpful with some.'  At other times he kindly insists on equal rights - insisting, for example, that a woman does not have to ask her husband's permission to blow herself up in an Israeli café!

Of course all of this is fully consistent with the anti-Jewish sentiments screamed by the mob who carried out the sexual assault and barbarous attack on CBS correspondent Lara Logan during the celebration in Tahrir Square of Hosni Mubarak's ousting.  Two million Egyptians participated in the chant: 'To Jerusalem we are heading, Martyrs in the millions'.

In Tunisia the infamous, historic, Muslim chant of 'Jews wait, the army of Mohammed is coming back!' was heard as the mob gathered outside Tunis' main synagogue called for the murder of all Jews in the world, thus raising renewed fears among the small Jewish community.  Should any of us ever be surprised that so many Jews fled back to their historic homeland in Israel, or chose to hide in only the 'strongest' nations of the world, such as the USA and even the United Kingdom of Great Britain.  Sadly, both are no longer any of these things thanks to the Great Apostasy that is engulfing them, spiritually and morally, and therefore successively in every other way.  While there remains hope for the 'land of the free,' the 'land of hope and glory' is dominated by a hierarchy based on theological error and rampant humanistic blundering.  You name the error and you can find a home for it here on 'this sceptred isle!'

In Jordan we read that 'Israel [is a] ...  terrorist state that will be destroyed' according to their newly-appointed Justice Minister, Hussein Mjali.  Israel condemned his evil rant delivered after he joined protesters calling for the release of a Muslim terrorist serving time in Jordan for the 'minor' atrocity of killing seven Israeli school children in 1997.  What a brave
jihadi warrior!

The Jewish world has revealed heightened concern over developments in the country that has the longest border with the State of Israel while
Hezbollah chief in Lebanon, Hassan Nasrallah, called on 'Islamic resistance fighters to be ready for the day when war is forced on Lebanon' and warned the IDF to 'watch your heads.'

In contrast, Prime Minister Netanyahu warned that Israel hoped for the best in dealings with the government of Egypt, whatever form it took, but his nation must 'prepare for the worst.'  Unsurprisingly, it took little time for leading Egyptian figures striving for power in Cairo to declare that the 'Camp David Accords' that formally ended war between Israel and Egypt were now 'functionally dead.'  Netanyahu clearly recognised the previous examples of Islamic 'revolution' that ushered in the Iranian Revolution (1979) and the
Cedar Revolution (aka the Independence Intifada) in Lebanon (2005) that led to radical Islamic control of governments, rather than democracy and freedom.

The international community, aided and abetted by the corrupt vehicle of international stupidity that masquerades in the form of the United Nations (with massive assistance from the Obama administration of comic errors), is applying intense pressure on Israel by using the unrest in Egypt and across much of the Arab world as a pretext to further their plan to wrest control of the Promised Land and the Holy City from the Jewish people. 

New York Times Compares Brotherhood to Catholic Church

The New York Times decided the time was ripe to make a comparison between the Muslim Brotherhood and Roman Catholicism in an article apparently designed to set USA citizens minds at ease about the possibility of their gaining substantial power in the 'new' Egyptian government.

Apparently the fact that the Roman Catholic Church includes a wide range of fundamentalist Papal believers, from those who practice leftist liberation theology to a wing of 'conservative' anti-abortion advocates, is closely equivalent to the Brotherhood because it also includes both 'moderate' reformers and fundamentalist ideologues.  The fact that a broad smorgasbord of deception is likely to deceive many, or even all, who are not strongly rooted in the Word of God makes a clear connection according to the
NY Times - which is hardly likely to see any connection between two branches of Satan's kingdom.  We should note that the Times also recently said of al-Qaradawi: "Democracy and pluralism [have] long [been] hallmarks of his writing and preaching. . . . He [urges] a civil government founded on principles of pluralism, democracy and freedom" while admitting in the same article that "... he has made exceptions for violence against Israel or the American forces in Iraq."

Some have mocked this comparison, attempting to point out that, unlike Muslims, Catholics have a Pope who sits in the 'Chair of Peter' and therefore is a seat of authority.  Clearly they are blind to the same variation between the popes that is parallelled by interpretation of the Qur'an by 'moderate Muslims' and '
jihadist terrorist Muslims.'  There are Papists who still ignorantly clutch at the vain hope that recent past incumbent, Pope John Paul II, somehow preserved the integrity of Rome's doctrinal position and that rebelling against the Pope's teaching is rebellion against Catholicism.  Again, the difference between Catholicism and Islam is fractional - both kill true believers in the Biblical God who will not compromise with deceivers!

Meanwhile, the Obama administration is ready to consult with the Brotherhood, or anyone else, during any political transition.  The Washington Post reported that the Obama Administration was busy planning for newly formed Islamic states in the Middle East.  The article apparently quoted a senior Obama administration official declaring:  'We shouldn't be afraid of Islam in the politics of these countries.'

A day later President Obama told a group of Jewish supporters, that they should not be afraid of the changes in the Middle East, i.e.  don't fear the Brotherhood!  The illogical, unsubstantiated view of the revolutions flies in the face of the facts, for history tells us that the chances the new regimes will be Western style democracies are virtually nil.  The Islamic component makes the chances that
jihadists who hate Israel and America will come into power far more likely, but Obama has lulled many in the U.S. into a false sense of security.

Brotherhood Fifth Columnists Work to Destroy America

National security experts at
The Center for Security Policy have declared that 'most Muslim organizations in America are controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood or a derivative group.'  But the Obama Administration continues to indulge in what has been labelled 'wilful blindness-induced failures' to address 'as great a threat as any enemy the nation has ever confronted.'  The Muslim Brotherhood (aka the Ikhwan) supports armed struggle against non-Muslims and has itself identified the Islamic Movement in America to be a part of the 'grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated ...'.  This 'stealth jihad' (or 'civilization jihad' - quite an oxymoron!) is based in Islamic hatred for Western civilization and, particularly, hatred of Western jurisprudence.  The use of dawah and taqiyya incorporated in the legal, political, military doctrine of sharia allows these organizations to engage in a non-violent stealth campaign to undermine and destroy the USA and the whole of Western civilisation.

Five prominent organizations, with minor satellites, are involved in the Muslim Brotherhood in the mission to re-establish a global Islamic caliphate.  The
Muslim Students Association (MSA) was the first organization created by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in North America, at the University of Illinois in Urbana, in 1963.  They formed 'chapters' on many college campuses across the country, serving as recruiting centres for the MB and for offshoot, openly violent, jihadist organizations.  Nearly  every  Muslim  organization in America today was birthed by the MSA and, although they presented Islam in public as an acceptable alternative to other religions, they were careful never to mention its historical proselytizing by violence so that they now claim 150 groups in 25 cities.  More recently its members have become increasingly aggressive in demanding that their 'rights' are accommodated and in attempting to silence any who oppose them.  The MSA's obvious anti-Semitism and silencing tactics have been seen on full display in their treatment of Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, at UC-Irvine, and support for 'a Second Holocaust' at UC-San Diego.

Jessica Felber, a twenty-year-old Jewish UC Berkeley student, is suing the university after being physically attacked by Muslim Students (on March 5, 2010) on campus during a pro-Israel event while she was holding a sign daring to declare: 'Israel wants Peace.'  Her assailant, Husam Zakharia, also a UC Berkeley student, was the leader of
Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at Berkeley. 

The Regents of the University of California and their ranking officials were apparently aware that Zakharia, the SJP and similar student groups, had been involved in other incidents on campus designed to incite violence and intimidate Jewish and other students.  That they have resorted to intimidation and harassment is evidenced most recently by the fact that the District Attorney of Orange County, California, has indicted eleven students from these Islamic groups for inciting and disrupting a speech given by the Israeli Ambassador to the United States at the University of California, Irvine.  These groups have been allowed to threaten, harass, and intimidate Jewish students and endanger their health and safety in campaigns that are highly organized and thoroughly planned.  The intimidation, harassment, and violence, is very reminiscent of the treatment meted out under the Nazi regime, assisted by its allies in Europe, towards Jewish students and scholars in the leading universities of those countries during the turbulent years leading up to, and including, the Holocaust.

Former President of the MSA, Abdurrahman Alamoudi, was arrested in 2003 for terrorist fundraising.  Alamoudi, just one financier of
Al Qaeda, is also a compatriot of conservative infiltrator Suhail Khan and renowned for his role in starting the Roxbury Mosque, another centre for jihad.  Former members also include Anwar al-Awlaki, the U.S.  government's most-wanted terrorist, Aafia Siddiqui, arrested for attempting to kill U.S.  officers in Afghanistan, Ali Asad Chandia, arrested for conspiring with the Kashmiri terrorist group Lashkar-i-Taiba, and Wa'el Hamza Julaidan, founder of Al Qaeda.

Those who believe Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader, Yusuf Qaradawi, doesn't threaten Egypt, the USA, and the world, should remember that the USA banned him as a terrorist-sympathizer in 1999.  Why, we must ask, are his Brotherhood emissaries allowed to continue working to implement
sharia in the USA?

The Islamic Society of North America [ISNA] is the largest organization of Muslims on the continent and was born from the ranks of the Muslim Students Association, becoming a key partner with the Muslim Brotherhood in engaging in 'civilization jihad'.  ISNA admits to their ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and also to Hamas - a major terrorist force against Israel.  Through ISNA the Muslim Brotherhood has built hundreds of mosques in America with Saudi funding and has also focussed on providing the extremist Wahhabi teaching materials from Saudi Arabia that comes with such funded mosques.  Wahhabism has long been recognised as the source and inspiration that spawned al Qaeda and its sister terrorist organizations.  This is inevitably denied by Muslim groups, e.g.  ISNA President Ingrid Mattson who characterizes Wahhabism as being 'analogous to the European Protestant Reformation' and has made the simply preposterous claim that 'right-wing Christians are very risky allies for American Jews, because they [the Christians] are really anti-Semitic.  They do not like Jews.'  Examination of the anti-Semitic and anti-Christian verses in the Qur'an and hadith makes this statement equally laughable.  Incredibly, ISNA is considered to be an ally by Obama even though the views of Mattson, and former MSA President, Hadia Mubarak, reveals their  philosophies to be entirely consistent with Muslim Brotherhood doctrine.

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is the main Muslim Brotherhood front group for propaganda and has been labelled by the 'Team B II Report' as an organization that engages in 'dual messaging' in the advancement of 'stealth jihad.'  An example of the 'stealth jihad' agenda came from Omar Ahmad, one of the founders of the Brotherhood's Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial for funding international terrorism from the United States.  Ahmad made a reference to the Brotherhood's 'dual-messaging', a form of supposedly esoteric communication in which innocent words are used as code words and have a definite secondary meaning to those aware of the code.  This method was clearly referred to in many of the U.K. trials of suspected terrorists who used trips to Pakistan to plan 'weddings' and their simple codes were alleged to have been used to refer to suicide bombs and other necessary jihad paraphernalia.  Obviously, if the accused conspirators are not caught 'nearly in the act' of killing or damaging some target, or with some clear items in their possession that can have no reasonable alternative use, it will prove extremely difficult to obtain convictions.  In U.K. courts many Muslims have escaped conviction because of the ridiculous degree of 'guilt' demanded by the progressive humanist factions who have championed 'human rights' over the rights of the ordinary citizen of the country.  Consequently, the U.K. government have made police enforcement difficult to the point where the 'innocent' must be put at severe risk, or even die, before action is taken. 

A rare, recent example of non-CAIR 'dual messaging'
jihad has just occurred in the USA.  The breaking news story tells of FBI agents arresting Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, a 20-year old citizen of Saudi Arabia and resident of Lubbock, Texas.  He faces a federal charge of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction in connection with his alleged purchase of chemicals and equipment necessary to make an improvised explosive device (IED) and research of potential U.S.  targets.  In fine illustration of the problems faced by law and order forces we note that it would appear that he had not yet assembled a bomb.  However, he had taken many substantial steps that leave very little room for doubt as to his intentions.

The affidavit alleges that, on 1st February, 2011, a chemical supplier reported to the FBI a suspicious attempted purchase of concentrated phenol by a man identifying himself as Khalid Aldawsari.  Phenol is an antibacterial chemical with legitimate uses (it was one of the earliest antiseptics facilitated by Joseph Lister and utilised by Florence Nightingale) but is very corrosive and has been replaced by many far safer contemporary alternatives.  But it can also be used to make the explosive trinitrophenol, also known as TNP, or picric acid.  TNP is related to TNT (trinitrotoluene) - the more widely known explosive that gained considerable use in fairly recent history.  The affidavit alleges that Aldawsari had already purchased the other ingredients typically used with phenol to make picric acid (TNP) - concentrated sulfuric and nitric acids - in December 2010. 

Aldawsari allegedly attempted to have the phenol order shipped to a freight company so it could be held for him there, but the freight company returned the order to the supplier and called the police.  Aldawsari also falsely told the supplier he was associated with a university and wanted the phenol for 'off-campus, personal research.'  Frustrated, or nervous, by questions being asked over his phenol order, Aldawsari cancelled his order and later e-mailed himself instructions for producing phenol.

According to the affidavit, legally authorized electronic surveillance revealed that Aldawsari used various e-mail accounts in researching explosives and targets, and often sent e-mails to himself as part of this process, e.g.  on 11th February, 2011, he allegedly e-mailed himself a recipe for picric acid (the e-mail describes the compound as a 'military explosive'!).  He also, allegedly, sent himself an e-mail on 19th October, 2010, that contained details for the preparation of another explosive, nitrourea, and the advantages of using it.  The affidavit alleges that Aldawsari also e-mailed himself instructions on how to convert a cellular phone into a remote detonator and how to prepare a booby-trapped vehicle using items available in every home.  One e-mail allegedly contained a message stating that 'one operation in the land of the infidels is equal to ten operations against occupying forces in the land of the Muslims.'  During December, 2010 and January 2011, Aldawsari allegedly purchased many other items, including a gas mask, a Hazmat suit, a soldering iron kit, glass beakers and flasks, wiring, a stun gun, clocks and a battery tester.  Two legally authorized searches of Aldawsari's apartment conducted by the FBI (in February 2011) indicated that the concentrated sulfuric and nitric acids, beakers and flasks, wiring, Hazmat suit, and clocks, were contained in the student's residence. 

FBI agents also found a notebook at Aldawsari's residence that appeared to be a diary or journal and excerpts indicate that he had been planning to commit a terrorist attack in the United States for years.  One entry described how he sought and obtained a particular scholarship because it allowed him to come directly to the United State and helped him financially, which he stated: 'will help tremendously in providing me with the support I need for
Jihad.'  The entry continued: 'And now, after mastering the English language, learning how to build explosives and continuous planning to target the infidel Americans, it is time for Jihad.'

In another entry, Aldawsari allegedly recorded that he was near to reaching his goal, getting weapons to use against infidels and their helpers, and listed a 'synopsis of important steps' that included obtaining a forged U.S.  birth certificate, renting a car, using different driver's licenses for each car rented, putting bombs in cars and taking them to different places during rush hour - and leaving the city for a safe place.

The affidavit also alleges that Aldawsari conducted research on various targets and e-mailed himself information on these locations and people, including a document with the subject line listed as 'Targets' which allegedly contained the names and home addresses of three American citizens who had previously served in the U.S.  military and had been stationed for a time at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

In another e-mail titled 'NICE TARGETS 01,' Aldawsari allegedly sent himself the names of twelve reservoir dams in Colorado and California.  In another e-mail to himself, titled 'NICE TARGETS,' he listed two categories of targets: hydroelectric dams and nuclear power plants.  On 6th February, 2011, the affidavit alleges that he sent himself an e-mail titled 'Tyrant's House,' in which he listed the Dallas address for former President George W.  Bush.  The affidavit also alleges that Aldawsari conducted research that could indicate his consideration of the use of infant dolls to conceal explosives and possible targeting of a nightclub with an explosive concealed in a backpack.

The affidavit also alleges that Aldawsari created a blog in which he posted extremist messages expressing his desire for violent
jihad and martyrdom, dissatisfaction with current conditions of Muslims, and vowing to Allah:  'You who created mankind….grant me martyrdom for Your sake and make jihad easy for me only in Your path.'

Considering all of the ploys used by lawyers in courts to try and rescue their clients from the predicament that their own actions have brought upon them, we have to consider that the overwhelming evidence did not come out of a 'sting' operation, or entrapment of any kind.  This seems to be a lone wolf scenario which was planned and prepared by one severely misguided young man, deluded by his religion that preaches death as the only sure way of salvation and practise.

Fortunately for the innocents that this student could have killed or maimed, he failed to follow his senior fellow
jihadist's advice:  'send two messages: one to the Americans and one to the Muslims.'  The Brotherhood differentiate between 'Americans' and 'Muslims,' as if presuming that Muslims are not, or should not, be 'good Americans'.  They clearly plan to work among infidels, presenting a front while practising deceit that poses a severe long-term threat to the legal system and way of life in the USA and the whole democratic world.  The 'dual message information' campaign against the West clearly stems from Islamic teaching on dawah and taqiyya.

No one should doubt the ultimate goal of CAIR, as enunciated in 1998 by Omar Ahmad, CAIR's co-founder and longtime Board Chairman:

'Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant.  The Koran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.'

Considering the fuss our liberal media makes when Christian groups express similar beliefs about the Bible, or Roman Catholicism returns to its 'old' ways (pre-John Paul II) and makes the same claim for the Papal system (as it so regularly did until recently - and still does through the laity who write to our pages and make this claim still), it should be surprising that at least some protest has not occurred against these Islamic claims.  But the cowing of the West by the threat of Islamic violence has already done its work as '
soft jihad' moves in to gain further footholds.  How on earth can it go almost unnoticed that the mother of American Conservative Union board director Suhail Khan sits on the board of CAIR?

Fiqh Council of North America [FCNA] is the Brotherhood's board of Islamic interpretation for the continent and an off-shoot of ISNA.  The eighteen member council interprets the teachings of Islam for Muslims in America and answers questions about Islam for the general community.  One example of this was their report that Muslims are forbidden by Islamic law from going through full body scanners at airports - apparently to spare Muslim feelings.  Strange that the religion that supplies the outstanding majority of suicide bombers - and bombs planted on air-planes - should try and enable their people to pass through airport security with minimal checking?  Of course, only Islamophobes would dare suggest this might be the case.  But it is not as if the world has any good reason to trust the honesty or accuracy of the FCNA members, as an infamous example reveals.

The Fatuousness of the 'Fatwa against Terrorism'! 

Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, the founding leader and patron-in-chief of Minhaj-ul-Quran International, issued his detailed (600 pages!) edict 'Fatwa against Terrorism' at a launching ceremony held on March 2, 2010 in London (U.K.).  Minhaj-ul-Quran International U.K. ('a non-political, non-sectarian and non-governmental organization (NGO) working in over 100 countries around the globe' - Google) arranged a press conference which was heavily attended by representatives of the international media besides Labour party minister Shahid Malik, members of EU and U.K. parliaments Sajjad Karim, Muhammad Sarwar, James Finter, ambassadors of Iraq, Germany and other countries, officials of the Home Office, Commonwealth Office and Metropolitan Police, Professors and Muslim and Christian community leaders.

Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri presented the anti-terror
Fatwa in Urdu and English languages before the international media and declared that the ever increasing waves of extremism and terrorism had destroyed world peace.  He expressed concern that the terrorist activities of 'misguided elements' have been bracketed with Islam 'though the reality is otherwise'.  He claimed that 'the majority' of Islamic religious scholars condemn terrorism but the condemnation is merely rhetorical and no one had come forward with an authentic and intellectual response to terrorism in the form of a patent decree.  He made it clear that this work by Minhaj-ul-Quran International was telling the world in no uncertain terms that terrorists have nothing to do with Islam, for it is a peaceful religion which not only condemns but also prohibits every kind of terrorism, at every level, under any pretext!

He even declared that suicide bombers have 'no place' in Islam and hoped that Muslim youths would no longer be 'fodder for the cannons' of terrorist elements or extremist organizations after studying this
Fatwa, for brainwashing was the result of evoking wrong interpretations of the faith.  Any youth to advance terrorists ideals would be told to regard themselves as being out of the fold of Islam in accordance with the teachings of Muhammad, for terrorism cannot be justified under any pretext - and there is 'no place' for terrorism in Islam!

Tahir-ul-Qadri expressed regret for the fact that Islamic teachings (which are based on love, peace and welfare!) are 'being manipulated and quoted out of context' to serve vested interests, for Islam had a very clear code of conduct during the course of war and gave complete protection to non-combatants, including women, children, aged and infirm etc., so that trading centres, schools, hospitals, and worship places, were to be considered safe havens. 

Tahir-ul-Qadri insisted that those who want to impose Islamic order on others by means of force and 'naked power' belong to the Khawarij group who, during the Caliphate of Hazrat Ali, took up arms and initiated rebellion against the Islamic state in the name of enforcing the Divine Order.  Thus contemporary Islamic terrorists belong to this same breed of Khawarij, even resembling one another in appearance, body demeanor, and working methods.  Although admitting that such terrorism had an historical foundation during an approved 'caliphate', he insisted that Islam does not approve of the killing of innocent people under any circumstances and a judicial system exists to indict wrongdoers and bring them to book.

Tahir-ul-Qadri vehemently condemned those who perpetrate terrorism in the name of religion and branded them as the greatest enemies of Islam (tacitly admitting that terrorism in the name of Islam is the greatest cause of terrorism!) and that, if 'these people have to wage
jihad, they could do so against ignorance, corruption, costliness, poverty, and other social evils'.  He even attacked the opponents of democracy and said that the Prophet Muhammad is the champion of the democratic and consultative system!  He pointedly reminded Islamic governments that it is their national and religious duty to eliminate terrorism and terrorist networks from their midst and military action should be employed to ensure the complete elimination of these groups. 

When questioned, Tahir-ul-Qadri said that Islamic governments should allow democracy to flourish and strengthen political system and processes for, if the enemies of Islam and Khawarij are totally annihilated, the roots of terrorism would stand dismantled.  British cabinet minister, Shahid Malik, paid glowing tribute to Tahir-ul-Qadri, claimed that he had always projected the real teachings of Islam, his
fatwa would have long-term positive and revolutionary impact on the Muslim community living in U.K. and elsewhere, transform mind-sets, and that he therefore gave his assurance of full co-operation at governmental level.

(Continued on page 198)

Yusuf Qaradawi … famously boasted:

'We will conquer Europe, we will conquer America, not through the sword but through dawah.'

Al-Qaradawi has long been renowned as a typical Muslim-leader, hating Jews and advocating suicide bombings, and calling for the death of all Jews with such recorded rants as:

'...Oh Allah, take this oppressive, tyrannical band of people … take this oppressive, Jewish Zionist band of people … do not spare a single one of them.  Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them, down to the very last one.'

In January 2009, he said: 'Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the [Jews] people who would punish them for their corruption.  The last punishment was carried out by [Adolf] Hitler.'

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