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Islamoxymoron in Gaza - 2!

Increasing World Anti-Semitism!

In Gaza, the Vatican raises the white flag!

By contrast, Catholic Analyst, Sandro Magister, gave this thoughtful and critical essay of Vatican's repeated condemnation of Israel with the Heading and subheading:
IN GAZA, THE VATICAN RAISES THE WHITE FLAG - Hamas denies Israel's right to exist. But for pontifical diplomacy, the Jewish state is wrong to defend itself with force.....

Magister wrote: 'Of course, the authorities of the Catholic Church do not defend the existence of Israel - which its enemies want to annihilate, and is ultimately at stake in the conflict - with the same explicit, powerful determination with which they raise their voices in defense of the 'non-negotiable' principles concerning human life.' 
He notes that Vatican's voices of condemnation of violence began after Israel started to defend itself: 'Not Before. Not when Hamas was tightening its brutal grip on Gaza, massacring the Muslims faithful to President Abu Mazen, humiliating the tiny Christian communities, and launching rockets every day against the Israelis in the surrounding area ... About Hamas and its vaunted 'mission' of wiping the Jewish state from the face of the earth, about Hamas as an outpost for Iran's expansionist aims in the Middle East, about Hamas as an ally of Hezbollah and Syria, the Vatican authorities have never raised the red alert. They have never shown that they see Hamas as a deadly danger to Israel and an obstacle to the birth of a Palestinian state, in addition to its being a nightmare for the Arab regimes in the area, from Egypt to Jordan to Saudi Arabia.'

Magister went on to analyze the Vatican position, making it clear that he believes Pope Benedict is ignorant of the facts on the ground and that a few Vatican Middle East experts are behind this anti-Israel policy.

A similar defence-letter had to be delivered to Spanish Minister of Justice, Mariano Fernández Bermejo, in which Dr. Shimon Samuels (Director for International Relations of the
Simon Wiesenthal Centre) pointed to the article 'The Holocaust Expiry Date'
( in the digital newsletter 'El Plural', which stated:

'[Jews have no right] to reverse their role of victims into executioners, which is basically what has been happening for sixty years in Palestine, since the creation of the State of Israel…' The article continues in the same tone, and concluded: 'Indeed, the Machiavellian brain of this entire extermination operation is no different from that which designed Nazi Germany.'

Samuels countered: 'Mr. Minister, the State of Israel is exercising its right to self-defence against the terrorist regime of Hamas, which persists in launching rockets against Israeli civilians from Gaza, seeks the destruction of Israel and whose Charter incites the murder of Jews worldwide ...To compare Israeli policy with Nazism aims to de-legitimize a sovereign and democratic State, to justify any action against it, including terrorist violence. Spain, as a member-State of the OSCE, has a direct responsibility to combat anti-Semitism, under the Berlin Declaration (2004) and the Cordoba Declaration (2005), which contends in its Article 4 that 'international developments or political issues, including in Israel or elsewhere in the Middle East, never justify anti-Semitism.'

Samuels concluded by urging the Minister to:  'take appropriate legal measures to prosecute El Plural and prevent any further such anti-Semitic incitement which contravenes ... Spain's commitments to fight hatred and intolerance.'

Chavez leads South American anti-Semitism

Simon Wiesenthal Centre also wrote to the Foreign Ministers of Argentina, Jorge Taiana, and Brazil, Celso Amorim, urging their countries to denounce Venezuela's violation of the Declaration of the Presidents of Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela to Condemn Racism, Religious Intolerance, Racial Discrimination and Related Intolerance (known as the Declaration Against Antisemitism), of December 17, 2008.

Dr. Shimon Samuels, SWC Director for International Relations and Sergio Widder, SWC Latin American Representative, indicated that the decision to expel the Israeli Ambassador from Caracas, and support a terrorist group like Hamas that uses the anti-Semitic
Protocols of the Elders of Zion [a long debunked anti-Semitic written work of fiction] in its prosyletizing, nullifies the commitment assumed by President Chavez less than a month ago.

Furthermore, his call for the Jewish people all over the world to oppose Israel's criminal practices - - is an incitement to attack those who refuse to follow his order. Samuels and Widder concluded: 'Our Centre acknowledges the efforts and achievements of Argentina and Brazil in combating anti-Semitism, and calls on your governments to condemn Venezuela and disassociate it as a partner to this important Declaration,'

Venezuela has been observed by the
Simon Wiesenthal Centre and Latin America expert Andres Oppenheimer running "a well-orchestrated [anti-Semitic] campaign" the government sponsored radio and television stations, newspapers and websites such as Aporrea.  Their anti-Semitic fervour includes the usual moronic attempts to compare Israel to Nazi Germany with claims of "international Jewish conspiracies."  Meanwhile, an association of reporters urged Venezuelans to boycott local businesses owned by Venezuelan Jews while the media generally parrot the overt anti-Semitism of President Chavez as he seeks increasingly close ties with Iran's Islamo-fascist regime.

When Chavez expelled Israel's ambassador in protest against Israel's military offensive in Gaza,  approximately 15 individuals promptly attacked the Tiferet synagogue in Caracas.  Paul Hariton of the
Caracas Ashkenazi community, reported that the January 30th attack: " ... was a well-organized event. The attackers were heavily armed. They jumped a wall and overcame two guards. They even took the videotape out of the security camera before they left."  The president of the Jewish Organization of Venezuela stated: "the hoodlums occupied the building ... for five hours [and] ... they profaned the holy Sefer Torah, which is the Jewish holy book of prayer and laws."  The criminals also stole a computer database containing the names and addresses of all the synagogue's members (hopefully the Jewish IT people are smart enough to have made sure that security software will make this of little use to the anti-Semites!).

Chavez initially condemned the attack but then went into 'Islamoxymoron 9/11 mode' and claimed the vandalism was a "deliberately self-inflicted act aimed at discrediting the regime." Yup, just as the USA deliberately flew planes into their own twin towers (with the help of Zionist co-conspirators who
must have also trained the identifiable Saudi Arabian pilots!) - Jews in Venezuela went to this trouble and also profaned their holy book in order to gain 'sympathy from Chavez'!?  It would appear that a frontal lobotomy is an essential pre-requisite in order to be leader of a fascist or Islamo-fascist state.

Venezuelan authorities then arrested a local rabbi's former bodyguard and ten others in connection with the attack and Chavez appeared on television to remark sarcastically:  "What a coincidence, the gang leader is a metropolitan police officer who for the last four years was the personal bodyguard of the synagogue's rabbi."  Chavez's
Interior and Justice Minister Tarek El Aissami (you guessed it - he is a Muslim!), alleged that the synagogue's rabbi had "directed" his former bodyguard and his compatriots to carry out the vandalism. The manufactured conspiracy theory became the official position of Venezuela's government - all it was missing was a dancing Chavez puppet of the kind popularised by the anti-Semitic Palestinian TV service!

Venezuela's Jews have apparently been punished for the attack on their synagogue by the Nazi-like expulsion of three of the most important rabbis in the community, Rabbi Mizrahi, Rabbi Cohen, and Rabbi Brenner (Aimee Kligman -

Jewish groups in Argentina and Bolivia also feel increasingly under attack.  Leaders of the 250,000 strong Jewish community in Argentina report swastikas and anti-Semitic graffiti  becoming more commonplace, while demonstrators recently targeted the
Inter-Continental Hotel because it is owned by Eduardo Elsztain, a Jewish businessman.  Argentina hasn't witnessed such public displays of anti-Semitism since 1994, when the offices of the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association were bombed by suspected Iranian and Hezbollah operatives.  Bolivian President Evo Morales followed Chavez's lead by expelling the Israeli ambassador during the Gaza invasion and anti-Semitic graffiti also became more common as a result.

The U.S. State Department's spokesman Robert Wood was muted in his response:  "We expect that the government of Venezuela will do what it can to make sure that that type of activity doesn't continue and to ... arrest any perpetrators who may have carried out any type of anti-Semitic activity."

Able defence by Netanyahu

In a news-making and fact-filled presentation, Israel's former Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, briefed American and international bloggers on Israel's defensive action against Hamas, Iran's role in the conflict and its threat to the free world, and the need for Israel's friends to set the record straight.  He did so by repeating historical facts, including the following:

Eight years of rockets being fired on innocent Israeli citizens;
Hamas' commitment to the destruction of the State of Israel;
Israel's humanitarian treatment of Arabs caught in the crossfire;

In answer to the charge that Israel is targeting civilians, Mr. Netanyahu reminded listeners that during World War II, Britain carpet-bombed German cities. In contrast, Israel's air strikes have been directed against military targets. Netanyahu also noted that Israeli hospitals are treating wounded civilians from Gaza.  Their medical facilities treat Jewish people and Arabs alike. You are not likely to hear this from the news media, but Israel's medical community serves those who are hurting regardless of their religious beliefs.

In response to a question about the goals of this operation, Mr. Netanyahu said that objectives are to re-establish Israel's security and to end the supply of armaments for Hamas.  Time and again, Mr. Netanyahu reminds the audience that Hamas is a proxy for Iran. Defeat of Hamas is a defeat for Iran. Netanyahu ended the call with an interesting insight into the dangers of Iran and any radical Islamic regime that possesses nuclear weapons. Mr. Netanyahu further recalled President-elect Obama's comment about raising children under the threat of enemy rockets.

At the U.N., no surprise, this double-standard is in full force. In response to Israel's attack on Hamas, the Security Council immediately pulled an all-night emergency meeting to consider yet another resolution condemning Israel. 
Were there any all-night Security Council sessions held during the years when Hamas fired nearly 9,000 rockets at half a million innocent civilians in Israel?

Red Cross officials are quick to describe Gaza as a full-blown humanitarian nightmare, but where were they during the years when tens of thousands of Israeli families could not sleep for fear of a rocket attack?
Where were their trauma experts to decry that humanitarian crisis?

Dr. Rafael L. Bardaji, writing on behalf of a Spanish Think Tank [
Grupo de Estudiois Estrategicos], made a compelling argument for the need for Israel to be allowed to finish the job against Hamas. While many argued that Israel should cease fire immediately, Dr. Bardaji reminds us that, although Hezbollah was bested on the battlefield, its 'success' in coming out of its conflict with Israel politically intact translated into a long-term 'victory' for the Iranian backed terror group [emphasis ours, since only the ignorant would claim 'success' or 'victory' from such a resounding whipping!].

In his analysis, Dr. Bardaji dealt with the distorted reports of casualties inflicted by Israel - the repetition of Palestinian death counts (with no evidence as to their accuracy) as if every Palestinian killed was a civilian. Dr. Bardaji cited the United Nations, one of Israel's fiercest critics, and concluded that, at most, 10% of the victims can be considered innocent victims while 90% are 'would be leaders and militiamen of Hamas.' 
He also noted that Israel was doing a much better job than NATO manages in Afghanistan in hitting military targets and avoiding non-military ones.

Dr. Bardaji concluded by urging the EU and the UN to allow Israel to complete its mission:

'International pressure should be focussed on our enemies, and in this case on Hamas, not our friends and saviours. Israel should feel our support so that Hamas senses its isolation and feels that it is within the Israeli soldiers reach.'

Hundreds of articles and reports written from the Erez border crossing falsely accuse Israel of blocking humanitarian supplies from reaching beleaguered Palestinians in Gaza.  The truth is that over 520 truck loads of humanitarian aid were delivered through Israeli crossings since the beginning of the Israeli counterattack, but how many news articles, NGO reports and special U.N. commissions investigated Hamas's policy of deliberately placing rocket launchers near schools, mosques and homes in order to use innocent Palestinians as human shields?

Many people naively ask why there are so few Israeli casualties in comparison with the Palestinian death toll.  Israel's first priority is the safety of its citizens, which is why they built so many shelters and warning systems in Israeli towns while Hamas dug tunnels to smuggle more arms into their territory and, anyway, preferred and planned to use its own women and children as human shields while its leaders rush into hiding.  It used the same ruse back in Hebron in 1929 when terrorists dressed as women to hide guns under their long robes - and in Lebanon in the so-called 'First' and 'Second' war!  Anyone with two brain cells to rub together is going to be able to work out which group would use these tactics - the side that reveres family life and seeks the best for their own, or the one that straps suicide bombs to its own children (even the mentally sub-normal, re.  the example of the poor 22-year old Ausberger's victim, Mohammad Rashid Abdulaziz Saeed Alim, aka Nicky Reilly, who was indoctrinated by Muslim 'friends' in an internet café, blew himself up, and has been jailed for 18 years in Britain in January, 2009)! 
It really is a no-brainer!

And then there are the incessant calls for a cease-fire as soon as Israel take action against terrorism. These calls are a recipe for disaster, for Hamas simply uses the cease-fire time-outs to re-arm and smuggle even more deadly weapons so that next time, instead of targeting Sderot and Ashkelon, they can aim at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  The pattern is always the same. Following a cease-fire brought about by international pressure, there will be a call for a massive infusion of funds to help Palestinians recover from the devastation of the Israeli attack. The world will respond eagerly, handing over hundreds of millions of dollars. The money goes to Hamas, the same terrorist group that brought disaster to the Palestinians in the first place, and they simply buy more armaments (with the money they don't stash away in Swiss bank accounts in Arafat style)!

The world seems to have forgotten that, at the end of World War II, President Harry Truman initiated the Marshall Plan, investing vast sums to rebuild Germany. But he did so only with the clear understanding that the money would build a new kind of Germany and not a Fourth Reich that would continue the policies of Adolf Hitler.
Yet that is precisely what the world will be doing if we once again entrust funds to Hamas terrorists and their Iranian puppet masters.

Palestinian terrorists are clearly working in co-ordination with Hezbollah, sponsored by Iran, to launch rocket attacks in Nahariya and elsewhere in the north.  Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah claims: 'We are prepared for all Israeli aggression.'  In other words, Hezbollah won't take responsibility for the rockets into Israel, but will claim credit for standing up against any Israeli retaliatory attacks, should there be any. He also boasted that any future war will make the Second Lebanon War look like a 'walk in the park.'

An Egyptian official reported that two Iranian government officials, Ali Larijani, Speaker of the Iranian Parliament and Said Jalili of the Iranian Intelligence Service 'met in the Syrian capital with Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal and Islamic Jihad Secretary-General Ramadan Shallah.' 'As soon as the Iranians heard about the Egyptian cease-fire initiative, they dispatched the two officials to Damascus on an urgent mission to warn the Palestinians against accepting it,' the Egyptian official told the Jerusalem Post, '[the]... Iranians threatened to stop weapons supplies and funding to Palestinian factions if they agreed to a cease-fire with Israel. The Iranians want to fight Israel and the U.S. indirectly. They are doing this through Hamas in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon.'

When the USA, Britain, and their allies, responded to the Islamic terrorists 9/11 atrocity by ignoring the appeals of the world over the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions - resulting in the deaths of thousands in violent 'proportional' strikes - there were few further attacks
on their citizens within their nations!  Of course, there were the usual attacks, mainly on non-Muslims by Muslims in the Islamic-controlled countries of the world - but these have been going on since the days of Muhammad.

Israel has shown extraordinary acts of goodness, including facilitating the transfer of thousands of tons of humanitarian aid to Gaza and receiving Palestinians from Gaza into Israeli hospitals for medical treatment. 
When did Muslims ever respond to Jews in such a manner?

We vigorously support Israel's efforts to end Hamas-led terrorism from Gaza against the Israeli people and utterly condemn Hamas for violating all standards of humane conduct, including the exploitation of its own civilians by using them - and their children! - as human shields and by turning schools, homes, and mosques into ammunition-storage facilities and staging points for expanded terrorism.  There is no moral equivalency between Hamas terrorists who target Israeli civilians while vowing to destroy Israel, and Israel's legitimate and thoroughly legal defence of its state and its people.

National Council of Churches reveal usual colours!

By contrast we have noted the evil machinations of
'The National Council of Churches (NCC)', which is careful to avoid specifically criticizing any radical Islamist movements no matter how murderous.  Ludicrously the NCC claims Christian Zionist support for Israel is the main stumbling block to tranquility in the Middle East and has even released a brochure called 'Why We Should Be Concerned About Christian Zionism' to warn its 35 member denominations.

Antonios Kireopoulos, the NCC's interfaith spokesman, claims:  'The danger of this (Zionist) ideology is that it is a manipulation of Christian scripture and teaching ... Unfortunately it has influence in American churches, to the point where many well-meaning Christians are swayed to support particularly destructive directions in U.S. foreign policy with regard to the Middle East.'

The NCC, not known for upholding orthodox theology, foolishly claims that 'Christian Zionists' violate the 'traditional teachings of the church' - while totally ignoring the violations of Islam on a legally constituted nation called Israel!

Embarrassingly, the NCC accuses 'Christian Zionists' of being as blindly partisan toward Israel as the NCC and the wider Religious Left were to Marxist liberation movements like the Sandinistas 20 years ago!  The NCC and their ilk have shown un-Scriptural preoccupation and unconditional support for the utterly illegal 'Palestinian Liberation Organisation,' to the exclusion of dozens of other ethnic and separationist movements around the world.  When do we hear these NCC whiners mentioning the worldwide atrocities committed in the name of Allah in a myriad of countries -
such as the MILLIONS killed in the Sudan!!!

The '
National Council of Churches' have a long track record of supporting radical causes so it really is no surprise to learn that they are also anti-Semites and worthy successors of the Nazi-loving scum who posed as Christians in Hitler's Germany.

Egypt recognise Hamas as 'butcherers'!

Even elements in Muslim countries, such as Muhammad Ali Ibrahim, an Egyptian MP and editorialist for the state-controlled newspaper Al-Gumhouriyya, have spoken out against Hamas - describing them as 'lunatics who have butchered their own people' and stating that its leadership is 'trying to bring destruction upon its people,' whom it is 'holding hostage.'  Ironic, considering Egypt's early role in the 60+ year struggle for Israeli independence.  On October 11, 1949, Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Muhammad Saleh el-Din, declared that 'the Arabs intend that they [refugees] shall return as masters....The Arab people will not be embarrassed to declare: 'We shall not be satisfied except by the final obliteration of Israel.'' ...And the world blames Israel for not making peace with such enemies!... (
JUDGMENT DAY: ISLAM, ISRAEL, AND THE NATIONS by Dave Hunt; excerpts from Chapter 4: Palestine?)

But a growing aversion for the Hamas-led government of Gaza may lead to some reduction in weapons smuggling to Gaza terrorists, from Egypt at least, now Ali Ibrahim has also noticed 'elements similar to Nazism' in their behaviour!

Egypt brokered the last Israeli-Hamas ceasefire in June, which Hamas systematically violated and refused to renew when it expired last December 19, so 'moderates' may begin to expose and try to isolate Hamas.  Ibrahim's newspaper columns followed an immediate dispatch written by Egypt's ruling National Democratic Party, which blamed Gaza's terrorist leadership rather than their usual target, Israel, for violence. 'Hamas is responsible for the turn that events have taken,' the article read, describing the Gaza Strip's leaders as 'reckless' and 'delusional.' Egytian officials also humiliated Gaza's leadership by announcing on December 28 that, while we know Israel treated even Palestinian wounded alongside their own, Hamas refused to allow wounded Palestinians to leave Gaza!  Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit said, 'The wounded are barred from crossing' into Egypt, adding: 'We are waiting for the wounded to cross.'  Of course, you won't hear anything about this from the NCC!

Even the Arab League, largely controlled by Egypt and Saudi Arabia, tacitly allowing the IDF to do its damage on Hamas for longer than the European Union (led by the usual embarrassing French President Nicholas Sarkozy) desired, as more hypocritical Russian and British officials tried to prevent 'Operation Cast Lead' from achieving its aim.  'Do as we say - not as we do' has ever been the mantra of the godless wimps of the world!

The usual incredible terrorist arrogance found al-Alami and Nasr rebuffing Egypts call for a ceasefire, insisting
Israel 'end the aggression, withdraw from Gaza, open the crossing points, especially Rafah, with a total lifting of the blockade.'  Like the cowardly bully in the playground the sneak attacks of Hamas turn to whining for their own way when their bluff is called and a bloody nose results.  And that their own wives and children suffer would wake normal fathers up to the truth of what they are self-inflicting - but the spiritual lies of Islamic jihad have done their work!

Egypt insists that Hamas open talks with Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah, Hamas' avowed enemy, and proposes a minimum one-year term for the ceasefire, rather than a temporary
tahdia, or calm, with Israel.  Egypt appears to have the support of the Saudis and Jordanian King Abdullah II in this - but, considering the role these 'brothers' had in creating the problem over 60+ years, who would really trust their co-operation?
Cairo and Tel Aviv refuse to reopen the Rafah border crossings until
the conditions of a 2005 agreement are met.  Strange that the Western leaders ignore all of these previous times 'Palestinian' terrorists renèged on 'agreements'?

Will Egypt and Turkey move to cut off the flow of weapons into Gaza via 'secret' tunnels quarried into Egypt?  Israel have called the destruction of this tunnel system 'the make-or-break issue' upon which peace depends and the IDF have already destroyed approximately 150 tunnels -
believing this accounts for about half of their total number, many of which are constructed during each 'Islamic cease-fire!

Hosni Mubarak's government have suggested building a moat along the Philadelphi Corridor  which connects Sinai to Gaza. 
Remember the fuss from the West when Israel's 'Security Wall' (which has reduced suicide atrocities colossally!)  went up?  And is Turkish and Egyptian co-operation merely a temporary ruse feigning unexpected of Hamas' replenishing its arms stockpiles while Turkey gains EU status and thus the ability to flood Europe with a built in jihadic force to achieve worldwide Islamic domination?  Only the ignorant and unstable ignore this long-term possibility when we have already received prior warning of the nature of a concentrated Islamic community among Europeans through recent riots and assassinations.

Not unexpectedly, Egypt has been attacked by murderous Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for neglecting its 'Arab brothers' in the land it once occupied and Lebanese Sunni cleric Maher Hamoud assigned Abu Gheit to the 'Party of Satan'
descending into the usual juvenile ad hominem attack so typical of Islamic spokesmen:

'It is a disgrace that his name is Ahmad. He is Ahmaq Abu Ghaet ['Idiot Abu Shit'] - you all know what 'shit' means. He is Idiot Abu Shit, not Ahmad Abu Al-Gheit. It is Idiot Abu Shit who is talking a load of shit, when he says the missiles are the reason for these crimes and for what is happening, without shedding a tear.'

Crowds in Beirut revealed their intellect by parading with pictures of the Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez (who is also prone to illogical random rants!) declaring: 'This is what real men are like.' Syrian crowds chanted their version:  'Mubarak, you are a coward, you are the agent of colonization. Down, down with the Arab rulers, the collaborators.'

While Egypt, Jordan, and Turkey offered humanitarian aid to Gaza they failed to cut diplomatic ties with Israel, as Chavez did (rather like the late Idi Amin telling the Queen of England he was taking her head off his country's stamps - perhaps you remember the playground reply?), and a small group of twenty-one Kuwaiti MPs appealed to their government to declare Palestinian Authority President Abbas' impending visit 'unwanted,' due to his alleged weakness toward Israel (he had also placed the blame for the war squarely on Hamas).  Meanwhile, Europe's poseur, Nicholas Sarkozy tried to pressure Syria, acknowledging that Damascus and Tehran have more say over the terrorists of Gaza and may seek his approval over some side issues involving Europe's goodwill and cash!

Muslim's in Jordan and Syria have attacked Israeli soldiers patrolling those borders and at least four Katyusha rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israel late last year.  Jordanians had to appease its chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood and its political front, the Islamic Action Front (IAF), allowing its mostly Palestinian population to vent its anger through reasonably controlled public demonstrations.  Egypt's regime showed its old antagonism and self-serving hypocrisy towards the Muslim Brotherhood by arresting at least sixteen leaders after massive and violent protests in Alexandria (January 9th).

Egypt knows that, as the largest Arab nation in the world and chief negotiator for the region, a defiant and wilful Hamas operated by loose cannon in Damascus and Tehran threaten Egyptian hegemony.  In another poke at the myth of Islamic
ummah (brotherhood), Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia know that Hamas' Islamo-fascist comrades also seek to topple moderate, non-theocratic regimes. The Saudi royal family's promotion of Wahhabi Islam is another self-serving protection racket which chooses to fight Muslim wars in other nations' backyards (only beating up members of the weaker nations of the world when they chose to enter Saudi territory to seek employment but then have the temerity to privately practice their own religion or drink alcohol). 

In another appalling gaffe, the Bush-Rice comedy duo insisted Cairo hold free and fair elections - pulling the same stupidity on the Palestinian Authority.  In both cases radical Islamists gained ascendancy - in Egypt, members of the outlawed 'Muslim Brotherhood' gained numerous seats in parliament as 'independents.'  Even Egypt - with its past experience with 'brotherhood' extremists recognises that the last thing they need is an 'Egyptian Taliban' inspiring its own theocrats to join foreign terrorists.

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