'Latter Rain' Heretics

The Delusions of David Eells - 5

The Church is now 'Israel'?!

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Like the Reconstructionists, the kingdom/dominion advocates also deny that Christ will rule over His 'people Israel.' They insist that national Israel no longer has any place in God's plan and that the church is now Israel and has inherited all of her promises.  Yet the angel Gabriel specifically declared that the One to whom Mary would give birth, this 'Son of the Highest,' would be given 'the throne of his father David' and that He would 'reign over the house of Jacob for ever...' (Luke 1v32-33).  Like Micah 5v2, this scripture in Luke must also be fulfilled.

They also overlook the prophesied blessings to Israel that were foretold in the Old Testament and pledged anew in conjunction with the birth of Christ.  Consider, for example, the prophecy of Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist.  Affirming that John would be the forerunner of the Messiah, Zacharias also declared under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that the Messiah would accomplish God's promise 'that we [Israel] being delivered out of the hand of our enemies might serve him [God] without fear' (Lk 1
v74).  That promise of a time of future blessing for national Israel is an integral part of the Christmas story--and it will yet be fulfilled, in spite of its denial now sweeping the church.  Christ is no more pleased with those who today declare that the church is the true Israel than He was when He sent through John His letters to the seven churches in Asia.  To those who are tempted to embrace this blasphemous teaching that Christians are the real Jews, Christ's words to the Church of Smyrna sound a solemn warning: 'I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan' (Rv 2v9).

The enthusiasm of the 'March for Jesus' has been lost in the UK, sadly not because of any real awakening to the truth about the Reconstructionist/Kingdom Now/Dominion doctrinal stance of the organisers (e.g.  Graham Kendrick's lyrics - 'now is the time for us to march upon the land, into our hand He will give the ground we claim' - which never happened in any UK city to our knowledge, and certainly not in Cardiff - you were lucky if you could get 20 people to join you in any evangelical outreach, never mind see strongholds come crashing down!).  Apathy is far more likely to be the cause of its demise but, of course, the same old Paul Cain/David Eells excuse that tries for the 'but if' 'prophetic' excuse - in this case 'if My people pray hard enough/have enough faith/support the cause enough'! The same kind of delusion reigns in the USA, where each 'Christian march' on Washington revitalizes the false hope of taking over this world for Christ - but misses the fact that a large section of the church has lost its vision of heaven.  If only the bride of Christ remembered her first love and regained excitement about the heavenly marriage to come and the prospect of seeing and being with her Bridegroom forever.  Oh, that a great cry would arise from the church: 'We love you, Lord Jesus! Please come and take us home! The Spirit and the Bride say, Come! Come, Lord Jesus, come!'

The only choice is really between Christ and Anti-christ.  Nothing less than an absolutist theocracy will hold in check the evil and bring about the radical solution which the world's ills require.  World events point inexorably to the establishment of such a regime.  It will either be under the false world religion of Satan and his personal incarnation, who will bring a false peace, or under the truth of God and His Son our Lord Jesus Christ.  No mere man could possibly qualify, despite the claims of Reconstructionists and assorted dominionists.  It is quite clear from Luke 24
v47-48 and other passages that the disciples were not expected to inaugurate the Kingdom but to be witnesses concerning the King and His future coming:

'47 ... repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.  48 And ye are witnesses of these things.'

There will be no kingdom of God without the King present and ruling in power.  All Christians admit this to be the case when it comes to the spiritual kingdom in our hearts--Christ must reign there.  The same is true of the outward manifestation of His kingdom upon earth during the Millennium--He must personally reign there as well.  Currents of change are sweeping through the world and the church.  In the crucial days ahead, the evangelical church could well suffer a division over the Rapture and the related issue of Israel comparable to that experienced by the Catholic Church as a result of the Reformation in the 1500s.  Nor would it be surprising if, as a result, in the cause of 'unity,' the larger faction in Protestantism moved much closer to ecumenical union with Catholicism, which not only has been traditionally anti-Semitic but discarded the Rapture about 1,600 years ago.

et al, join other kingdom/dominion/reconstruction/COR (Coalition on Revival) movement teachers as one of the fastest growing and dangerous influences in the church today, and thus a primary cause for concern.  The danger they bring rests mainly on their platform within the apostate church which is helping to set the stage for the coming world government of the Anti-christ by confusing key issues of prophecy.  Of course, those involved in this movement would sincerely deny that they are helping, or that they wish to have any part in helping, the Anti-christ in any way.  There is another and more subtle danger--the undermining of one's personal spiritual life as a result of this movement's un-Biblical teachings.  Those who believe that they must take over the world and establish the millennial kingdom for Christ in His absence either reject the Rapture or relegate it to such a distant and unimportant position that it has no practical value in their lives.  This has serious consequences because the hope that Christ could return at any moment is intended by God to be one of the major purifying factors in the Christian's life (1 John 3v3):

2 Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.  3 And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure.

John must be referring to doctrinal and moral purity by the phrase 'purifieth himself.' The two go together, yet doctrine is now frequently avoided as a cause of division rather than what it actually is, the necessary container of truth.  One of the most unpopular doctrines today (in stark contrast to its prominence only a few years ago) is that of the Rapture - Christ catching His bride away to heaven (1 Thes 4
v13-18).  Because Christ has not come 'quickly' (at least by our definition of 'quickly') as He promised, there are those who consider the Rapture a topic to be avoided.  However, the great number of statements in the Bible regarding the end times in general, and the Rapture in particular, suggest that this whole area should be a prominent part of our Christian faith and life. 

With respect to the Rapture, we are repeatedly urged to have an attitude of watching and waiting.  Why is this attitude commanded by Christ? Does its value for us, and the importance the Bible obviously attaches to it, reside primarily in the Lord's return actually being imminent? Indeed not.  Whether or not the Lord's return is imminent for us, we now know in retrospect that it was not imminent for all those generations of Christians who came before us.  If the sole value of their 'expectancy' lay in its being satisfied, i.e., in it being true that the Lord would come imminently--then the fact that Christ has not yet returned would leave us without any explanation for why the Lord urged this 'expectant' attitude in the first place.  Therefore there must be something important, something integral to a good Christian life, about the attitude of expecting Christ's return at any moment.  What could this be? There can be no doubt that believing that we could be caught up at any moment imparts an added seriousness to our lives.  We won't be here forever, so we should make every minute count.  Moreover, it makes us insecure in our tendency to identify ourselves too closely with a world which does not hold our ultimate destiny, and reminds us of our true citizenship in a world to come which is based upon eternal rather than earthly values.  This attitude certainly ought to characterize a Christian life, and a lively sense of the possibility of Christ's imminent return is more than justified if it has this good effect on us.

The whole dominion/reconstruction movement is too wedded to an ongoing earthly process stretching into the indeterminate future to be truly faithful to the totality of what Scripture says about being sufficiently disengaged from this world to be ready to leave it behind at a moment's notice.  Reconstructionists/kingdom/dominion/COR/Eells,
et al, foster a false conception of our earthly ministry - a conception which we must guard against lest we be subtly tempted to be more at home in the world than we should be!

Our hope is not in taking over this world, but in being taken to heaven by our Lord, to be married to Him in glory and then to return with Him as part of the armies of heaven to rescue Israel, destroy His enemies and participate in His millennial reign.  Yet too often those of us who claim to believe this hold the belief in theory only, while denying it with our lives.  Our hearts should be in perpetual wonder and joy at the prospect of being suddenly caught up to be with Christ, our bodies transformed to be like His body of glory and to be wedded to our Lord for eternity.

In our transformed bodies, made like His body of glory, in which we will share His resurrection life, we will reign with Him over this earth for 1,000 years.  Then we will spend an eternity during which He will be perpetually revealing to and in us more and more of Himself, His love and grace and kindness.  Part of the problem with this false movement is its mistaken notion that mortal man can accomplish what only immortal Man, our risen Lord, and we as immortal resurrected beings with Him, can perform.  Do not settle for anything less than the fullness of what Christ has promised! The glory of the eternal kingdom that He offers is light years beyond their agenda of Christianizing and taking over this present world in these bodies of weakness and corruption.  We can miss His best by refusing to take seriously what the Bible clearly teaches and by not standing firm for sound doctrine.  And we can also miss out on our true reward by attempting to live in our own strength the Christian life which only Christ can live through us.  May we be true to His Word and to Him in our daily lives.  The joy and glory He has planned and in which He desires that we participate is more than enough to excite and inspire and motivate us.  'Set your affection on things above' (Col.  3

Through a false gospel, false prophets, occultic religious practices and lying 'signs and wonders,' today's churches are being filled with millions who call themselves Christians, but who are not.  Left behind at the Rapture, and happy that the 'negative' influence of the vanished troublemakers has been removed, they will worship and follow the Anti-christ, thinking he is the true Christ and that they have 'never had it so good.' An ecumenized 'Christianity,' in partnership with all religions, will carry on and prosper even more after the Rapture than before.  The unifying factor will be concern for Mother Earth and working for peace and ecological wholeness will have replaced truth as the basis of Christianity, as the World Council of Churches has already decreed. 

Far from being a cop-out invented by those who desire to escape persecution (which could become very severe in America before the Rapture), a pre-tribulation Rapture is essential for a number of reasons: first of all, to remove the true Christians from earth.  If they were present when Anti-christ was revealed, they would oppose and expose him.  Such opposition must be removed in order to give Satan and man, under Anti-christ's leadership, full freedom to prove that this earth can be turned back into a garden paradise without God.  The Holy Spirit, who is omnipresent, will still convict and draw many to Christ procession of events is in God's hands.  While we cannot know the day or hour of our Lord's return, the Bible does give us many clues as to the general timing of this great occurrence.  There is a precise time for Christ's second coming just as there was for the first: 'But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son...' (Gal 4
v4).  The same is true of the Anti-christ.  Though he may already present in the world and waiting in the wings, this 'man of sin' known as 'that Wicked [one]' (2 Thes 2v3,8) can only take power when it is God's time: 'And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time' (2v6). 

The Roman Empire plays an integral part in the timing for the revelation both of God's Messiah and Satan's.  Ancient Rome set the stage for Christ's birth: 'And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed' (Lk 2
v1).  It was this decree that caused Joseph and Mary to be in Bethlehem so that Christ would be born there in fulfilment of Micah 5v2.  And of course He also had to be executed during the time of the Roman Empire, which introduced crucifixion, in order to fulfill Psalm 22.  For Christ to return, the Roman Empire must be revived.  This is clear from Daniel's interpretation that the distinct parts of the image seen by Nebuchadnezzar '...head was of fine gold, his breast and his arms of silver, his belly and his thighs of brass, his legs of iron' (Dn 2v32-33) represented four world kingdoms: the Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Grecian and Roman.  That the 'feet and toes, part of potters' clay, and part of iron' (2v41) represent the fourth world kingdom revived in the last days is clear from the statement, 'And in the days of these kings [i.e., represented by the ten toes] shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed ...[and] it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever' (2v44).

Christ did not establish His kingdom the first time He came, so He must come again to do so.  When? 'In the days of those kings' - i.e., when the Roman Empire has been revived, out of which the Anti- christ will arise.  No longer 'as a lamb to the slaughter' (Is 53
v7), but now during the Great Tribulation.  The restraining influence, however, which He has wielded in this world through the millions of true Christians, will have suddenly been removed, leaving a moral and spiritual vacuum in homes, neighbourhoods, businesses, and schools such as we cannot even imagine.  A pre-trib Rapture is also necessary because the Anti-christ will be given authority by God 'to make war with the saints, and to overcome them' (Rev 13v7).  Such a fate could not befall the church, for Christ said that the 'gates of hell shall not prevail against it' (Mt 16v18).  Moreover, true Christians have authority and power to 'resist the devil' and 'he will flee' (Jas 4v7), for 'greater is he that is in [us], than he that is in the world' (1 Jn 4v4).  So the fact that Anti-christ is given power by God 'to make war with the saints and to overcome [i.e., kill] them' is proof that the true church is no longer present.  The 'saints' mentioned are those who have not heard and rejected the gospel prior to the Rapture and who believe in Christ during the Great Tribulation.  They will pay for their faith with their lives.

Those who take the mark of the beast suffer the wrath of the Lamb, while those who don't are slain by Anti-christ.  Thus a post-trib rapture would be a classic non-event, for there would be very few if any surviving believers to be raptured at that time.  And surely those Christians who were left alive, seeing the judgment of God poured out upon mankind and earth's armies gathered for the battle of Armageddon in an attempt to destroy Israel, would know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Second Coming was about to occur--and would be watching for their Lord to appear? Yet Christ declared that He would return at a time of such ease that even the 'five wise virgins' would 'slumber and sleep.' He warned, '[F]or in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh' (Mt 24
v44).  Hardly likely in the midst of the greatest tribulation and destruction the world has ever seen or ever will see!

To understand how the stage is being set for the final conflict between Christ and Anti-christ, it is helpful to consider some comparisons and contrasts between these two antagonists.  First of all, the returning in power and glory to execute judgment upon those who crucified Him, Christ will destroy this evil empire in its revived form at His second coming.  So although the date is not given, the timing of Christ's return is clearly indicated.  It is also essential for the Roman Empire to be revived in order for the Anti-christ to appear.  Daniel prophesied that 'the people of the prince that shall come [i.e., Anti-christ] shall destroy the city and the sanctuary...' (Dn 9
v26).  The Roman armies under the command of Titus destroyed Jerusalem and the temple in A.D.70.  It is therefore from these people that the Anti-christ must arise.  That doesn't necessarily mean that he has to be Roman, since her legions came from many parts of the Empire.  It does mean, however, that he must come from that world kingdom--and for that to happen the Roman Empire must be revived.  We are seeing the fulfilment of this most remarkable prophecy in our day. 

Calling Anti-christ 'the prince that shall come' indicates that he, like the ancient Caesars, will rule the Empire when it is revived.  Moreover, the ancient Roman Empire was not only a political, economic and military entity, but also a religious one with the god-emperor the head of the pagan priesthood.  So in conjunction with a world government, a world religion headed by the new Caesar, the Anti-christ, must be established in the last days exactly as Revelation 13 indicates.  During the periodic waves of Roman persecution which the early Christians endured, all citizens of the Empire were required to bow down to an image of the current Caesar and worship him as god.  Those who did not were killed.  Such will also be the case under Anti-christ in the revived Roman Empire: 'And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life...[and] as many as would not worship the image of the beast [Anti-christ] should be killed' (Revelation 13

It is sad to see so many evangelical Christians becoming increasingly entangled in this world, joining with Catholics, Mormons and other cultists and occultists to pursue its political and social agendas--and in the process losing their hope of heaven.  It was characteristic of the early church that they knew they were the
ekklesia, the called-out ones who were no longer of this world (John 17v6,14,16) but were eagerly waiting (1 Thessalonians 1v10) and watching for Christ to return to take them to heaven (Hebrew 9v28; John 14v2-3).  That hope must be awakened!

That the second coming of Christ in power and glory to rescue Israel, destroy the armies that are about to destroy her, and to set up His kingdom upon the throne of His father David is a separate event from the rapture of His bride, the church, is very clear.  Some try to make them one event by suggesting that we will be 'caught up to meet the Lord in the air' on His way to earth and will immediately turn around and accompany Him to the Mount of Olives and His intervention at Armageddon.  However, Revelation 19
v7-14 tells of Christ's marriage to His bride in heaven before He comes to earth to execute judgment and set up His kingdom.  A major purpose of the Second Coming is to destroy Anti-christ: 'whom the Lord shall...destroy with the brightness of his coming (2 Thessalonians 2v8).  Thus it is clear that the Second Coming cannot take place until the Anti-christ has been revealed and has established his kingdom upon earth.  If the Rapture were not a separate event from the Second Coming before the Anti-christ is revealed, then Christians would not be watching, waiting and looking for Christ, but for the Anti-christ, which is unthinkable!

Our removal from earth to heaven in the Rapture will allow the Anti-christ to be revealed to rule over the revived Roman Empire.  The worldwide dimensions of that 'last days' kingdom are still taking shape, following on from the collapse of communism which opened the door for the fulfilment of a dream first voiced by Gorbachev and the Pope: a United Europe extending 'from the Atlantic to the Urals.' Talk of a new world order has fallen from the lips of President Bush and now UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown and other world leaders, as the potential collapse of the West's banking system recently unfolded.  Of course, they are all unaware that their brave new world will be ruled by the Anti-christ!

Numerous reasons can be given for the church first being raptured at the beginning of the seven-year tribulation period.  Once the dominant belief among evangelicals, the pre-trib Rapture is falling increasingly into disfavour through the work of Eells,
et al, and books such as Marvin Rosenthal's The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church: A New Understanding of the Rapture, the Tribulation and the Second Coming

The promise of 'peace on earth' announced by the angels at the birth of Christ (Luke 2
v14) will not be realized until He personally reigns from David's throne in Jerusalem, as the prophets foretold.  We should not be deceived by any call for a 'new world order' that promises peace without the presence of the Prince of Peace.  His joy is our strength as we seek to glorify Him in body and spirit, which are His (1 Cor 6v20).  Let us maintain a pure witness until His return for He is coming soon!

The emphasis on 'a pure witness' cannot be over-emphasized, but any teaching that the church must be 'totally' united and purified before Christ can return is neither Biblical nor logical.  Where in Scripture do we read that the small fraction of the church which is alive on earth at the time of the Rapture must have attained to a status unknown by Christians who have died, in order to join them at that heavenly marriage to our Lord? God nowhere commands the End-Times believers to reach a state of purity exceeding that of the saints who have gone before! All believers are urged to be perfect, by Jesus
and the apostles (Mt 5v48; 1 Co 13v10; 2 Co 13v11; Eph 4v13; Php 3v15; 2 Tim 3v17 ; Heb 12v23 etc.).  The Bride is made ready and robed in white linen (Rev 19v7-8) - but the Bride is the entire church. If a special 'purification' was a pre-requisite for being raptured, then what about those who died before the Rapture? Clearly they must be 'made ready' after they get to heaven.  Then why wouldn't this happen to all Christians up there, rather than upon earth? Surely this final cleansing can only take place at the Judgment Seat of Christ (2 Cor 5v10) when we give account to our Lord, our works are tried in fire (2 Cor 3v11-15) and we are rewarded or suffer loss.  There is no biblical basis for a 'last-days revival' that will make Christians worthy to be raptured to heaven.  We are worthy of heaven through Christ's finished work alone.  Moreover, the Bible speaks of the last-days church as apostate (2 Thes 2v3).  Christ even questions whether He will find faith on the earth when He returns (Lk 18v8).  Even the wise fall asleep while the bridegroom tarries (Mt 25v5).  Hardly the 'last-days revived church' that Eells, et al, preach!

Christian takeover of the United States and the world?

Those who deny the Biblical pattern of the Rapture, as accepted by pre-millenialists, often champion a 'Christian takeover of the United States and the world,' involving a 'paradigm shift,' by others, such as the late Pastor James Kennedy of Coral Ridge.  Kennedy was a long time leader in the Christian reconstruction movement and also seemed oblivious to the simple fact that a 'Christian takeover of the world' is neither taught nor hinted at anywhere in the Bible.  Jesus certainly didn't teach or engage in such a project nor did Peter, Paul, the other apostles or anyone in the early church.  We are to preach the gospel and call disciples out of this world for heavenly citizenship, not try to 'Christianize' non-Christians.  Revelation 13 (as well as other scriptures) makes it clear that Anti-christ, not the church, will take over and rule the world - after believers have been taken by Christ to heaven.  He will control all banking and commerce, be worshipped by the whole world and have authority and power to kill all who refuse him this homage.  The purpose of the Second Coming (as distinct from the Rapture, which occurs seven years earlier) is to destroy Anti-christ (2 Thessalonians 2
v8) and rescue Israel (Zec 12-14).  At Armageddon, Anti-christ will lead the armies of the world to destroy Israel, necessitating Christ's intervention from heaven.  That hardly sounds as though a 'Christian takeover' has occurred!

While the Word of God prophesies that the age will end with apostasy, both in the world and in the professing church, to preach or 'prophesy' that there will be a revival in the church in the USA, or worldwide, that will alter the social and moral state of the nation is a dream that only Eells and like-deceived people cling to.  We read nothing of such an occurrence in the Bible for any time in history, much less in the last days! Jesus made it very clear that few are saved: 'Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it' (Mt 7
v14).  There have been spiritual awakenings at times which have apparently influenced segments of the population, but none have lasted.  Reconstructionists misinterpret Christ's command, 'Go ye therefore, and teach [disciple] all nations' (Mt 28v19), to mean that entire nations are to be discipled.  In fact, discipleship is for individuals.  We are to call individual disciples out of the nations as Christ has called us out.  That Christians are not of this world but have been called out of the world is stated by Christ; indeed, that the world will hate those who belong to Him (Jn 15v18-20;17v14,16).  That hardly sounds like a vast number of people will be saved so that society itself is changed.  Christ, Paul and Peter all warned of apostasy in the last days, that 'evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse,' that false prophets would proliferate, that even those who call themselves Christians would not endure sound doctrine, that not only the five foolish but also the five wise virgins would be asleep at the time of the Rapture, etc.  This does not mean that we should not continue to oppose heresy, to preach the gospel and seek to win as many as we can for the Lord.  But rather than indicating a revival which would reform society, the Bible indicates the opposite and we see accelerating ecumenism, and that many clung to belief in the Rapture to occur by the year 2000 - but then began to follow men like Eells who offered another 'hope' that has no Scriptural basis.  One can see the world church, Anti-christ's bride, rising like a phoenix from the apostate ashes of professing Christianity.

We see this deception in Eells' pages (e.g.  'the Hidden Manna For the End Times video series') declared, under this title:


'The Spirit of the Lord was resting heavy upon me and through me as I was at my home:

Much of My Church cannot discern the sky.  They cannot see the storm clouds coming.  They are wrapped up in their visions of grandeur.  Many pastors do not want to hear warnings about great troubles coming to this nation because it threatens their vision. 
Some do not realize that the days of calamity will bring forth a great harvest and ministry to the lost.  For the Big Harvest, I will not separate from calamities and trouble times.  It will go hand-in-hand together.  They hope to have their vision fulfilled during a time of prosperity, but I will allow these things to happen to America, to awaken My Church, and to shake this nation to the core of its foundation.  There is coming to America a 'day of trouble,' but at the same time I will pour out My Spirit upon this nation as they cry out to Me.  To My remnant that is hearing Me, I am pouring into them My power and My love.  I am developing My character in them.  I want you to reach out to others with My love and My compassion.  I am pouring these things into you, so you can pour out of yourselves, My love, My compassion, and power into others who are hurting and in need.  Be prepared to disciple and mentor My newborn babies, for they cannot walk; they are fragile and need much help.  They can only crawl.  Help and teach them to walk on their own.  Feed My sheep so they know how to feed themselves with My Word.  For I have truly called you for such a time as this.'

TCE: should we therefore be surprised at the growth of an apostate church packed with 'babies' who have been fed on this kind of pap - or the non-Gospel of Warrenism that presents every emotionally charged worldly pursuit as a work of God - whether it be love of the world through rock music, fear of the world through global warming, or fake love for our neighbour by uniting with every false religion to fight worldwide famine and disease while avoiding bringing the true Gospel that leads to Eternal Life!

More Eells errors are exemplified at:

On a page filled with more rambling nonsense we find this gem of advice:

'Pray and cultivate a close relationship with our Lord and learn to hear His voice.'

How do we know when we are hearing 'His voice'? Despite all Eells' pretences of believing the Word of God found only in the Bible, it is clear that he trusts in his personal 'revelations' - and those of his disciples - before true Scripture. 

Earlier, on the same page, we read:

I have learned from experience that my dreams and visions are true; but for the sake of those that will hear me, I asked God for a confirmation.  He said, 'I've already given you one--Justin's vision!' The Lord showed me there were two interpretations to that vision.  Both the religious Babylon of apostate religion and the civil or secular Babylon of the U.S.  would be like a ship sunk in the ocean! ( Rev.  18v21, Jer.  51v64) But those dressed in white (Rev.  19v8, Rom.  13v11-14) will be saved.  More recently (7-96), I saw the United States stretched out before me; and above and parallel to it, was a veil.  Above the veil was a gigantic bomb hanging from a string! The United States was as if it were water teeming with fish.  The fish were under the bomb, but they could not see it for the veil.  It was then that I noticed a fishing pole in my hand.  Standing where I was, if I caught the fish, they would be able to see the bomb and be out from under it.  I live in the U.S.  and have no orders to move, but I was out from under the judgment of the bomb (Ps.  91).  The Lord is going to preserve through the midst of judgment the hearers and doers of His Word (Mt.  7v24-27) because 'righteousness delivereth from death' (Pr.  11v4,6).  God's people will once again learn to receive deliverance, provision, and healing from Him and not from the arm of the flesh (Jer.17v5).  Many judgments will come on the United States to bring as many as are elect to God.  Then this invasion will come.'

TCE: So, when God's true followers are 'Raptured,' Eells, et al, will be preaching their alternative 'gospel' and pushing their false 'prophecies' that declare they are the 'elect' blessed with a special mission from God.
If you are not content with the truth revealed from Scripture, and known to thousands of ancient believers, you can spend all of your life chasing shadows and 'imaginary revelations.' Charles W.H.  Scott, district superintendent of the Assemblies of God in Michigan, made this analysis of the errors of the Latter Rain movement
('Anointed to Serve: The Story of the Assemblies of God', pp.  323-324):

'Scott outlined the history and errors of the new teaching.  He emphasized in particular the misplaced emphasis on the gift of prophecy, the impartation of gifts of the Spirit by the laying on of hands by self-styled apostles and prophets, and the fact that the revival was not, after all, new at all, but rather
the reappearance of enthusiastic mysticism common in Church history'.

The movement attracted many through its declaration that gifts of healing and prophecy had been returned to the Church and, among its extreme aberrant teachings were the teaching that a select group of people have the power, through the laying on of hands, to bestow upon others the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the gift of tongues and healing, and other spiritual gifts, through
impartation.  The denunciation of this belief was one of the prime targets of the critics of the movement.  Word-Faith heretics, such as, Benny Hinn and Oral Roberts (who uses occult 'totemism' to extract money via TV 'point of contact' appeals to the old and gullible) and, in the UK, David Shearman of the Assemblies of God, who became infamous through an 'impartation,' often referred to as 'The Yellow Jacket Deception' - after he invited fellow ministers up to the platform to touch his dazzling jacket in order to gain 'an anointing' - have also been advocates of this un-Scriptural teaching. 

Another doctrine is that
Christians will gain immortality on Earth before Christ's 'Second Coming' because the perfection and glorification of the saints on Earth will usher in Christ's Second Coming and be a testimony to the world.  There is also emphasis on teaching that the modern Church performs all five functions listed in Ephesians 4v11: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.  The elders holding these offices give the Church unity, direction and new doctrinal revelations.  This declaration has noticeably developed elitism within the movement as a heavy emphasis is placed upon its 'apostles' and 'prophets'.  Even the most ignorant believer cannot miss the fact that these so-called 'apostles' and 'prophets' repeatedly fail to pass the Scriptural tests for these offices (see Section 22-24)!

Even the committed Pentecostal groups, particularly the Assemblies of God, recognised (certainly in the early 1950's) that 'the Latter Rain' made too much emphasis on imparting, identifying, bestowing and confirming gifts by the laying on of hands and prophecy.  Coupled with the false teaching that the church is built upon the foundation of
present-day apostles and prophets, and erroneous teaching concerning the impartation of the gift of languages (not just 'tongues') as special equipment for missionary service, the extreme and un-Scriptural practice of imparting or imposing personal leadings by the means of utterance, wresting and distorting Scripture via interpretations in opposition to teachings and practices generally accepted by Pentecostalists, helped to limit the growth of this 'movement.'

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