'Latter Rain' Heretics

The Delusions of David Eells - 8

Joel's Army - the 'new breed'!

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False interpretations are shoe-horned into Scripture by these heretics and prophetic scriptures are either denied, interpreted as having already been fulfilled (much of Revelation happened at A.D.70, for example) or spiritualized.  The church then becomes Israel, which no longer has any place in prophecy as a nation, Armageddon is the ongoing battle between the forces of light and darkness, the Anti-christ is a spirit not a person - and we are already in the Great Tribulation and the Millennium! Pretending to exegete the Bible these teachers are, rather like Jehovah's Witnesses leading people in book, magazine and tape studies instead of Bible studies, straining their 'new revelations' into their disciples' thinking. 

The brochure for the Atlanta '86 conference for pastors, held at Paulk's church with speakers such as Oral Roberts, Tommy Reid, et al, declared that Christ's return was being held up by the reluctance to accept new revelation.  These new 'prophets' are not to be judged but should be obeyed.  The initial rush of 'Third Wave Prophets/Latter Rain' brought a flood of 'new revelations' and they grew with astonishing speed in association with the Vineyards and Kansas City Fellowship under the influence of laughably inept 'prophets' such as John Wimber, Paul Cain (former associate of William Branham - now discredited after his alcoholism and homosexual practices were exposed - but not before he had dragged supposedly strong Bible-based men such as R.T.  Kendall into his web), Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle et al

In spite of Branham's numerous and serious heresies Cain praised him as 'the greatest prophet of the twentieth century' - but still the deceived failed to wake up.  Cain, like Wimber and other 'prophets' associated with the Vineyard movement, continued to teach the Branham/Manifest Sons heresy that a 'new breed' of over-comers known as 'Joel's Army' will attain immortality without the resurrection or Rapture and, because no one can kill them, will virtually take over the world.  Obviously, as these false teachers die off in this century people will, in the main, recognise this deception while others will simply claim these 'forerunners' didn't quite come 'up to scratch' in some way! Cain's testimony of childhood spirit visitations and miraculous powers (without any real evidence they were miraculous!) has a clear ring of the occult rather than Christian gifting.  Cain's vision for revival in the UK at the October, 1990, 'Docklands Conference' failed almost 20 years ago - but even then he put in an 'escape clause' that it would happen only 'if the church prays for it.' There is a massive difference between true prophet's of God being given 'but if' prophecies that rely on genuine repentance of the people to whom the message is addressed, and Cain's attempt to pin his failure on 'the church's lack of prayer' instead of his false prophecy being recognised as just that.  How many people in the church do you know who are praying constantly for 'revival' - and how many do you think Cain would want to specify before his prophecy would be accepted as the farcical nonsense that it proved to be!?

Of course, Cain's 'dream' was just another attempt to further the Manifest Sons delusion promoted by him, and other 'prophets,' that we are on the verge of the great 'last-days revival.' Empowered to perform signs and wonders such as the world has never seen, the 'new breed/ Joel's Army' will convert entire nations.  They even made the disgusting adulterer, former President of the USA, William Clinton, one of the 'generals' in their Joel's Army! As governor of Arkansas, Clinton initiated a school reform which had little to do with academic excellence and much to do with remoulding the students into planetary citizens alienated from parents.  Former students at the 'Governor's School' testify that foul language was encouraged as part of a brainwashing procedure designed to strip students of Biblical morals.  There was blatant promotion of gay lifestyles, free sex, rebellion, and New Age beliefs and practices, including the worship of self and the universe as God.  Remember Clintons' highly-publicized and sick-making 'confession' to ignorant Christian leaders: 'Brothers, I have sinned ...'? Ever ready to play whichever card he thought might advance his ego-tripping cause, sadly the 'gates of hell' (Matthew 16
v18) loom for this travesty of a President.

Even the late John Wimber seemed to become disillusioned with such prophecies, which he had once embraced so wholeheartedly.  Convinced that the revival would spread from the 'Docklands Conference' across Europe, Wimber had declared, 'As Jesus went into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey, so He will return on the back of a victorious church.  One in the eye for any dispensationalists among us!' Wimber, never too bothered about precise Scriptural interpretation, brought his four children to experience the great outpouring of the Spirit 'prophesied', but nothing special happened.  Even Wimber eventually broke his ties with Cain, who he had once regarded as God's 'special prophet' to the Vineyard movement.

Too many ridiculous 'prophecies' of this kind are simply taken as the 'norm' and increasing numbers of churches have been influenced by such deceivers in a rapidly growing movement based upon 'signs and wonders' which simply brought dangerous heresies and bizarre behaviour into the church in the name of 'holiness' and 'unity.'

Rex Veron is one of Eells co-delusionists who has convenient revelations regarding this 'Latter Rain Anointing' and in which, of course, God speaks only wonderful things about his amazing servants, e.g.: 'I am moving the Sauls out of the way to make room for my Davids and
you are one of my Davids.' Veron goes on: 'Saul's death represented the spiritual death of the old order leadership as they opposed David ...The Saul ministries of our day do not have the presence of the Lord in their midst nor do they seek his direction.'

Eells fanciful interpretation is: 'God is saying through Rex's revelation that He is about to return the mantle of the ephod, which is a prophetic anointing for the spiritual seed of David in our day, to begin our tribulation.  It will be for wisdom and direction to deliver God's people from bondage to the Sauls and the beast system.' The 'beast system' has a wonderful flavour of another cult deeply into fanciful and forever failing prophetic wafflings - the Jehovah's Witnesses!

For more of the same go to:

Signs of the Man-child's Birth?

Paul Jablonowski weighs in with: 'This brief study... The birth of Jesus restoring modern day apostles to His church government.  When His government is fully established in His people, the spotless bride of Christ will arise in the power of the Holy Spirit to finish the ministry of Jesus in the earth (see Isaiah 60).  The bride of Christ arising and shining is the beginning of Jesus' return to rule and reign the earth during this new millennium'.

Having feigned a warning about the 'difference between astronomy and astrology ... Astronomy ... is good ... the study of God's creation in the stars, and 'declares the glory of God' ... Astrology (horoscopes and fortune telling from your 'sign') ... is forbidden in the scriptures ... the perversion of the true study of the stars,' Jablonowski claims 'Jewish tradition, preserved by Josephus, suggests that Bible astronomy was invented by Adam, Seth and Enoch.  For nearly 2,500 years the revelation of God's redemptive plan for mankind was written in the naming of the stars and their grouping in the 12 signs of the Zodiac ... The heavens therefore preserved the truth until the written scriptures could be given to Moses.'

True to their goal, Jablonowski makes the connection to books on his chosen source of 'revelation' and the required quote: 'Wadsworth writes, 'I have checked the next 2,000 years and there is nothing that comes close to the portrayal that the heavens display from 1996 to 2000.' From there he refers to 'the sign that was in the heavens when Jesus was born ... we will see how it compares to
the sign that is now occurring in the heavens ... we can chart the movements of the heavenly bodies to see what they looked like 2,000 years ago at the birth of Christ ... The wise men (magoi) were probably Zoroastrian priests who lived hundreds of miles from Jerusalem in Mesopotamia (Iraq) and were skilled astronomers studying the heavens from atop of ziggurats ... Since the magoi were familiar with the Hebrew religion, they interpreted rare celestial events as omens ... The celestial events detailed below told the wise men that the prophesied Jewish Messiah and king was being born ... The Jews understood the principle that whenever God moves in a major way, that He would give a 'sign' in the heavens.  This is why they asked Jesus to show them a sign to prove he was the Messiah (Matt.  16v1).'

This last sentence is pure hypothesis but gets to the point Eells
et al desire to prove: 'The heavens in the past several years have been lighting up like never before heralding the soon return of Messiah Yahshua (Jesus).  One particular sign that has been occurring each year from 1996 through 1999 during every Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah - The Jewish New Year) is Virgo the Virgin giving birth to the moon.  The moon is located in the womb of the constellation Virgo.  Revelation 12v1-17 compares this sign with the birthing of God's 'man-child.'

Then follows a long and fanciful interpretation of the 'signs in the heavens' and we are informed that 'Greg Killian (a Messianic Jew) first noticed the connection between this sign and Revelation chapter 12 ... Isaiah 66 (partially quoted below) seems to be the closest match in all of the Scriptures to the passage in Revelation 12.  I think that it is more than a coincidence that Isaiah 66 just happens to be in the weekly Torah reading during the week of September 11th 1999 which is read by all orthodox Jews specifically when the New Moon (Rosh Chodesh) falls on the Sabbath; as it does when this sign occurs on the Feast of Trumpets (September 11 & 12 1999).  The Lord, obviously, chose the readings so that His people would be informed before He takes any action.'

Connection to Modern Day Apostles

Eells can now make the connection he desires by asking: 'So what is the connection between this sign and God restoring modern day apostles? During the same four years that the heavens were birthing a male-child, God has been calling forth His apostles from the caves and holes in the ground all over the world [TCE: when did Eells and his cohorts live in 'caves and holes in the ground'?] and commissioning them to take their rightful place in His government.  During the years 1996-2000 there were seven (7) different red moon eclipses over Jerusalem which all happened on Jewish Holidays! ... For the three years of 1996-1999 as the 'Virgo birthing the moon' sign occurred, God was preparing His called apostles to begin taking their rightful place in His body the church.  Jesus is the head of His church, and He is therefore able to gather His apostles in each region of the globe whenever and wherever He desires.  I believe that on September 11th of 1999 when the final 'Virgo birthing the moon' sign stood in the heavens that it was a token of what was being carried out on the earth.  The church (woman) was giving birth to the Lord's apostolic government (man-child) who will rule and reign over the earth with Him.'

Paul Jablonowski also manages to throw in a personal 'assay-mark' for his own ministry: 'I think it is more than coincidence that on this day (Sept.  11th 1999), my wife Linda gave birth to our second son Stephen as a token to me personally that God was indeed speaking through these heavenly signs which I had been studying at the time.'

Jablonowski completes his part in the deception with a poem to his 'chosen' son, Stephen Paul:

Conceived on New Year's day January one,
And born on the Jewish New Millennium,
Rosh Hashanah, and Feast of Trumpets the same. 
So sound a trumpet, and fan the flame,
Stephen Paul is a miracle new beginning!

There appeared in heaven the Revelation chapter twelve sign. 
It never happened before and never will again in our time. 
T'was Virgo giving birth to the moon,
Declaring that Jesus is coming soon!

How will this be done? you ask,
For the glory of God is no small task. 
Stephen Paul has the answer in his weight,
The number of double GRACE: 5 lbs.  5 oz.  was his fate. 
Born in the 7th hour of the 7th Jewish month was his date.

Read the rest of this embarrassing nonsense at:

This is the kind of interpretation and vain boasting we would expect in a cult leader - God sending personal signs to his chosen servants, the 'great prophets' Jablonowski and Eells!

This new ministry of 'super-apostles and prophets' will obviously (at least, in their own eyes) be far superior to the Christians who went before them: 'I believe Jesus is being birthed through His bride-body in a most powerful way which can be compared to His first birth in Nazareth 2000 years ago.  Only this time it will be 'Christ in us' His bride-body who will do the 'greater works' of Jesus in the earth as He promised in John 14
v12 - 'Most assuredly I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.'

Eells also has other deluded people in his ministry who send him 'Confirmations of this Birth' - i.e.  'revelations' of 'the enemy's plan to kill the child of God's resurrection power ... 'the
man-child' ... is being purged or refined from God's judgment upon Christendom ... represents a major and historical intervention of God in the affairs of The Church and humanity.'

He compares his imaginary '
Man-child' in this way: 'The Bible records two such major and historical times when God birthed into the world the man-child of His intervention into the affairs of men.  The first was Moses.  Moses was God's man-child who was birthed into the world to be the mediator of His Old Testament Covenant.  The powers of the kingdom of darkness were aware of this divine purpose of The Creator and they set out to kill every man-child or boy child that was born of the children of Israel.  At the birth of Jesus Christ, the powers of darkness were again aware of Heaven's divine purpose.  Accordingly they again set out to kill the man-child or boy child of God's New Testament Covenant.  Concerning killing the two 'man-child' of God's covenants with humanity, the powers of darkness failed and God's purposes in the lives of Moses and His Son Jesus Christ were fulfilled.  In the same way 'the man-child of God's resurrection power,' which is being birthed from The Church in the 1990s, will overcome the desperate attempts of 'the god of this world' to kill it.  In agreement with the resurrection purpose of God, the man-child of the 1990's will be resurrected 'up unto God, and to His throne.' May the prophets of the 1990's declare God's purpose in due season and give direction, motivation and purpose for the people of God!'

Finally, another example of Eells' determination to write the 'Man-child' doctrine into the Bible is found in his 'interpretation' of 'The White Horse Rider' at:

'Many ask me who the white horse rider is in the first seal judgment of the tribulation, Christ or Anti-christ.  (Rev.6
v1) And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, Come.  (2) And I saw, and behold, a white horse, and he that sat thereon had a bow; and there was given unto him a crown: and he came forth conquering, and to conquer.  The white horse rider here is neither Christ nor Anti-christ but Christ in a modern day body of believers called the man-child.  Just as Jesus came in the beginning of the first 3-1/2 years of the disciple's tribulation; so the man-child will come at the beginning of the first 3-1/2 years of the end time tribulation.  Why must this be the first seal judgment? (1Pet.4v17) For the time [is come] for judgment to begin at the house of God: and if [it begin] first at us, what [shall be] the end of them that obey not the gospel of God? Just as the man-child Jesus brought the unleavened bread of the truth, confirmed with signs and wonders, which made Israel and her leaders responsible to repent or be judged, so it will be with the end time man-child and spiritual Israel.  (Jn.9v39) And Jesus said, For judgment came I into this world, that they that see not may see; and that they that see may become blind.  Simeon prophesied that the man-child Jesus would cause both the reprobation of some and the grafting in of others.  (Lk.2v34)…Behold, this [child] is set for the falling and the rising of many in Israel; and for a sign which is spoken against.  Jesus was also a 'sign' that the end time man-child would bring the same judgment.  As it was with Jesus and Judaism, the man-child will be 'spoken against' by the apostate 'Christians'.  Moses as man-child brought the Law, which made the rebels responsible and brought judgment.  (Rom.4v15) [F]or the law worketh wrath; but where there is no law, neither is there transgression.'

TCE: some Christians have considered the rider on the white horse (of Revelation 6v1) to be the Messiah depicted as a conqueror (as at Revelation 19v11ff.) in the sense that his Gospel conquers the world.  But this makes him only one rider among many; moreover, the rest of the 'four horsemen of the Apocalypse' bring judgment, not relief.  Clearly it is logical, as most orthodox Christians agree, to see this rider as bringing judgment in the form of war and conquest and attempts to give this identity to a conquering 'man-child' doctrine are baseless.  The rider has long been considered to be the Antichrist, carrying a bow ' ... conquering and bent on conquest' and can further be identified with the 'man of sin' of 2 Thess.  2v3, 4.  That this rider on a 'white horse' is confused with the Christ on a 'white horse' of Revelation 19v11 can also be logically accepted as evidence that the Anti-christ must be a reasonable mimic of the real Christ in order to fool the world and even those who consider themselves to be the real 'elect' - e.g.  Eells, et al.  There is also the similarity among all four horsemen and the Lord's description of the Tribulation in Matt.  24.  The white horseman may also be identified with the second beast of Revelation 13, the Antichrist.  The timetable of his promises of peace and prosperity may be determined through the examination of the parallel passage concerning the Great Tribulation in Daniel 9.  Daniel's Seventieth Week is divided into two periods of three and one-half years each.  The first three and one-half years is the period of promise, in which the initial horseman conquers primarily through peaceful means and promise.  The purpose of the Great Tribulation includes the following: (1) the exhibition of the characteristics of the wrath and judgment of God; (2) the awakening of Israel's longing for her Messiah and Deliverer, Jesus; and (3) the final preparation for the return and intervention of Jesus.  During the seven devastating years of the Tribulation, life will be characterized by cataclysmic natural upheavals (vv.  12-17), warfare, and general sorrows (vv.  5-8).

Eells continues with this fatuous analysis:

'What does the 'white horse' represent? As the mind of man uses his body as a beast of burden to do his work, so the horse is harnessed as a beast of burden to do his work.  The horse represents the body or beast.  (Ps.147
v10) He delighteth not in the strength of the horse: He taketh no pleasure in the legs of a man.  To ride a white horse symbolizes to completely harness the strength of your body or beast to do righteous work.  Overcomers ride white horses because their body is in submission to the spiritual man who submits to the Holy Spirit.  Those who walk by faith do not give any authority to the mind of the flesh to rule but instead rule over it.  Although the man-child will be the First-fruits of the white horse riders in our day, the elect of the woman will also follow their Lord on white horses to finish off the judgment after the tribulation.  (Rev.19v11) And I saw the heaven opened; and behold, a white horse, and he that sat thereon called Faithful and True; and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.  … (14) And the armies which are in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white [and] pure.'

TCE: how can Eells present the rider on a 'white horse' - who is a single rider in both passages he refers to (in Revelation 6 & 19) - as a 'man-child' army of the elect? Yes, in Revelation 19v14 they are 'armies' on 'white horses' but they 'are in heaven'!  His desperate stretch to prove his false doctrine reaches Jehovah's Witnesses standards of eisegesis, but still fails utterly.

Eells: 'Just as the latter rain outpouring of the Spirit on the man-child will harness his body as a white horse; so in the rest of the seal judgments evil spirits will ride upon the beast of the flesh of men to bring these curses upon the earth.  The difference between the man-child and the rest of the riders is that he is the one who looses these judgments like Jesus, Moses, Jeremiah, etc., did.  (Rev.6v3) ... Remember that Jesus said, 'I have given you authority…over all the power of the enemy.' Authority in this case is the right to use the power of the demons.  The man-child will exercise 'authority' and pass it on to the woman to bring the same 'sword', 'famine', and 'death' to those who return evil for good.'

TCE: since when has God given authority to his servants to 'use the power of the demons'? Whether it was Moses in the courts of Pharaoh confounding the counterfeit of the occult (Exodus 7-8) or Paul casting out the 'divining' demon (Acts 16v18), it was God's power defeating Satan's mimicry.  This is occultic nonsense from Eells!

Eells: 'Jesus in His First-fruits man-child will send forth the disciples with the Word of God to bring the above judgments on the world.  (Rev.6v2) And I saw, and behold, a white horse, and he that sat thereon had a bow; and there was given unto him a crown: and he came forth conquering, and to conquer.  Notice that He has 'a bow' but no arrows, meaning they have been sent forth.  'Apostle' means 'one sent forth'.  As Jesus was from Judah and sent forth His twelve apostles and then the seventy disciples, so the man-child is spiritually a corporate body from Judah and will be the bow that sends forth these 'arrows'.  (Zech.9v13)….  As Jesus' disciples went forth to conquer the mind of the beast that ruled over the elect of God, so will the man-child's disciples.

TCE: the Jehovah's Witnesses would be proud of such an unprovable 'knight-jump eisegesis'- re.  the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Jehovah's Witnesses 'Jonadabs' theory of advanced 'spirituality' which has been around for years and is just as bankrupt in Biblical support! Is there anything new about the 'Man-child' 'doctrine of demons' (1Tim.  4v1)?

Eells continues with more of the same:

v3) Lo, children are a heritage of Lord; [And] the fruit of the womb is [his] reward.  (4) As arrows in the hand of a mighty man, So are the children of youth.  Jesus' disciples, whom He sent out like arrows, were His 'children of youth' for He has had many since then.  He called His disciples 'children' (Jn.13v33; 21v5).  In Isaiah's prophecy of the coming of Jesus as Emanuel He called His disciples His 'children' (Isa.7v14; 8v16,18).  The worldwide man-child will send forth the disciple arrows to conquer the flesh, the beast, and the devil.  (Ps.127v5) Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: They shall not be put to shame, When they speak with their enemies in the gate.  The disciple arrows will go forth to conquer the 'enemies in the gate' of the kingdom with the spoken Word.  Jesus, Who was the Light and called His disciples 'sons of light' (Jn.12v36), also said that the light would bring judgment when men denied it.  (Jn.3v19) And this is the judgment, that the light is come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the light; for their works were evil.  The man-child and the disciple arrows will once more bring the light of truth, which will judge the world.  This judgment will begin at the house of God and spread outwards.  As it was with Jesus, those who reject the light will be reprobated while those who accept it will be the 'sons of light'.  The white horse rider will bring truth, which is the foundation for all judgment.  Remember that Moses, who was the white horse rider of his day, brought all the judgments on Egypt.  As a type of the man-child he led all the other colored judgment horses of Revelation 6

TCE: The principle of Psalm 127 is that all human efforts are in vain unless they have God's blessing.  This principle is applied to four areas: building a house (v1a), guarding a city (v1b), working long hours (v2), and having children (v3-5).  It is possible to accomplish all of these things without God's blessing, but it is not possible to accomplish them purposefully and with eternal value without God's blessing.  The psalm includes, incidentally, two practical reasons for having children: they bring you joy and they protect you (v5).  Once again, Eells strains to connect the Psalm to his 'man-child' doctrine.  Then he strains to make similar use of the words spoken through the prophet Isaiah, as 8v16-18 closes and states that Isaiah and his children are intended to be signs and wonders to the nation of Judah.  It was their symbolic names that were to serve as a final warning to the people of Zion.

Eells then turns to another writers offering to support his 'doctrine':

'In her book, Prepare For The Winds Of Change II, chapter 1, Nita Johnson, relates her vision describing the white horse rider's ministry.  You will notice that it is the Word that goes forth from the anointed teachers of the end times, as they call the elect out of Babylon, that brings judgment or delivers from it.  My notes are in parenthesis. 

'On January 10, 1990, I was granted a visitation by an angel.  When I first saw this majestic being, I was awe-struck by his beauty, his power, and
his obvious authority.  He was dressed in a white garb resembling an old Roman military uniform.  His belt and type of breastplate were of gold.  His whole appearance seemed to glow with the glow of heaven itself.  He was riding an equally beautiful and powerful white war-horse.  Both horse and rider were very large.  The horse was much larger than any horse you and I would ever have occasion to see here on earth.  It was indeed obvious that this incredible being was one of God's higher-ranking dignitaries.  (The great size implies a corporate body.)

TCE: note the usual pattern of claims without one shred of support: 'I was awe-struck by his beauty, his power, and his obvious authority ... His whole appearance seemed to glow with the glow of heaven itself ... It was indeed obvious that this incredible being was one of God's higher-ranking dignitaries.' Whenever you hear this kind of 'testimony' remember to ask the obvious questions that will unveil the deception - in this example:

  • what made you think he had 'obvious authority? If an 'angel of light' (2 Corinthians 11v14) appeared to you how would you know he wasn't from God?
  • how would you know that ' ... His whole appearance seemed to glow with the glow of heaven itself ...' What experience of the 'glow of heaven itself' do you have to be able to make such a comparison?!
  • again, if 'It was indeed obvious that this incredible being was one of God's higher-ranking dignitaries' - why was it 'obvious'?

The discerning Christian will quickly find that Satan, his demons, and his human followers, hate to have their authority challenged and will respond with anger.

This 'mighty angel' then exposed himself still further by supposedly giving warnings in modern parlance, e.g.  'Take nothing with you; only the clothes on your back and
don't begrudge the cost.  Judgment is coming at midnight.  The hour is 11v55! I say don't mourn the loss, only come away: Come out of her.  Run from the daughter of wickedness! Time is at an end.  Judgment is sure...,' this he would cry out over and over again, as one would imagine a town crier doing, such as Paul Revere of old.

He came to a standstill in front of me, sitting on his horse he spoke with me, giving me a great deal of instruction.  Calling me by name, he said, 'Nita, warn the people.  Warn the people of the earth that judgment is coming at midnight, and
the hour is even now 11v55.  Everywhere tell them to heed the teachers.  Heed my anointed, for their counsel is sure, and is the way of safety and life.

Counsel is coming from behind the veil (
from heaven).  Among other things, counsel concerning spiritual warfare.  Government is again coming to the church, and God bringing forth the mighty men of valor to lead the church forth in war.

Tell my people;
Heed the teachers, for their counsel is sure and will provide safety in treacherous time.  Heed the prophets and apostles, heed my anointed, for their counsel is sure and a way of safety and life.  (Jesus as the man-child was called Teacher, Prophet, and Apostle.)

God will be lifting up specially anointed teachers, prophets of the Most High.  They will be given the rod of government.  They will carry the sword bringing separation and judgment and will be healers of great breaches among My own.

They will prepare the saints with battle strategy and equip them with the power of a mighty warrior, bearing the anointing to spoil.  Heaven's government coming in to separate, heal and lead out into strategic battle.

These prophets will be teachers who will be given counsel from behind the veil.  Counsel of superior wisdom and strategy for safety, unity and spiritual warfare.  They will be taken into the secret counsel of the Most High to obtain what must be diligently taught to the elect.  This counsel will provide safety in treacherous times.  Don't mourn, only heed the voice of the Spirit of counsel and might.  Tell my people to heed the coming anointed ones, tell them to prepare!

From that point, he began to share many things. 
He gave much instruction, much information and much warning.  … He finally told me I would find further understudying [sic] of these things in the book of Zechariah.  'Study it, understand it, Let the Holy Sprit give you much enlightenment in it,' he instructed.

In closing, he said one more time, 'Go forth now and tell the people of the earth.  Warn them judgment is coming and it's sure.' Then he left, and I was alone in my room.'

These anointed Apostolic teachers will live both 'behind the veil' in the presence of God and in the seen realm.  They will be able to say as the man-child Jesus did, I speak the things which I have seen with [my] Father, for He and His wisdom will be in them.'

TCE: of course, Eells, et al, will happily accept instructions as accurate as '11v55' - but the whole point is to direct the 'ignorant and unstable' (2 Peter 3v16) to listen and take heed of the rambling of 'These anointed Apostolic teachers'.  For these people following the sole counsel of the Bible, the real Word of God, and God's true prophets such as Zechariah, will not bring sufficient 'understanding'!

>>> Dreams, Visions - and Visualization!

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