Hezbollah, Hamas - and Iran!

Islamo-Nazis: 'Israel will be destroyed'! [cont.]

But God says ........!

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An Israeli airstrike on a U.N. observation post in southern Lebanon that killed four unarmed U.N. observers led to further international demands for an immediate cease-fire.  Annan said the airstrike late Tuesday was 'apparently deliberate' and demanded an investigation.  Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert called Annan to express his 'deep regret over the mistaken killing.'

Britain's foreign secretary, Margaret Beckett, said the focus would also be on responding to humanitarian needs of the hundreds of thousands who have been displaced or otherwise affected by the fighting:

'First we want to see something done for these terrible humanitarian problems in Lebanon,' Beckett said as she entered the talks. 'Second, we need an international plan to enable us to bring a durable end to the hostilities. That's the thing that everybody wants.'

'And third of all, what we need is to make sure that we are shoring up and strengthening the government of Lebanon rather than weakening it,' Beckett said.

She is seemingly oblivious to the implications behind her claims that it must be important to support and strengthen a government that has admitted to being '70%' behind Hezbollah - the protagonists in this conflict!  This reflects badly on her foolish bias, ignorance - and worse!

In a signal that the U.S. was not yet ready to change its position on a cease-fire, an official travelling with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told reporters that a truce could not be reached overnight.

Italy said it would support the idea of a multinational force and participate in one provided there was a strong mandate from the United Nations.

Israel - which had called for the Lebanese army to take control of the area - signalled a hint of a policy shift when it said that it would accept a new international force, preferably from NATO. 
We can be sure that Israel is not ignorant of the corrupt, anti-Semitism, of the UN!

When French President Jacques Chirac said that NATO should not lead a proposed international force in Lebanon, but that it should instead be placed under United Nations authority, we can be sure that the spirit leading him is the same one that is behind the prevalent and escalating anti-Semitism of France.

Hostility toward the Jewish people is part of a pattern of anti-Semitism that represents the oldest, most continuous form of hatred known to mankind. Biblical history; ancient history; and, sadly, even church history are replete with accounts of hatred for God's ancient people.  We have made it clear (see other pages) that we believe the evil influence of Papal Rome is almost totally responsible for this history, for its far-reaching influence permeated far and wide and even some Reformers (Luther and Calvin prime examples) were still grossly anti-Semitic - even after rediscovering the grace of God's free salvation in Christ Jesus (Romans 5
v15; Ephesians 2v8-10; Titus 3v5-7). 

Global anti-Semitism is rampant.  In the Muslim world, clerics issue religious edicts known as
fatwas that target Jews for violence, even death; the media spews forth daily doses of hatred; and children are raised on a steady diet of vehemently anti-Jewish propaganda.

In Europe violent attacks on Jewish cemeteries, synagogues, schools, and community centres have become all too commonplace.  London is no stranger to such acts - but
France is a worst-case scenario, as the fires of anti-Semitism are driving many within the Jewish community to consider following others who have already emigrated.

In the United States and Canada, a host of liberal college and university campuses - previously deemed friendly to Jewish students - have become hotbeds of anti-Israel, anti-Jewish outbursts. And at the United Nations, member states regularly rail against Israel. They spend huge amounts of time scrutinizing every action of this tiny country for new and creative pretexts to condemn the Jewish state. Law Professor Anne Bayefsky delivered an accurate appraisal at the UN on June 21, 2004, when she declared:
'The UN has become the leading global purveyor of anti-Semitism, intolerance, and inequality against the Jewish people and its State.'

How should Christians respond to this anti-Semitism?

Two questions spring to mind - one for the uninformed minds blundering through their existence on this earth believing every 'fat man in the pub' type story thrown up by fat men in pubs who glean the little they know from three second sound bites from the TV or radio.  Does anyone really care that the nation that was nearly obliterated by the historical Nazis is now being relentlessly pursued by Islamo-Nazis?  The second?  How should Christians respond to this world of anti-Semitism, a world that our Jewish friends and neighbours experience and suffer under first-hand?

Let us be clear - anti-Semitism is anti-God.  Psalm 83
v2-4 makes it abundantly clear:  Those who plot against God's chosen ones and seek to cut Israel off from being a nation are enemies of God Himself. Further, Zechariah 2v8 emphasizes God's sensitivity on behalf of His people: 'For he who touches you [Israel] touches the apple of His eye.'

As Christians, we must fight anti-Semitism wherever we find it - in our communities, in our churches, and in the political arena.

Those hoping the United Nations might be able to prove effective in this conflict should be made aware that it already has a peacekeeping force of 2,000 military personnel in Lebanon  -  called UNIFIL - with a mission to patrol the border.  But that farce of a force, deployed since 1978, has been ineffective in even stopping violence in the zone it patrols.  Can you imagine it?  The whiners who condemn any nation that strikes back at the aggressors who wish to destroy them believe the UN could be in any way effective?

It is a similar story with the
United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) - a supposedly uniquely humanitarian organization claiming to play no part or responsibility in the terror and incitement that originates in Palestinian refugee camps.

The fact is the refugee camps have long been nests of terrorism, evidence that was not clearly publicized until after Israel's
Operation Defensive Shield in early 2002. The UNRWA-administered camps in the West Bank were found to have small-arms factories, explosives laboratories, arms caches and large numbers of suicide bombers and other terrorists using the refugees as shields.  A now familiar story?

Since 2001, seventeen Palestinians employed by UNRWA have been arrested for alleged involvement in terrorist activities.  Among them is the agency's director of food supplies for Gaza refugees, who admitted using his UN vehicle to transport arms, explosives, and people planning terrorist acts. A Hamas activist employed as an UNRWA ambulance driver admitted using his vehicle to transport arms and messages to other members of Hamas (Matthew Levitt, 'Terror on the UN Payroll?' Peace Watch, DC: The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, October 13, 2004; Greg Myre, 'Israel Feuds With Agency Set Up to Aid Palestinians,' The New York Times, October 18, 2004).  You wonder why Israel has no time for the UN and why they built their security 'fence?'  Don't allow the UN into your territory in any form - it's like a dumb farmer inviting a fox in to guard the chickens!

UNRWA's failure to report on these activities, or to prevent them,
actually violates the UN's own conventions.  Security Council resolutions oblige UNRWA representatives to take 'appropriate steps to help create a secure environment' in all 'situations where refugees [are] vulnerable to infiltration by armed elements.'  With regard to Africa, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said refugee camps should 'be kept free of any military presence or equipment, including arms and ammunition' (Isabel Kershner, 'The Refugees' Choice?' Jerusalem Report, August 12, 2002, p. 24).  The same rule applies to the disputed territories.

Schools under UNRWA's jurisdiction are also problematic.
UNRWA takes credit for assisting the development of the Palestinian curricula, which, among other things, does not show Israel on any maps and allows posters and shrines to suicide bombers and vitriolic attacks against Jews to adorn the walls of the schools. In 1998, the State Department requested that UNRWA investigate allegations that Palestinian Authority (PA) curricular materials contained anti-Semitic references. One book taught that 'Treachery and disloyalty are character traits of the Jews,' but UNRWA said this was not offensive because it described actual 'historical events.' The State Department ultimately reported to Congress that the 'UNRWA review did reveal instances of anti-Semitic characterizations and content' in the PA textbooks (David Tell, response to McCann, The Weekly Standard, May 28, 2002).  Since the State Department's report, several studies have shown that, while there has been marginal improvement in Palestinian texts, they still contain troubling content.  For example, one report found that Islamic Culture, a book produced by the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Education, incites jihad and martyrdom, while another study of 35 books concluded that they lacked any commitment to peace and reconciliation with Israel.

Myths & Facts Online - A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict by Mitchell C. Bard;
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org ]

For fuller account of Hezbollah deception and media participation in their lies also see:   http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/History/hizwartoc.html

None of this should surprise us - any more than the occasional atrocities and incidences of violence, rape, and murder, committed by members of US or NATO forces - and others - when they are supposedly 'freeing' or 'policing' the world.  Those who are guilty of such crimes are as culpable as Islamo-Nazis and for the same reason -
all are still alienated from God and devoid of His Spirit because of their continuing rebellion against the Creator (Isaiah 40v28; 43v15; Romans 1v25; Colossians 3v10; 1 Peter 4v19).

Iranian Revolutionary Guard units assist Hezbollah against Jewish state

The bodies of Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers who were killed by the Israeli army in Lebanon have been transported to Syria and flown to Tehran, senior Lebanese political sources told WorldNetDaily (WND).

The information was confirmed by Israeli and Egyptian security officials. It followed scores of reports that Iranian soldiers had been aiding Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon in their attacks against Israel, including help with the firing of rockets into Israeli population centres.

Lebanese sources said between six and nine deceased Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers were trucked into Syria for flight back to Iran. They said the bodies were transported along with the tens of thousands of Lebanese civilians fleeing the country into Syria.  Syrian authorities reported that more than 140,000 Lebanese entered their country, mostly through open areas in the Syria-Lebanon border.

Israeli officials said Iranian guards directed the firing of the radar-guided C-802 missile that hit an Israeli navy vessel off the coast of Lebanon, killing four soldiers.  Israel claimed Iran acquired the missile from China.  The officials said the Iranian soldiers' duties include keeping custody of long-range missiles within Hezbollah's arsenal, including Zalzal rockets which are said to have a range of 125 miles, placing Tel Aviv within firing range.

Jordanian officials told WND they were '100 percent sure' Iranian Revolutionary Guard unit soldiers had fired rockets into Israel.  They also said the Syrian army has provided Hezbollah with intelligence information on the locations of strategic Israeli targets to aid in Hezbollah rocket fire.

A Ba'ath party official operating out of the Golan Heights told WND he had information that Iranian soldiers have been firing rockets into Israel.

A senior Egyptian security official told WND it would be 'very logical' if Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers helped Hezbollah fire the rockets.

Israel has long maintained Iranian Revolutionary Guard units have travelled regularly to south Lebanon to help train local Hezbollah fighters in terrorist tactics and to fortify Hezbollah positions along Israel's northern border.   At times, Revolutionary Guard soldiers could be seen operating openly at Hezbollah outposts in plain view from the Israeli side, military officials declared.

Iran and Syria are the largest financial sponsors of Hezbollah and many of their rockets were manufactured or upgraded by Iran.

Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mark Regev said Israel has information Hezbollah was trying to transfer the two soldiers it kidnapped to Iran.


Muslims attack Jew at U.S. Islamic rally demonstrating support for Hezbollah

A Jewish activist was physically assaulted and his life was threatened during a planned 'peaceful' rally held by the Muslim American Society in Boston, he told WorldNetDaily (July 24, 2006):

'I have never been physically attacked before. I've had slurs thrown at me, got into heated debates, but what was amazing was that I was actually physically attacked,' Seva Brodsky said.

'Since they were the majority, and felt invincible, they threatened to kill me!'

Brodsky, who recently returned from nearly six months in Israel, captured some of the confrontation on video, available at the weblog: 

The event at Boston's City Hall Plaza was the Muslim American Society's 'Justice for Palestine and Lebanon Protest.'  Participants brought signs, including one calling for 'victory' for the terrorist group Hezbollah and the 'Palestinian Resistance.'

Brodsky reported to Solomonia that he was bullied, pushed, shoved, cursed and abused after showing up in Boston where Muslims said they planned to rally to call for an end to the 'indiscriminate' loss of life in Lebanon. 
No call for an end to the 'indiscriminate' loss of life in Israel then?

The event was held by the Boston branch of the
Muslim American Society's Freedom Foundation, where spokesman Mahdi Bray told WorldNetDaily his group's events are always peaceful.  Perhaps he meant 'nearly always' peaceful?

The Muslim American Society's website carried the Boston Globe report on the event.  The paper reported both Muslims and Christians were at the rally and carried signs such as 'Free All Palestinian and Lebanese Political Prisoners,' 'End the Israeli Occupation,' and 'Stop Aid and Weapons.' 
It makes you wonder what kind of ignorant 'Christians' were there?

Brodsky, however, captured photographs of rally signs that said 'Victory to Hizballah and the Palestinian Resistance' and 'Zionists Out of the Middle East.' A flyer attached to the sign said 'Armagedon (sic).'

'I had the wrong type of faith,' Brodsky told WorldNetDaily. 'The Arabs at the demonstration were so hostile. They could see right away who I was.'

The event was a big step among Muslims, said Caline Jarudi, of the
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee in Massachusetts, because Muslims are frequently concerned about vocalizing their views.  This is news to us in the United Kingdom where gloating Muslims have regularly used our democratic freedom to celebrate their suicide bombers' actions!

Participants in the rally also held pictures of the dead in Lebanon, but a spokesman for the
American Jewish Committee in Boston, Lawrence Lowenthal, said Hezbollah had moved into homes and apartments in civilian areas in Lebanon in order to launch rockets at Israel:  'I don't understand what alternative Israel has,' he told the newspaper. 'Hezbollah is holding Israel hostage.'


Israeli targets in U.S. on heightened alert from fear of attacks by Hezbollah sleeper agents

Israel has raised the level of alert for its institutions, embassies, and consulates worldwide, including in the U.S., for fear Hezbollah sleeper agents are seeking to attack Israeli targets oversees, WND has learned.  FBI officials told reporters last week they were searching for possible Hezbollah agents operating inside the U.S. amid concerns escalating tensions with Iran could trigger attacks on American soil.

According to Israeli security officials, Abu Nasser, second-in-command of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terrorist group, and the overall leader of the Al Aqsa Brigades in northern Samaria, Ala Senakreh, co-ordinate their groups activities directly with Hezbollah. Sources in the Brigades admitted to WND they work in tandem with Hezbollah, which they say provides funding and training:  'The Americans deserve to be targeted because of their support to the enemy. ... It is a question of time before the revolutionary organizations in the Middle East will start targeting the Americans,' said Abu Nasser, speaking to WND from Nablus.

The Al Aqsa Brigades, the declared 'military wing' of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party, is responsible for scores of rocket and shooting attacks, and  -  together with Islamic Jihad  - 
for every suicide bombing since the February 2006 so-called cease-fire.

'One can say that these threats are just rhetoric, but the near past proved that these threats come more and more into reality,' said Abu Nasser.  'Believe me, it is a new era and I am suggesting to the American people to adopt a different policy and strategy because very soon they will deal with a unified Muslim world, but without the help of their agents in the Middle East.'

The Al Aqsa Brigades is not thought to possess the ability to attack inside the U.S., but there are concerns its ally, Hezbollah, has infiltrated and is seeking to attack.  Hezbollah representatives in Iran warned last week the group stood ready to target U.S. and Israeli interests worldwide.

American law enforcement officials said they are taking the Hezbollah threats seriously and William Kowalski, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI in Detroit, asked:  'If the situation escalates, will Hezbollah take the gloves off, so to speak, and attack here in the United States, which they've been reluctant to do until now?'

Detroit is home to one of the largest Muslim communities in the United States. Hezbollah sympathizers have been caught fund-raising in the city.

Two men pled guilty earlier this month to racketeering charges in which a smuggling ring based in Michigan is accused of funneling profits to Hezbollah.

U.S. law enforcement agencies reportedly have indications Hezbollah agents are on U.S. soil and may be planning attacks.

In May, 2006, the New York Post cited law-enforcement and intelligence officials who stated Hezbollah may be planning to activate sleeper cells in New York and other big cities as the U.S. confrontation with Iran escalates.  The sources told the Post about a dozen hard-core supporters of Hezbollah were operating in the New York area and possible Hezbollah agents had been placed under heavy surveillance.

Up to July, 2006, Hezbollah has never launched a strike on U.S. soil - but prior to al-Qaida's Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, it was responsible for more American deaths than any other terrorist group.


Hezbollah banks under attack in Lebanon

Israeli intelligence sources report that among the targets hit in Lebanon are as many as a dozen financial institutions  -  part of a previously secret campaign to destroy Hezbollah's financial infrastructure. Some banks were demolished, others deliberately damaged but not destroyed. In one case, Israel also took out a bank manager's home.  In an exclusive interview, Israel's top counter-terror official says these attacks are a warning:

''The message is for all the Lebanese banks,' says Brig. Gen. Dani Arditi, advisor to the Israeli Prime Minister for Counter-terrorism. 'Assistance to Hezbollah is direct assistance to terrorist organizations."  Among the targets: Eight offices of Hezbollah's unofficial treasury, called Beit el Mal. The Israelis claim the attacks caught Hezbollah by surprise.  "We know that they are looking for money. They are very desperate to have some cash and they don't have [it]...'


Hypocritical 'human rights group' says Israeli air strike that killed 54 civilians is a 'war crime'

Human Rights Watch accused the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) of treating southern Lebanon as a 'free-fire zone'.   Impossible for them to prove, of course!

It said the failure to distinguish between civilians and combatants could be judged as a war crime, and called for a UN probe into the conflict. 
In which case every combatant in every war fought is obviously guilty!

Israel has insisted that Hezbollah sheltered in Qana and used it as a base to fire rockets across the border. 
Mobile launchers make this easy to do without leaving much evidence.

Human Rights Watch still called on a UN commission to investigate whether serious violations of international law had taken place during the conflict.

'The Israeli military seems to consider anyone left in the area a combatant who is fair game for attack,' said Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch. 
'Seems to consider' - followed by a sweeping conclusion!

'Such consistent failure to distinguish combatants and civilians is a war crime.'

The Israeli air strike on the southern Lebanese village of Qana in the early hours of Sunday, 30th July, 2006, killed at least 54 Lebanese civilians, mostly children.

The carnage prompted international outrage and urgent diplomacy to bring about a cease-fire between Israel and militant group Hezbollah.

The IDF said in a statement that Qana had been used since the beginning of events as a 'hideout'
and a place from where approximately 150 rockets had been fired into Israel.

The IDF also said that residents in the village and surrounding areas were warned in advance to stay out of areas where rockets were being launched at Israel.

'Even after this tragic event, the circumstances of which are still being investigated, we appeal to the residents of southern Lebanon to distance themselves from terrorists, to distance themselves from launch areas, for their own safety,' said Maj Gen Gadi Eizenkot.

The UN's emergency relief co-ordinator was highly critical of Israel's strike in Qana, calling it 'indiscriminate and excessive'.

But Jan Egeland refused to absolve Hezbollah of a share of the blame, reminding the group that using civilian areas as a base for military operations had long been 'illegal and immoral'.

'It has been so for 100 years, simply for the very reason that you make the women and children as much a target as you are yourself,' Mr Egeland said.

Of course,
Human Rights Watch said responsibility for Qana rested 'squarely with the Israeli military'.

'Just because the Israeli military warned the civilians of Qana to leave does not give it carte blanche to blindly attack,' said Mr Roth. 'It still must make every possible effort to target only genuine combatants.' 
Roth seems utterly oblivious to the Muslim tactic of using the bodies of women and children as shields while their cowardly men hide behind them to target non-Muslim civilians!  How many suicide bombers and terrorist attacks does it take before these bozos wake up?

Hezbollah using Lebanese children as involuntary human shields - a war crime

Hezbollah tactics are deliberate. By launching rockets at Israeli civilians in Israel from close proximity to a Lebanon building filled with refugees, Hezbollah induced Israel to retaliate.  Israel's defensive rocket missed the Hezbollah launchers and hit the civilian building - which was Hezbollah's plan all along.

Hezbollah is clearly content that an Israeli rocket killed Lebanese children, just as Hamas is content to keep Palestinians in refugee camps in Israel to further their own cause. 

The children will be said to be in paradise, martyrs to Hezbollah's cause.  Israel was certain to be condemned throughout the world for 'killing' children - 'massacre' was the most common word used in the Arab media.

Israel apologized & produced evidence proving that it was largely Hezbollah's fault. Hezbollah was using Lebanese children as involuntary human shields - certainly a war crime.  Hezbollah clearly prevented civilians - who had been repeatedly warned by Israel to leave the battle zone - from moving out of harm's way.  Hezbollah sympathizers were shown on TV defiantly tearing up the Israeli leaflets, as if to say 'we're staying.'  Hezbollah had refused to build bomb shelters for ordinary civilians - only for their own leaders.  Hezbollah knew for certain (while Israel couldn't!) that children were in the so-called safe house.  That is why it deliberately used the safe house as a shield behind which to fire rockets at Israel.  Hezbollah used its rocket launchers as 'bait' to induce Israel to fire at them in order to increase the chances that Israel's rocket would misfire and hit the 'safe house'.

It was a deliberate plan in line with the 'psychological war' bragged about by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Leaders of Hezbollah knew it could count on the international community to finish its dirty work by condemning Israel, rather than Hezbollah for the deaths caused deliberately by Hezbollah. 
Israel has, of course, rightly apologized for the deaths caused by its rocket.  Hezbollah never apologizes for deliberately causing civilian deaths, except when the deaths are of Arab children, as was the case in Nazareth.

Most intelligent people know that when an armed criminal takes a hostage and fires from behind him, it is the
criminal, not the policeman, who is guilty of murder, if the policeman, in a reasonable effort to stop the criminal from firing, accidentally kills the innocent hostage. The same should be true during wartime. But you wouldn't know it if you listened only to the singular condemnations of Israel by so many in the international community.

But, as we read, just days before this Hezbollah orchestrated tragedy, Jan Egeland, the UN Undersecretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, had essential predicted it.
He chided Hezbollah for being 'a bunch of cowards hiding behind women and children.'  He said that he 'cannot understand how someone could be proud that there were more women and children hurt than armed militants.' And he 'call[ed] for the Hezbollah to immediately stop mixing with the civilian population.' But Hezbollah did not listen to Egeland.  Instead they fired their Katyusha from behind the apartment in Qana knowing that it was filled with civilians.

The President of Lebanon praised Hezbollah. For what? For using its children as shields? When was the last time a leader thanked the criminal for taking a hostage who was then killed in the shootout? The Arab world, the Islamic world and the rest of the Israel-haters have now rallied behind Hezbollah. Hatred of Israel has even managed to heal the millennium long divisions between Shias and Sunnis.

Every day more Arabs and Muslims kill other Arabs and Muslims in the Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other parts of the world, than the Israelis have killed in three weeks of combat. But the international community - and the Arab world - turns a blind eye.

Indeed, in the Sudan, where thousands have died, many Arab governments actually support the Sudanese government and its genocidal policies.
Even 'peaceful' nations, such as Egypt and Jordan, have killed more Muslim and Arab dissidents, extremists, and terrorists than Israel has - and without much protest.

Hezbollah's aim was to cause grief and dissent in Israel over the death of the children, causing Israel to show more 'restraint', as it quickly did by declaring a 48 hour cessation of air attacks. The terrorists hope this will give them a freer hand at launching rockets so that the end result will be more Israel civilian casualties.   But Israel will be aware of this tactic and be ready to end the cease-fire the moment they spot Hezbollah preparing more missiles!

The clear truth is that the Israelis care more about the lives of innocent Lebanese children than Hezbollah does. As Golda Meir once said about her Arab enemies: 'We can perhaps forgive them for killing our children, but we can never forgive them for making us kill their children.'  How prescient.


Arab governments from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and beyond happily avoid criticizing Hezbollah while denouncing Israel as the aggressor in the conflict.  Some of their citizens even try to put aside Shiite-Sunni hatreds, refocusing their energies against the Jewish state. The cry reportedly heard in the street outside Cairo's Istqama Mosque was: 'Oh Sunni! Oh, Shiite! Let's fight the Jews,' and 'The Jews and the Americans are killing our brothers in Lebanon!'  (
Yahoo News, Associated Press, July 28, 2006).

What difference will this ill-conceived attack on Israel make to her future?

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's plan for the safety and peace of Israel was to transfer 90-95% of the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) to the Palestinian Authority, plus several neighbourhoods in Jerusalem, by the end of 2007.

His 'convergence plan' was to expel close to 100,000 Israelis and destroy approximately 100 towns and villages although, in the year since the evacuation of Gush Katif, some families are still waiting for housing and compensation while they wade through government red tape.

The evacuation from Gaza accelerated rocket attacks from the very places in which the residents of Gush Katif used to live.  It brought the terrorists closer in proximity to Ashkelon, where they attempt to fire their rockets at several highly vulnerable places: a large chemical plant, a desalination facility, and a newly refurbished high-tech port.  Striking the chemical plant would cause thousands of deaths.

The evacuation has proven to be a security problem for Israel in addition to problems at the border between Israel and Egypt, where weapons and ammunition continue to be smuggled in under the watchful eye of national observers.  What types of security problems await Israel if the new plan is implemented?  The enemy will be perched on the mountain range of Judea and Samaria.  From this vantage point the Haifa Port and Ben Gurion Airport, not to mention all the large inhabited cities on the coast of the Mediterranean, would be an easy target.

Will early attack by Hamas and Hezbollah save Olmert from his own stupidity!

We need to pray for the Prime Minister to pay attention to all those who are saying that this plan will ultimately lead to Israel's downfall and pray that he would put his confidence in the covenant keeping God of Israel:

'Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God I will strengthen you, yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand' (Isaiah 41v10).

'For the weapons of our warfare are ... mighty in God for pulling down strongholds' (2 Corinthians 10v4)

Only if Hamas, Hezbollah, and its terrorist bedfellows, are thoroughly defeated and dispersed will Jews - and the Arab refugees - have a chance of a decent life.  But is that possible before the Lord Jesus Christ returns?:

'The end of all things is near; therefore, be of sound judgment and serious spirit in your prayers'(1 Peter 4v7)

'For I do not want you, brethren, to be uninformed of this mystery - so that you will not be wise in your own estimation - that a partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in; [26] and so all Israel will be saved; just as it is written,  'The Deliverer will come from Zion, He will remove ungodliness from Jacob.' [27] 'This is My covenant with them, When I take away their sins.'  (Romans 11v25-27)

This present warfare is a manifestation of hatred for Israel that has smouldered in the hearts of the descendants of Ishmael (Arabs, Genesis 16) and Esau (Edomites, Genesis 36) since the beginning.  Reading Psalm 83
v1-12 from David's day, 2,500 years ago, sounds like the attitude of Hezbollah and their allies today. 'let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance (v4).  God tells us in Ezekiel 35 that the Arabs have had 'a perpetual hatred, and hast shed the blood of the children of Israel by the force of the sword...'.  When Hagar was fleeing from her mistress, an angel of the Lord appeared to her and prophesied the kind of life the child she would bear Abraham would have:  'He shall be a wild man; his hand shall be against every man, and every man's hand against him……' (Genesis 16v12).  Ishmael is the accepted father of Arab peoples living in the Middle East today and their war-like tendency and hatred of Israel will ultimately prepare the way for a King of the South (described in Daniel 11v40-45).

Please tell any one you know who has been deceived by the lies from these terrorist groups - with the collusion of the world's media - to check out these links.

And remember two of the specific prayers that God commanded believers to pray:

Psalm 122
v6: 'Pray for the peace of Jerusalem';  Luke 10v2:  'pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.

We will never see this world evangelized and the Jews and Muslims receive the liberating Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ until we have enough missionaries to proclaim it to the uttermost part of the earth!

Come soon, Lord Jesus Christ!

UNIFIL - that farce of a force, deployed since 1978, has been ineffective in even stopping violence in the zone it patrols!

Those who are guilty of such crimes are as culpable as Islamo-Nazis and for the same reason - all are still alienated from God and devoid of His Spirit because of their continuing rebellion against the Creator

The Arab world, the Islamic world and the rest of the Israel-haters have now rallied behind Hezbollah

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