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1. i was quite fascinated by your comments on the cult of Christadelphians. i just found it interesting how the only thing you were worried about was picking out flaws in Mr Palmers arguments. It is in this that you have missed the essence of what he was trying to say:  "do not believe what we say - test what we say against the word of God."

2. Would just like to say that the "expositors" hold false beliefs. If you wish to sit there and bleat out bible teachings, behaving as though you "know what the bible professes" then, please make sure, that you are in fact correct. I haven't had the chance to read all your erroneous beliefs but, as I am so incredulous I felt the need to let your know straight away.

3. Have you ever tried really listening to whatsomeone says instead of what words they use and then jumping to conclusions. You should give people of the other religions a chance to defend their beliefs instead of ridiculing them in such an aggressive manner on your website after having spoken to them.

4. I have a few questions. Although it is justifiable to accuse and openly prove certain groups to be 'cults', whatever that really means, I am very upset to see what is unbalanced generalisations.

5. i myself am a christadelphian (16 years of age) and im not sure where uve got all this stuff from!  what is going on in ure article of the Christadelphians bing a cult?

6. Having waded through your long article on Christadelphianism, I don't think you're doing your cause any favours at all. It's hard going, it's unfocused, and most of it is devoted to rambling attacks on a similarly rambling exhortation given by one Stephen Palmer, someone I don't recognise as a "spokesman" at all.

7. hello, I have just read this page and i must say that im a bit confused by your arguments really!

8. ...have just read the  article on your website re the christadelphian cult and found the quotes from your reply very interesting. I have been studying with them for about two years, and before that I studied with the Jehovah witnesses. Each group I have studied with have had certain aspects that I have found difficult to understand or accept.

9. Many thanks to the team at 'The Christian Expositor'  My name is trevor, and I want to thank The christian Expositor for leading me out of a delusion.  That delusion is called 'The Christadelphians'!  I'm still a member, but not for long!  The reason?  My eternal life is at stake!

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