'Replies from Christians'

1.  Rev. Andrew Hanson

5th April, 2004

Dear Friends

I wanted to write you and tell you how much I truly enjoy your site.

In this day of trash and pornography, you are a refreshing and Godly change.

Bless you and your wonderful Ministries.

Reverend Andrew Hanson


8th April, 2004 - TCE replies:

Dear Andrew

thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

We greatly appreciate your views and would value your prayers - particularly for guidance in subjects to highlight and time spent dealing with enquiries which consume most of our time.

In Christ Jesus



9th April, 2004 - Andrew:

Dear Sirs;

Silver and Gold have I not; but such as I have, I give unto you.

Look, how may I help you ?

What can I do to help and not hinder you.

I am broke financially, but I have a heart for humanity.

Tell me how I may benefit you.

Reverend Andrew


16th April, 2004 - TCE replies:

Dear Andrew

good to hear from you again.

We aren't overburdened with silver and gold either but, fortunately, have sufficient for the limited scope of our ministry.

Apart from essential prayer, we sometimes lack information on subjects which do not seem to be a great concern for the Christian community - and certainly not heavily covered by apologists.

In Christ Jesus


2. Anon. - on 'church going' ...


17th May, 2004

Subject:  A question about the practical aspects of church going


My husband and I left a church  we had been going to for 10 years when we realized how it was changing into a Latter Rain cult.  So many of the things you describe were present:  new apostles and prophets (Rick Joyner was a biggy), the downplaying of Scripture, and tolerance of false doctrine i.e. Oneness Pentecostalism.  I could write paragraph upon paragraph of what we discovered, but I'm growing weary of thinking about the past and want now to only follow Jesus Christ and His simple path of salvation.

We went on to become involved in a large Assembly of God in the area.  We liked the Royal Rangers program for our son,  and the Gospel of the cross was more evident in the preaching.  They really are clueless about the things that are being preached just down the street at our old church, and the attitude of the staff seems to be that when you come to Christ you don't have to come to their church and  that all the churches  that worship Jesus are OK.  This is not unique in our area.  The churches are all involved in common ministry events and no one ever seems to ask:  what do you believe about this or that.  It would be rude and divisive.    Everyone is striving for "unity."  But Truth and making sure it is so in the Word of God seem to be taking a back seat most of the time.

We are going to a Baptist  friend's home to study the Scriptures.  We actually read the Bible and go from verse to verse examining the Truths of God's Word.  I would rather go there than to church sometimes because at church often the sermon is very shallow in it's examination of the Word.  Bringing your Bible is unnessary.

For myself, I am willing to go from church to church searching for one that really preaches well, but I cannot unsettle my 12 year old son so.  His Royal Rangers involvement is so beneficial to him.  The ecumenism and lack of Bible teaching is getting to me, though.   I believe we are in the last days, but what are we as Bible loving Christians to do as we occupy till He comes?

As parents we must fight the prevailing culture of hedonism and sin on the outside of the church.  And now we have to fight within the Church this very insidious lack of concern for purity of doctrine.  I am confessing to you that sometimes it is just easier to use the benefits of these other churches and believe what we want at home, but I know in my heart that this is not the right way to live.

Do you have some council?


18th May, 2004 - TCE replies:

Dear sister in Christ,

thank you for you e-mail.

We are sorry to hear that you have also experienced the pain of heresy in your fellowshipping.

Sadly, just as painful is the lukewarmness of so much of the contemporary church which leaves you in the state you describe: there are some good and attractive things going on, but how your heart aches for a return to powerful and convicting preaching of the Word. The answers are obviously all in the Word of God, as are the problems which are described on every page and centre on the heart of man which always turns towards evil (Genesis 6:5).

As our pages on 'Savage Wolves' show, and as you really recognise, we are not called to be just converts but to be disciples. Unless there is genuine teaching of the Word which equips the saints to know and therefore to be able to share the faith we confess, there will be little discipling and the church will die as the members grow old together and eventually die. This is a regular experience here in the valleys around Cardiff. Some of our group are lay preachers and have made themselves available to churches which need visiting speakers because they have shrunk to the point where they can neither afford nor attract full-time pastors. Statistical figures show that, on average, one chapel closes every week here in Wales. The buildings either fall into decay, thus following the spiritual example, or the members die one by one. A chapel visited this Sunday is down to four female members - two aged about 80 and the other two in their mid-forties. There is a 'preservation order' on the building, which featured in the 1904 revival, but no such order was maintained in the fellowship.

What can we do to preserve the remnant? First, we are called to the painful duty of calling the fellowships' attention to the plight of the church, just as Jeremiah, Ezekiel,
et al, warned Israel and Judah. This is the most painful part because we can be fairly sure that they will not want to hear - anymore than the stiff-necked Israelites wanted to hear.

We also have a duty to our families and, as you state, there is an obvious attraction to your son at your present church. Sadly, the Assemblies of God too often present the casual and liberal attitude you describe but, with the prevailing attitude from the other churches in your area, there is little point in jumping from the frying pan into the fire! Unless you are able to discover an existing church, or people of a like mind who desire to start a new church/'house church,' you are doing the best thing possible. A large part of that is to stand for the truth where you are and to Scripturally oppose error. Once the refining power of God's Word is gone from a fellowship things will simply get worse, never better (once you leave the Word of the Lord, you leave the Lord of the Word!), and the church dies or becomes a cult.

Presumably the Baptists you are studying with do not belong to a church that is any better, or has more to offer you and your son, than those you have already checked out? It is probably harder to find a fellowship that has a good teaching programme for youngsters than it is to find a small and satisfying Bible study group, as you have done. But, obviously, all the original 'house churches' of the New Testament had the same problems and started from somewhere - as we read in Acts 4, etc. But, until you can find a small group of like-minded believers who are zealous for the Word of the Lord and are willing to break away together, the path you have taken is one that has proven very effective in the foundation of many fellowships from the small building block of a 'Bible study' group in a house. Are the Baptists you study with of a like mind? If so, wherever you travel in Christian circles the invitation to others to join in your small 'Bible study' group may yield fruit, for nothing should be more attractive than careful study of the Word.

I trust you carefully discuss what your son is learning from the 'Royal Rangers' program - many programs designed for youth in Britain are very weak. Hopefully your son will one day be a member of a strong fellowship with his parents leading others to the Christ of the Bible.
We pray you will persevere in the fight for the truth of God's Word and that His blessings will be in abundance on you and your family.

Thank you again for taking the time to share with us.

In Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour



19th May, 2004 - Anon. sister replies:

Dear Brothers,

Thank you so much for replying at such length to my recent e-mail.  Your thoughts are very much appreciated.  We will be looking to your website regularly as we search further for the path that the Lord wishes us to walk.

Thank you

3. Alun Williams


21st May, 2004

To whom it may concern

My attention has recently been drawn to the case of Roger and Sue Wheelhouse, Roger having been hounded out of his living oin [
sic] Cardiff. The articles do not make clear what his errors were thought to be but I knew both Wheelhouses in the 1970s and I have no reason to doubt Roger's integrity and honesty. Judging by the tone of articles appearing in "Savage Wolves", it would appear that he is well rid of an organisation peopled by bigots and ignoramuses. Anyone can scream religious rhetoric at anyone else: it does not bring the kingdom of God a jot closer.

Alun Williams


24th May, 2004 - TCE replies:

Thank you for taking the time to write to us Alun:

Regarding your comments on Roger Wheelhouse's ministry in Cardiff, you are simply wrong on all counts:

Roger was not 'hounded out of his living'; his ministry was compared to Scripture and found wanting as described on our pages;

He had every opportunity to follow the Scriptural path of acknowledging his clear mistakes, repenting, and asking forgiveness; but he chose, instead, to harangue and insult his fellow brethren;

You fail to even consider that the ministry you 'knew' in the 1970s may have gone astray to the point that it had lost 'integrity and honesty';

He was given a generous and un-Scriptural pay-off in clear contradiction of being worth 'double honour' (1 Timothy 5:17);

He should not have been looking to make a 'living' out of ministry but, instead, working to set an example as Paul did (Acts 18:3);

If you cannot read 'what his errors were' then you are clearly in no mental or spiritual state to make any kind of judgement about any ministry - and this is reflected in your comments on our ministry and articles;

Nobody 'scream[ed] religious rhetoric at anyone' - apart from Wheelhouse who regularly screamed at people, and thus his words and actions were compared with the Word of God and found to fall far short of those claiming the title of pastor/elder in the body of Christ;

The actions of those who behave in this way certainly do 'not bring the kingdom of God a jot closer' to anyone!

Sincerely in Christ Jesus our Lord



25th May, 2004 - Alun replies:

Thank you for responding so promptly to my enquiry. My aim in writing was not to assert a "rightness" or "wrongness" but merely to express my concern over what has happened. I do not know of the present whereabouts of Roger and Sue and certainly have no axe to grind on their behalf, but I was very surprised at what I came across on the internet - just by chance.

However, there are two points I should care to make.

1. At no point did I say that I "could not read what his errors were"; I simply could not make out what specifically he is alleged to have done which is so heinous. I could not find in your exposition any specfied [
sic] activity, though I accept that this might have been made explicit in a part of your publication that I have yet to access. For you to pontificate on my mental or spiritual state because I have not seen certain articles is as ridiculous as it is rude and ignorant. You know nothing of me - how dare you presume!

2. How do you know that I failed to consider that his ministry might have "gone astray" since the 1970s? I made no such assertion and again you have presumed too much.

If you have the effrontery to make such assertions against me (on the basis of a brief email), I can scarcely imagine what might be possible if you were able to scrutinise the words and life of a pastor over many months and years.

However, perhaps I might one day learn of Roger's offences instead of mere opinions about them.

Alun Williams


31st May, 2004 - TCE replies:

Thank you for writing again Alun, and for confirming our appraisal of your first e-mail by emphasising your contradictions and hypocrisy:

You wrote:

'Roger having been hounded out of his living oin Cardiff' - as if this was fact. You were expressing an opinion clearly not based on facts as you now admit! Therefore your claim that you were not 'writing ... to assert a "rightness" or "wrongness" ... and certainly have no axe to grind on their behalf' is clearly untrue.' You jumped to a conclusion based on your past 'knowledge' of them and bias against us!

By writing: '
The articles do not make clear what his errors were thought to be' you infer that you have read all of 'the articles'! If you understand plain English then you will recognise this to be fact;

You admit that you have 'no reason to doubt Roger's integrity and honesty' based on your past 'knowledge'. We merely pointed out, based on your clear inference that you had read all of
'the articles,' that 'you fail to even consider that the ministry you 'knew' in the 1970s may have gone astray to the point that it had lost 'integrity and honesty';

Having failed to examine the facts we presented, and without reference to any other articles on our site, you then illogically launched into an insulting tirade, calling
us 'an organisation peopled by bigots and ignoramuses'!;

You also accused us of 'scream[ing] religious rhetoric' which 'does not bring the kingdom of God a jot closer'! You did not supply a single fact to support your accusations!

After insulting us do you now think it is valid for you to complain that we are 'rude and ignorant' for drawing logical conclusions to your statements?;

Apparently it is alright for you to be 'pontifical', 'ridiculous', 'rude', 'ignorant' and 'presumptuous', but when the boot is on the other foot you complain!

The 'effrontery' and 'assertions' you complain about are all logical responses to your claims and accusations against the facts we presented;

It is no surprise to see you return to the same attempted slurs based on vain 'imagin[ation]' rather than the clear facts concerning 'Roger's offences', which many witnessed and testified to;

There is also the fact of the clear and unequivocal tape recordings of his sermons and the church meeting, so all of our conclusions are based on
fact and certainly not 'mere opinions';

It would serve you well to bear in mind the manner in which we treat e-mails and read
http://www.thechristianexpositor.org/page5.html - this ensures that no one can hurl accusations at us, and then block our replies while they labour under the misapprehension that they hold the moral high ground and have closed out the discussion without giving us the opportunity to reply.

In Christ Jesus



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