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1. Rev. Andrew Hanson:  'I wanted to write you and tell you how much I truly enjoy your site.'

2. 'Anon':  A question about the practical aspects of church going

3. Alun Williams:  'My attention has recently been drawn to the case of Roger and Sue Wheelhouse, Roger having been hounded out of his living oin [sic] Cardiff.'

4. 'Concerned'  '...questions regarding the whole "signs wonders miracles" phenomenon?

4a. Since there are at least three ways you can speak in tongues:

5. Jeremy Price:  'Savage Wolves':  Where is the Love? To me it looks like you've got lost somewhere along the line.'

6. Pete Hodge:  I was interested in ... your comments ... on Rhiwbina Baptist Church … [and] on the Olive branch

7. Historical facts show that Rhiwbina Baptist embraced Toronto and its associated errors!

8. Books by Joyner and Deere … replete with ludicrous 'prophecies' and incorrect interpretation of prophecy, were purchased in the Olive Branch!

9. '...you print allegations about people … without checking your facts ... I was under the impression that "accusing the brethren" was the work of the enemy. You clearly hold something against your brothers...'

10. The rush to accuse others of being 'accusers of the brethren' is a sure sign of those contaminated by Charismaniacs such as Frances Frangipane!

11. Your church (Rhiwbina Baptist) has made it clear that you are, as a body, uninterested in seeking to stay very close to the Word of God!

12. Thank you for a wonderful presence on the world wide web. God bless you, as you diligently work to keep us enlightened.

13. Friend, this is an astonishing collection of gossip and slander. Even where your facts are straight, this edifies noone [sic]. Please stop, your time and gifts can be much better used.

14. Check out the story and the man's background...Todd Bentley. He regularly converses with an angel called "Emma" who brings him teachings and prophecies.  Awesome website...Keep It Up !!!!

15. Your writings on your website do not serve the Church of Christ for good in any way whatsoever.  Rather, they war against it, serving only to pitch Christian against Christian, because of their differing views

16. ... as a mature Born-again, Spirit-filled believer with many years under my belt my impression of your website is that it is divisive and that it does the Christian Church no credit.  I was particularly appalled by your article 'Savage Wolves ...'

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