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Section 75-83

The mistake you make is to believe bringing Martin Luther down will destroy the beliefs of orthodox Christians!

Luther was a product of Roman Catholic error and pagan philosophy who put far too much trust in Augustine!

Papal Rome's 'Indulgences' and 'Prayers for the Dead' are clearly cruel, un-Biblical, deceptions!

Luther started off well before falling back to Rome's false position that God had rejected the Jews - and the 'new Israel' was the Christian church!

Luther's failings don't begin to compare with Papal Rome's vile pogroms, Inquisitions, and paedophilic priests and nuns!

Paedophiles in 177 out of 179 Roman Catholic diocese and archdiocese!

Compare Papal Rome's flagellation with the sins of Luther who learnt his traits from Rome and not from the Bible!

Papal Roman Catholics claim that Luther came up with 'justification by faith alone' while on the toilet!

Do all Roman Catholic writers try and make use of 'Table Talk' to score points against Luther?

You confuse cults with 'Protestants' and 'fundamentalists' -  but Rome can never disturb Biblical reasoning and historical facts!

Why accuse 'Protestants' of believing that Christians 'fall in and out of heaven' depending on their sinfulness?!

Further refutation of the fable that Luther's famous insight was received 'on the privy in the tower'!

Accusations refuted by 'Luther's Preface to the Small Catechism'!

Blanket rejection of facts and reasons given by orthodox Christians is not an answer!

Hurling wild, unproven accusations without a single example to support your ludicrous claims is not refutation! 

Ignoring our refutations of the claims made for Padre Pio is not refutation any more than your constant ad hominem attacks!

Stating that our facts are 'simply ridiculous' and ignoring our clearly stated reply is not refutation!

Sadly, the demonic blindness you labour under has persuaded you that the "stigmatist" who treated YOU was our experience!?

Claims made without a shred of supporting evidence proves your desperation!

A sad descent into blatant demonic Nazism!

Claiming that 'Protestants abuse more kids than Papal Rome' is thoroughly refuted by the following facts!

Courts worldwide reveal Papal Rome to be the abuser of men, women, and children - as history has long revealed!

Even these meetings reveal the extent of the End Times Apostasy in 'Protestant' churches!

An example of Papal Rome's involvement with the religions of the world in the Great Apostasy!

Figures show Rome has the most sexual offenders of all religions - and only the secular world exceeds their filth!

Inventing scapegoats, denial, or hiding their perverts, has always been Rome's methodology!

On 28 May, 2014, Pope Francis admitted Papal Rome's priests committed child abuse - 'like a satanic mass'!

What do the facts reveal about the paedophile clergy of Papal Rome in the USA?!

A 2004 study revealed Papal Rome had spent $1 billion settling lawsuits and observed "the end [was] nowhere in sight"!

What do the facts reveal about the paedophile clergy of Papal Rome in the UK?!

How the Word of God describes the real punishment for Rome's evil clergy - in Hell!

How the Word of God describes genuine priests of God - and their holy behaviour!

How Papal Rome's monstrous, abusive, paedophile scandals had their origin in their seminaries!

How Papal Rome's paedophile clergy - just disappeared!

Why does Papal Rome think it can deal with paedophilia and adultery - but retain 'celibacy'?

Where does the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI fit in all this?

Who had the power to cover-up in such a manner other than the 'infallible' John Paul II?

Confidential Vatican document proves Papal Rome's policy called for absolute secrecy over sexual abuse by priests!

Papal teaching means the abused knows they will be 'damned to hell' if they tell anyone about the abuse they suffered!

There are just as many sexual scandals involving 'Protestants' and Jews?

The Anglican cult in the UK has recently been found guilty of 'relatively few' examples of abuse and paedophilia!

Pope Francis claims: 'In the Curia, there are holy people ... but there is also a stream of corruption'!

Popes, cardinals, bishops, and priests without number have been habitual reprobates for centuries!

What about the many women forced into immorality by Papal Rome's 'celibate priests'?!

Commit the 'sin of marrying' & never function as a priest again - but sexually abuse children - and Rome protects you forever!

The example of Apostle Peter repeatedly proves the false view of marriage held by Papal Rome!

John Paul II's Veritatis Splendor condemns "intrinsically evil" behaviour which a high percentage of Papal clergy practice!

Another result has been a large number of AIDS cases among the priests of Papal Rome!

April 2012 - first Roman Catholic official accused of protecting abusive priests by moving them from parish to parish?!

In 2007 alone the Catholic Church in America paid $615 million to settle abuse cases!

The sex abuse cases should be no surprise since Papal Rome was built on nothing but lies!

Many skeptics opposing the idea that a 'One World Religion' could form fail to consider the role of Mary in Islam! 

The overall figures paid out in compensation by Papal Rome are MUCH HIGHER than $1.6 BILLION!

High-lighting a Lutheran pervert is like attacking 'one of your own' since 'The Joint Declaration of Justification'!

Long before 'Protestants', genuine Christians were persecuted, tortured and executed by Rome!

Papal Rome's wealth was acquired through outright theft - and the 'sale' of salvation!

Section 84-86

All Saints perform miracles ...Only Catholics are Christians ... Protestants are heretics and have no miracles like the Christians!

Catholic Saints use 'authentic spiritual forces: Mystical theology, hagiography, ascetical theology & Lectio Divina'?

Julian of Norwich - just one of many heretical Papal mystics!

How even John Calvin was deceived into believing doctrines not derived from Scripture!

The heart of 'monastic mysticism' - where Papal "saints" centre their lives - is the Catholic Eucharist or Mass!

Francis of Assisi was blasphemously titled "the second Christ" by Pope Pius XI!

How Mary and 'saints' were elevated into a greatly magnified role despite the utter lack of Scriptural support!

Basil the Great and his un-Biblical works-salvation 'ascetical theology' which highly influenced monasticism!

God said His people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6) - not for lack of mystical 'Lectio Divina'!

'Lectio Divina' is derived from the source of occultism throughout the ages - Eastern religions!

Rome claims purity in the church while allowing many to follow 'lectio divina' 'doctrines of demons' to Eastern religions!

'Lectio Divina' is said to be adaptable for people of other faiths in reading their scripture - whatever that might be!?

Why would a Roman Catholic quote occultist H. P. Lovecraft?

Why Padre Pio has never been the 'the most photographed and famous man in the world'!

How foolish hagiography has led Rome to the blasphemous doctrine of Mariolatry by 'wresting Scripture'!

Claims for the miraculous sight of Gemma de Giorgio are not backed by credible scientific evidence!

Claims for 'advancement of the human potential' are straight from New Age/occultic nonsense!

The Bodies of the Saints don't rot or corrupt so Papal Rome displays them?!

A Roman Catholic claim: 'Sodomites in all their varieties and forms are possessed by the demon of Lust'!

Our section on 'Cafeteria Catholics' confirms the lack of Biblical knowledge held by most believers in Papal Rome!

More fantasy regarding Padre Pio!

Fantasy claims for the totally un-Biblical '15 Decade Most Holy Rosary'!

The Cafeteria of 'Thaumaturgus Rome'!

Did Padre Pio really cure Gemma de Giorgio of blindness?!

Catholics really have nothing to believe in now that Papal Rome has accepted Darwin's Theory' as scientific fact!

Section 87-90

Rome's false doctrine that prayers can be directed to Mary, dead saints and angels was invented about 600 AD!

Papal Rome, desperate to prove that angels are mediators, twist the Christophanies in the Old Testament!

Without Biblical support, Papal Rome declares dead 'Saints' serve the faithful on earth as "models and intercessors"!

Without Scriptural support Catholics can choose which 'Saint' to pray to based upon need, occupation, or country?!

Thigpen tries to justify the idolatry of Papal Rome!

When does 'Adoration' become Idolatry?

Why did it take God nearly 2,000 years before He let His 'church' know Mary suffered with her Son to redeem us!

Papal Rome encourages followers to invoke the spirits of the dead - which is condemned in Scripture!

There is no "treasury of merit" earned by works and prayers of Jesus Christ, His mother Mary and the saints of all ages! 

What is the truth about a "partial indulgence" and a "plenary indulgence"?

More on Papal Rome's false teaching of 'Purgatory'!

How Papal Rome's false doctrines insult the FREE Gift of God - the Gospel of Pure Grace!

Papal Rome's history is riddled with alleged spirits of deceased 'saints' appearing to warn of the torments of purgatory!

Mary's 'bodily assumption to heaven' was only 'officially' declared by Rome in 1950!

Again, Papal Rome proves how essential careful exegesis is to proper Bible-understanding!

Rome's un-Biblical doctrines of Latria, Dulia, and Hyperdulia are another papal invention!

How does Papal Rome attempt to defend their doctrine of the 'intercession of the saints' against the charge of necromancy?

How does Papal Rome attempt to defend their doctrine of the 'intercession of the saints' against the charge of necromancy?

Why a 'picture of the mother of God' will also lead to idolatry!

And Papal Roman Catholics believe this is not idolatry?!

Scripture does not instruct us to revere, worship, or use for healing, any 'relics' of Jesus or 'saints'!

What Biblical evidence is there of God approving the use of Relics in Early Christianity?

The Bible never instructs believers in Christ to pray to anyone other than God!

The Bible never encourages, or even mentions, believers asking individuals in heaven for their prayers!

Appealing to prayers on earth to support intercession to the dead will not persuade knowledgeable Christians to accept this heresy of Papal Rome!

The 'inspired Oral Gospel' and 'Tradition' further refuted!

Papal Rome's arguments for 'oral tradition' fail in the same way Muhammad failed!

Know the reality of eternity in heaven by believing on Jesus Christ as your Lord & Saviour!

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