'Comment on Freemasonry'

Pierce Dodson

27th November, 2003

Subject: ISSUE
Dear Brother,
Do you have any concern regarding the subject of Freemasonry? I do !!! I would like to hear from you.

Pierce Dodson


28th November 2003

Dear Pierce

we too are concerned about the deceptions of Freemasonry, but are hard-pressed at this time just keeping up with answering e-mails.

Hence the reason for no new material on our site since January.

We prayerfully consider the direction the writing takes and hope to at least have some work on the site reflecting the communications and developments of the last year - and hopefully before Christmas.

Unfortunately we have had to turn down ideas and offers of various kinds because of the work-load, but we are interested to hear any proposals even if we have limited time to do much more than read suggestions.

Sincerely in Christ Jesus



28th November 2003


My story is at
www.ephesians5-11.org under Testimonies.

You might take a look at it. The main distinction between this cult and others is that it is in thousands of churches across this nation. It is scary! Thanks for consideration of this grossly overlooked and terribly destructive cult.

In Christ,

Pierce Dodson

Five years on we keep coming back to this - still intending to do more ...but the Ephesians site is doing an excellent job - please have a look!

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