'Comment on Mormonism'

4. Daniel ... (cont.)

8th November, 2005

The Tanner's work - 'The Case Against Mormonism', Volume 1 - forms part of an extensive exposé of the massive number of embarrassing contradictions, false doctrines, unacknowledged amendments, cover-ups - and threats against those who revealed these facts!

Below we enclose photocopies of the other pages (53-54)forming part of the exposé regarding Wilford Wood's work which revealed the truth about Joseph Smith's supposedly '100% correct translation' of the Book of Mormon:

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These documents reveal the truth about the cultic machinations which have always been part of the Mormon Church and which have been revealed time and time again, whether through the 'treasure seeking' deceptions of founder Joseph Smith, his deceptive pretence to translational abilities, his  'polygamy' revelations to cover-up his adultery - or the modern version exposed through McKay and Fielding Smith, the more contemporary leadership!

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