'Replies from Mormons'

5. Jacqueline Avery-Olson

22nd October, 2005

Subject: question about mormon church website


Where'd you get your information? Being mormon from birth until 2002, I can help you correct some errors. Even so, I found the website informative and mostly accurate (at least to an outsiders point of view who has never truly been a "full mormon" i.e baptized or endowed in the temple )

Thanks for your comments,


23rd October, 2005 - TCE replies:

Dear Jacqueline

thank you for taking the time to correspond with us. 

As stated on our introductory page:

'Our intention is to honestly examine the claims of these, and other, groups by comparing the writings of their leaders - their sacred writings, teaching magazines, and books - with the teachings of the Bible which they all claim to adhere to in some form or degree. Nothing will be quoted from that cannot be proven by reference to the original work or the best surviving version of a work. Most of the books referred to are readily available or can be checked from various sources.' 

This includes the original Book of Mormon, as stated at:

The pages were compiled by one of our group who was a former member of the Mormon Church and, while we have limited time to correspond by e-mail (see our home page statement), it would therefore be interesting to us if - to start with - you can point out just one single major ('glaring') error so we can ascertain whether or not we have some urgent corrections to make.

We ask you to adhere to one simple rule: the final authority for the Mormon Church must lie in the original doctrinal works of that church - The Holy Bible (King James Version), Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price and the original 'History of the Church' and temple ceremonies [not the heavily 'corrected' versions that followed] - AND all writings and verified statements from the official authorities of the church discerned from other sources, such as talks by top church leaders at official functions, LDS teaching manuals, church magazines and newspapers, and books written by top LDS leaders (including Joseph Smith's 'inspired' translation of the Bible) must be compared with the original 'standard works.'

Sincerely in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour


We heard nothing more from Jacqueline ……….

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