'Comment on Tracts'

'Leslie' Nichols

21st June, 2003

hi there,

i've just been viewing your website,
http://www.thechristianexpositor.org/page4.html and i am disgusted.

How you can claim such things as Buddhism, Karaté, Hinduism and Islam as "cults" is socking. these are beleifs that predate christianity so your mere accusation is completely hypocritical. This is the most ignoraunt, facist, narrowminded thing i ahve heard in my entire life and you should be ashamed.

lesile nichols


21st June, 2003 - TCE replies:

Dear Leslie

Thank you for taking the time to view our site and comment.

However, you seem to have a problem with history.

Christianity has its' foundation as the religion of the One True God in Judaism - which was founded through Abraham about 1800 B.C.

Buddhism was founded about 560 B.C.; Hinduism about 1500 B.C.; and Islam in 570 A.D.

The origins of karate are debatable and, like all Far Eastern martial arts, combines myth and legend with very little fact. The mythical origins of the East Asian martial arts is claimed to be India in about 3000 B.C. - but the lack of any records comparable in authenticity to the Biblical record makes this debatable. The legendary Indian Buddhist monk Bodhidharma, a prince and son of King Sugandha of southern India (448 to 527 A.D.), is said to have taken the 'art' to Japan (the island of Okinawa). Legend also has it that Bodhidharma (accepted by many as the originator of Zen Buddhism), also brought Ch Uan-Fa to the Shaolin temple in China during the Sung Dynasty. Very little is known from that period, and records of the practice of Ch Uan-Fa in Okinawa (from about 1372 A.D.), when King Satto declared his allegiance to China's Ming Emperor, are the first with any credibility. However, the evolution of karate as we know it today really began more recently in the seventeenth century.

Even if these religions had pre-dated the origins of Christianity (which we have shown they don't!) it would not of itself make them right and acceptable to God. Cain thought his religious offering was alright (Genesis 4:3) but merely proved that setting up your own system of worship is unacceptable to the One True God who declares (Proverbs 14:12): 'There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.'

We have defined 'cult' at - http://www.thechristianexpositor.org/page55.html - but, if you read the page 4 you refer to carefully, you will find that we are actually defining the groups you specifically referred to as 'false religions.' No doubt this will not cause you to think any more kindly towards us, but we would just ask you to consider one simple fact.

Since we have shown that you are mistaken in your assumption that 'these ... beliefs ... predate christianity ' and therefore your conclusion that we are 'hypocritical ... ignoraunt, facist, narrowminded' is ill-founded, would it not serve you well to consider our challenge that 'Christianity is the only path to eternal happiness with God, for all other religions are false'?

Why not take the time now to investigate our link - A Free Gift for You.

Sincerely in Christ Jesus


We heard nothing more from 'Lesile' (Leslie?) …
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