'Replies from Muslims'

Rami Sbeiti - 15

17th January, 2004

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Israel never tried to convert anyone to faith in the God of the Bible with the sword, for 'faith' forced upon anyone is not faith.  The Israelites were never commissioned by God to take over the world.  They were given a 'promised land' of limited area with defined borders (Genesis 15:18-21) and God made it clear that this was only because the wickedness of its inhabitants was so great that God, in His righteousness, had to wipe them out as He had done to all mankind with the flood (Genesis 6:11) .  The Crusaders were not Christians but Roman Catholics who fought to take for the Pope of Rome the land God gave to the Jews.  They did so believing the un-Biblical promise of Pope Urban II, who organized the first Crusade in a manner similar to the promise of Paradise for jihad's martyrs - that if they died in that venture they would go straight to heaven. This was the only real assurance of eternal life they could have as Catholics.  Thus the Crusades were carried out in direct disobedience to the Bible, to Christ's commands, and to His example and that of the Apostles.  But Muslims employ violence to spread Islam in obedience to the Qur'an, to Muhammad and to Allah and following Muhammad's example. The Crusades were the very antithesis of Christianity, whereas jihad is the very heart of true Islam and its long established method for making 'converts' - a huge difference!  Islamic nations, and Muslims living in safety in the West, may try to insist that Islam is a peaceful religion which does not condone terrorism but stands for freedom and allows people of other faiths to live in peace.  If we ever see Islamic countries, such as Saudi Arabia, opening its borders to allow some freedom, and relaxing the cruel hold it has over its citizens, so that the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ may enter, and those people who have been held in the iron grip of Islam will be allowed to come to a decision concerning faith and God which is not imposed upon them under the threat of death.

Deaths caused by Secular Wars

It is difficult to read your suggestions on credibility when you  mention the writings of Karen Armstrong in the next breath.  Armstrong has often been seen on British television and her theology and analysis of the facts are not even on a par with that of George W. Bush.  As a former Roman Catholic nun (and author of
'Islam', 'The Battle for God,' 'Buddha' etc.)  the ludicrous liberality of her views on faith and Islam, Judaism and Christianity make her views a joke in orthodox Christian circles.  She even partially contradicted your views in a recent interview with Bill Moyers on PBS in which she stated:

'Secularism has shown that it can be just as murderous, just as lethal, uh, as religion'. Now I think one of the reasons why religion developed in the way that it did over the centuries was precisely to curb this murderous bent that we have as human beings.......'

Do you believe her writings?  How many were killed at the hands of Hitler and Stalin -  tens of millions!  Even Islam and the Papal Roman Catholic Cult cannot compete with the deaths caused by secular wars.  We wonder why you continually criticize the Jews because the majority fail to exhibit faith in Christ when the general Islamic view
totally insults and rejects the clear claims of the Messiah?   The reasons [some!] 'Christians find themselves aligned with Jews against Islam' is because Jews are God's covenant people and nobody can remove that fact despite the attempts by Islamic nations to drive Israel into the sea.  It is untrue that 'Muslims of today ... are being attacked because of some thugs who have decided to hijack a religion to justify their murderous actions' - we have already proven the record of Islam.  When you talk about 'thugs [put] into power' it is a sad fact that Islam merely exchanges one group for another.  It is no accident that Iraq has finally had her comeuppance.  In the last 50 years or so 120,000 Jews had to flee the persecution in Iraq.  In the main they were forced out with hand-luggage and a fraction of their possessions even during the officially sanctioned airborne migration.  During this bloody period they witnessed general animosity, illegal restrictions and decrees, torture, imprisonment and public hangings in a systematic abuse that successive regimes did nothing to restrict.  After another defeat for the Arabs' - including the Iraqis - during the Six-Day War, systematic persecution by the government intensified and when the precursors to the full blown rule of Sadaam Hussein - the Baath party - caused the death of about twenty Jews by publicly hanging or 'disappearance,' the final exodus left just a trace of the Babylonian exiles in the historic homeland of Nebuchadnezzar. 

The Bible is clear in its' warning to those who would touch God's people (Genesis 12:3):
'And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.'

Spain, for example, was one of the world's mightiest powers and had one of the most developed cultures in the 15th century.  In 1492 it reached its zenith when it sent Christopher Columbus on a voyage that changed history.  But that same year it also expelled all Jews from Spain and intensified the Spanish Inquisition to enforce Jewish converts to the Papal Roman Catholic Cult. Spain rapidly, and not coincidentally, descended into a 500-year dark age and remains 'the sick man of Europe' to this day. 

Germany (and Austria) was the cultural and intellectual centre of Europe, if not the world, before World War II.  Then Germany, with Austrian help, murdered nearly every Jew in Europe. Germany lost over 7,000,000 people and was split into two by the Russian invasion for a generation, the East portion suffering under the tyranny of Communism.  It is no coincidence that the Berlin Wall only fell when the last surviving member of the Nazi hierarchy responsible for the Holocaust, Rudolf Hess, died!  Even today, while united Germany thrives materially, culturally she has not recovered her former glory.

The beginning of disaster for the British Empire was Winston Churchill's foolish White Paper (1922) which  reneged on the original form of the Balfour Declaration (1917), and allowed the land designated for Israel to be carved up to the extent that the lion's share (77%) was given to Abdullah to form Transjordan.  25 years later the British Empire was all but over as God allowed the rest of the world to carve up her former territories.

Look at who most blesses the Jews and who most curses them today and decide whether the verse in Genesis has validity.  The United States has, since its inception, most blessed the Jews and still does so almost alone today, supporting the Jewish State against those who wish to exterminate it.  By almost any reckoning, the USA has been, and remains, the most blessed of countries.  But it is the Arab world that curses the Jews and rivals Nazi Germany for the ubiquity and intensity of its Jew-hatred.  Look at the state of the Arab world.  Even Arab scholars appointed by the UN to report on the state of Arab society, admit that that part of the world lags behind the rest of humanity, including in most instances sub-Saharan Africa, in virtually every social, moral and intellectual indicator.  Study the record of Muslim intellectuals who have dared to admit this - they are forced into exile or killed by fellow Muslims!  There is no question but that its half-century old preoccupation with destroying Israel has only increased the Arab world's woes and there are a few Muslims brave enough to recognise this fact and speak out about it from the safety of the West or the internet.  It may take weeks, months, or centuries, but God's justice will reach all who despise Him and persecute His people.  It is tragic that thousands of Iraqis died under the evil reign of Saddam Hussein, but God allowed George W. Bush to take the despôt out with the death of thousands of the people - but how do we compare this with the millions of Jews persecuted and killed over the centuries?  Clearly, it does not matter who is finally left in charge of an Islamic country - the end result is the same: tyranny and injustice.  When the USA leave it will simply return to one Islamic tribe fighting another - just as it has always been - until another Islamic despôt gains control in the manner of Saddam or the Saudis!

It is a great pity that
Bush is another 'in bed' with Ahab - or he would recognise that Saudi Arabia finances the terrorism while pretending to be an ally of the USA.  Who can forget the Saudi's cry of 'Save me America, Save me President Bush - Save me from my Muslim brothers' when they thought Saddam was going to continue through Kuwait in 1990 - and take them out too!  Alongside their monetary support for Palestinian suicide bombers we have the 'intellectual' output of Egyptian trained terrorists.  You ask 'who put these thugs into power?.  Quite clearly, Islam does because God allows it!  Whether it is one branch of Islam or another, it matters little.  What do we find in Iraq, now that the USA have set the Muslims free from Sadaam's brand of tyranny?  Christians are once again being attacked by the Muslims of Iraq!  Very reminiscent of the parable of the unforgiving servant (Matthew18:23-35):

Matthew 18:23 "Therefore, the kingdom of heaven is like a king who wanted to settle accounts with his servants. 24 As he began the settlement, a man who owed him ten thousand talents was brought to him. 25 Since he was not able to pay, the master ordered that he and his wife and his children and all that he had be sold to repay the debt.    MT 18:26 "The servant fell on his knees before him. `Be patient with me,' he begged, `and I will pay back everything.' 27 The servant's master took pity on him, canceled the debt and let him go.   MT 18:28 "But when that servant went out, he found one of his fellow servants who owed him a hundred denarii. He grabbed him and began to choke him. `Pay back what you owe me!' he demanded.   MT 18:29 "His fellow servant fell to his knees and begged him, `Be patient with me, and I will pay you back.'   MT 18:30 "But he refused. Instead, he went off and had the man thrown into prison until he could pay the debt. 31 When the other servants saw what had happened, they were greatly distressed and went and told their master everything that had happened.   MT 18:32 "Then the master called the servant in. `You wicked servant,' he said, `I canceled all that debt of yours because you begged me to. 33 Shouldn't you have had mercy on your fellow servant just as I had on you?' 34 In anger his master turned him over to the jailers to be tortured, until he should pay back all he owed.   MT 18:35 "This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother from your heart."

Such reactions from Muslims continues to emphasise the total lack of spiritual affiliation of any kind between Muslims - and Jews and Christians.  That the Armstrong's of the world can mix freely with Sufi mystics or New Age-Papal Roman Catholics leaves one constant unchanged - the mutual influence of the occult.  For Muslims this occurs directly through the Qur'an, but also through the many add-ons that both errors tolerate.

Who dropped the Atomic Bomb?

You write:  Looking back in history, it was the west who dropped an atomic bomb on defensless people. Was it a Muslim who murdered millions of Jews in Germany and across Europe? Should I say Christianity condoned the genocide of those innocent who, until today, are feeling the affects of the bomb's evil. NO! So again, be cautious in the words you speak so as to avoid losing credibility. In fact, the greatest and most aweful acts of humanity in history have been in the hands of so called 'Christians' NOT Muslims. In closing this point, note that when Prophet Muhammad returned to Mecca with 10,000 or so followers, they entered in peace with NO weapons and nobody touched them. He then walked into the Kaaba, destroyed the 350+ idol statues and declared Monotheism there. Again I ask you, where is the wrong?

TCE:  You make the usual Islamic mistake of equating a nation with a religion while taking a simplistic view of other factors in history.  In Islam the religion is the state, as history makes clear, while, in comparison, the atomic bomb was dropped because of a decision made by a small group of secular men - but at least it was an action taken against an aggressor nation who began the war with a cowardly attack and remained still at war and therefore not defenceless!  Bin Laden and his suicide pawns launched a cowardly attack in the same manner as Japan.  When the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan she had already murdered hundreds of thousands of people and exhibited the same barbarism demonstrated by the majority of Islamic nations through the centuries since Muhammad founded his evil empire.  The dropping of the atomic bomb, while grotesque, doubtlessly saved lives, for Japan would never have surrendered and, while capturing the Pacific islands on the way to Japan, the USA had already lost more men than were killed at either of the bomb sites!  In fact, in the first invasion of Japanese soil by the American and British military, the Battle of Okinawa in 1945, about 240,000 died.  More non-combatant civilians died in that Battle than had ever perished in any battle in the world prior to that time - more than died in the dropping of the two atomic bombs combined!  As we have already shown, Hitler apparently considered himself to be at least some kind of member of the Papal Roman Catholic cult and took his cue for the treatment of the Jews from Rome and Islam - as we show on our pages where we wrote:

The Origin of Nazi Ideals?

It is interesting that, like the Mormons, who were reluctant to proselytize coloured people because their false prophet Brigham Young, in particular, shared the Muslim preference for negro slaves, Muslim rulers were not anxious to convert
Dhimmis (Jews and Christians living under Islamic rule) as they paid tribute and were the slave labour. They were also easy to conquer as they could not carry weapons, ride horses, wear shoes, ring church bells, wear anything green, or fight back against a Muslim assault! The word dhimmi (Arabic for 'protected person') became historically significant in 628 A.D., when Muhammad's forces defeated a Jewish tribe that lived at the oasis of Khaybar and made with them a treaty known as the dhimma. The treaty allowed Jews to continue cultivating their oasis, as long as they gave Muhammad half of their produce. Crucially, Muhammad reserved the right to break the deal and expel the Jews whenever he wished, a ploy that Islam has worked ever since! Does any reader wonder why we assert that, for Israel to make any kind of deal with Yasser Arafat, or any other Muslim, is like inviting a viper into your bosom. Islamic treachery is a historical and spiritual FACT.

From these earliest times proclaiming Jesus' divinity and attempting conversion from Islam were made capital offences. Do you wonder how Christians can sit back quietly in Britain and listen to Muslim hypocrites whining about 'Islamophobia,' and their rights to religious freedom in this country, when they have denied the same for other religions in every strictly Islamic country throughout their history? The persecution, torture and murder of peoples of other faiths is a constant reminder of the satanic nature of Islam. Every reader is encouraged to investigate the writings of
Bat Ye'Or - who points out that, for orthodox Muslims, the world is divided into the dar al-Harb, land controlled by non-Muslims that forms the 'territory of war,' and the dar al-Islam, the land where Islamic law prevails. Historically, a peace is not a peace and a time of peace longer than a decade is occasion not for relaxation but for feeling inadequate and fidgety. Infidels should never be allowed to rest on their laurels, famed 14th century Muslim jurist Ibn Taymiyya asserted, for any land they possess is held illegitimately. Jews and Christians living in Muslim-ruled lands were not always killed or imprisoned and regularly received dhimmi status, which afforded them temporary protection from some abuses, but no permanent status. Dhimmis in Muslim countries over the centuries typically had to pay discriminatory taxes and acknowledge publicly their status as second-class citizens. They were on the hook for additional sums and had to supply forced labour on demand. They were ineligible for any public office and without right even to testify in court. Dhimmis were not allowed to possess weapons, marry Muslim women, meet with others on the streets, or ride horses or camels (the two 'noble animals'). Dhimmis had to wear special clothes, walk with eyes lowered and accept being pushed aside by Muslims. Dhimmis had to have low doors on their houses, with no lights on the doors. Some particular aspects varied from age to age and region to region. Did you ever wonder where the Nazi's got their ideas for the denigration and humiliation of Jews? In the 9th century, Jews in some Muslim areas had to wear on their shoulders a patch of white cloth that bore the image of an ape; Christians, since they ate pork, wore a pig image. Baghdad's Caliph al-Mutawakkil designated a yellow badge for Jews, setting a precedent that would be followed centuries later in Nazi Germany. In 11th century Seville, Jews were not to be met with the greeting, 'Peace be unto you,' because they were not supposed to have any peace! Other edicts affected not just finances but self-respect. A Cairo rule in 1761 was that 'no Jew or Christian may appear on horseback. They ride only asses ... ' In Persia in 1890, Jewish women had to 'expose their faces in public (like prostitutes). ... Every Jew is obliged to wear a piece of red cloth on his chest. A Jew must never overtake a Muslim on a public street. ... If a Muslim insults a Jew, the latter must drop his head and remain silent. ... The Jew cannot put on his coat; he must be satisfied to carry it rolled under his arm. ... It is forbidden for Jews to leave the town or enjoy the fresh air of the countryside. ... Jews must not consume good fruit.' Is this merely historical? No - the Wall Street Journal reported (April, 2002) that non-Muslims cannot be buried in Saudi Arabia, so their corpses are stacked up for months until flights to their countries of origin can be paid for. In death, as in life, dhimmis are dhimmis, to the Muslim aggressor and terrorist. 

Although, at various times, Jews in Muslim lands were able to live in relative peace and thrive culturally and economically, the position of the Jews was never secure and changes in the political or social climate would often lead to persecution, violence and death. Jews were generally viewed with contempt by their Muslim neighbours and peaceful coexistence between the two groups involved the subordination and degradation of the Jews. When Jews were perceived as having achieved too comfortable a position in Islamic society, anti-Semitism would surface, often with devastating results: On December 30, 1066, Joseph HaNagid, the Jewish vizier of Granada, Spain, was crucified by an Arab mob that proceeded to raze the Jewish quarter of the city and slaughter its 5,000 inhabitants. The riot was incited by Muslim preachers who had angrily objected to what they saw as inordinate Jewish political power.

Faced with the knowledge of the fate that awaits those who fall under Islamic rule, Spain began the attempt to reclaim their land (
the 'Reconquista') in 718 AD, but it took until 1492 AD to finally overthrow the invader! As with most resistance the fight began in a small way with Pelayo, who ruled a tiny territory and ran guerrilla raids against the Muslims. But the Islamic invasion also had other irons in the fire and began moving north towards France (718-732 AD). Al-Semak led the first invasion across the Pyrenees in 721, establishing a base at Norbonne. He was succeeded by Abderaman, who moved up the Rhône as far as Lyon and Dijon, following Muhammad's creed of especially targeting churches and monasteries, before moving on to Bordeaux. Between Poitiers and Tours, there was a clash between Abduraman and the army of Charles Martel.

In the battle of Poitiers (or Tours) Martel turned back Abderaman's advance, but heavy fighting continued in the south of France, to the west in Langredoc under ibd-al-Malik, and up the Rhône river again, then east to Piedmont in Italy. The Muslims, helped by some apostate 'Christian' allies, began quarrelling with each other and, in 737 AD, Martel recaptured Avignon and continued to recapture Muslim strongholds until he reached Marseilles (739 AD). Martel died in 741 A.D., after succeeding in driving Islam from France, and was succeeded by Pepin the Short.

The fact that Yasser Arafat's uncle actually travelled to Germany to participate in the celebrations of the 'final solution' merely reflects the general Islamic view held towards the Jewish nation and it is clear that a very large number of Muslims would have no problem at all in 'condoning' the extermination of God's people.  Why is this?  Because Islamic tradition has it that Allah's kingdom will not be established until the Muslims have killed all the Jews or subjected them to Muslim rule.  Where is the Qur'anic support for this doctrine and

Allah is an enemy to unbelievers - Sura 2:98
the curse of Allah is on unbelievers - Sura 2:161
Slay them wherever ye find them and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter -  2:191
Fight against them until idolatry is no more and Allah's religion reigns supreme. (Another translation:  Fight them until there is no persecution and the religion is God's entirely -  Sura 2:193 and 8:39
Fighting is obligatory for you, much as you dislike it -  2:216 (Another translation: ) Prescribed for you is fighting, though it is hateful to you.
..... martyrs.... Enter heaven - Surah 3:140-43

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