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Rami Sbeiti - 16

17th January, 2004

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If you should die or be killed in the cause of Allah, His mercy and forgiveness would surely be better than all they riches they amass. If you should die or be killed, before Him you shall all be gathered -  3:157-8
You must not think that those who were slain in the cause of Allah are dead. They are alive, and well-provided for by their Lord -  Surah 3:169-71
Let those fight in the cause of God who sell the life of this world for the hereafter. To him who fights in the cause of God, whether he is slain or victorious, soon we shall give him a great reward -  Surah 4:74
Those who believe fight in the cause of God, and those who reject faith fight in the cause of evil -  4:76
But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever you find them -  4:89
Therefore, we stirred among them enmity and hatred, which shall endure till the Day of Resurrection, when Allah will declare to them all that they have done -  5:14
O believers, take not Jews and Christians as friends; they are friends of each other. Those of you who make them his friends is one of them. God does not guide an unjust people -  5:54
Make war on them until idolatry is no more and Allah's religion reigns supreme - 8:39
O Prophet! Exhort the believers to fight. If there are 20 steadfast men among you, they shall vanquish 200; and if there are a hundred, they shall rout a thousand unbelievers, for they are devoid of understanding -  8:65
It is not for any Prophet to have captives until he has made slaughter in the land -  8:67
Allah will humble the unbelievers. Allah and His apostle are free from obligations to idol-worshipers. Proclaim a woeful punishment to the unbelievers -  9:2-3
When the sacred months are over, slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them -  9:5
Believers! Know that idolators are unclean -  9:28
Fight those who believe neither in God nor the Last Day, nor what has been forbidden by God and his messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, even if they are People of the Book, until they pay the tribute and have been humbled -  9:29 (Another translation:  The unbelievers are impure and their abode is hell. (Another source: Humiliate the non-Muslims to such an extent that they surrender and pay tribute.
Whether unarmed or well-equipped, march on and fight for the cause of Allah, with your wealth and your persons -  9:41
O Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites. Be harsh with them. Their ultimate abode is hell, a hapless journey's end -  9:73
Allah has purchased of their faithful lives and worldly goods, and in return has promised them the Garden. They will fight for His cause, kill and be killed -  9:111
Fight unbelievers who are near to you. 9:123 (Another translation:  Believers! Make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Let them find harshness in you. (Another source: Ye who believe! Murder those of the disbelievers....)
As for those who are slain in the cause of Allah, He will not allow their works to perish. He will vouchsafe them guidance and ennoble their state; He will admit them to the Paradise He has made known to them -  10:4-15
Allah has cursed the unbelievers and proposed for them a blazing hell -  33:60
Unbelievers are enemies of Allah and they will roast in hell -  41:14
When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks, then when you have made wide slaughter among them, tie fast the bonds, then set them free, either by grace or ransom, until the war lays down its burdens -  47:4 (Another translation:  When you meet the unbelievers in the battlefield, strike off their heads, and when you have laid them low, bind your captives firmly).
Those who are slain in the way of Allah - he will never let their deeds be lost.  Soon will he guide them and improve their condition, and admit them to the Garden, which he has announced for them -  47:5
Muslims are harsh against the unbelievers, merciful to one another -  48:25
Muhammad is Allah's apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another. Through them, Allah seeks to enrage the unbelievers -  48:29
Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal sternly with them. Hell shall be their home, evil their fate -  66:9
The unbelievers among the People of the Book and the pagans shall burn forever in the fire of hell. They are the vilest of all creatures -  98:51

Muhammad said 'Kill the Jews' - Quotes

It is no wonder that the Hadiths - which are claimed as reliably transmitted reports by the 'Prophet' Muhammad's companions of what he said, did, or approved of - report that Muhammad said 'kill the Jews' in many different quotes, e.g.:

Ibn ' Umar reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: You will fight against the Jews and you will kill them until even a stone would say: COME HERE, MUSLIM, THERE IS A JEW (HIDING HIMSELF BEHIND ME) ; KILL HIM. 

Abdullah b. 'Umar reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: You and the Jews would fight against one another until a stone would say: MUSLIM, HERE IS A JEW BEHIND ME; COME AND KILL HIM. 

Islam clearly views the world as divided between the 'Dar es Salaam' or the House of Peace, which is Islamic, and the 'Dar el-Harb' or the House of War, which is non-Islamic - and world peace, according to Islam, is achieved only when the world is subjected to the 'Dar es Salaam.'  In this regard, Islam is no different than utopian Communism and Nazism.

Islamic Links to the Nazis

Chuck Norse writes:

Yasser Arafat's hatred of Jews, one that animates many Palestinian Arabs today, is traceable to the influence of his uncle, Nazi war criminal Haj Amin Muhammad al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Husseini was a leader of the 1920 Arab riots where terror against Jews was introduced into a previously peaceful Palestine. British Mandate Governor General Herbert Samuel subsequently appointed him Mufti of Jerusalem. As Mufti, he instigated murderous pogroms against Jews in 1921, 1929, and during the 1936-1939 rebellion. Husseini consolidated his control over the Palestinian Arabs with a campaign of murder against Jews and Arabs, the recruitment of armed militias, and the raising of funds from around the Muslim world by means of promulgating anti-Jewish propaganda. Certainly there are echoes of Husseini today in his nephew Arafat.

Husseini became a supporter of the Nazi
'final solution' to the 'Jewish question' in the early days of Hitler's regime. In 1939, when his Nazi sympathies came to the attention of the British, he fled to Berlin where Adolf Hitler personally welcomed him. The Nazi's lodged Husseini comfortably, for the duration of the war, in a confiscated Hebrew School and set him up as Prime Minister in exile of a pro-Nazi pan-Arab government. His foreign minister in exile was Iraqi exile Rashid Ali al-Kilani and his war minister Fawsi al-Kaukji. The Nazi Foreign Ministry paid him $10,000 per month and Himmlers SS transferred portions of the 'sonderfund,' funds confiscated from Jews, for his use in setting up pro-Nazi and anti-Jewish activities in the Arab world.

According to documentation from the Nuremberg and Eichmann trials, the SS helped finance Husseini's efforts in the 1936-39 uprising in Palestine. Adolf Eichmann actually visited Palestine and met Husseini at that time and subsequently maintained regular contact with him later in Berlin. Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS, took Husseini on tours of Auschwitz and financed his Moslem academy in Dresden, set up by the Nazis as a training ground for their envisioned Nazi/Muslim puppet government. Husseini recruited Bosnian Muslims in Nazi occupied Yugoslavia in his efforts to ethnically cleanse their country of Jews. When the Red Cross offered to mediate with Eichmann in a trade between German citizens and 10,000 Jewish children being sent from Poland to the Theresienstadt death camp, Husseini directly intervened with Himmler and was successful in canceling the exchange.
After the 1942-allied victory against Nazi Field Marshall Erwin Rommel at El Alamein, Egypt, Husseini, broadcasting in Arabic, implored his Arab followers to continue supporting a potential Nazi conquest of Palestine. The Mufti was planning a triumphant return and had plans to construct a death camp, modeled after Auschwitz, near Nablus. Husseini incited his pro-Nazi followers in his broadcast with the words
'Arise, O sons of Arabia. Fight for your sacred rights. Slaughter Jews wherever you find them. Their spilled blood pleases Allah, our history and religion. That will save our honor.' In late 1944, in a final desperate attempt to trigger a pro-Nazi Arab rebellion, Husseini's agents, a German-Arab commando unit, parachuted into Palestine and poisoned Tel Aviv's wells.
Husseini, declared a war criminal at Nuremberg and sought by Yugoslavia after the war, fled to Egypt where he spent the rest of his life, he died in 1974, contributing to an Arab network of espionage, sabotage, and anti-Jewish propaganda that involved many former Nazis and Nazi sympathizers. In his memoirs, he wrote,
'Our fundamental condition for co-operating with Germany was a free hand to eradicate every last Jew from Palestine and the Arab world. I asked Hitler for an explicit undertaking to allow us to solve the Jewish problem in a manner befitting our national and racial aspirations and according to the scientific methods innovated by Germany in the handling of its Jews. The answer I got was: ''The Jews are yours.'

Has this attitude changed?  The day before Pope John Paul II visited the Temple Mount, during his Holy Land pilgrimage, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Ekrima Sabri gave a series of press interviews, first claiming:
'The figure of 6 million Jews killed during the Holocaust is exaggerated and is used by the Israelis to gain international support…… It's not my problem. Muslims didn't do anything on this issue. It's the doing of Hitler who hated the Jews,' The Mufti -  who was appointed by Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat - claimed: 'Six million? It was a lot less,' when interviewed by an Italian newspaper, and continued: 'It's not my fault if Hitler hated the Jews. Anyway, they hate them just about everywhere.'  He finished the day by telling Reuters: 'We denounce all massacres, but I don't see why a certain massacre should be used for political gain and blackmail.' 

However, the record shows a well-documented, thriving relationship between the Arab/Muslim world and Nazi Germany.  Mufti Haj Amin el-Husseini fled Palestine after agitating against the British during the Arab Revolt of 1936-39 and found refuge in Iraq where he was on the British most wanted list after helping to orchestrate the Iraqi coup of 1941.  The Nazi funded revolt in Baghdad was put down by British troops in June 1941 and the Mufti escaped via Tehran to Italy and eventually to Berlin where he received an enthusiastic reception by the
'Islamische Zentralinstitut' and the whole Islamic community of Germany, which welcomed him as the 'Führer of the Arabic world.'  He gave a speech in which he called the Jews the 'most fierce enemies of the Muslims' and an 'ever corruptive element' in the world.  Husseini was an honoured guest of the Nazi leadership and met Hitler on several occasions and personally lobbied the Führer against the plan to let Jews leave Hungary, fearing they would immigrate to Palestine.  He also strongly intervened when Adolf Eichman tried to make a deal with Britain to exchange German POWs for 5,000 Jewish children who also could have fled to Palestine but, because of the Mufti's successful protests, were sent to death camps in Poland instead.  One German officer personally recorded in his journals that the Mufti's expressed view was to have the Jews 'preferably all killed.'  He also visited Auschwitz and encouraged the guards running the gas chambers to work more industriously.  Throughout the war he was a regular contributor to German radio broadcasts to the Middle East, preaching pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic messages to the Arab masses back home.

In 1943 the Mufti paid several visits to Bosnia, working with the SS to recruit the infamous
'Hanjar troopers,' a special Bosnian Waffen SS company which slaughtered 90% of Bosnia's Jews and burned countless Serbian churches and villages.  Subsequently, SS chief Heinrich Himmler established a special Mullah Military school in Dresden for these favoured Bosnian Muslim recruits.

The Mufti's main goal in seeking Nazi collaboration was to obtain a promise from Hitler that, after the war was won, the entire Jewish population in Palestine should be liquidated!  After all of these evil dreams were destroyed by the defeat of Satan's minions, Husseini fled to Switzerland and then returned to Cairo via France, were he was warmly received by Muslims of a like mind and used Nazi funds to finance the Nazi-inspired Arab Liberation Army that terrorized Jews in Palestine.

How much did the Mufti's stance represent Islam?  When Hitler first came to power in Germany in 1933 his success was welcomed by the Arab masses with great enthusiasm and the
first congratulatory telegrams came from the German Consul in Jerusalem, followed by those from several Arab capitals.  Muslim admirers of the National Socialists founded like-minded groups - such as the 'Hisb-el-qaumi-el-suri' (PPS) or Social Nationalist Party in Syria whose leader, Anton Sa'ada, styled himself the Führer of the Syrian nation, while Hitler was named 'Abu Ali' (in Egypt his name was 'Muhammed Haidar'!).  The banner of the PPS displayed the swastika on a black-white background and a Lebanese branch of the PPS  -  which still receives its orders from Damascus  -  was involved in the 1962 assassination attempt on Lebanese Phalange Party founder, Pierre Gemayel, who resisted Nazism and played a large part in endeavouring to form a country where all religions could peacefully co-exist.

The Nazi influence reached Egypt where
'Young Egypt,' which was founded in October 1933, copied Germany's storm troopers, torch processions, and literal translations of Nazi slogans  -  like 'One folk, One party, One leader.'  Nazi anti-Semitism was duplicated with calls to boycott Jewish businesses and physical attacks on Jews.  The pro-German mood in Egypt was such that the official Egyptian government failed to declare war on the Wehrmacht as German troops were about to conquer Alexandria.  After the war, an infamous member of 'Young Egypt' named Gamal Abdul Nasser was among the officers who led the July 1952 revolution in Egypt. Their first act  -  following in Hitler's footsteps  -  was to outlaw all other parties. Nasser's Egypt became a safe haven for Nazi war criminals, among them the SS General in charge of the murder of Ukrainian Jewry, Alois Brunner, who became Nasser's bodyguard and close comrade.

Again, how far did the Nazi influence abound in the Middle East?  Sami al-Joundi, one of the founders of the ruling Syrian Ba'ath Party, recalls:
'We were racists. We admired the Nazis. We were immersed in reading Nazi literature and books... We were the first who thought of a translation of Mein Kampf.  Anyone who lived in Damascus at that time was witness to the Arab inclination toward Nazism.' Is it any surprise that Hitler's Mein Kampf still ranks sixth on the best-seller list among contemporary Palestinian Arabs. Luis Al-Haj, translator of the Arabic edition, writes glowingly in the preface about how Hitler's 'ideology' and his 'theories of nationalism, dictatorship and race…… are advancing especially within our Arabic States.'  It is no coincidence that Palestinian police greeted Arafat's first appearances in the self-rule areas with the infamous Nazi salute!

Neither Arafat nor the PLO disguise their source of inspiration.  The Grand Mufti el-Husseini is venerated as a hero by the PLO and the late Faisal Husseini was his grandson.  In 1985 Arafat declared the Grand Mufti a respected educator and leader and claimed it was an honour to follow in his footsteps.  Arafat has not always been so forward in declaring his admiration and relationship to the Mufti for, in 1951, Rahman Abdul Rauf el-Qudwa el-Husseini (aka Abd al-Rahman abd al-Bauf Arafat al-Qud al-Husseini.) matriculated to the University of Cairo but concealed his true identity by enlisting as
'Yasser Arafat.'  The Bet Agron International Centre in Jerusalem interviewed Arafat's brother and sister, who described the Mufti as a cousin (family member) with tremendous influence on young 'Yasser' after the Mufti returned from Berlin to Cairo.  The Nazi influence on the fallen Saddam Hussein is also well documented and it is no surprise to learn that he was likewise raised by an uncle, Khayrallah Tulfah, who was a leader in the Mufti's pro-Nazi coup in Iraq in May 1941!

Trying to prove that '
the greatest and most aweful acts of humanity in history have been in the hands of so called 'Christians' NOT Muslims' is a blanket accusation that fails every test:

  1. The Communist exterminators in Russia - whose record is probably the worst in history - had no time for any religion;
  2. Hitler would even be outside the appalling standards of the Papal Roman Catholic Cult at her worst - and thus be disowned even by the Popes - although he carried on her traditions;
  3. In terms of direct and long-term deaths the atomic bombs dropped on Japan do not rival many other atrocities and were the result of the efforts of many thousands of people, not a few who you might like to label 'so called Christians.'

Muhammad took Mecca peacefully!

You write: 'In closing this point, note that when Prophet Muhammad returned to Mecca with 10,000 or so followers, they entered in peace with NO weapons and nobody touched them. He then walked into the Kaaba, destroyed the 350+ idol statues and declared Monotheism there. Again I ask you, where is the wrong?'

TCE:  Islam would like to believe that this is how Muhammad conducted himself, but the truth is rather different, as pointed out earlier:  Muhammad established a treaty with Mecca until his massive army was sufficiently strong to allow him to break the treaty - which occurred within one year - and he marched into a terrified Mecca which had no choice but to accede to his demands.  Rather than the sterilised version you present, Muhammad suppressed the opposition to his destruction of the idols by violence and killed those who had been in vociferous opposition to him and his Qur'an.  'Where is the wrong?'  Why did he also fail to destroy the idolatry which continues to this day in the kissing of the black meteorite stone in the Kaaba if his religion was not merely a continuation of part of the pagan religion of his tribe and region?

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