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Nadir Ahmed - 35

30th December, 2003

The 'Moon God Theory'

Subject: about Dr Robert Morey


I hope this message reaches you in the best of health. I came across this website of yours regarding the Moon God Theory, which was invented Dr. Robert Morey:

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and I felt that I had to contact you and bring this serious matter to your attention. Unfortunetly, I do not think Dr. Robert Morey is a trustworthy source, and often fabricates to support his views. This has been documented by both reputable Christians and Muslim sources:

Christian Source:
[Note (2008): some links from this article on Morey no longer work]

Quote: "He made false and ignorant accusations, and tried to justify them by misquoting texts from the Quran"

Muslim source:

Quote:  "If Dr. Robert Morey can prove my evidence as false by showing that his statements against Islam are true, I will offer him CASH awards (which is $500.00)"

Please keep in mind, that I am not discouraging you from criticising Islam, I welcome it. But rather, I am appealing to your sense of fairness and value for the Truth. I'm sure Christians have a high sense of integrety and would deplore any kind of delebrerate  misrepresentation of any religion. Therefore, I would like to request, the following  from your organization:

1. Contact Dr. Robert Morey and request him to take up the challenge immediately in which he can recieve $500.00 for simply showing a page number, verse, or reference for the statements he made about the alleged teachings of Islam, I have publically challenged him on his radio show, here is his phone number: 1-800-41-TRUTH.

2. If Dr. Robert Morey fails to produce any evidence for his statements, then I would request for you to stop supporting him in anyway. There are plenty of of other good Christian critics on Islam out there.

And lastly, I would to thank you for your time, I would like to follow up this message with a phone call or email in a couple of days if it is ok with you.

If you have any questions please feel free to write to me.

Nadir Ahmed


10th January, 2004 - TCE replies:

Dear Nadir

we have looked at the evidence on the web-sites you referenced, as well as
many others, such as:


http://users.hubwest.com/prophet/finished.htm/moongod.htm [Note (2008): link no longer works]




If these references are correct, it is clear that anyone checking on Robert Morey's work will need to read thousands of books to make sure that they have fully covered every aspect of his work. Simply offering a small reward as a carrot for Morey to engage in dialogue with you is unlikely to be sufficient to encourage him to retrace work which he is probably content to leave on the record. Clearly, there is an ongoing debate as to whether the Allah of the Qur'an is in fact a pagan Arab moon god of pre-Islamic times. Since academic theories are often discussed for decades before they are accepted or rejected, further research may determine where the absolute truth lies, but there are certainly several questions that need to be answered and which are inadequately addressed at the pro-Islamic sites you referenced:

1. Why did Muhammad fail to destroy the idolatry which continues to this day in the kissing of the black meteorite stone in the Kaaba if his religion was not merely a continuation of part of the pagan religion of worship of elemental things as followed by his tribe and region? Clutching at comparisons with other false religions and cults, such as the Roman Catholic Cult which encourages the kissing of statues of Mary and icons, will not deflect criticism of false Islamic traditions.

2. Why would the crescent appear so prominently in Islam? There are good reasons for Christian symbols, such as the cross of crucifixion - which Islam falsely denies - and the symbol of the fish, but Islam does not have one believable reason for a symbol of the moon.

3. Allah is clearly not the God of the Bible and no amount of rhetoric will change that fact, leaving the Christian with the clear duty to warn the world that Allah is another false god and no more deity than a carved tree.

We are therefore content to wait for clear refutation of the many claims against Islam and not rely on the flawed logic and facts which are a regular factor in Islamic apologetics and reach a crescendo in the work of such as Ahmed Deedat who certainly uses the devices your pro-Islamic sites accuse Morey of using. If anyone can supply us with sufficiently detailed evidence of error in Morey's work we will obviously adjust any of our references as necessary. At the moment we simply do not have the time to carry out the research necessary, but will endeavour to do so sometime in the next few

In Christ Jesus



15th January, 2004 - Nadir replies:

Hi David

here are the refutations to the false charges against Islam:


http://www.themodernreligion.com/comparative/christ/christ_moongod.htm [Note (2008): link no longer works]

Nadir Ahmed


15th January, 2004 - TCE replies:

Anyone following these links can see that they do not change the position at all.


Unfortunately, if you follow links to Nadir's site, you find him indulging in 'gnat straining' (or, rather, 'fly straining')
exercises that rarely address the important differences between Christianity and Islam, or the more disturbing aspects of Islamic faith, and are hardly dissimilar in conclusion-drawing from the problems he claims to find in Robert Morey's work!

A word of caution to all apologists and 'watchmen' may be worthwhile - words used in public speaking should be carefully chosen and clarified where necessary so that challenges of the kind Morey invites are avoided (we should say what we mean and mean what we say - not indulge in ad hominem attacks and vitriolic or overly caustic and sarcastic language)

Despite Morey's careless phrasing it is impossible for a Muslim to claim Allah is the Loving God of the Bible and the whole 'moon god' debate hardly detracts for a minute from the obvious horrendous and unbridgeable differences between these faiths.

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