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What on earth is wrong with the Christian Church today? (cont.)

131.      The Final Letter!

Eventually I received the final letter from Calvary Baptist Church regarding this last meeting:

20th March 2000

Dear David and Zoë,

Thank you for allowing Bob and myself to come and discuss with you your position regarding the way in which the letter to Roger Wheelhouse was brought to the Church at Calvary.

As we explained at the time, due to your unwillingness to offer the proposed apology, we would have no other option than to recommend to the Church that your names be removed from the membership role.

At a recent Church Meeting this proposal was brought to the gathered members and accepted by those present.

It is with regret, therefore, that I inform you that you have both been removed from the Membership Role at Calvary.

Our prayer is that you will find a fellowship in which you feel you can worship and become a part. We assure you of our continued love and concern for you.

Yours in Christ,

John Jones

Church Secretary

132. The Epilogue

Roger Wheelhouse's advice on how to deal with … Roger Wheelhouse

As part of the epilogue to this account of abuse and heresy, I include a more complete section of Roger Wheelhouse's sermon of the 18th October 1998 (6pm).  It needs little analysis, but one member of Calvary Baptist Church who actually bothered to listen to all of this tape after we referred to it in our letter, made this comment: 'This sermon by Roger is just begging someone to write a letter as you did.'  Much of this sermon by Roger is such dangerous heretical "Benny Hinn type" nonsense that we need to make little comment.  It is also the sermon in which he contradicted himself in his statement concerning 'praying with eyes shut!'

Roger Wheelhouse :  ". . . (I) remember going to one house to see a lapsed Christian.  One of the things I had to do when I went to a church was to pick up the lapsed Christians.  To pick up the people who were on the church roll who no longer came to the church.  'You're the new pastor, go and visit them.' And I went round and I sat with one man and, very clearly, there was a word given to me that I knew actually went straight into that man's life.  Yes, that man was a lapsed Christian; yes, that man was no way, shape, or form into Christian things now.  And yet he was on our church members' roll.  And I came out with it - he accepted it.  And that was it.  But he never came back to the church.  Never came back to the church.  And his family said, 'Hey Rog - what did you do?  We hoped that you would draw him back into the church.  You've sent him further away.' Boy, did I get clout for it!  Listen - you may be given words of knowledge that you'll have to face up to people.  You must not be responsible for the consequences.  You must be responsible for what God tells you to do.  And if God gives you a word of knowledge that you have to give to somebody, however hard it is you have to give it.  And you must not be responsible if that person plays up hullabaloo, and walks out of the church, and threatens never to come back again.  You are not responsible for that.  You are responsible for giving the word of knowledge.  And if God gives you the word of knowledge you have to say it.  We're too much into this - 'We must keep the church - we must keep every person in the church.  We mustn't pussyfoot around with everybody in the church - to keep them.' Sometimes we have to give a word of knowledge to that person because we need to - to arrest them, because God wants to arrest them and sort them out.  And get them back into line.  And if they go off, and they scream blue murder, you are not responsible.

[As you can read - we could have claimed that we were following Roger Wheelhouse's advice when we had a word from God.  We had a word of knowledge, it checked out in Scripture and fact and we wrote to the church Scripturally - despite their idiotic claims.  But we could also have claimed that we acted on it just as our 'pastor' advised us to do!  Not that I would ever take much notice of this man, for he was only installed in the pulpit to supply a front that was attractive to the world.  But apparently we weren't meant to take him seriously or actually follow his example, for if we follow Wheelhouse's advice we will blurt out anything we want - as he clearly did so often, insulting people left, right and centre, and showing little concern for the results.  In this sermon he continued in this vein …

Roger Wheelhouse :  I remember being in a vestry once with one of my deacons and we had a lass with us and we had met her two or three times.  And somehow we weren't getting through.  We were trying to get through to find out what it was - what really was the problem.  And we came to the point of saying 'Come on let's pray - we're going to pray for you,' we said to this young lass.  And as we prayed - I don't know whether you've got this - when you've got your eyes sort of - pretty well shut, there's a sort of redness there.  But just as I was praying for this lass, blackness shot right across my eyes - in the, you know, you can have that can't you - a sort of blackness above the redness.  Shook me up. Almost made me stop praying.  And I looked at the deacon and I said to the deacon, 'Eric,' I said, 'Anything?' And he said, 'Yes, as you were praying, blackness shot across my eyes.' So we turned to the girl and we said, 'Oh, as we were praying blackness shot  across our eyes.'  She said, 'Oh yeah, oh that's alright, that's normal,' she said.  And then we realised what she was into and what she was touching.  And we were able to deal with the situation.  That again is like a word of knowledge.

I'm really frightening you now because you're never, ever going to come to my vestry, and never talk to me
because you know that the Lord might give me a word of knowledge about you, about what's really going on, and you're going to be frightened stiff now.  Well, never mind, I might have a quiet week and a few times to myself!  Serious stuff, isn't it.

[The hyper-spiritual Wheelhouse is frightening us?  In his dreams!  Just like Tugwell, he believes he has some unique handle on Christianity - a great 'Gnosis' that the rest of us can only gaze at in wonder!  Perhaps Wheelhouse or his supporters can supply us with Scriptural support for this example:  'And as we prayed - I don't know whether you've got this - when you've got your eyes sort of - pretty well shut, there's a sort of redness there.  But just as I was praying for this lass, blackness shot right across my eyes - in the, you know, you can have that can't you - a sort of blackness above the redness.'  When is a genuine word of knowledge known as such?  Where is it described in Scripture as 'like' a word of knowledge?  It is either from God or it isn't and is really divination of the kind widely practiced in Charismaniac circles today.  Wheelhouse has shown that he is not too bothered about the niceties of being accurate to Scripture.  If you read accounts of Benny Hinn explaining some of his outlandish and un-Scriptural practices you get exactly the same pattern of stumbling and semi-incoherent speech - because he is also making it up as he goes along!  And many people are swallowing the deception, including people who used to have some reputation amongst Christians, such as Colin Urquhart and Billy Graham.  This is a serious matter, indeed.  Just like the heretic Tugwell, Wheelhouse is dull enough to think people are frightened of him and his amazing 'spiritual powers.'  Or so he would like you to believe.]

Roger Wheelhouse :  Fourthly, God speaks through the natural realm.  So, God speaks through His Word, God speaks through prophecies, and dreams and visions.  God speaks through words of knowledge - particularly on a one to one.  And God speaks through the natural realm.

I wish we didn't have people that taught us when we were little to close our eyes and put our hands together.  It makes me spew!  It's such wrong teaching.  And we've taught our children that.  That blocks out a lot of what God wants to do.  Why do we have to close our eyes when we pray?  Sometimes it's good when we pray to walk around with our eyes open, sometimes it's good in our bedroom, to pray with our eyes open.  Why have we got this business of having to close our eyes and put our hands together - I can't even find it in the Bible!  And if it's not in the Bible I won't do it!  Because sometimes God speaks to us with our eyes open.  Because with our eyes open he shows us an object.  He shows us a particular thing.  With our ears open we hear an alarm.  We hear something like a bird sing.  And we know in that atmosphere of prayer, God is speaking to us.  You see?  So prayer - be ready, be ready to have your eyes open.  You see, we've been taught, 'Oh, close your eyes kids.' Or even to us adults - 'close your eyes because you might be distracted.'

So earlier we have Roger claiming that he was praying with his eyes 'pretty well shut,' when he, and deacon Eric, had this 'sort of blackness above the redness' and divined 'occult activity' in a young girl?  Now, a few minutes later, he says: 'Why have we got this business of having to close our eyes and put our hands together - I can't even find it in the Bible!  And if it's not in the Bible I won't do it!'  Incredible that he can contradict himself in his own sermon within a few sentences, and his church are gullible enough to swallow it and support him in this rubbish!  According to Wheelhouse, praying un-Scripturally sometimes comes up with results!  Which is correct, Wheelhouse - do you know?  It would be interesting for him to try and defend his belief in other un-Scriptural practices, such as 'slaying in the spirit', which he practices!  It is revealing that a man should exhibit such unstable characteristics in his own life and ministry after claiming that "he and Sue recharge their batteries by doing carpet time (another pseudonym for the 'slain in the spirit' experience)"]

Roger Wheelhouse :  Because you see, if you're praying and you look down and you suddenly think, 'Oh my goodness me, my toenails need cutting.  Oh, my goodness me, look what I've just walked in!'  A distraction - but actually God might be showing us something about our toenails which is a picture about the church - that's letting things grow that need cutting off.  Gosh - I hadn't planned that to say in my words - that's just come out.  I don't know if there's something prophetic in that!

Or I look down and I see my shoes are dirty and God's telling me something about dirt.  And something I've got to get right.  You see, God can speak - God can speak in prayer through the opening of our eyes.  Through looking at the normal things around us - because God can get His message through like that"

Wheelhouse wants us to take his advice, which is clearly given in this sermon, and which is divination, rather than God speaking. How do I know this?  Because it doesn't check out in Scripture and he constantly contradicts himself, just as all false teachers and prophets do.  Perhaps the Bible informs us somewhere that we should always pray bare-footed if we follow Wheelhouse's un-Scriptural and idiotic advice!  This kind of garbage was lapped up by 'itching ears' at Calvary Baptist Church - until the time came when their own guru's advice was followed - and then they screamed 'blue-murder.'

If you don't know 'if there's something prophetic in that,' how are we going to test it, Roger?  This is as ludicrous as the rambling of Wheelhouse's Charismaniac bedfellow, Larry Lea, who wrote:

"Several years ago one of my dear pastor friends said, "Larry, when I was praying for you the other day, I had a vision. I saw you with great big 'Mickey Mouse' ears. Everything else about you looked normal except for those elephant-sized ears. When I asked the Lord to tell me what the vision meant, the Spirit of the Lord spoke back to me and said: 'Larry Lea has developed his hearing. He has developed his spiritual ears."  (Charismatic Chaos, John F. MacArthur, citing Larry Lea, Are You A Mousekateer, [sic], Charisma, August 1988, 9).

If you accept this kind of interpretation of the gifts of the Spirit, like the quatrains of 'prophet' Nostradamus, we can see whatever we want in interpreting signs around us.  We have a Bible that lays such teaching and insight out clearly and perfectly for us and should have no need to look for truth in such ludicrously ambiguous places as our toenails or shoes!  Peter
's second epistle assures us that all we need for life and godliness is found in Scripture and Paul's writings gives clear definitions for the use of  the gifts of the Spirit.  Subjectively creating after-the-fact prophecies and meanings - at the best derived from an overactive imagination - is not much different than the ancient pagan societies' obsession with divination from arrows and entrails of animals. When the Word of God is ignored, people become crazed with their own imaginations and imaginary meanings in mundane things. Any guessed meaning could have any other number of unlimited possibilities or interpretations - such as 'I need to cut my toenails!'

Biblical Demonology, Merrill F. Unger discusses occult practices that began in Babylon, passed into Greece and Rome, and are still fashionable today in parts of Africa, Burma (Myanmar), and Borneo among pagan tribes. Meaning is imagined and interpreted from looking into various parts of an animal's liver for divine revelation and the will of the gods.  Unger writes: "Belomancy, or divination by arrows is represented by Ezekiel as being practiced in Babylon. ... (Ezek. 21:21). ...augury (divination) was deduced by the way they fell to the earth" (p. 132).

A neater, cleaner, more sanitized version of augury is practiced by today
's false prophets in the British church.  It may not be as disgusting as poking around in the bloody entrails of a dead animal but the crazy methods of Rick Joyner, who even uses sports themes to invent meaningful 'prophecies,' have been inculcated into our churches through the Charismaniac movement.  What is the real difference?   It is still fallen subjective imagination hard at work.  On what basis could we be sure that the imaginings and interpretations are not given by demonic suggestion? After all, they are never brought to the Word of God for verification. Certainly our minds could be better used in a study of God's Word.  Christians need to retreat from the foolishness of such mysticism, paganism, Gnosticism, and subjectivism and get back to the objective Word of God. It has been said many times before, but bears repeating: "The Bible: Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else."  I would go further - if it is in the Bible still check it out by Biblical methods - then you won't go wrong.

"And so we have the prophetic word confirmed, which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts" (2 Peter 1:19).

The Bible is sufficient. We need not look for supernatural messages from the mundane or the bizarre.  As John F. MacArthur, Jr. commented (
'Charismatic Chaos'):

'Charismatics have abandoned the uniqueness of Scripture as the only Word of God, and the result is a spiritual free-for-all. A longing for something new and esoteric has replaced historic Christianity's settled confidence in the Word of God -- and that is an invitation to Satan's counterfeit. Confusion, error, and even satanic deception are the inescapable results.'

No wonder the modern hyper-charismaniacs get away with any old garbage.  When they have pawns like Roger Wheelhouse to repeat these methods in our churches today is it any wonder that church attendance in Britain has dropped by 22% in the last ten years?  Who wants to hear the garbled ramblings of such men?  Small groups of itchy-eared men and women, apparently!

Roger hides his false doctrine in amongst the Word of God and here claims that
'if it's not in the Bible I won't do it!'  Yet he regularly found time to introduce Word-Faith/Toronto heresies into the church.  Their doctrines and animalistic writhing, howling, and wailing are not in the Bible, yet Roger allows them advertising time in the church!  He is ready with an excuse if he is ever challenged over the content or comments he makes during his sermons, for he is a practiced liar.  Why did he claim Christians praying with their eyes shut made him want to spew? Did he think people were nodding off so he said it to wake them?  He has to divert people's attention from the true gospel and in the meantime attack and weaken the church where possible.  So on the one hand he attacks the church that he claims is always preaching "the ten commandments" and giving those outside the church the impression that Christianity is a book of rules and regulations.  Yet, at the same time, Satan hates the Law of God which reminds him of his own downfall, so he uses his man to attack the Law that brings man to an understanding of his position before God.

Witnesses to Roger's final departure from his office in the church testified to his shouting out:
'Now, let's see you get on with it!' - from the safety of his empty office!  Well, don't worry Roger, no one will have any trouble getting on without you, for the evidence from your own mouth shows you to be a factious heretic who divides fellowships and tramples on the weak and ignorant.

It is possible to go through life believing that we believe [in Christ], while actually having no conviction more vital than a conventional creed inherited from our ancestors or picked up from the general religious notions current in our social circle. If this creed requires that we admit our own depravity, we do so and feel proud of our fidelity to the Christian faith. But from the way we love, praise and pamper ourselves it is plain enough that we do not consider ourselves worthy of damnation!

The poor quality of Christian faith and the uncertainties that mark the lives of a host of church members grow out of our modem evangelistic scene's absence of real repentance. So, too, the absence of repentance is the result of an inadequate view of sin and sinfulness held by those who present themselves in the inquiry room.

"No fears, no grace," said Bunyan.  "Though there is not always grace where there is fear of hell, yet, to be sure, there is no grace where there is no fear of God. For the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, and they that lack the beginning have neither middle nor end."

A. W Tozer,
Renewal Day by Day

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