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No Absolute Morals?

What is the NAM? - Part 1

The NAM is a world view or philosophy of life held by many people. Although they wouldn't necessarily want it to be called a religion, the NAM embodies monistic pantheism (the belief that everything is part of God). Or, put another way, that God is all, and all is God, therefore you and I are God - we just need to realise it. Of course, there are always experts who are dying to give us their expert advice on how to realise this - usually for a price. How does this occur? Through mystical experiences, or by utilising techniques that alter "one's state of consciousness".

Where did the NAM begin?

It really began when the last "spiritist" revival finished. In other words Satan has merely been biding his time waiting for the church to become complacent and to fail to react. Compared with the early Church Fathers' reaction to the infiltration of false doctrines and heresies, has the Church been positive enough?  Clearly not!

Since the late 1950's the NAM has been gathering momentum and experienced considerable growth during the "hippy era" of the mid-1960s.

The famous writer C.S. Lewis, while not noted for personal doctrinal orthodoxy, recognised that in the final conflict between religions, Hinduism and Christianity would be the only viable options because Hinduism absorbs all other religions and Christianity excludes all other religions because of the supremacy of the claims of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The NAM is no more than a revival of Old Age Occultism and holds historical connections with Sumerian, Indian, Egyptian, Chaldean, Babylonian, and Persian religious practices. These practices are forbidden in the Bible because they draw on Satanic power (read
Deuteronomy 18v9-14; Isaiah 47; 2 Kings 21).

The term "New Age Movement" or "New Age Cult" is the only "new" thing about this occultic attack, as "Time" magazine pointed out:

'So here we are in the New Age, a combination of spirituality and superstition, fad and farce, about which the only thing certain is that it is not new' (Dec 7th, 1987, p.62).

NAM really entered the Western world through the infiltration of Hinduism via the Theosophical Society (founded by "Madame" Helena Blavatsky in the USA in the late 19th century). She combined spiritism, seances, and basic Hindu philosophy and was distinctly anti-Christianity. Marilyn Ferguson, authoress of "The Aquarian Conspiracy," has warned the churches that the "Age of Aguarius" is central in NAM thinking and may well unite the "minor" cults of Christian Science, Rosicrucianism, New Thought, the Unity School of Christianity, and Science of Mind, or Religious Science, in a way that never seemed possible before. In America alone there are an estimated 35 to 60 million people dabbling in some form of cultic organisation and involved in foreign mission fields, and about 60 million in some NAM or occultic thinking.  Annie Besant; Moses Hull, the Secret Doctrine, Anthroposophy, and the Lucis Trust have all acted as vehicles for its growth since the last "spiritist" revival finished.

Thus the "flirtation" with mind-bending drugs in the "hippy era," and the on-going search for mystical experiences (through Eastern religions usually centred on Hinduism) has been modified by Satan to try & snare you through "channellers" and the use of "stones". Satan isn't worried whether he "alters your consciousness" through Yoga, meditation, chanting, ecstatic dancing, drugs, rock music, or whatever, he is always looking for a way to influence the carnal mind of man - and if possible to demonise you.

The NAM theology assumes an evolutionary process whereby successive "avatars" (revealers of "truth"), such as Buddha, Moses, Zoroaster, Krishna, Mohammed, Confucius, and the "ultimate" Lord Maitreya (an incarnation of Buddha, "the Enlightened One"). They include Jesus with these avatars - and thereby relegate Him to just one of many teachers and no more than a demi-god.

Alice Bailey, a contemporary of Blavatsky, wrote 20 books (under the "telepathic" influence of a spirit guide). In "The Externalisation of the Hierarchy" she set two dates, 1975 (significant as a failure of another Jehovah's Witnesses "Armageddon" date) and 2025, when the bodily appearance of the first masters would occur. She also claimed that "if these steps prove successful" (1975 clearly showed they did not!), then the Christ would appear after 2025. It should be noted that the Bailey/Blavatsky Theosophical Society attempted to cause the re-appearance of the Lord Maitreya in their protégé Krisna murti, an unfortunate Indian gentleman who declined the honour on the death of his brother and his resultant disillusionment with the claims of the "Society."

Who is being used to "front" the NAM?

It should be no surprise to learn that Satan is actively using the exponents of the New Age of electronic entertainment - the following are some of the "name" entertainers who have embraced the NAM in some form: Shirley MacLaine, Helen Reddy, Marsha Mason, Lisa Bonet, Tina Turner, Michael York, Sharon Gless, Linda Evans, Joyce DeWitt.

It is no coincidence that seven out of ten of the most popular films of all time have been fantasy films. As an example the "Star Wars" trilogy has "the force" as the power for good. Notice that it is not God to whom they turn. This reminds me that the "Watchtower Bible and Tract Society," the force behind Jehovah's Witnesses, has relegated the person of the Holy Spirit to a mere "active force" without one Scripture to support the claim. God will deal with blasphemy in His time.

Why is "Gremlins" a New Age film? Because it presents "demons" as cuddly, fun-loving creatures - and even when they transform and reveal their true nature they perform nasty tricks with an "amusing" touch. Did your children squeal with laughter when the nasty invalid was catapulted out of the window on her chair-lift? Are Christians taught to love their enemies or to mock them? Oh, that is just fantasy, I hear you say, you're going over the top - taking it too seriously. Remember that behind every fantasy there is a reality that is too often of Satan. God wants you to know the reality that is in the Lord Jesus Christ who took the things that the world would call foolish and weak (death on a cross) and triumphed over Satan, parading His vanquished foes in a triumphal procession (
1 Corinthians 1v18-31; Colossians 2v14-15).  Consider the logical consequences of the revealed details of the workings of the NAM and you will see that it is in their interests to soften the "images" we have of "gremlins" and demonic figures generally so that their teachings about "aliens, avatars, spirit guides, and other mediums," will be accepted by OUR children in the same way that "E.T." was accepted.

The Christian Research Institute has described the NAM in the following way:

"The most common name used to portray the growing penetration of Eastern and occultic mysticism into Western culture. The words New Age refer to the Aquarian Age, which occultists believe to be dawning, bringing in a era of enlightenment and peace. Encompassed within the New Age movement are various cults which emphasise a mystical experience (including Transcendental Meditation, the Rajneesh cult, Eckankar, the Church Univesal and Triumphant, the Divine Light Mission, and many others). The followers of various gurus, such as the late swami Muktananda, Sai Baba, Baba Ram Dass, Mahareeshi Mahesh Yoga, and Guru Maharijih, personify the essence of modern New Age leadership. Other groups, such as the "Human Potential Movement" exemplified in Est (or The Forum), Lifespring, Silva Mind Control, Summit Workshops, etc., and many (though not all) of the advocates of the various approaches to holistic health, accurately represent the spirit of the New Age."

Who is being affected by the NAM?

It has the potential to reach all levels of society - even those who think that they are intellectually above 'religion'.  Sales of NAM books in the USA are estimated at more than $1 billion dollars a year. The "new faith" is emerging in "scientific mysticism" (which is really a mixture of occult and science). University students are turning out in their thousands to hear guest lectures on the occult.

The EFFECT: another way for Satan to shift the attention of people away from the Lord Jesus Christ & towards occultic practices.

Who are 'leaders' in the NAM?

Shirley MacLaine:  her books & TV series - "Out on a Limb" - seen by millions in USA; her 1987 nationwide seminars attended by 14,000;  opened 300-acre spiritistic retreat in Colorado to make "channelers" (mediums) available to any visitors.  She is seen by many to be the main "saleswoman" for NAM. The intellectual leaders include:

Ken Wilbur: NAM theorist & "transpersonal" psychologist (the attempt to blend experiences & religion & modern psychology).

Ruth Montgomery: who was once regarded as a "tough-minded agnostic journalist," has been responsible for popularising and publicising the NAM, linking UFO's, contacting the dead, and other NAM teachings. She is also a medium whose "spirit guide" (principal demon) is called "Lilly," and, together with Jane Roberts (whose "spirit guide" is called "Seth"), has been responsible for penning over thirty texts for MAJOR publishers. These two set the trend which led to Richard Bach's "Jonathan Livingstone Seagull" breaking all publishing house records since "Gone With the Wind" (selling over 25 million copies worldwide & remaining in the top-seller list for over two years).

Marilyn Ferguson: considered a "spiritual leader" and wrote the best-selling book "The Aquarian Conspiracy: Personal & Social Transformation in the 1980's". Also the editor of "Brain-Mind Bulletin" & the "Leading Edge Bulletin" which lead discussion on the "scientific & social" advances of the NAM.

Werner Erhard: founder of EST (Erhard Seminar Training).

Fritjof Capra: physicist who is author of the NAM texts, "The Tao of Physics," & "The Turning Point."

Carlos Castaneda:
a UCLA anthropology student whose studies led him into the occult; author of a multi-million selling series of books on sorcery, such as "The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge."

Benjamin Crème:
self-proclaimed forerunner of a NAM guru, Maitreya, and author of "The Reappearance of the Christ & the Masters of Wisdom."

John Lilly & Charles Tart:
pioneering scientific researchers of altered states of consciousness.

Robert Muller: Assistant to the Secretary General of the UNITED NATIONS and author of "New Genesis: Shaping a Global Spirituality."

Norman Shealy:
author of "Occult Medicine Can Save Your Life" is a well-known NAM "doctor."

Robert Leightman: who "channels" (is a "medium" for) many of the famous "dead."

W. Brugh Joy: a mystic who authored "Joy's Way."

Other names:
Annie Besant; Moses Hull, the Secret Doctrine, Anthroposophy, and the Lucis Trust.


Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Swami Muktananda, & Sri Aurobindo, and Sathya Sai Baba - among others.


Esalen in Big Sur, California NAM publishers: Shambala of Boston; J.P. Tarcher of Los Angeles.

Basic NAM beliefs

a) all true reality is divine ("God is all; all is God");

b) personal "enlightenment" is necessary for us to realise this;

c) altered consciousness, psychic powers, and spirit contact are the source of such enlightenment.

d) a general belief that social & political activism are needed to produce "networking" (organising) of people of like-mind to produce a united world (socially, politically, economically, and religiously).

The many branches of religions which have come together under the large "umbrella" of NAM have these main points in common;
hence Shirley MacLaine chants "I am God, I am God, I am God...." while gurus say "I am God - and so is everyone else."

Although the NAM is not a united religion, it could be compared to the theological similarity in the midst of diversity which has occurred in historic Christianity where denominations differ on peripheral doctrines and yet share the single unifying and common experience with the Holy Spirit resulting from a common faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Thus Christians meeting from all backgrounds have the feeling of instant recognition and of being in the same family when they meet at inter-denominational events. such as "Spring Harvest" - at least I do! If you consider the NAM situation logically - and it is often possible to reason out Satan using logic because he can be blindingly predictable - it is Satan's move to counteract the inter-denominationalism of Christianity which works despite the regular "own goals" which born-again Christians notch up.

When we read of the seven churches in
Revelation, Chapter 2, we find that none of them are perfect, but all of them share a common warning from our Lord Jesus. NAM believers use psychological principles & spiritual language to affect their enlightened teachings. They speak of God & love & satisfy many of the desires of fallen men through exciting revelations, blissful experiences, loving encounters, help and encouragement, protection from dangers, and endless assurances about their own divinity. By doing this they nullify their need for repentance and faith in the Biblical Jesus Christ.

The Bible is clear about the teachings given to man by deceitful spirits & their influence on the church and society: 
1 Timothy 4:1 & 2 Corinthians 11:14.

The Bible teaches specifically that spiritism & occultic practices are forbidden & displeasing to God, inviting His judgement, e.g. Exodus 20:3 (cf. Psalm 96:4); Deuteronomy 18:9-12 (cf. 2 Chronicles 33:6); 1 Corinthians 10:20 (cf. Psalm 106:34-40)

Know the reality of eternity in heaven by believing on Jesus Christ as your Lord & Saviour!

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