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Introductory Articles

Expositor History - Statement of Faith and Origins

Main tracts circulated in Cardiff

Stereotypical responses replying to our work

What on earth is wrong with the Christian Church today?

Deception 'in' the Church - and the rise of 'orthodox heretics'!

If a majority of contemporary 'Christians' believed in, read, and knew, their Bibles then the deceivers we have labelled 'orthodox heretics' could not easily exist 'in the church' (correct Biblical name: ekklesia) because Scripture is clear that the basis of doctrine is the Bible alone - the Word of God (John 1v1; Revelation 19:13) which is unchangeable being 'set in Stone' ('Jesus Is the Living Stone' - 1 Peter 2:2-6; Psalm 118:22; Isaiah 8:14 - and 'the Rock' - 1 Cor. 10v4; 1 Peter 2v8 - on which believers stand).  At their worst these people present 'another Jesus', 'another Spirit' and 'another Gospel' (2 Corinthians 11:4; Galatians 1:6-9).  They pretend to be 'orthodox' but are instead heterodox, heretical, unorthodox, blasphemous, and apostate!  Note that 'orthodox' means 'correct, straight, true' as exemplified by Scriptural verses (Romans 16:17-18; 1 Timothy 1:3-7; 1 Timothy 6:3-10; 2 Timothy 3:1-9).  The application of 'orthodox' with a lower case 'o' is not to be confused with the heretical 'Orthodox Greek' or 'Orthodox Russian' Churches, for neither are 'orthodox'!  At some stage these unorthodox, heretical leaders stray so far from the truth that they can be recognized to have created their own cult and need to be entirely avoided by genuine Christians (see 1 Corinthians 11:19!) who want to live a holy and righteous life which is pleasing to God according to His Word - which the Holy Spirit will not contradict!

Word Faith

See this page for an introduction to the heresies of such as:  Kenneth Hagin; Kenneth Copeland; Benny Hinn; Frederick K. C. Price; David (Paul) Yongii Cho; Gloria Copeland, Robert Tilton, John Avanzini, John Osteen, T. L. Osborne, Charles Capps, Marilyn Hickey, Jerry Savelle, Joyce Meyer, Morris Cerullo, Casey Treat, Dwight Thompson, Oral and Richard Roberts et al.

Miscellaneous Heretics

Rick Warren continues to deceive the unwary!

Rick Warren - related deceivers - 1 to 9

Anti-Semitic 'evangelicals'!

Anti-Semitism order of the day in Britain!

Savage Wolves - and Attack Dogs!

The Delusions of David Eells - and more 'Latter Rain' heresies and nonsense!

Savage Wolves

This long article (Section 1 to 131 below) deals with the many aspects of deception in the church which have been experienced by our members in our twenty-years of history in (mainly) Cardiff churches.  Just about every Scriptural aspect of deception is dealt with in this piece, including much case-history conversation:

  1. Beware the Scripture Twisters
  2. Beware 'minor' experiences of deception
  3. Beware Christian leaders who are led into error
  4. Beware 'new prophetic standards'
  5. Beware false prophets
  6. Beware the failure to 'make sure' of ALL Christian elders
  7. Beware the pastor who is a wolf
  8. Beware the ego-centric ('pseudo-Messiah') leader
  9. Beware the Lewd and Lascivious Man!
  10. Beware the Liar who pretends to be a Joker!  - Case History I - Kevin Tugwell (Elim Pentecostal denomination)
  11. Beware 'minor' inconsistencies in doctrine that hide heresy
  12. Beware the proud, jealous, and covetous man
  13. Beware the man who uses the weak as pawns
  14. Beware - a word of wisdom or knowledge can expose error
  15. Beware the coward who attacks you from the safety of his sermon
  16. Beware the deceiver who accuses without witnesses
  17. Beware the man motivated by money!
  18. Beware - the Saulish agenda!
  19. Beware the un-Scriptural shepherding of shepherds!
  20. Beware the role of false prophecy and 'words from the Lord'!
  21. Beware the Hypocrite!
  22. Beware the 'gospel' the deceiver brings
  23. Beware if they bring 'another' gospel
  24. Beware if he does not bring a Complete Gospel?
  25. Beware if a clear and powerful Gospel is not preached!
  26. Beware if an Enduring Gospel is not taught
  27. Beware if the goal of our instruction (1 Timothy 1:5) - is not brought
  28. Be aware of the goals of a sound Christian ministry
  29. Beware false teachers among you, who secretly introduce destructive heresies
  30. Beware the 'prophesy' that doesn't come to pass?
  31. Be aware of the 'if-but' principle of Scripture
  32. Beware of accusing true prophets such as Jonah of false prophecy
  33. Beware 'leaders' who promise 'Wealth and Health?'
  34. Beware 'the prophet' who is 'sometimes' right!
  35. Beware the danger of embracing false prophecies and gifts
  36. Beware Charismatic leaders who prove to be Charismaniacs (Case History II - 'Pastor' Roger Wheelhouse)
  37. Beware the danger of ignoring the gifts of the Spirit
  38. Beware those who try to hide the truth (Acts 26:26)
  39. Beware a church that is ignorant of Scripture
  40. Beware the reaction of the deceiver and the deceived
  41. Beware the sheep damaged when you don't stand for the truth
  42. Beware the methods used by the deceived to attempt to cover up error
  43. Beware the deceived who try and compromise the truth
  44. Beware un-Scriptural Church Meetings
  45. Beware those who try and whitewash the truth
  46. Beware the man who does not rely on the Bible to support his motives and decisions
  47. Beware pre-emptive strikes by the deceived!
  48. Beware responding to a fool's agenda and his timing
  49. Beware attempts to side-track from the main point
  50. Beware - make judgements based solely on the whole canon of Scripture
  51. Beware those who refuse to accept expert definitions but follow cultic methods in using their own definitions!
  52. Beware deacons who act as leaders - yet cannot even define 'heretic' or 'heresy'!
  53. Beware excusing heretical behaviour for 'confusion'
  54. Beware attempts to 'gag' witnesses
  55. Beware deacons ('leaders') who allow themselves to be insulted and 'gagged'
  56. Beware the factious heretic
  57. Beware accusations unsupported by Scripture
  58. Beware those who ignorantly chant the New Age mantra - 'All You Need Is Love' - and despise Scripture!
  59. Beware those who show they despise God's Word
  60. Beware those who rush to put both feet in their mouths!
  61. 'THE TRUTH shall set you free'  (John 8:31-32) - if you tell it!
  62. Beware those who have 'a word' which doesn't tie up with THE FACTS!
  63. Beware when sheep are no longer shepherded but savaged by a wolf
  64. Beware rejection of Mr Grace and marriage to Mr Wolf
  65. Beware those who put their position before truth and their  neighbour!
  66. Beware those who don't bother with the facts because they've made up their mind by 'feelings'!
  67. Beware those who 'hope' to be 'Biblical' but avoid the whole  truth
  68. Beware those who claim: 'Do as I say - not as I do'!
  69. Beware the weak and un-Scriptural Baptist Union man
  70. Beware those who try and sweep deception under the carpet
  71. Beware those who make doctrinal decisions based on one portion of Scripture (Matthew 18:15-17)
  72. Beware the claim: 'false doctrine is a private matter' - Scripture is clear that it is always to be dealt with publicly!
  73. Beware those who don't allow Scriptural, and logical, cross examination!
  74. Beware those who have altered the Biblical definition of blasphemy!
  75. Beware those who mis-interpret Scripture
  76. Beware those who support the Satanic view of God's relationship with man
  77. Beware those who refuse to believe Scripture - 'Job DID NOT  sin with his lips'
  78. Beware the Baptist Union which now supports the theology of Job's wife and Satan!
  79. Beware those who refuse to believe that Job cursed himself - but not God!
  80. Beware those who follow the Wheelhouse method and refer to an occult experience to try to gain credence
  81. Beware 'useless talk' - as practiced by the Baptist Union
  82. Beware those who deny Job's example of praising and not berating God!
  83. Beware those who deny that Job was not the one rebuked
  84. Beware those who deny that Job did not follow Satanic Wheelhouse advice but, rather, was vindicated by God
  85. Beware the Word-Faith heresies exposed by the Book of Job
  86. Beware those who deny the meaning of Job in the culture it which it was written?
  87. Beware those who teach that the Bible encourages Christians to tell God 'exactly what we think of Him'
  88. Beware ecumenism which has lost the 'fear of God - which is the beginning of wisdom (knowledge)'!
  89. Beware those who deny that God has this kind of power!
  90. Beware those who deny an expert (W.E. Vines) definition of "blasphemy"!
  91. Beware the hypocrite who berates his diaconate - but can't answer the questions!
  92. Beware anyone preaching a gospel other than that brought by Christ and His apostles
  93. Beware the Antinomian view which leads to lawless behaviour
  94. Beware rejecting Orthodoxy for Heterodoxy
  95. Beware those who preach love, but who love lawlessness!
  96. Beware failure to present the Law which teaches sinners to recognise their need for grace
  97. Beware missing out 'Faith without deeds is useless' (James 2:20)
  98. Beware - denying the  two natures will cause a conflict in your soul
  99. Beware the lawless who run amok in the church
  100. Beware denial that Grace has its commands just as truly as Law does
  101. Beware Antinomian imbalance which creates the same 'gnat straining' as Pharisaical legalism
  102. Beware - when Scripture is ignored, indefensible contradiction remains
  103. Beware the hypocritical deceiver who continues to accuse others of the actions he pioneered!
  104. Beware the deceiver who majors on the minors to avoid confessing guilt over the majors
  105. Beware the man still blinded to his own hypocrisy
  106. Beware the exposed deceiver who continues to accuse others
  107. Beware the deceived who still attempt to save the hireling
  108. Beware lip-service concession & playing with words
  109. Beware the heretical source of the 'accuser of the brethren' slur
  110. Beware those who embrace heresies & turn naturally to these doctrines to try and defend themselves!
  111. Beware the 'Manchild' Manifest Sons of God and Latter Rain heretical movement
  112. Beware the elitism of Gnostic belief
  113. Beware the 'Manchild Company' and 'Joel's Army' connection
  114. Beware the Frangipane/Wheelhouse nature
  115. Beware those who ignore the Scriptural questioning and claim an ad hominem attack
  116. Beware deceivers who refuse to accept responsibility
  117. Beware deceivers with Word-Faith connections!Section
  118. Beware the hypocrites who find no Scriptural evidence - but remove those who use Scripture to prove heresy!
  119. Beware the 'sick note' hireling!
  120. Beware the hypocrites who find you guilty of following Scripture - and demand you apologise for it!
  121. Beware the hireling who does a runner with the money as Scripture led us to predict!
  122. Beware those who use whitewash for more than tombs
  123. Beware those who never answer your queries
  124. Beware those who continue to put 'feelings' before Scripture
  125. Beware deacons who still cannot answer Scriptural questions
  126. Beware the church which covers up and installs an un-Scriptural 'Moderator'
  127. Beware the fence-sitting un-Scriptural 'Area Superintendent'
  128. Beware those who dis-fellowship you for standing on the Word of God
  129. Beware those who cannot make a Scriptural case - but want you to meet their un-Scriptural 'Moderator'
  130. 'Moderator' Evans displays the reasoning and logic of the cults
  131. The Final Letter!
132. The Epilogue!  Roger Wheelhouse's advice on how to deal with … Roger Wheelhouse!
133. The Final Nail!


Christ versus Religion - The Nature of the Problem

The Accuracy of the Bible versus the method of deceivers - Faith built on Feelings!


What  is a cult?

Papal Rome is a Cult!

The Bible & History proves this FACT - 1 & 2

Why do so many deny this truth?  We have answered many e-mails received from Papal Roman Catholics and refuted all of the claims made for the cult in detail. This article deals with the reasons why Papal Rome should be recognised for the cult that it has clearly proved to be!

Henry VIII leaves Papal Rome - but takes many of her heresies with him!

How the 'Church of England' came into being - and, for 155 years, continued to follow Rome's evil, un-Biblical example of persecution and murder of the genuine Christians who followed the Bible zealously!

'Saints of Papal Rome?' - The truth about 'Mother Teresa' - 1 & 2

Rome & Ecumenism - Why the rise in Ecumenism?

Rome and Mariology!

Also see e-mails - in which most of the major differences between Roman Catholicism and orthodox Christianity are discussed.  Papal Roman Catholicism and its off-shoots are all cultic and therefore they appear in this Section despite the fact that a large number of  'Protestant Christians' - including some who belong to 'churches' which were once very 'orthodox Biblically' - have been increasingly duped into accepting them as 'brothers and sisters in Christ' and are now even losing members to Rome because of their ignorance!

The Mormons

The Mormons - What are the claims of 'THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS'

The Mormons - The TRUTH about the 'accuracy' of the BOOK OF MORMON

The Mormons - The  True  History  of  Mormonism

The Mormons - WHAT DO MORMONS BELIEVE? Atonement of Christ - or Mormon Death Society?

The Mormons - WHAT DO MORMONS BELIEVE? Book of Mormon - a Book of Hoaxes!

The Mormons - WHAT DO MORMONS BELIEVE? Saved by Grace or Works?

Also see e-mails


Christadelphians confirm Cult Status!

On Tuesday, June 30th 1998, the Christadelphians held a meeting at the Memorial Hall in Wentloog Road, Rumney, Cardiff, with the declared intention of replying to our tract -  "Beware the Cults". ...  [Their spokesman], Stephen Palmer turned his attention to trying to claim the local fisherman Rawlins White, who was burnt at the stake in Cardiff in 1555, as one of their own to try & support his defence of Christadelphianism against the cult label.

Jesus is the Kinsman-Redeemer for sin-enslaved humanity.  For Jesus to become such, however, He had to become related by blood to the human race.  This indicates the necessity of the incarnation.  Jesus became a man in order to redeem man (Hebrews 2:14-16) and, because He was also fully God, His sacrificial death had infinite value (Hebrews 9:11-28).

Also see e-mails

Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses - Lovers of Truth?

Are Jehovah's Witnesses really encouraged to make an 'EXAMINATION OF THEIR TEACHINGS, AS WELL AS THE TEACHINGS OF OTHER RELIGIONS'?  This section proves that this is another false claim by the WBTS!

WHO IS Jesus Christ?  Is He God?

The cover of the April 22nd, 2005 magazine 'Awake!',  published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (hereafter abbreviated to WBTS) of Jehovah's Witnesses, asked this question. Can their questions be answered? Read this section and discover how easily the WBTS are refuted!

WBTS False Prophecies - and the Lying Cover-ups!

A summary of the prophetic record of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society that leads Jehovah's Witnesses in their beliefs - and then denies that they ever prophesied at all when their prophesies are clearly shown to be false!

A tract is available online as a PDF file; this was written by Marjorie and  Leonard Chretien, who suffered as Jehovah's Witnesses during the period when the last major false prophecy of the WBTS (that Armageddon was due in 1975!) failed.  The tract and book they wrote detail this period and the effect of the other tragic false prophecies and doctrines that have ruined the lives and eternal futures of thousands who were duped by these cult leaders.


'Moonie' leader Rev. Sun Myung Moon dies aged 92 years'!

This section details the history of the self-styled Messiah, aka 'Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who formed his cult in time to dupe thousands, if not millions, to line the pockets of him and his family while engaging in his own style of pseudo-Christianity, with appropriate bizarre doctrines and ceremonies, that deceived such apostates as Jerry Faldwell who descended from his own farcical 'Moral Majority' to 'Major Mayhem' before his own inglorious death!

Torben Søndergaard and 'the Last Reformation'

Torben Søndergaard - the 'Last Reformation'

Did Todd Bentley prophesy that Torben Søndergaard would bring about 'the Last Reformation' through a move of the Holy Spirit that would sweep Denmark and attract hordes of people seeking healing and deliverance; and is Søndergaard's version of the 'gospel' and 'Holiness' based on the Book of Acts truly Biblical?  As always, Biblical truth destroys such pretensions!


The Occult Phenomena - What is the Occult?

Many people in this field will openly confess that they do not know where the power comes from. Often they will add that they do not even care as long as it works.  This is utterly reckless, for few seem to have considered the possibility that an evil malevolent force is playing games with them, feeding them morsels to satiate their curiosity.  There is a price to pay for dabbling in things that the God of the Bible has forbidden.

No matter what the 'art' practiced, there are TEN things the occult practitioner will not want you to know - and will not personally accept.

False Religions


Buddhism compared to Christianity

Also see e-mails

New Age Movement

What is the New Age Movement?

The NAM is a world view or philosophy of life held by many people. Although they wouldn't necessarily want it to be called a religion, the NAM embodies monistic pantheism (the false belief that everything is part of God).

'Burning Man' ... 'a no-holds-barred New Age "Woodstock" style festival, where neo-pagans, wiccans, transvestite entertainers, and back-slidden Christians go into trance, perform rituals, burn sacrifices to pagan gods and goddesses, dance in the nude, engage in sex, and otherwise "express" themselves and attempt to become one with 'Gaia' which has been a large part of the 'save the planet/global warming' religious movement which defies the promises of the One True God of the Bible for His Earth!

Also see e-mails - Napoleon Hill, 'Concept Therapy', and NAM objections to Biblical Salvation and Judgement


The Rise - or Fall - of Islam?

Sin Laden Bin Laden?


Arafat and bin Laden play into Israel's hands!

Islam has perpetuated an autocratic feudalism and cruelly held back basic human rights in the name of Allah

The Friends of Islam - Part 1

The result of friendship with Ahab!

The true history of Islam examined briefly

The Friends of Islam - Part 2

The Daily Mail printed ... four letters ... on the 27th September, ostensibly in reply to Casey's article, but allowing the expected deceptive presentation of Islam;

The example was set by 'the prophet'!

The History of Jihad - and the return of Islamic terrorism!

Muhammad a terrorist? Jerry Falwell briefly gets it right - for once!

Contemporary Jihad - Paknews views on Jerry Falwell!

The Claims of Islam - Muhammad and Jesus!

Sky News attempts to defend Islam - 'suicide bombers' = Samson!

Anti-Semitism order of the day in Beirut!

Hezbollah-Hamas Islamo-Nazis: 'Israel will be destroyed'!

Also see e-mails - in which most of the major differences between Islam and Christianity - and objections to Muhammad's teachings and practices - are discussed …

Christianity - orthodox and the heretical

What on earth is wrong with the Christian Church today?

Archbishop - or Arch-heretic? Stone of Triumph - or Stone of Shame?

Government Religious Hatred Bill? Daniel Scot in Cardiff & updates

Government Religious Hatred Bill? Updates from Christian Institute

Tribute to Ian Jones - dear brother & founder member of 'Direction'

Religious Hatred Bill: Defeated!

Roberts Case and Religious Hatred!

Cults, Islam, Hinduism - and Rome!

Also see e-mails - in which orthodox Christians and people claiming to be followers of Christ and His Word express their views on matters dealt with on this website …

Recent & Historical Articles

Savage Wolves - and Attack Dogs!

Anti-Semitic 'evangelicals'!

Anti-Semitism order of the day in Britain!

Anti-Semitism - continues!

Rome and Mariology!

Anti-Semitism order of the day in Beirut!

Hezbollah-Hamas Islamo-Nazis: 'Israel will be destroyed'!

Jehovah's Witnesses ask:  WHO IS Jesus Christ? Is He God?

Rick Warren continues to deceive the unwary!

Rick Warren - related deceivers - 1 to 9

Cults, Islam, Hinduism - and Rome!

Todd Bentley and Lakeland, Florida

Lakeland Sinking - Obama Rising!

Islamoxymoron in Gaza 1-3!

Islam persecutes to the uttermost!

NAM deceiver vies with Islam!

Hamas - The World - The Blame Game

'Arab Spring Time for Hitlerian Brotherhood'!

'Moonie' leader Rev. Sun Myung Moon dies aged 92 years'!

'A Tale of Two Teachers'!

'Islamo-Nazis protected by their own?'

'Anglican Archbishops - or Arch-heretics?'

'Donald 'Trumps' Islamic Deceivers!'

'Trump appoints John R. Bolton!'

'Muslim terrorist attack on Gaza thwarted!'

Torben Søndergaard - the 'Last Reformation'

Serial "Honour Killings" in Pakistan!

The West's Crimes against Persecuted Minorities in the Middle East

Colossal worldwide Christophobia grows!

Occultic Attack: From 'The Shack' to the 'White House'?!

Genocide of Christians and Jews - Ignored by the World!

'Black Lives Matter?' - unless you're a Nigerian Christian!

'Persecution Archives'

Consider the 'Peace' other religions bring!

Islam persecutes to the uttermost!

Israel and Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism order of the day in Beirut!

Anti-Semitic 'evangelicals'!

Anti-Semitism order of the day in Britain!

Anti-Semitism - continues!

Hezbollah-Hamas Islamo-Nazis: 'Israel will be destroyed'!

Islamoxymoron in Gaza 1-3!

'Donald 'Trumps' Islamic Deceivers!'

'Muslim terrorist attack on Gaza thwarted!'

E-mails: dialogue and comments









'New Age'

'Roman Catholicism'


'Word Faith'

'Miscellaneous Questions' - variety, both faith and topics!

Links to Good Sites

Sites worth visiting!

Genuine orthodox Apologetic and Watchman Ministries to Cults, False Religions & Seekers after Truth!


We are indebted to the work of countless saints who have followed the admonitions of the Apostles who imitated Christ (1 Corinthians 4:16; 11:1;   Ephesians 5:1;  1 Thessalonians 1:6; 2:14;  Hebrews 6:12; 1 Timothy 5:19-22) and who have taught so many through their works.  We particularly wish to acknowledge the blessings we have received from the work of the following individuals and their respective ministries, and from whom we have received teaching, inspiration, and who we have often quoted.  We apologise for oversights and omissions when we may have failed to adequately attribute work to their names (and to any who we may have completely overlooked!):

Abrahamic-Faith.org, The Berean Call, Robert M. Bowman, Bill Browning, Christian Research Institute, Comments from the Friends, David Cloud (Way of Life), F.S. Copleston, Arnold Fruchtenbaum (Ariel Ministries), James L. Garlow, John Gilchrist, William Gurnall, A. A. Hoekema, Dave Hunt, Dr Kurt E. Koch, Dr Martin Lloyd-Jones, John F. MacArthur, Jr., Duane Magnani, R.R. Maharaj, Walter R. Martin, Doug Mason, D.R. McConnell, Josh McDowell, Floyd McElveen, Tom McMahon, Nader Mikhaiel, Dr. A.J. Monty White, Robert Morey, Moriel Ministries, Personal Freedom Outreach, James Jacob Prasch (Moriel), Reachout Trust, David A. Reed, Ron Rhodes, F. Ridenour, Rock Salt Publishing, Bishop J.C. Ryle, J. Oswald Sanders, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Don Stewart (co-writer with McDowell, not the Word-Faith heretic!), James Sundquist, Sandra and Jerald Tanner, A. W. Tozer, David C.C. Watson, Randall Watters, James R. White, Eric E. Wright….

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