Rome & Ecumenism

Rome - the 'Whore of Babylon?'

Why the rise in Ecumenism? (cont.)

Roman Catholicism clearly preaches another gospel condemned by Paul (Galatians 1 :6-9)

Contrary to Rome's dogmas, believers know that God's Word declares repeatedly that: '
Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved' (Acts 4:12).  Only the blood of Jesus Christ, i.e., His death, can cleanse us from sin (1 John 1:7). Roman Catholicism clearly preaches another gospel condemned by Paul (Galatians 1:6-9).  The majority of 'evangelical Christians' are simply following their leaders toward Rome. A large number of Christian leaders and organizations seem to have chosen to be blind to Catholicism's false salvation and appear to be oblivious to the eternal destiny of a vast number of souls.  They even react badly when the Roman Catholic Church is called an enemy of the gospel, seemingly failing to check out the clear denunciation of the Biblical gospel by the Council of Trent, with its more than 100 anathemas (in addition to the four listed above), which was reaffirmed by the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s, thus both come from the highest Roman Catholic authority.  By contrast, the rejection of Rome's false gospel comes from the VERY highest authority, the Lord Jesus Christ who warned of those who add or take away from His Word (Revelation 22:18-19), as Rome has done, a testimony that is fully supported by His apostles (Galatians 1:6-9).

So why did evangelical leaders such as Chuck Colson, Pat Robertson, and J. I. Packer, and others, sign an agreement calling Catholics 'brothers and sisters in Christ' and agreeing not to evangelize them'?  We have men like James Dobson accepting an honorary degree from Catholic Franciscan University and Regent University, founded by Pat Robertson, allowing a Catholic bishop to say Mass on campus, where the school's president declared that his goal was '
to make room for all of the historic Christian traditions, both Protestant and Catholic'?  Astonishingly, Billy Graham declared, as long ago as 1952:

'Many of the people who have reached a decision for Christ at our meetings have joined the Catholic Church, and we have received commendations from Catholic publications for the revived interest in their church following one of our campaigns' (Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph 9/6/52)?

Twenty five years later he declared:

'I've found that my beliefs are essentially the same as those of Orthodox Roman Catholics … We only differ on some matters of later Church tradition' (McCall's 1/78)'?

Many other statements by Graham make us think he is a very average Bible student, for he has come out with some very ignorant statements during his tenure as a leading world evangelist. More than 70 percent of the chaplains for Prison Fellowship in the USA are Roman Catholic and Chuck Colson, a co-developer with Catholic priest Richard John Neuhaus of the '
Evangelicals and Catholics Together' accord, turned over the leadership of Prison Fellowship to Michael Timmis, a practicing Roman Catholic and Promise Keeper (another 'ecumenical deception') board member.  Hank Hanegraaff, president of the evangelical apologetics organization, Christian Research Institute, and host of 'The Bible Answer Man' radio programme, claims that Roman Catholicism is 'foundationally Christian' and tries to debunk  Dave Hunt's scholarship without bringing forward a single fact to support his claims.  Where is their evidence that Vatican II has changed the Roman Catholic Church so that it now follows 'Biblical lines'?

The Pope calls evangelicals 'sheep-stealing rapacious wolves' and 'dangerous sects'   

'Evangelical' Catholicism is really another part of a strategy to subvert evangelical Christianity - such as it is today - as part of the move to install the ultimate anti-Christ as ruler of the world. It becomes clearer with every decade that the anti-Christ's world religion will be a paganized Christianity, such as that developed under Constantine and which became Roman Catholicism. The Church of Rome views itself as the visible head of Christianity and claims authority over all who would call themselves Christians. Evangelical Christianity, which rejects Roman Catholic salvation and Rome's control in favour of the true gospel and submission to Jesus Christ as sole Redeemer is still Catholicism's most strident enemy. The primary reasons are that Catholics mixing with true evangelical 'Protestants' hear the Biblical gospel of salvation for the first time, believe it, and are truly and instantly saved.  They then leave the Church of Rome - unless Billy Graham advises otherwise!  These conversions have caused millions of Catholics around the world to leave Rome, especially in Latin American countries, resulting in the Pope calling evangelicals 'sheep-stealing rapacious wolves' and 'dangerous sects' (the Vatican term for cults).  The man who calls evangelicals this in one breath and then tries to curry favour with them in another is nothing but a hypocritical deceiver.  We have read his secondary agenda of surreptitiously guiding Roman Catholics into violent action against evangelical Christians in South American countries where they still burn and kill born-again Christians.

To counter those losses, beginning with
Vatican II, Rome donned evangelical apparel and added some Biblical accessories (although her un-Biblical salvation remains the same). Her goal has been to seduce evangelical Christians into believing that Roman Catholicism is proclaiming the same gospel and the same Jesus to convince the Billy Graham's of this world that converting Catholics is redundant at best, un-Christian at worst.  But haven't the modifications instituted by Vatican II, the ecumenical dialogues with Baptists, Mennonites, Assemblies of God, etc., the agreement on justification with Lutherans, and the 'Evangelicals and Catholics Together' accord, at least demonstrated that the Roman Catholic Church is indeed changing and becoming more Biblical? Augustin Cardinal Bea, president at the time of the Vatican Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity, and ardent suitor of leading evangelicals, made Rome's intentions clear:

The Roman Catholic Church would be gravely misunderstood if it should be concluded that her present ecumenical adventuresomeness and openness meant that she was prepared to re-examine any of her fixed dogmatic positions. What the Church is prepared to do is to take ... a more imaginative and contemporary presentation of these fixed positions. (emphasis added)

Rome is 'more imaginative' in the way a seedy estate agent describes some real estate as potential for improvement' - when they mean the property is a wasteland.  The Pope's 'real estate' is, in fact, eternity in Hell!

We are called to 'offend' Catholics with the truth that they are lost and on their way to Hell

Millions of former Catholics are now attending evangelical churches and these believers, although thankful for their own deliverance from spiritual bondage, nevertheless grieve daily over their lost loved ones. Yet what compounds their sorrow is not only the animosity shown by Catholic friends and family members because they left the Church, but the fact that, too often, their evangelical churches offer little or no help in reaching Catholics for Christ - some even disdain the activity as offensive and unloving.  TCE is made up of former Christians who were saved mainly out of cults - and, without exception, we have found the Protestant churches in Cardiff to be utterly apathetic to our appeals to participate in evangelism to the deceived.  We are called to 'offend' Catholics with the truth that they are lost and on their way to Hell - and then tell them the good news of what they need to
believe to be saved! It should be our heart's cry that this would matter deeply to every evangelical who claims to love Roman Catholics. Anything less proves that much of the present Protestant church does not really love her neighbour as herself (cf. Leviticus 19:18; Matthew 5:43; Mark 12:31;  Romans 13:9;  James 2:8), but loves the trappings of this world and the approval of men.

The current Pope has set himself up as the leader of world-wide ecumenism and presents an altogether different picture from the inflexible dogmatists who formerly occupied the position. On the contrary, John Paul II has taken the initiative in contacting leaders of the world's religions, accepting them as working toward the same goals of social justice, ecological concerns, and world peace, suggesting that their prayers are as effective as those of Catholics, and consequently has not attempted to convert any of them. He seems content to be acknowledged as the spiritual leader of the world's religions uniting for peace.  This stance of the Pope is entirely consistent with the religious system he represents, for Catholicism was formed through a union of 'Christianity' and paganism and has always adapted itself to whatever religion it Christianized.  In order to make converts, Rome has absorbed the paganism peculiar to each culture and dressed it in Christian terminology. Haiti, for example, claims to be about 85 percent Catholic, but is nearly 100 percent Voudun for every voodoo ceremony begins with Catholic prayers.  Hinduism happily amalgamates with Rome - what are a few more 'gods' like Mary to a deception that absorbs all other religions?  Likewise the deadly spiritist cult of Santeria is a blend of African witchcraft and Catholicism carried on in the name of 'saints' who front for African gods. In Rio de Janeiro the Catholic faithful visit cemeteries to petition the spirits of their ancestors along with the Catholic 'saints' and whichever version of 'Mary' they idolize!  Catholicism's paganized Christianity was developed by Constantine to unite his empire and he really was the first 'Pope John Paul' in recognising the value of religious concord in bringing political unity through an ecumenism of his time.  The Russian leader, Gorbachev, worked a similar front and, like Constantine, found a willing partner in the Roman pontiff.

John Paul II travels the world to enhance Roman Catholic ties to pagan religions and, at the Universities of Calcutta and New Delhi in his 1986 visit to India, the Pope told a huge Hindu audience that he had not visited them to teach them anything but to learn from their 'rich spiritual heritage.'  As the leader of worldwide ecumenism he declared:

India's mission …is crucial, because of her intuition of the spiritual nature of man.  Indeed, India's greatest contribution to the world can he to offer it a spiritual vision of man.  And the world does well to attend willingly to this ancient wisdom and in it to find enrichment for human living.'

Such praise of Hinduism, by the man who claims to be 'leader of world Christendom,' seems inconceivable and shows that he is either utterly ignorant of the cruel caste system and judgmental attitude that allows those born disadvantaged in any way to be left in their suffering state by the more privileged - in case their 'karma' is disturbed and they have to come back 'in another body' in order to pay for their past misdemeanours - or he is utterly callous.  This tolerant acceptance of all religions is exactly the requirement to unite mankind under the anti-Christ!  So many naïve Christians have allied themselves to the ecumenical movement already that only God can turn the tide and that will likely be through His usual peaceful way of letting us follow our own hearts and desires so that the 'sin cycle' of Judges will chastise us [we
sin, God allows oppression to chastise us to the point we cry out in repentance - and then He delivers us!]. 

The vile decisions already being made by the increasingly powerful European courts in Brussels will lead to greater and greater oppression of Christians, until those who allowed the Word of God to be trampled on will find there is a famine for the Word, and they will no longer even be allowed to preach the truth from the Bible.  The Pope has clearly and repeatedly declared his intentions to use Europe and ecumenism to promote his goals.  In Geneva, Switzerland, speaking to leaders of the World Council of Churches representing 400 million Protestants worldwide, John Paul II declared:

From the beginning of my ministry as bishop of Rome, I have insisted that the engagement of the Catholic Church in the ecumenical movement is irreversible.

We see 'JP II' kissing tarmac on our news, but never hear the other side of his agenda

Why have so many Protestants allied themselves to this movement when the Pope has made it clear that there can never be any '
compromise on the issue of papal authority'?  Liberal Protestants ignore the blatant intentions of the Pope and participate in his ecumenical movement, even heaping praise upon him for his 'spiritual and moral leadership.'  Thus the modern 'Pontius Pilates' wash their hands of responsibility as the Pope travels to South America wearing the 'historical' Papal hat to declare that Catholics should 'resist Protestants in the street' - with the result that genuine born again Christians have their houses and churches burnt down!  Notice how often we see 'JP II' kissing tarmac on our news, but never hear the other side of his agenda.

John Paul II continues to openly promote New Age pantheistic ideas - which is enough in itself for orthodox Christians to distance themselves from this deceiver. Although the New Age movement has been thoroughly exposed for over 30 years, its basic tenets continue to gain an ever wider acceptance, even among evangelicals, and will play an important role for the anti-Christ to establish his rule.  As early as 1961, the deceived James I. McCord, president of Princeton Theological Seminary, urged Christians to accept the New Age with its accompanying syncretization of Christianity, and other religions, as a gift from God.  Early in 1981, when I had been a Christian for a few months, my wife, who had known Jesus as Personal Lord, Saviour, and Friend, for about 25 years, received a letter from a friend in her previous church, the United Reformed Church in Watford.  Her friend enclosed a booklet which she '
had found helpful in her prayer life'.  The booklet was called 'Tools for Meditation' published by The Grail, a society of 'Christian' lay people, and written by J. de Rooy.  It claimed that:

'classical spirituality and mysticism have been rediscovered  ... through a detour among the religious practices of the East' and employed Zen and Yoga techniques 'to meditate ... to expand our consciousness, to become one with the 'It', the Absolute, the One who transcends all and is in all.'

One of the recommended meditation exercises was on  'a teapot':

Take a teapot, an ordinary household teapot. Put it in front of you. Look at it, Pick it up, turn it round and look at it from every angle. Take off the lid. Look into it. Smell it, taste it even. Let it speak to you. Then give the teapot a praying voice. Pray as the teapot. Do this for twenty minutes.'

How does meditating on 'a teapot' help in your relationship with the God of the Universe - the One this mystical group called 'It'!  'The Grail' might as well 'pray as a fruitcake'!  There are no Scriptures which could possibly connect this idea from Eastern Religion with Christianity.  Yet how this kind of deception has accelerated since those days and we have seen churches in Cardiff offering Martial Arts, Yoga, Buddhist and meditation courses from their premises!  Arch-heretic Carey poses the question - 'What is wrong with Christianity in Britain?'  You really don't need to look further than the influence of Carey and his circle of heretical contacts in the Ecumenical and New Age realm.

James McCord was obviously well down this road long before most other heretics in the church, for he wrote:  '
Our most widely read historian, Arnold Toynbee, is an apostle of an amalgam of Christianity and Mahayanian Buddhism.'  The anti-Christ Pope is several steps ahead of both McCord and Toynbee in his personal diplomacy with Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims and the adherents of many other religions and openly promotes the same belief system as the New Age Movement, for he claims that united prayers for peace of every kind, from yoga to witchcraft rituals, are releasing powerful 'spiritual energies' to heal our planet. The Roman Catholic Church, like the World Council of Churches, has been promoting global co-operation among all religions for many years.  Likewise, Toynbee's penchant for a Buddhist-Christian partnership is shared by many prominent religious leaders such as Newark's Episcopalian heretic, former Bishop John S. Spong:

In the fall of 1988, I worshipped God in a Buddhist temple. As the smell of incense filled the air, I knelt before three images of the Buddha, feeling that the smoke could carry my prayers heavenward.  It was for me a holy moment for I was certain that I was kneeling on holy ground ...I will not make any further attempt to convert the Buddhist, the Jew, the Hindu or the Moslem. I am content to learn from them and to walk with them side by side toward the God who lives, I believe, beyond the images that bind and blind us.

Spong was also clearly well down the road to becoming 'a teapot' (q.v.) and allowed to survive for far too long in his cushy little job in which he was well positioned to cause even more damage to the Nicolaitian church (
Revelation 2:6-15) which gave him such power.  In Britain we had to endure the vile deceiver Don Cupitt who, in 1981, was allowed to promote his own vehicle of New Age deception, 'Sea of Faith', on national television.  As a failed priesthood holder who has made a 'shipwreck of his own faith', Cupitt is ably supported by a band of heretics ensconced as 'bishops' in the Anglican church. These deceivers made more fuss over the un-Scriptural ordination of women than they did over 'Bishop' David Jenkins' heresy over the Virgin Birth and the Resurrection of Christ, or the approval of homosexuals as priests.  Why do formerly orthodox churches unite themselves to such liberal and heretical groups?  Because the time of the anti-Christ moves ever nearer as these people move ever further away from God.

'His Holiness' the Dalai Lama, of Tibetan Buddhism, has been alongside the Pope for many years and is therefore well received by Roman Catholic leaders around the world.  The Berean Call reported:

In 1979, at the start of his first U.S. tour, the exiled Tibetan 'god-king' was fêted at Roman Catholicism's New York City landmark, St. Patrick's Cathedral, where he participated in a 'prayer service' described by
Time as 'an extraordinary inter-religious festival.' New York's Cardinal Cooke was the host and the Dalai Lama, who declared that 'all the world's major religions are basically the same,' was given a standing ovation by the overflow crowd of nearly 5,000.

We have news for him: there is one true religion, orthodox Biblical Christianity and the claims of the Lord Jesus Christ are utterly unique - and
ALL other religions are false!  Cardinal Cooke, who 'shared his sanctuary with a rabbi and a Protestant minister as well as his Buddhist guest', declared:

This is one of the dramatic movements of the Spirit in our time. We make each other welcome in our churches, temples and synagogues.

Immediately after the invention of printing, when every press in Europe was engaged printing the Bible, there was one solitary exception, the Pope's press at Subiaco, near Rome. The first book ever printed in Italy was printed there in 1465, and from that time it poured forth a perfect stream of literature of all kinds; but never a book, never a chapter, never a verse of Scripture.

The Roman Catholic Church in Italy, p. 212

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