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Rome - the 'Whore of Babylon?'

Why the rise in Ecumenism? - 2

Can you have 'unity' without dealing with the issues of a counterfeit spirit?

There are many misguided adherents who have been duped into believing that they are born again Christians because they speak in tongues.  Most people in the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement would not dare consider that most of the 'gifts' demonstrated at their meetings are counterfeit.  We say this as believers who accept that the 'gifts of the Spirit' are still for today.  But the evidence shows that pollution of the clear stream of Living Water from God has taken place and the occultic spirit allowed to participate through the 'spirit of ecumenism (anti-Christ!)', giving rise to
'doctrines of demons' (1 Timothy 4:1) in supposedly Christian meetings.  'Evangelical' Catholics and born again Christians who fellowship in these circumstances declare that genuine and important theological issues 'must be discussed and worked through,' but they are foolishly pleading for 'unity' without dealing with the issues of a counterfeit spirit.  Anyone involved in occultic practices - which exist in abundance in the Roman Catholic church - is liable to bring the same 'spirits' (demons!)  with them if they have not first fully renounced their previous sinful life (in the Roman Catholic church!). Mariolatry, necromancy, and a host of paganistic errors plague the adherent to Roman Catholicism.  The Holy Spirit will not inspire anyone to stay in error once they know the truth!  Most of the people in the EC movement will not confront any of these serious issues.

The issue is more than a theological debate, for the eternal destiny of souls is at stake! The practical affect of Roman Catholicism's false gospel on hundreds of millions of lives is that you are unlikely to find
one Catholic who has any idea of God's way of salvation or who has any assurance of going to heaven because they have been duped into believing that their hope lies in the Church and its sacraments, seeking indulgences, and leading a 'good' life to try and work their way into heaven.  We have no doubt of their sincerity in crying out to Mary (who has no power at all), their prayers to the images (idolatry!), their devotion in lighting their candles, attending Masses, crossing themselves repeatedly, and their hope that somehow the Church will get them to heaven. But they have no assurance of salvation because this is not the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!  When Luis Palau came as a missionary to Wales, in 1989, I made a survey of our estate in Cardiff.  I could not find a single Catholic who could explain the gospel, or even knew what it takes to be saved.  They were incredulous when I told them that I was assured of going to heaven after I die 'because Jesus has paid the full price already and the Scriptures say so - and God doesn't lie!'  None of them knew that it is sufficient only to believe in Jesus to be saved and that the blood of Jesus alone is, in itself, a sufficient price paid to redeem them from the curse of sin. The more involved they were in Roman Catholicism - and this was very few of them - the more firmly they held to the necessity of works added to their 'faith.'  One thought that most held consistently, at first, was that 'we believe the same as you!'  This is how well ecumenism has done its work - and it was very difficult to get across to them that they have been deceived.  This is the reason that we have distanced ourselves from denominations, such as the Baptist Union, who preach ecumenism and have sold out their heritage and undermined Biblical infallibility for 'a mess of pottage' (Genesis 25:29-34) as Esau so easily relinquished his birth-right (for a cheap meal!).

Extreme Unction - 'just in case' - plus the occult?

Given the above facts, it should come as no shock to find that 98-99% of people who are raised Roman Catholic have
serious doubts about their religion. In fact, they are no more secure in their faith than the average 'nominal Christian' of any other persuasion who claims to have some belief in God - yet, when questioned, reveal that they are far from certain that they have a sure and fixed destination in heaven awaiting them on death.  Worse still, when questioned carefully, both 'types' of 'Christian' will often insist that no one can know for certain that there is life after death of any kind, never mind the possibility of knowing for certain of a heavenly destination.  In Protestant circles this is the result of more than a hundred years of Satanic effort to undermine the Bible by 'higher criticism', liberalism and cultic and occultic infiltration of the church. Satan's forces had already done their work centuries ago in Catholicism and the Reformation threw off many of their errors, but failed to go far enough.  Most doubting Catholics have been turned off by these same forces, operating through priests who openly say they don't believe in God or the Bible, yet still recite Mass, alcoholic and paedophilic priests, and Rome's dogmatic mind-control and domination of lives through the church machinations.  A typical example of confused doctrines and inept answers to FAQs used to be found on Friar Richard Lonsdale's site ( - his sincere, but misguided, work has now been transformed into an ecumenical sales and resources site for the deceived!

Most Catholics still want Extreme Unction when they die, accepting the Masses and prayers that will be said for them after their death 'just in case.' Satan always does his work well in this area for, when disillusion sets in, instead of seeking the truth, Roman Catholicism has often turned even the most sincere against all religion, making it extremely difficult to evangelize them. The tragic alternative of the spiritual void which is their legacy, causes many to attempt to fill their lives with Satan's pseudo-religions of self-improvement and occultic powers. This is clearly the reason the cults abound in Catholic dominated countries such as Spain.

Anyone who has followed programmes on religion from Roman Catholic dominated countries, particularly where slavery has been used by the conquering European countries to populate places like South America, cannot fail to notice the amalgamation of Catholicism with native pagan religions.  The rituals may be unique in the Rome-controlled church, but follow the religion of the people in their own homes and you find
their 'Mary' and 'Jesus' sharing shrines with Voudun and Santeria 'gods'.  This merger with paganism is now infiltrating evangelical circles because of the insidious affects of psychology and ecumenism.  This evil ecumenism urges us not to offend others, but to be tolerant of all beliefs in order to 'win' others to Christ.  Occult techniques which have infiltrated the Protestant church through so-called 'Christian' psychotherapy and the 'inner healing/recovery movement,' and associated deceptions which crept into the formerly orthodox church some years ago.  Thanks to the Carey's of the world, worse is to come.  People who have been saved out of Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, the occult, New Age, 'psychotherapy,' etc., find the same errors from which they were delivered are now proliferating inside the evangelical church.  If they have been trained to turn to the Bible for truth they are aware enough to be looking for biblically sound Christian fellowships in their area.  How many are there in my home city of Cardiff?  Few! Those that have not been involved in he 'Alpha Farce' or 'Careyism' are into ecumenism, allow New Age teachings/Eastern Religion to be practiced in their buildings, defend Word-Faith heresies, or are liberal, dying churches who are non-evangelical in the Biblical sense!  I pray that some will wake up to this truth for, at the moment, the formerly Protestant church no longer 'protests' but simply acquiesces!  Before the September 11th atrocity in New York, Arch-heretic Carey questioned why the British church had so little to offer.  The simple fact is that most of the church has compromised with errors such as Rome - and Carey is one of the principle offenders.

'Arrogant triumphalism?'

How do Roman Catholic spokesmen respond to our charge that Catholics have a false gospel? They resort to accusations of 'arrogant triumphalism' and try to trivialize the vital issues of the Reformation - issues that were deemed so important that Catholics burned hundreds of thousands of Christians at the stake for refusing to violate their consciences.  When we see the Pope admitting that the false doctrines of his church caused the deaths of these martyrs then we might see cause for further discussion.  But this is not going to happen under this Pope unless the Lord brings his enfeebled frame to its knees before he is finally removed from this mortal coil.  I hope no one is deceived by any of his statements in which he tried to lay the blame on the excesses of the past on 'lay Roman Catholic.' It is a fact that the Inquisitions and murderous attacks on early Protestants, such as the Vaudois, Albigenses, Waldenses, and other evangelical Christians, were all with Papal authority!  Catholic apologists still try to dismiss the Reformation as a 'divorce' due to 'misunderstandings' in the family, and subsequently fail to deal realistically with the facts of history and subsequently insult the martyrs.  They call for Protestants to 'return home' to Rome claiming that 'to belong to Christ is to belong to his church' which, of course, they see only as the Catholic church.  Tragically, many weak and ignorant Christians turn to Rome without ever examining the gospel projected by the Vatican.  British Tory M.P., Ann Widdecombe, rejected the Anglican Church and joined Rome over the ordination of women; but we ask why did she not flee earlier during the grave heresies of the Bishop of Durham, David Jenkins, or the issue of the ordination of homosexuals?  Perhaps because a large part of her life had already been spent receiving subtle indoctrination in Catholic schools - a grave error which Charles Chiniquy warned about over a hundred years ago, his argument against being clearly based on 2 Corinthians 6:14-18.


The Roman Catholic 'apologists' who accuse orthodox Christians of writing 'virulent, false and angry anti-Catholic tracts' promise to fight the battle for unity with 'truth,' but never honestly admit the real teachings of Catholicism and the facts which these 'tracts' detail, nor are they able to refute them (see details of past atrocities on
Page 93).  Many Catholics deny they worship Mary and claim that she is only 'honoured' as follows:

'Mary is co-redemptrix of the human race ... because with Christ she ransomed mankind from the power of Satan. Jesus redeemed us with the blood of His body, Mary with the agonies of her heart … The church and the saints greet her thus:  'You, O Mary, together with Jesus Christ, redeemed us.' ... God has ordained that no grace will be granted to us except through Mary … No one will be saved or obtain mercy except through you, O Heavenly Lady ... No one will enter heaven without passing through Mary as one would pass through a door … O Mary, our salvation is in your hands.'

These are just a few of the phrases used by the Vatican machine to add to Scripture.  This is not the gospel; it is blasphemy and there is not
ONE word in the Bible to support these claims with respect to Mary!  Yet these are the beliefs of Pope John Paul II, whose theology is not questioned for a moment by Rome's 'apologists' or deceived men like Billy Graham.  Rome declares that Mary was kept from sin, which denies the gospel that 'all have sinned' (Romans 3:23) and that Christ alone was the sinless God-man who died for all mankind.  There is not one word in the Bible to support the idea that Mary is a member of the godhead, or that Mary was sinless, and it is these facts that present the question Roman Catholics, from the Popes downwards, can NEVER answer: If God could keep Mary, then He could have kept Eve and all human beings from sin, thus eliminating the need for Christ to die!  This massive nail in the coffin of her theology answers all the questions we ever need to ask of Rome.  Her doctrines are pagan and utterly idolatrous!

What are these ecumencial 'evangelical Christians' thinking about when they watch Roman Catholics approach the idols in the Churches of Rome?  Misled Catholics kiss the crucifix reverently, kiss the nail-pierced feet of the figure hanging upon it, then rub the hand that had touched the sacred object across their face or forehead as though to absorb some blessing emanating from it - familiar scenes observed in Hindu pagan rituals.  The major prayer effort for these devout Catholics is directed to
'Mary, the dispenser of every grace God grants to sinners.'  While Rome admits that Christ is the way to the Father, Roman Catholics are taught that Mary is the sole conduit by which they hope to reach Christ for grace to be granted.  To compound the error, Catholic prayers are not offered to some vague Mary in heaven, but to 'Our Lady of Fatima,' or 'Our Lady of Lourdes,' or to some other apparition of one's preference. It never seems to cross their minds that Scripture warns that 'even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light' (2 Corinthians 11:14), perhaps because the Bible is a closed book to most of them. Dave Hunt writes:

'In Zaragoza, Spain, prayers are invariably directed to 'Mary of the Pillar.'  Her image is the major focus of attention and honour, for this basilica was built around a pillar where 'Mary' allegedly appeared to the Apostle James.  To gain Mary's favour, adherents have kissed the marble pillar, where this 'miracle' supposedly occurred, to the point that a deep indentation has been worn into it.  A picture of the equally blinded Pope John Paul II, who kissed the 'holy place' during a visit, is also situated by the pillar. Numerous Masses are performed each day - beginning with many prayers to 'Mary of the Pillar' before any mention is made of Jesus.  Paper-thin wafers and golden cups of wine are supposedly transformed into Christ's literal body and blood. Though the appearance of wafers and wine remains unchanged, worshippers cross themselves and murmur in awe at this great 'miracle.' Holding aloft first a wafer, then a cup, the priest kneels and worships 'Christ' now present, then offers His flesh and blood as a sacrifice for participants' sins. Anyone denying that each Mass is itself a true,
propitiatory sacrifice is, of course, anathematised (eternally damned) by Rome.  In Zaragoza, the small idol of Mary, about two feet tall, is daily dressed in a different flaring skirt.  About 400 of these priceless costumes, embroidered with precious stones and adorned with diamonds and pearls, compose the 'Virgin's' regalia.  Maria Pilar is, understandably, the most popular name given to girls born in this region of Spain.  The open paganism and idolatry involved in Roman Catholicism is a shock to orthodox Christians who visit Spain, Italy, or Central and South America. In the United States, and Britain, Catholicism hides behind a Christian mask and even claims to be evangelical.' (The Berean Call -

Just as Islam puts on another face for the ignorant, such as George Bush and Tony Blair, in countries where they are in the majority there is no attempt to hide the obvious occultism, idolatry and worship of Mary. There is also no pretence to loving their neighbours in Catholic countries, where Rome has long persecuted and killed evangelicals and still vigorously opposes them.

'How can evangelicals join Roman Catholics in evangelism?

Former Roman Catholics who have found the truth and are now born again Christians are astonished at the ignorance of Christians in Britain and the USA and wonder how evangelicals can even dream of joining Roman Catholics in evangelism!  Those ignorant of history will be unaware of the thousands of evangelicals who were tortured and martyred in Europe not so long ago. The priests in strongly Catholic countries still oppose the gospel continually and would bring back the Inquisition again if they ever regain the power that once was theirs and born again, former Roman Catholics, are still disowned by their families for becoming Christians, and persecuted and jailed for their faith.  Christians in Britain might suggest that this doesn't occur in any form in Britain.  Contact (former Jehovah's Witness) Bill Browning, of 'Reachout Trust.' [ ].  When he found out the truth about Jesus and was born again, he rushed out into the street to share his joy with others.  He attempted to share his new found faith with a passing Roman Catholic priest and was asked which church he went to now and, when he replied 'Elim', he was told: 'You might just as well have stayed where you were!'  The Elim Pentecostal denomination has fallen into error by supporting Word-Faith heretics and embracing Toronto, Pensacola etc., but they still present the truth of salvation and the major Biblical doctrines.

This is by no means an isolated example for Rome is not just riddled with pagan beliefs and practices, but also clearly rife with New Age neo-paganism, as Dave hunt has exposed:

'One example was the work of Matthew Fox, a Dominican priest who, in 1977, founded the
Institute for Culture and Creation Spirituality (ICCS) and included Starhawk the witch, Buck Ghost Horse, a North American shaman, Luish Teish, a voodoo priestess, and Robert Frager, a Sufi mystic in his faculty.  Fox proved to be a pantheist whose 'Cosmic Christ' [see Benjamin Crème etc. in NAM section] is everyone and everything.  Obviously Fox is no more a Christian than thousands of other heretics hiding in Roman and Protestant churches but, although the Vatican hypocritically rejected his teaching they forbade his direct 'priestly' duties for only one year (ending December 15, 1989).  Since Fox was not immediately unfrocked or dis-fellowshipped, he continues to have tremendous influence in the Roman Catholic Church.  Nuns, priests and lay Catholics have embraced Fox's anti-Christian heresies and they, also, have not been excommunicated but remain in the Roman Catholic Church.' (The Berean Call - )

The Ecumenical movement which you praise is the greatest disaster to affect the Christian church this century. It has reduced the professing churches of this country to a collection of bloodless, spineless and boneless organizations, which can hardly raise a whimper on the side of Christ and His truth. Small wonder that evil progresses as it does, and spiritual darkness becomes more intense as the years go by. You appear to regard a body of professing Christians, of sober conduct, and deep spirituality of mind, as fanatical and bigoted. If this be so then the eminent men of God, such as John Knox of Scotland, John Calvin and Martin Luther on the Continent, and Archbishop Cranmer in England, were bigots in their contests with the errors of Popery. We are glad to be in such company.

Donald MacClean, Clerk to the Synod Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland  - Open letter in The Times (November, 1988)

I am convinced that many [who call themselves] evangelicals are not truly and soundly converted. Among the evangelicals it is entirely possible to come into membership, to ooze in by osmosis, to leak through the cells of the church and never know what it means to be born of the Spirit and washed in the blood....

What we need is what the old Methodists called a sound conversion... The children of the protesters, children of the Reformation, have been brainwashed and indoctrinated by those who believe that changes have made a difference in God
*s plan, a difference in Christianity and a difference in Christ. We have been brainwashed to believe that we cannot read the Bible as we used to. We must now read it through glasses colored by change. We have been hypnotized by the serpent, the devil, into believing that we no longer have a trustworthy Bible, so Protestantism is no longer a moral force in the world.

Running our Protestant world are people who talk solemnly about Christ but who do not mean what the Bible means. They talk about revelation and inspiration, but they do not mean what our fathers meant. They accept the belief that there has been change and that Christians must adjust to the change. The word used is adjustment. We must get adjusted, forgetting that the world has always been blessed by the people who were not adjusted....

Jesus was among the most maladjusted people in His generation. He never pretended to adjust to the world. He came to die for the world and to call the world to Himself, and the adjustment had to be on the other side.

A. W. Tozer

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