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The History of Jihad (cont.)

. . . and the return of Islamic terrorism!

There is a clear and irrefutable link between the today's terrorism, known as jihad, and the past wars of Muslim expansion which were begun by the 'prophet' Muhammad as a clear and instructed path for the creation of Allah's 'kingdom on earth.'  Muslims make the same claim for 'the crusades' as Professor John Casey attempts in the biased account printed in the Daily Mail (Saturday, 22nd September, 2001).  To claim that the crusades were the origin of the conflict between Islam and Christianity is historically inaccurate, for the first crusade was in 1096 AD whereas jihad had already been the major force for Islamic expansion for 500 years before this date.

... clear contrast between the teachings of Christ ('He who lives by the sword will die by the sword') and Muhammad ('The sword is the key to heaven and hell')

In the past year we have witnessed articles written by the spineless Milquetoast media of Britain,  in which anti-Christian sentiment and the Muslim community in the West has attempted to redefine jihad, claiming that it is not an attempt to convert people to Islam by force. In their weaker moments some Muslims occasionally admit there may have been exceptions to this 'rule' in the 1st century of Islam.  However, the truth is clear: jihad is the command of Allah through Muhammad to 'expand and extend Islam until the whole world is under Muslim rule.'  The jihad is essentially a permanent state of hostility that Islam maintains against the rest of the world, with or without fighting, for sovereignty over expanding territories. It is a duty and an obligation for all Muslims.  There is a clear contrast between the teachings of Christ (which is rather, 'He who lives by the sword will die by the sword') and Muhammad ('The sword is the key to heaven and hell').  Christians who kill - except in self-defence or defence of the weak and helpless - are ignoring the words of Christ.  Muslims who kill are obeying Muhammad - and Muslims who don't kill, torture and betray treaties and agreements are not following the example set by their prophet and his contemporaries.

The clear link between jihad and anti-Christ 'crusades' of the popes

The Crusades were undertaken between 1096 AD until 1270 AD and were an attempt to retake the former Christian area of  Palestine.  In contrast, the
jihad has been underway for 1,300 years and was a clear attempt to occupy Europe, Asia and Africa, and convert these peoples to Islam by the threat of conversion or death!  Why do we not hear of the Muslim capture of Jerusalem from the Christians in 638 AD, or of the capture of Spain about 70 years later, or of the subsequent 800 year occupation?  It was the inroads caused by jihad against Europe that triggered Pope Urban II to call for the first Crusade in 1095 AD. Orthodox Christians who know their Bible would not follow a Papal Bull from the seat of corrupt Rome for a minute - except in ignorance.  Since Rome had closed the Bible to all but their select clergy, who interpreted it as the Popes instructed, we cannot be surprised that the Dark Ages caused the ignorant to follow an un-Scriptural call to arms.  Those who bleat about past 'Colonialism' - and still throw the same charge at the USA - forget that this was never exclusively Western.  Muslim lands colonized much of Europe in the 7th -19th centuries, and the two colonized each other in the 19th century.

In fact, Europe colonized Muslim lands mainly in the period between 1830-1960 - a period of only 130 years.  People should not confuse the main aims of Western colonialism with missionary work by Christians, for missionaries take advantage of contact with other races and have no Scriptural warrant for partaking in the atrocities perpetrated by invading armies.  Muslims confuse Western nations with their own Shariah methods, but having a nominal Christian presence in a nation has never guaranteed that the policies of the government or dictator would be Christian. The emperor Constantine began the trend of feigning genuine conversion for political ends which have been perpetuated by the Popes of Roman Catholicism in the genuine blood-thirsty crusades to extend their personal kingdoms on earth.  The title, 'Vicar of Rome,' means literally  (from the Greek) anti-Christ, i.e. in place of Christ, and the atrocities of Rome in the Crusades and in the Conquistador's invasion of South America speak volumes for the truth of this title!  Those partaking in these atrocities are only Christians by name, or they are acting in ignorance.  The world should be aware that orthodox Christians treat Roman Catholicism as the biggest pseudo-Christian cult in the world and are commanded by Scripture not to fellowship with them as they follow an accursed gospel (
Galatians 1:6-9) of salvation by works, sacraments, and idolatrous worship of Mary, the saints, and icons.  The fact that Arch-heretic Carey, and other ignorant contemporary Christian leaders, have ignored the Reformation and the example of their own martyrs, such as Cranmer, Latimer and Ridley (all burned at the stake by Rome for refusing to bow to the Whore of Babylon) does not change these facts.

Strange that the Koran states that women can be beaten (like a camel or criminal!)

Apologists for Islam conveniently forget that Muslims have freedom of worship in Christian lands, but refuse to allow the same in their own lands where the penalty for apostasy from Islam is still death!  It is noticeable that the Muslim community in Britain was quick to squeal about harassment and attacks here, but you hear nothing from them about the church burnings and victimisation of Christians and other religions in their countries - the ones they have fled from to enjoy freedom and democracy in the West.  In my earlier letter I dealt with the lie that Muslims rely on when they assert that Islam is essentially a patriotic movement aimed at asserting Arabian independence and prestige.  Our media have displayed their usual massive ignorance in allowing Muslims and people calling themselves Christians to air unchallenged views in which we hear the claims that Islam is a non-violent, peaceful religion, and its adherence 'are not allowed to harm animals', let alone kill women and children. Strange that the Koran states that women can be beaten:
Sura 4:34:  Section 6. Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given the one more (strength) than the other, and because they support them from their means. Therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient, and guard in (the husband's) absence what Allah would have them guard. As to those women on whose part ye fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them (first), (next), refuse to share their beds, (and last) beat them (lightly); but if they return to obedience, seek not against them means (of annoyance): For Allah is Most High, Great (above you all).
This is Yusuf Ali's translation from the Koran which is distributed by the Islamic Propagation Centre International (obtainable from Barry and Vale of Glamorgan Islamic Society, Barry Islamic Centre, Weston Hill, Barry, UK, CF6 7HY) and contains the 'cleaned up' version.  In fact the word in Arabic is much stronger than the word 'beat them' and it does not read 'lightly.'  The original language actually translates 'scourge them' (see Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthal's accurate translation) and is the same word used to describe the beating of camels and criminals!  Do Muslims really believe that 'tapping lightly on the wrist with a twig' - a quote from a Muslim on a live phone-in radio debate- would control camels or punish violent criminals?  It is no accident that Muslims households in Arabic countries have camel whips on their walls to 'scourge' women.  Many who escape this evil religion testify to this fact.

Muhammad established his authority through intrigue, manoeuvring, assassinations, wars ...

There is clear historical evidence that Muhammad established his authority through intrigue, manoeuvring, assassinations, wars, and made monetary gain through caravan raids, mainly on the Jewish traders. When Muhammad was successful in battle (Nakhla and Badr) we have strong evidence that he was far from the kind and considerate Saladin figure portrayed by Professor Casey.  For example, Abu Jahl, Muhammad's 'enemy' from Mecca, was executed and his head given to Muhammad!  Many Arabian poets who rejected Islam wrote verses mocking Muhammad and a female poet, Asthma bint Marwan, and two males, Abu Afak and Kab, were killed for writing disrespectful verses.  Terror was an effective weapon used by Muhammad and caused many people to become loyal - the alternative was death.  There are many examples of Muhammad's cruelty.  Those whose cities and lands he invaded were tortured to reveal their hidden treasures, and tribesmen to whom he feigned hospitality were robbed and then vilely killed  (by cutting off their hands and feet so they bled to death slowly).  Kihouna, the Jewish chief at Khaybar, was tortured by Muhammad in order to reveal the whereabouts of his gold and, when he was dead, Muhammad married his 17 year old widow, Safiya, on the same day.  The Jewish Beni Quraiza tribe were decimated, all the men being slain (~800) and their wives and children sold as slaves.  The Muslim soldiers responsible received large amounts of booty but Muhammad took a fifth for himself!  The Koran (Sura 33:25) praises God for the killings because they caused Muhammad to be feared. This kind of murder and intrigue, feigning peace treaties which they renége on, is typical of today's Muslim ruler, and Israel is right to trust Yasser Arafat and Saddam Hussein as far as they could throw them! How ironic that the West was dull enough to award a Peace Prize to a man (Arafat) whose organisation had been responsible for more assassinations and terrorism than any other Islamic terrorist group - until Tuesday, 11th September!

Mohammed knew that sex would sell well ...

People may wonder how the Islamic hordes of outnumbered, under-equipped Arabs,  made such huge territorial victories so quickly?  It was partially as a result of the corruption of Christianity brought about by Papal Rome, the Greek 'Orthodox' Church and splinter sects, and warfare between the Byzantines and the Persians which exhausted both empires.  But a major factor for Islamic success was plunder!  Either in this life or the next, the soldier of Islam was promised riches and women and there is a detailed and graphic description of Muslim paradise, complete with houris (beautiful young virgins) for the lechers, young boys for the homosexual perverts, rivers of wine - and the enjoyment of watching those in torment in 'the Fire' (Hell)!

Mohammed knew that sex would sell well among the group of his lecherous followers who were motivated to fight battles by the promise of sex slaves and booty and, by constantly emphasizing to his followers that they would get untouched virgins in Paradise, he shows us his opinion of the institution of marriage and his fairness to women.  What sort of religion promises its adherents that, when they get to heaven (or before - since divorce is so easy in Islam), they can conveniently ditch their wives for the fresher and more pleasurable sexual encounters with 'houris'.  What do they promise women?  Remember, Allah is all merciful! He gives the wives the rare honour of watching their husbands de-flower those 72 houris (virgins) and 28 young, pre-pubescent boys!  What a truly great religion.

The relevant verses from the Koran are:
Sura 78:31  As for the righteous, they shall surely triumph. Theirs shall be gardens and vineyards, and high- bosomed virgins for companions: a truly overflowing cup.
Sura 37:40-48  ...They will sit with bashful, dark-eyed virgins, as chaste as the sheltered eggs of ostriches.
Sura 44:51-55  ...Yes and We shall wed them to dark-eyed houris. (beautiful virgins)
Sura 52:17-20 ...They shall recline on couches ranged in rows. To dark-eyed houris (virgins) we shall wed them...
Sura 55:56-57  In them will be bashful virgins neither man nor Jinn will have touched before.  Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny ?"
Sura 55:57-58  Virgins as fair as corals and rubies.  Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny ?"
Sura 56:7-40  ...We created the houris (the beautiful women) and made them virgins, loving companions for those on the right hand.. "
Sura 55:70-77  In each there shall be virgins chaste and fair... Dark eyed virgins sheltered in their tents whom neither man nor Jinn will have touched before..
In the Hadiths, Mohammed goes one step further and expands the promise of virgins to include a free sex market where there is no limit of the number of sexual partners. Women and young boys are on display as if in a fruit market where you can choose the desired ripeness:
Ali reported that the Apostle of Allah said, "There is in Paradise a market wherein there will be no buying or selling, but will consist of men and women. When a man desires a beauty, he will have intercourse with them."

Homosexuality was, and is, widely practised in Islamic countries. To please the homosexuals among his followers he promised them pre-pubescent boys in Paradise. So, after committing plunder, loot, rape and murder in this life, the followers of Islam get "rewarded" by untouched virginal youths who are fresh like pearls:

Sura 52:24  Round about them will serve, to them, boys (handsome) as pearls well-guarded.
Sura 56:17  Round about them will serve boys of perpetual freshness.
Sura 76:19  And round about them will serve boys of perpetual freshness: if thou seest them, thou wouldst think them scattered pearls.

Muhammad convinced  his gullible followers that those who proved willing to assassinate his enemies would go straight to Paradise through the promise of the 'Seven Rewards,' in which the suicide killer gets rewards which include passage straight into heaven to enjoy the pleasures of 72 virgins, and all his sins and the sins of 72 of his family members who join him in heaven are fully forgiven!  Contrary to this delusion of Muhammad, the Biblical witness of the God of the Jews and Christians is clear that such men will spend eternity in the torment of the eternal flames of Hell where they will receive
exactly the punishment they deserve - not one jot more nor one jot less - exact and perfect punishment.  The Muhammad of the Muslim psyche is presented as kind, charitable to the poor, loving towards children and an excellent husband to his 11 wives.  Zaid, Muhammad's adopted son, carried out a revenge raid on a Median caravan after an assassination attempt on their 'prophet' failed.  Noteworthy of the cruelty was the barbaric murder of a middle-aged woman named Um Kirfa, and her daughter and two sons - they tied her legs to camels and pulled her to pieces. This act earned Muhammad's praise!

The Koran admits Muhammad was a sinner

It is pointless for Western scholars to argue that Muhammad was simply a 'Man of His Time', as some attempt.  To try and argue that Muhammad's actions weren't much worse than other men of his time is to miss the point of the Christian argument.  Compare Muhammad with the Lord Jesus Christ!  There is no comparison - Christ's life was superior in every way and He truly lived up to His claim to be God (
John 1:1; 8:24, 58; 10:1-39; 20:28; Philippians 2:5-11 etc.). Jesus was sinless  whereas Muhammad never claimed to be more than a prophet and even the Koran admits that he was a sinner:

Sura 18:110 - Say: "I am but a man like yourselves, (but) the inspiration has come to me, that your God is One God: Whoever expects to meet his Lord, let him work righteousness, and in the worship of his Lord, admit no one as partner.

Sura 40:55 Patiently, then, persevere: For the Promise of Allah is true: And ask forgiveness for thy fault, and celebrate the Praises of thy Lord in the evening and in the morning.

Sura 48:1-2 Fat-h, or Victory. In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Verily We have granted thee a manifest Victory:  2  That Allah may forgive thee thy faults of the past and those to follow; fulfill His favor to thee; and guide thee on the Straight Way;

Nowhere in the Koran is Muhammad said to be sinless. Instead, Allah tells Muhammad that he is no different than any other man.  Those Muslims who claim that Muhammad was sinless have failed to note Sura 40:55, where Allah told Muhammad to repent of his sins!  Muhammed Pickthal translates this verse as:
'Ask forgiveness of thy sin.'   The only way out of this passage is to state that Allah was wrong to ask Muhammad to ask for forgiveness because he had nothing to forgive!  Pickthal's translation of Sura 48:1,2 states:

Lo! We have given thee, (O Muhammad) signal victory,
that Allah may forgive thee of thy sin, that which is past and that which is to come, and may perfect His favour unto thee, and guide thee on a right path.

Not only was Muhammad commanded to repent of his sins and to seek forgiveness, but he was also reminded of his past sins that Allah had already forgiven and of future sins which would need future forgiveness!  Muhammad was not sinless according to the Koran. He was just one more poor sinner in need of forgiveness and redemption.

Do Muslims really believe that 'tapping lightly on the wrist with a twig' - a quote from a Muslim on a live phone-in radio debate- would control camels or punish violent criminals?  It is no accident that Muslims households in Arabic countries have camel whips on their walls to 'scourge' women.  Many who escape this evil religion testify to this fact.

The picture above was sent to Dr. Homa Darabi by a woman in Iran.  This picture was taken 20 days after she was lashed fifty times for being present at a family gathering where men other than her father and brother were present!


Is this punishment the result of 'tapping lightly ... with a twig'?

And what was her crime?

This is really what Western women, who are dull enough to embrace Islam, are courting if this evil religion ever becomes dominant in the world!

Not only was Muhammad commanded to repent of his sins and to seek forgiveness, but he was also reminded of his past sins that Allah had already forgiven and of future sins which would need future forgiveness!  Muhammad was not sinless according to the Koran. He was just one more poor sinner in need of forgiveness and redemption.

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