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"Study: 3 in 4 U.S. Mosques Preach Anti-West Extremism"

[Excerpts from WorldNetDaily], February 23, 2008

"An undercover survey of more than 100 mosques and Islamic schools in America has exposed widespread radicalism, including the alarming finding that 3 in 4 Islamic centers are hotbeds of anti-Western extremism, WND has learned. The Mapping Sharia in America Project, sponsored by the Washington-based Center for Security Policy, has trained former counterintelligence and counterterrorism agents from the FBI, CIA and U.S. military, who are skilled in Arabic and Urdu, to conduct undercover reconnaissance at some 2,300 mosques and Islamic centers and schools across the country. 'So far of 100 mapped, 75 should be on a watchlist,' an official familiar with the project said. Many of the Islamic centers are operating under the auspices of the Saudi Arabian government and U.S. front groups for the radical Muslim Brotherhood based in Egypt. Frank Gaffney, a former Pentagon official who runs the Center for Security Policy, says the results of the survey have not yet been published. But he confirmed that 'the vast majority' are inciting insurrection and jihad through sermons by Saudi-trained imams and anti-Western literature, videos and textbooks. The project, headed by David Yerushalmi, a lawyer and expert on sharia law, has finished collecting data from the first cohort of 102 mosques and schools.

Preliminary findings indicate that almost 80 percent of the group exhibit a high level of sharia-compliance and jihadi threat ... Experts say there are at least 40 episodes of extremists and terrorists being connected to mosques in the past decade alone. Some of the 9/11 hijackers, in fact, received aid and counsel from one of the largest mosques in the Washington, D.C., area. Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center is one of the mosques indentified by undercover investigators as a hive of terrorist activity and other extremism. It was founded and is currently run by leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. Imams there preach what is called 'jihad qital,' which means physical jihad, and incite violence and hatred against the U.S. Dar al-Hijrah's ultimate goal, investigators say, is to turn the U.S. into an Islamic state governed by sharia law."


Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons Fastest-Growing 'Churches' in U.S. 

THE CHRISTIAN POST - By Lillian Kwon - February 29, 2008

The two fastest-growing church bodies in the United States and Canada, according to a newly published report, are ones whose beliefs are known to conflict with traditional Christian teaching.

Jehovah's Witnesses and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, regarded by many Christians as cults, reported the largest membership increases in a year, according to the National Council of Churches' 2008 Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches.

Although Jehovah's Witnesses currently rank 25th in size with over 1.06 million members, they reported a 2.25 percent increase in membership since the publication of the 2007 Yearbook. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - also known as the Mormon church - grew 1.56 percent and is listed by the NCC as the fourth largest "church."

Notably, however, both Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormon church are not accepted within many Christian circles as part of the larger Body of Christ over a number of controversial beliefs that the two religions hold. Identification of the former religion as Christian, among other controversies, is debated largely due to their rejection of the Trinity, which most Christians regard as a fundamental doctrine. Latter- day Saints, meanwhile, are often criticized for their belief in "divine" books of scripture, aside from the Bible, including the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price.

Mormonism was formally listed under "cults and sects" by the Southern Baptist Convention - the largest Protestant denomination in the nation - but was more recently categorized among "newly developed religions" on the North American Mission Board apologetics page.

Other bodies in the newly published top 25 largest churches list that reported membership increases include The Catholic Church with a 0.87 percent increase; the Southern Baptist Convention with a 0.22 percent increase; the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church with a 0.21 percent rise; and the Assemblies of God with a 0.19 percent growth.

The greatest losses in membership were reported by The Episcopal Church, which dropped 4.15 percent in members, and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), which decreased by 2.36 percent. Both denominations are currently wracked by theological differences and the issue of homosexuality.

American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A. and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America also experienced large losses in membership, dropping 1.82 percent and 1.58 percent, respectively.

"Some will wish to argue that the slowing growth rate is evidence of an increasing secularization of American postmodern society," said the Rev. Dr. Eileen W. Lindner, editor of the Yearbook. "While such an explanation will satisfy some, caution in drawing such a conclusion is warranted."

Lindner also observed that churches are feeling the impact of the lifestyles of Millenials - people in their 20s and 30s - who attend church but resist becoming members.
The United Methodist Church saw a 0.99 percent decrease but the mainline group remains the third largest church body with nearly 8 million members.

Only three of the top 10 largest churches are mainline Protestant churches; three of the top 25 are Pentecostal churches; and six of the top 15 are historic African American churches.

Largest 25 Churches (ranked by membership)

1. The Catholic Church - 67,515,016
2. Southern Baptist Convention - 16,306,246
3. The United Methodist Church - 7,995,456
4. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - 5,779,316
5. The Church of God in Christ - 5,499,875
6. National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc. - 5,000,000
7. Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - 4,774,203
8. National Baptist Convention of America, Inc. - 3,500,000
9. Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) - 3,025,740
10. Assemblies of God - 2,836,174
11. African Methodist Episcopal Church - 2,500,000
12. National Missionary Baptist Convention of America - 2,500,000
13. Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. - 2,500,000
14. The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS) - 2,417,997
15. Episcopal Church - 2,154,572
16. Churches of Christ - 1,639,495
17. Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America - 1,500,000
18. Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. - 1,500,000
19. The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church - 1,443,405
20. American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A. - 1,371,278
21. United Church of Christ - 1,218,541
22. Baptist Bible Fellowship International - 1,200,000
23. Christian Churches and Churches of Christ - 1,071,616
24. The Orthodox Church in America - 1,064,000
25. Jehovah's Witnesses - 1,069,530

Original Report Here


'The Canaanites were then in the Land' [Excerpts]

via - 18 March 2008

"And the Canaanites were then in the land. Then the LORD appeared to Abram and said, "To your descendants I will give this land." And there he built an altar to the LORD, who had appeared to him" (Genesis 12:6-7).

One of the arguments against the Jews' right to sovereignty over their historical homeland, or conversely for the Palestinian Arabs' right to a national homeland in these biblically Jewish lands, is that even though the Jews had a virtually unbroken presence here through the last 2000 years, in the centuries before 1948 it was the Arabs who comprised the overwhelming majority of the overall inhabitants, with the number of Jews almost marginal at one time.

Today this argument is applied to the "West Bank," with some demographers pointing out that there are 2.5 million Arabs (90%) as compared to just 255,600 Jews (9.4%) in Samaria and Judea.

And since the "Disengagement" in 2005, the Gaza Strip is said to have 1.4 million Arabs, and not a single Jew.

No serious authority disputes that there were many more Arabs than Jews in Ottoman Empire Palestine at the end of the 18th century. According to respected historians like American Howard M. Sachar, there were only 6,000 Jews in Palestine in 1800 out of what, by 1840, was a total of 400,000 inhabitants.

While tens of thousands of Jews did begin flooding into the land from 1882 onwards, the Arab majority remained strong, so that in 1914 there were 60,000 Jews and 730,000 Arabs resident here.

This, triumphantly crow Israel's enemies, more than supports the Arab claim to all of the land, and means that it is the Arabs who are being asked to concede land, because the land is theirs.

Historically, the numbers may favor the Arabs, but from the point of view of national ownership, it is the Jews - with their forefathers' history of founding the nation of Israel here 4000 years ago, and who have never repudiated or relinquished their claim to any of the land despite twice being exiled from it, once for 70 years, and most recently for 1813 years - who have the sole claim.

Nationally, the Arabs come from Arabia. And although they today have more than 20 states, the Arabs are still, ethnically, one nation, as they themselves aver.

Before the establishment of antisemitic terrorist Arab groups like the PLO, the Palestinian Arabs had never had a single symbol of nationhood: no flag, no passport, no anthem and, most importantly, no country.

Therefore, to talk about "giving land back" to the Palestinians as if they have had a homeland and a state at some point in history is pure fabrication and deception. The territory which the world today has dared to earmark for the creation of Palestine is land that was illegally occupied by Jordan (in the case of the "West Bank") and militarily administered by Egypt (the Gaza Strip). Prior to that those areas, along with what is today Israel, were all part of the British Mandate, and before that, formed part of a province in the Ottoman Empire.

None of this territory can be given "back" to the Palestinians in the national sense simply because they never had it. (US President George W. Bush has acknowledged this by repeatedly spelling out his administration's determination to "create a new state alongside Israel.")


Roman Catholic League - A Hypocrisy That Knows No Limits

March 22, 2008 - from Moriel
( )

Why do ignorant 'Protestant' church leaders continue to embrace Rome, through ecumenism and other deceptions, when any elementary theological investigation of their doctrine and practices reveals that they teach 'another Jesus' and 'another gospel' and are therefore 'accursed' (inspired words of Paul!)? Deceiving yourself that you are preaching 'nothing but the Word of God' is one thing, but failing to see the truth, when deceivers expose themselves repeatedly simply by being allowed to speak publicly, leaves the Laodicean church still needing 'eye salve, that thou mayest see' (Revelation 3:18)!

In the USA the unmitigated hypocrisy of The Catholic League and Catholics United was revealed again when they protested the endorsement of a presidential candidate by John Hagee due to what they term as "Catholic Bashing" (due to Hagee's correct theological opinions on Roman Catholicism).

At the same time the present pope (who in his Nazi youth was not a conscientious objector, but rather wore a swastika and fought for Hitler and The Third Reich against the free world) signed the 'Solicitacciones Criminales' document ordering bishops to protect paedophile nuns and priests at the expense of not protecting the innocent children whose lives these sex criminals destroy!

The very week that the arch-diocese of Los Angeles paid $660 million and the diocese of San Diego paid $130 million to victims in an action legal commentators revealed was the price of keeping Cardinal Mahoney out of prison, the present pope issued a statement (not for the first time!) that only the The Roman Catholic Church is valid and

The notion that a "church" that - in the USA alone - found 177 out of its 179 diocese and their bishops culpable in court of protecting child molesting clergy instead if the little children they violated is the only valid one is a claim that many thinking people could surely only contest. That 'Protestant evangelical' leaders continue to claim that the followers of this Roman cult are true Christians is to accept that the 'only valid church' is so corrupt that this kind of deception is now acceptable in the teachings of the 'Christian church.'

For these Roman Catholic organizations to denounce theological opposition to the Roman Catholic church as 'Catholic bashing,' while their ex-Nazi paedophile-protecting pope can make statements attacking the legitimacy of non-Catholic churches, smacks of the centuries old religious hypocrisy that truly defines The Roman Catholic Church.


Genocide with jam on it

THE SPECTATOR [Press Holdings/Barclay- LONDON] - By Melanie Phillips - March 6, 2008

The BBC news gave pride of place this morning to a report by 'aid' and 'human rights' agencies -Oxfam, Amnesty, Care International - which accused Israel of causing the worst humanitarian crisis in Gaza for the past forty years.

This is of course such a twisted conclusion as to be positively pathological. The only reason there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza is because the people who control it are waging a war of extermination against Israel. Israel is accused of blocking the border so that Gazans are unemployed. For goodness sake, what do these 'human rights' agencies want - genocide with jam on it? The people who are responsible for Gaza's misery are the gunmen and rocket firers of Hamas, who in addition to using Gaza for war against Israel are deliberately sabotaging attempts to get supplies to the population in order to stoke up a 'humanitarian' crisis to gain world sympathy and turn it against Israel. Israel is accused of 'punishing' all Gazans by denying them access to food, clean water, electricity and medical care. In fact, as has often been noted by those who inhabit the sane world, Israel is by and large supplying these things to Gaza - and is even treating wounded Gazans in its own hospitals alongside Israeli citizens, even the very terrorists who have just tried to murder those citizens; there is surely no other country on the planet which would, and would be expected to, provide its mortal enemies with the means of continuing to attack it.

Furthermore, as was briefly noted when the security wall with Egypt was breached, Gaza has not just one border but two. Supplies could come through Egypt, yet strangely Egypt is never fingered for the 'blockade'. Nor do these 'aid' agencies ask how it can be that the Gazans are deprived of essential supplies causing a 'humanitarian crisis' when through that border are smuggled vast amounts of rocketry, guns, explosives and other weaponry for the purpose of killing Israeli civilians. If they are so well supplied with the means to procure death, how come they are not supplied by the same route with the means to sustain life? And how come these NGOs don't ask such questions?

The answer, if you look at their extraordinarily distorted account of Israel's history and behaviour in materials they have produced over many years, is obvious. Such NGOs are simply dyed-in-the-wool, vicious and bigoted Israel-haters, and everything they ever say about that most beleaguered of countries is filtered through that vile prism.

Original Report Here

Also see Moriel's page

INDIA: that other 'religion of peace'

15 March, 2008
Doctor had given legal help to believers beaten in Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh.

BALAGHAT, India, March 3 (Compass Direct News) - Following a Hindu extremist attack on five Christians meeting in a home here on February 22, the Madhya Pradesh town of Balaghat witnessed another assault last Wednesday (February 27) when the newly elected president of the Balaghat Christian Association was beaten for providing legal help to the previous victims. Members of the Hindu extremist Bajrang Dal allegedly targeted Dr. Robin Singh, a medical doctor and Christian leader, because he had provided legal and administrative help to Tom George, Sunil Lal and others who had been dragged from a Lent meeting and beaten with bamboo poles, sticks, rods and other weapons. The attack on Dr. Singh appeared to be calculated to give him non-visible internal injuries so that a stronger police case may not be formed against them, as the 10 to 12 Hindu extremists did not use any sharp weapons. They struck him with their fists and wooden sticks, as well as kicked him, to deftly give him internal injuries.


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