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Anti-Semitism order of the day in Beirut!

August 8, 2006

More dodgy photos from Beirut!

Woman appears 'mourning destruction of her home' in two photographs allegedly taken two weeks apart in different locations; foreign media remains largely hostile to Israel

YEDIOTH AHRONOTH (YnetNews) - By Yaakov Lappin - August 8, 2006 - A woman has made two appearances in photographs used by the Associated Press and Reuters, allegedly wailing over the destruction of her Beirut home. US bloggers have however noticed that photographs were taken two weeks apart from each other, according to times stamps on the images, and that the photographs were taken in different locations.

"Either this woman is the unluckiest multiple home owner in Beirut, or something isn't quite right," noted the author of the 'Drinking from Home' blog.

In the first photograph (see right) , taken by Reuters, a woman is seen in front of a bombed out building in Beirut.  "A Lebanese woman wails after looking at the wreckage of her apartment, in a building, that was demolished by the Israeli attacks in southern Beirut," Reuters said in its caption. The photo was dated July 22, 2006.

A second photograph of a woman who looks exactly like the woman in the first Reuters image, even bearing the same scar on her left cheek, is then supplied by the Associated Press.

"A Lebanese woman reacts at the destruction after she came to inspect her house in the suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon," the Associated Press caption claimed. The date accompanying the photograph is August 5 2006, and the scenes behind the woman are different to those of the July 22 photo.

After receiving "some emails" about the photos, the BBC removed the Associated Press image from its own website.

The Associated Press has so far not responded to requests by Ynetnews for an explanation of the mysterious time gap.

Meanwhile, sections of the foreign media are continuing to display uneven coverage of Israeli and Lebanese casualties of war and scenes of destruction.

A BBC photo display entitled "In pictures: Conflict impact," made up of eight images, uses six out of eight pictures to illustrate damages in Lebanon , but pays scant attention to the human toll and large-scale damage sustained in northern Israel.

The photographs show images of Lebanese civilians and bombed out buildings and Beirut, and carry captions such as: "A woman in Beirut cries amid the destruction."

After the BBC says fighting is hampering aid deliveries in southern Lebanon, an image of an Israeli soldier praying is shown, covering his ears while an IDF cannon goes off in the background. "But ground clashes in the area continue unabated," the BBC wrote, suggesting through the image that the Israel bore most of the responsible for clashes. There are no photographs of Hizbullah rockets, or Hizbullah members firing rockets at Israel in the series.

Only the seventh photograph in the succession shows an image of an Israeli woman mourning at a funeral, with the caption "Israelis are also counting their losses."

The last picture in the series is of an Israeli in an air raid shelter, but the person in the photo is made black by shadows, and appears to be a silhouette of a human figure. The person's age, sex, or any human features are impossible to make out - an odd choice by the BBC considering the large number of available photographs of Israeli children and families in bomb shelters.

The BBC's website photo editor, Phil Commes, has also taken a neutral line on the faked photographs from Beirut supplied by Reuters , saying: "One man's colour balancing is another man's grounds for dismissal."

Washington Post journalist: 'Israel wants rocket attacks on itself'

Meanwhile, Washington Post journalist Thomas Ricks told CNN that Israel was deliberately allowing Hizbullah to fire rockets at its civilians.

"One of the things that is going on, according to some military analysts, is that Israel purposely has left pockets of Hezbollah rockets in Lebanon, because as long as they're being rocketed, they can continue to have a sort of moral equivalency in their operations in Lebanon," Ricks said.

Ricks added that "that's what military analysts have told me."

In addition, a caption provided by the AFP under a photo of rockets in Lebanon read: "Rockets fired from Israel are seen falling in the outskirts of the southern Lebanese port city of Tyre."

However, the USS Neverdock blog has spotted a contradiction, with Reuters writing under a photograph which appears to be identical: "Hizbullah missiles streak the sky as they are launched towards Israel from south Lebanon."

After analyzing the contradiction, the blog says: "Notice also the credit for the two pictures goes to two different photographers but they look like the exact same photo to me. One just has the buildings in the foreground cropped out. Was that done to disguise the fact that they are the same photo?"

Several blogs have been busy finding many more clues to forged and staged photographs, many of them taken by disgraced photographer Adnan Hajj. In particular, reports and images claiming that the IDF struck an ambulance are being challenged as false.

And in yet another suspicious case, two Reuters photographs of a Lebanese man holding a picture of Hassan Nasrallah has been challenged by the Jawa Report blog.

The same man is seen holding Nasrallah 's picture and saluting with glee, but the background for each photo of the man is dramatically different. While in one image a clear, blue sky can be seen, a second image of the man flashing a victory sign shows a dusty background, suggesting a bomb had recently been dropped in the area. Two buildings also mysteriously disappear in the second photo, although both photographs seem to have been taken from the same location.

"Does this represent a dramatic change in the local architecture and air quality between the two shots, or was this yet another Lebanese stringer Photoshop project?" asks the blog's author, before concluding: "Only the photographer knows for sure."


Epilogue:  as the 'near full-scale war' drew to a close the Muslim world continued to hail the campaign as a victory for Hezbollah - even though Hezbollah lost many fighters (despite trying to disguise their casualties as 'civilians'!) and was pushed out of southern Lebanon. Hamas even accidentally admitted that their hostile action in kidnapping the soldiers backfired when they publicly admitted that they were surprised by the strong response of Israel forces.  Simply surviving the Israeli onslaught was counted as success!  Ironic that Allah is supposed to back those who dedicate their lives to him in jihad. This must be a massive puzzle to Muslims.  Presumably he was not pleased with the efforts of Hezbollah and Hamas - just as he must have been displeased with the efforts of Muslims in all the previous struggles when Israel kicked their collective butts in every confrontation for 70 years!

Equally ironic is the almost total silence of the media regarding the incident that sparked Israel's 'invasion' of Lebanon - the kidnapping of three of her soldiers: Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser, Eldad Regev.  While much was made of the kidnapping and eventual release of the British journalist, Alan Johnston (which Hamas used to deceive the ignorant into granting them humanitarian 'Brownie points'), the soldier Gilad Shalit has only recently been heard on a supposed audio message released by his captors, Hamas' armed wing, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades:

"I've been in prison one year. My situation is deteriorating. I need an extended period in hospital  … I am sorry that the Israeli Government has not shown more interest. It should meet the demands of my kidnappers so I can be released."

Like the material Alan Johnston was coerced into recording for release to the media this doesn't sound like words have been put into his mouth - much!

Concerning the role of Hamas in securing Johnston's release a senior Hamas leader, Mahmoud al-Zahar, claimed: 'We did this because of humanitarian concern.'

Really?  So, presumably, there is no humanitarian concern in the Muslim world for a young Israeli soldier? 

The truth concerning the release of Johnston is that the US and the EU had stopped the gravy train of money being poured into the Palestinian National Authority (PNA).  Disgusted at the terrorism of Hamas, £500 million pounds worth of utterly undeserved Western aid was to be cut off and they knew that their arms supplies would cease without this funding (Islamic states are much more careful with their money having learnt from the corruption of Yasser Arafat that much of it goes into the Swiss bank accounts of Muslim leaders).

We must also remember that these are the people who, less than three weeks before the release of Johnston, were dragging their fellow Muslims ('political' rivals of Fatah) into the street and shooting them in the head or throwing them off tall buildings.  And they think the Palestinian cause deserves justice of a different kind?

Here is some advice for Islam from the Word of God, the Lord Jesus (
Esa, or Isa):

Job 27:8  For what is the hope of the hypocrite, though he hath gained, when God taketh away his soul?

Matthew 7:5  Thou hypocrite, first cast out the log out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the splinter out of thy brother's eye.

"They Bombed My Home!"

Or did they?

Richard Littlejohn - Daily Mail
August 4, 2006

'The civilian casualties are awful but Israel is fighting for its existence'

*S no doubt Israel is losing the propaganda war. You don*t have to be a paid-up peacenik to find some of the pictures coming out of the Middle East distressing.

No one with an iota of humanity wants to see the corpses of women and children caught up in the conflict.

But you don
*t have to be a conspiracy theorist, either to wonder how many of the male 'civilians* killed by the Israelis are actually Hezbollah terrorists or whether everything we*re being shown from Lebanon is for real.

Islamonazis are sophisticated propagandists and they know they
*ll find a gullible audience in the civilised world for their carefully-strewn teddy bears, strategically-placed 'Baby Milk Factory* signs (in English) and wailing widows from central casting.

Have you ever noticed how every time a coalition air strike goes astray in Iraq, it always manages to hit a 'wedding party

Why is there only ever one child
*s shoe in the rubble, never a pair? There always seems to be a broken medicine box, too, with a handy red cross - never a red crescent, mind you - on the lid, just in case we haven*t got the message.

Credulous CNN correspondents and hand-wringing BBC reporters fall over themselves to sign up for the Hezbollah guided tour of the ruins.

I use a rough rule of thumb whenever I watch television coverage of the Middle East. Anyone who pronounces Hezbollah as 'Hiz-bull-arrrgh* and Israeli as 'Izza-ra-ay-lee* is almost certainly telling lies.'

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