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Serial "Honour Killings" in Pakistan!

Friday Church News Notes, March 15, 2019

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"Honor killing" is defined as "acts of violence, usually murder, committed by male family members against female family members, who are held to have brought dishonor upon the family." It is practiced by Muslims in the Middle East and Turkey, and cases have also occurred in the West.  According to the United Nations, 5,000 females are murdered every year in honor killings ("Murder in the Family," Fox News, July 26, 2008).  The perpetrators usually get off scot free or with a light sentence.  In Pakistan, about 1,000 honor killings are recorded annually, but the number is likely much higher ("Afzal Kohistani: 'Honour killing' whistleblower shot dead," BBC News, Mar. 7, 2019).  Two families were nearly wiped out after a video was posted online in 2011 of two men dancing at a wedding as four women sing a song.  A younger female member of the women's family is also in the scene.  The five females were subsequently killed by male members of the family who believed that their "honor" had been breached.  When Afzal Kohistani, the older brother of the two men in the video, broke with local tradition and brought the case to national attention in 2012, he and his family became a target.  His house was firebombed, three of his brothers were murdered, and he lived in constant danger.  In March 2019, Kohistani was shot to death in broad daylight in spite of widespread media attention.  Though honor killing is illegal in Pakistan, the police and the courts cannot protect those who are targeted.

The West's Crimes against Persecuted Minorities in the Middle East

by Judith Bergman
March 29, 2019 at 5:00 am


Following the predictable defeat of Allah's latest group of losers (ISIS aka IS),
TCE highly recommend readers to follow the link above which examines important facts including:

  • the right of the ISIS terrorists to return to the West because they happen to be in possession of Western citizenship;
  • the many people whom ISIS terrorists had happily volunteered to rape, torture, behead, drown, burn alive, crucify and shoot to death for sport;
  • the horror of these victims -- Yazidis, Christians, Druze and the 'wrong kind' of Muslims -- is barely mentioned in public debates about returning ISIS fighters;
  • the same representatives of the political establishments have not shown remotely similar concern -- if any at all -- for the real victims of the ISIS terrorists; they appear to have been completely forgotten;
  • Nadia Murad, the Yazidi human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, who was one of thousands of Yazidi women taken prisoner by ISIS and held as a slave until she managed to escape, recently wrote, "My greatest fear is that if the world still fails to act, my community - the Yazidi community - will cease to exist";
  • The debate in Western Europe about the rights of returning Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists reflects a disturbing sentiment: There appears to be tremendous concern for the well-being of people who decided to leave their native or adopted countries to pledge allegiance to ISIS, the followers of which perpetrated some of the most gruesome crimes committed in this or any century;
  • Now that the US-supported forces in Syria have taken the last ISIS stronghold in Syria, Baghouz, and ISIS in Iraq and Syria has been defeated, its terrorists and their brides apparently long for the West again;
  • The questionable statements about an ISIS bride, Shamima Begum, attempting to return to Britain. In a recent interview from Syria, Begum readily admitted that she had no problem with beheadings and other atrocities committed by ISIS, because, "Islamically that is all allowed."
  • Despite this, Richard Barret, a former director of global counter-terrorism at the UK's MI6 intelligence agency, said Begum should be "given a chance" and allowed to come home, despite her lack of remorse ....

Judith Bergman has performed an excellent duty in examining the hypocrisy of the West and the foolishness of the usual 'useful idiots' - perhaps her most poignant sentence, that summarizes the whole history best, is this:

'The only comment that keeps being repeated is the right of the perpetrators to return because they happen to be in possession of Western citizenship.  One wonders, if such compassion would also have been extended today to, say, Nazis, if they had run off to kill victims abroad and then, after being defeated, asked to come back'.

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