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'Trump appoints John R. Bolton!'

23rd March 2018

President Trump appoints Gatestone Institute chairman, John R. Bolton, National Security Advisor!

How should we react to this news as Christians and long-time students of the Bible and history?

Very simply - go to
Gatestone Institute's webpage and read their reaction to this news!

There are probably no more than two or three people we know - living in the free Western world - who could have rivalled Bolton as a man perfectly placed and informed on the major threat to world peace, Christianity and Israel.  When so many fake Christians have attained power in the UK and the USA in the last fifty years or so, Bolton now has the opportunity to be a major force for good.  We pray that the few thousand genuine Christians remaining in this world will pray that God's will be done and John Bolton may prove to be one of these few for, if so, he will know exactly what to do and we will know exactly how to judge those actions - as God's Word has made clear!

You can follow the links from their page on Bolton to any of the accounts in which they have thoroughly exposed the foolish governments of the world who have shown who they love by their inaction towards the obvious evil which has sworn to destroy all Jews and Christians and take control of the whole world for the demonic 'Moon god', Allah.

Gatestone produced these very relevant gems in recent days:

UK: Full Islamization Ahead

Is the United Kingdom an Islamist Colony?

Palestinian Christian Theologians against Israel

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