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'Anglican Archbishops - or Arch-heretics?'

15th November 2017

The Christian Expositor is changing the makeup of this 'Breaking News' page (it will often be more an 'Editorial Comment' than 'Breaking News') partly to save time but also to try and avoid the duplication of effort made by many zealous web-sites so that people concerned about the changes occurring so rapidly in our world can be informed more quickly about the many seriously disturbing trends.  Thereby, we also hope to inform more Christians about web-sites considered by us to be extremely Biblical (although we may not always agree with every aspect of their ministry) and will therefore follow this format of referring to the source of our concern and then minimising our comments:

Below are two articles from the Biblical ministry of David Cloud (who lives in South Asia where he has been a church planting missionary since 1979) and whose material is distributed by Way of Life Literature's Fundamental Baptist Information Service, a service for Fundamental Baptists and other fundamentalist, Bible-believing Christians.  Established in 1974, Way of Life Literature is a fundamental Baptist preaching and publishing ministry based in Bethel Baptist Church, London, Ontario, of which Wilbert Unger is the founding Pastor:

Friday Church News Notes - November 3, 2017  -  Volume 18, Issue 44

The Church of England has never been scripturally sound, and it has moved ever farther away from God's Word. Consider some statements over the last 65 years from the Archbishop of Canterbury, the highest position in the Anglican Church. In 1953, William Temple, in his book Nature and God, said, "... there is no such thing as revealed truth." In 1961, Michael Ramsey said, "... heaven is not a place for Christians only. ... I expect to see many present day atheists there" (London Daily Mail, Oct. 2, 1961). In 1982, Robert Runcie said he was an agnostic as to why Jesus suffered on the cross (Sunday Times Weekly Review, London, April 11, 1982). I read this interview over breakfast in London that morning, and nearly spilled my coffee. In 1996, George Carey lashed out at fundamentalists who place the Bible "above and beyond human inquiry" (Christian News, Dec. 9, 1996). In 2008, Rowan Williams led the Church of England in issuing the following statement: "Charles Darwin, 200 years from your birth, the Church of England owes you an apology for misunderstanding you and, by getting our first reaction wrong, encouraging others to misunderstand you still" ("Church Makes 'Ludicrous' Apology," The Daily Mail, Sept. 13, 2008). In a 2014 interview, Williams said that he practices a combination of Buddhist/Catholic/Orthodox meditation practices ("Rowan Williams: How Buddhism Helps Me Pray," The Telegraph, London, July 2, 2014). Last month, Justin Welby told a reporter for GQ magazine that he cannot answer the question as to whether or not gay sex is sinful.

Friday Church News Notes - October 13, 2017 - Volume 18, Issue 41

'In a recent interview, Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury refused to call homosexual sex a sin. The archbishop is head of the worldwide Anglican Church. GQ Magazine asked Welby, "Is gay sex sinful?" He replied, You know very well that is a question I can't give a straight answer to." When asked, further, "Why can't you?" Welby replied, "Because I don't do blanket condemnation and I haven't got a good answer to the question" ("Archbishop Justin Welby," GQ, October 2017). We recommend that the archbishop consult the Bible on the subject. The apostle Paul had no problem saying that homosexuality is sinful. In Romans 1:26-28, he calls it "vile affections," "against nature," "unseemly," and "reprobate."'

Biblical Christians in the UK are used to ignoring the un-Biblical ramblings of the 'Anglican Church' and long ago recognised how accurately Runcie described the Church of England (in Reader's Digest) as being "like a toothless old woman muttering in a corner, ignored by everyone" and how un-Biblical he was when he caused more fury (in the pews - nowhere else on earth - but, doubtlessly, in heaven!) when he described some opponents of women priests as being "guilty of a grave heresy".  Many Anglicans seem to think his greatest legacy will be the ordination of women (accepted by the 'General Synod' in 1992).  Swift on the heels of women priests came the revelation that the Church Commissioners had lost £800 million in property deals - nothing to do with the deal/promise done with Rabbi Sacks to 'not evangelise the Jews' of course?  Dr Carey apparently insisted on an open investigation which 'led to an ambitious series of reforms, making the Church more accountable' - but apparently not seeking accountability before God for neglecting to take the Gospel of the Jewish Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, to a people largely trapped in unbelief and the rabbinic philosophy of men - people God loves but who, without accepting Christ, will otherwise go to a lost eternity?

Coupled with the inability of Anglicanism to stand on the Word of God over the issue of ordaining practising homosexuals, which snow-balled into carrying every related issue including the ordination of women priests (a result of ignoring Scripture again - particularly the Book to the Hebrews), these 'Archbishops' have led an utter down-grading of Scripture and resulted in increasing droves leaving the pews of the off-shoot cult (Anglicanism) to re-join the Mother Cult of Papal Rome!

It should come as no surprise to those who have observed this steady slide into decadence to find that another long-recognised heretic, John Henson, produced a 'Bible' which he called
Good As New: A Radical Retelling of the Scriptures, New Alresford, Hampshire (U.K.): O Books (Imprint of John Hunt Publishing), 2004. ISBN: 1903816734 - which was matched in its evil inaccuracy by the moronic foreword supplied by 'Archbishop' Rowan Williams.

We recommend anyone doubting the evil agenda of many in Anglicanism and its related heretical friends, such as Henson, to read this web-page:

The comments made by 'bible-researcher' amply dismantle the pretensions of this pathetic little group of 'old women....muttering in a corner.'

We were going to finish here, but the latest news from the world of Anglicanism will clearly sweep around the world:

'Let little boys wear tiaras: New advice on trans-gender bullying for CofE school teachers'

This screaming headline on the front-page of the Daily Mail (Monday, 13th November, 2017) led to the wondrous news that:

"Boys as young as five should be able to wear tiaras at school without criticism, teachers in Church of England schools are to be told. Male pupils should also be free to dress up in a tutu or high heels without attracting any comment or observation, according to anti-bullying rules sent out by the Church yesterday. The instructions for the CofE's 4,700 schools said they should not require children to wear uniforms that 'create difficulty for trans pupils' ... The official teaching of the CofE, however, remains that gay sex is sinful and that members of the clergy should not be in an active sexual relationship with someone of the same sex. The Church also says marriage must continue to be between a man and a woman. Conservative Christian activists condemned the new rules yesterday."

"The new guidance came as a Christian teacher was suspended from a school in Oxfordshire after accidentally calling a trans-gender pupil 'a girl' instead of 'boy'.  Joshua Sutcliffe, 27, faces a disciplinary hearing this week in which he could lose his job, after the parents complained."

"The Most Rev. Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, said: 'Central to Christian theology is the truth that every single one of us is made in the image of God. Every one of us is loved unconditionally by God. This guidance helps schools to offer the Christian message of love, joy and celebration of our humanity without exception or exclusion.'"

"Roman Catholic schools are to cut the terms 'mother' and 'father' from admissions forms to avoid offending step-parents and same-sex couples. It follows a complaint by a parent against Holy Ghost Roman Catholic Primary School in Wandsworth, south London, after it used 'mother/guardian' and 'father/guardian' on a form. The Office of the Schools Adjudicator upheld the complaint, saying the wording might 'be taken to imply that the school is restricting its definition [of parent]'. The Catholic Education Service is understood to be preparing a form using 'the family' instead."

Daily Mail Comment - Drag queens to visit nursery schools to teach about LGBT

"DRAG queens are being brought into taxpayer-funded nursery schools to teach children about sexual diversity. The Drag Queen Story Time organisation, based in Bristol, was formed 'to teach children about LGBT tolerance'. Nursery bosses say the sessions will help children to 'see people who defy rigid gender restrictions' and grow up to combat hate crime. They want to target two and three year olds to influence them early. The drag queens, including Donna La Mode, will read stories to the children. The sessions are being held at seven London Early Years Foundation nurseries over the winter - and if they are successful they will be rolled out across all the LEYF's 37 sites. But leading child psychotherapist Dilys Daws, feared they could sow the seeds of confusion in young children about their own sexual identity."

Welby aide quits over the Church's liberal teachings

"AN ADVISER to the Archbishop of Canterbury has quit in protest over the Church of England's liberal teaching. Lorna Ashworth, a conservative evangelical who sat on the Archbishop's Council, said the CofE had become 'revisionist' and 'heretical'. She also resigned from the General Synod. Mother-of-three Mrs Ashworth, 47, is disappointed by CofE moves to condemn those who try to persuade gay people to become heterosexuals, and by its deepening accommodation of the transgender lobby. She said: 'In light of this revisionist agenda and the heretical teaching, I am no longer willing to sit around the table, pretending we, as a governing body of the Church of England, are having legitimate conversations about mission.' Mrs Ashworth added that she and many others 'long for clear and courageous biblical leadership'."

The following day, Tuesday, 14th November, 2017, the Daily Mail commented:

"THE Church of England has instructed its schools that boys as young as five should be able to wear high-heeled shoes or tutus if they wish and uniforms should not be compulsory because they may 'create difficulty for trans pupils'.
Could this kind of risible, politically-correct posturing have anything to do with the disastrous fall in Anglican congregations?"

Surely they are not suggesting this is a commercial decision?

In the same paper the writer and historian A.N. Wilson (whose views TCE have long held in contempt because his appallingly inaccurate views of Scripture are coupled with a maudlin pseudo-Christian view of Anglicanism) was given licence to write a typical article on this situation and, as you can read in this brief sample, had no problem kicking their fake Christianity around as it so clearly deserves:

"Those of us who have a love-hate relationship with the Church of England, admiring its fundamental principles of Christian worship, but increasingly despairing at its innate absurdity and collective intellectual cowardice, knew it would not be long before it yielded to the current fad. ...let it be said loud and clear that this ludicrous attempt to be kind has already led to unnecessary suffering. Joshua Sutcliffe, a teacher aged 27, saluted a pair of pupils as 'girls'. One of them was 'identifying' as a boy, and the 'hurt' caused has led not merely to the teacher being reprimanded; he is in real danger of losing his job. When I think of the severe way even the kindest teachers used to address us in the Fifties and Sixties, I do wonder what kind of schoolchildren we are breeding. Naturally, I rejoice in the new spirit of kindliness and tolerance which is abroad in the land, but this question of transgender has moved us all into a surreal inversion of common sense."

And his conclusion under an entirely appropriate heading?:

Derision - That's why I believe it is contemptible for the Church to kowtow to pressure from the transgender movement. It is also completely illogical. Already, one of the Archbishop of Canterbury's advisers, Lorna Ashworth, a conservative evangelical, has resigned over the Church's desire to be so inclusive that it forgets its own teaching. The C of E still officially teaches, as do all mainstream churches in the world, that God created the sexes to be distinct. It still condemns sexual activity outside heterosexual marriage as sinful, and forbids the homosexual marriage of its clergy. Yet, while clinging to this severe and perhaps outmoded way of looking at sexual questions in its theological teachings, in its schools 'where impressionable young people are most directly affected' it thinks it a good idea to proselytise about transgender rights. It would be simply laughable were it not so troubling. This is a Church with an appalling record of covering up child abuse and sexual molestation by bishops and clergy. Its teaching on sex and marriage is so muddled as to be beneath derision. And now it caves in to the transgender lobby in a move which, while trying to help the tiny number of children who want to 'identify' as a different gender, will surely serve only to confuse the great majority."

Perhaps 'Lorna Ashworth, a conservative evangelical' - and other deluded Anglicans like her - might now wake up to the sad truth that the Word of God (as found only in the Bible!) has long exposed this sad little cult for what it is - a sham.  Just as sad is the fact that trying to find a genuine Bible-teaching church in the UK is more difficult than seeking to find 7,000 who have not 'bowed the knee to Baal' (1 Kings 19:18)!

Perhaps we can suggest earnest seekers in the UK start with the fellowships associated to Moriel Minstries (see our 'Links' page)?

It would be simply laughable were it not so troubling. This is a Church with an appalling record of covering up child abuse and sexual molestation by bishops and clergy. Its teaching on sex and marriage is so muddled as to be beneath derision.

A.N. Wilson

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