'Replies from Roman Catholics'

Lou Williams - 44

11th June, 2009

Sent: Thursday, June 11, 2009 5:54 PM
Subject: Website ...

I just finished reading an excerpt on Catholicism, " Rome - Whore of Babylon", on your website.

Have you ever stopped to think for a moment that were it not for the Catholic Church, you people would not even have a bible?

I guess what Christ really meant to say was:

"After I die, 900 years later, or so, there will begin the formation of a group of books that will contain the history of God with Man and MY purpose, here - all in one. But plan on for almost 1,000 years before this, there will be a band ragtags wandering around instructing people
falsely in My name about truth - and MY promise of salvation. I wanted desparately for the "book" to be released long before that, but I was having a difficult time finding qualified revelators. "

You can remove some of these books if you like, and then, interpret the meanings of what you keep, for yourselves. And that thing about my church - not really - I made that up. You guys decide what kind of church you want to form and how many. You got the book, you really don't need me or the plan I laid out for you - at the cost of my life. I was not very clear, I guess. I wish it hadn't taken so long for my book to come out. You guys go ahead and and decide. And if some guy in Rome who pops up, still trying to carry out my original plan - please disregard...it's just an old, ancient tradition about 2,100 years old. I decided not to back it, or its participants, hundreds of years ago. I probably should have said something to somebody. So, go ahead and try to make believers in the book, at least...open to anyone's interpretation - oh, wait!! No, only open to interpretation to the pastor of whatever flock you want to belong to. Be sure to throw a few prayers in there to sort-of balance things out. I'll be back to see how you are doing."

You people are completely ignorant of religous history.


TCE replies:  18th June, 2009

Dear Lou

many thanks for taking the time to contact us with your views.

Perhaps it has not crossed your mind that we would already have been challenged in a similar manner by other adherents of the Papal faith?

It is clearly a long held and widely taught, although erroneous, view that 'were it not for the Catholic Church, you people would not even have a Bible?'

If we supply you with a thorough refutation of this idea is it likely that you will reconsider your view that 'You people are completely ignorant of religous [
sic] history'?

People who conclude their mailings with such emphatic statements are rarely capable of opening their minds enough to read an alternative view - never mind give it any credence.

But we did not put the website together in order to attack error in the spiritual realm and upset people unnecessarily, as we have clearly stated on our pages.

We therefore supply our answers to the questions your mail addresses hoping that you will, at least, take the time to read carefully and, hopefully, try to find answers to our refutation.

[We supplied Lou with the material now found on these pages (also see
full menu):

What does the history of the Bible reveal?

Did Peter ever claim to be 'The Rock'?

'Binding and Loosing'

Was Papal authority ever claimed by Peter?

Was Peter ever in Rome?

In conclusion Lou, the case is far from one of us being 'completely ignorant of religous [sic] history', but clearly one of you having been thoroughly duped by Rome. The accusation you level at us is merely the tip of the iceberg as far as Papal deception goes. There is hardly any part of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ that Rome has not polluted in some manner, but we do not for one moment believe that you will rush to seek the truth, even if you dare accept the facts we have presented in this reply. We would just ask that you consider two obvious facts: firstly, how can any apologist for Rome be expected to answer these devastating facts which are mainly from the Bible and history - perhaps you can ask Patrick Madrid or some other Papal apologist to give it their best shot?; secondly, the world has seen the clear evidence of worldwide abuse of children by the Papal priesthood and the accompanying cover-up which began at the top with the 'popes' - and even the blindest can now recognise the reason for it - Roman Catholicism is a pale counterfeit of Christianity and no one should expect Christ-like behaviour from its false priesthood.

We will be praying for you.

In Christ Jesus


No response from Lou!

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