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What on earth is wrong with the Christian Church today? - 90-94

90. Beware those who deny an expert (W.E. Vines) definition of "blasphemy"!

A. Noun.

blasphemia (988), either from blax, "sluggish, stupid," or, probably, from blapto, "to injure," and pheme, "speech," (Eng. "blasphemy") is so translated thirteen times in the RV, but "railing" in Matt. 15:19; Mark 7:22; Eph. 4:31; Col. 3:8; 1 Tim. 6:4; Jude 9. The word "blasphemy" is practically confined to speech defamatory of the Divine Majesty. See Note, below. See EVIL SPEAKING, RAILING.

B. Verb.

blasphemeo, "to blaspheme, rail at or revile," is used (a) in a general way, of any contumelious speech (contumelious speech = insulting language or treatment; disgrace), reviling, calumniating (calumniating = slander, defame, malicious, harmful intent, deliberate), railing at, etc., as of those who railed at Christ, e.g., Matt. 27:39; Mark 15:29; Luke 22:65 (RV, "reviling"); 23:39; (b) of those who speak contemptuously of God or of sacred things, e.g., Matt. 9:3; Mark 3:28; Romans 2:24; 1 Timothy 1:20; 6:1; Revelation. 13:6; 16:9, 11, 21; "hath spoken blasphemy," Matt. 26:65; "rail at," 2 Peter 2:10; Jude 8, 10; "railing," 2 Peter 2:12; "slanderously reported," Romans 3:8; "be evil spoken of," Romans 14:16; 1 Cor. 10:30; 2 Peter 2:2; "speak evil of," Titus 3:2; 1 Peter 4:4; "being defamed," 1 Cor. 4:13. The verb (in the present participal form) is translated "blasphemers" in Acts 19:37; in Mark 2:7, "blasphemeth," RV, for KJV, "speaketh blasphemies." 

There is no noun in the original representing the English "blasphemer." This is expressed either by the verb, or by the adjective blasphemos. See DEFAME, RAIL, REPORT, REVILE.C. Adjective. 

blasphemos (989), "abusive, speaking evil," is translated "blasphemous," in Acts 6:11, 13; "a blasphemer," 1 Timothy 1:13; "railers," 2 Tim. 3:2, RV; "railing," 2 Peter 2:11. See RAIL.  Note: As to Christ's teaching concerning "blasphemy" against the Holy Spirit, e.g., Matt. 12:32, that anyone, with the evidence of the Lord's power before His eyes, should declare it to be Satanic, exhibited a condition of heart beyond divine illumination and therefore hopeless.  Divine forgiveness would be inconsistent with the moral nature of God. As to the Son of Man, in his state of humiliation, there might be misunderstanding, but not so with the Holy Spirit's power demonstrated.


A. Verb. 

blasphemeo (987), "to blaspheme, rail, revile" (for the meanings of which see BLASPHEME,), is translated "to rail at, or on," in Matt. 27:39, RV (KJV, "reviled"); Mark 15:29; Luke 23:39; 2 Peter 2:10, RV (KJV, "to speak evil of"); 2:12, RV (KJV, "speak evil of"). Cf. loidoreo, "to revile" (see REVILE), and B, No. 2 and C, No. 2. 

B. Nouns.

1. blasphemia (988) is translated "railings" in Matt. 15:19, RV; 1 Tim. 6:4, KJV and RV; "railing" in Mark 7:22, RV; Col. 3:8, RV; Jude 9, KJV and RV, lit., "judgment of railing"; in Eph. 4:31, RV (KJV, "evil speaking"). See BLASPHEMY. 
loidoria (3059), "abuse, railing, reviling," is rendered "reviling" in the RV, 1 Peter 3:9 (twice); in 1 Tim. 5:14, KJV marg., "for their reviling." See REVILE, C.¶

C. Adjectives. 

1. blasphemos (989), akin to A, and B, No. 1; see BLASPHEME, C. 
loidoros (3060), an adjective denoting "reviling, railing" (akin to B, No. 2), is used as a noun, "a railer," 1 Cor. 5:11. See REVILE.

Wheelhouse's sermons consistently addressed his own particular agenda and his appeal to his women supporters was shown particularly in this Easter Sunday Morning sermon from 12th April 1998, in which he built up to this address:]

"Can I just pause for minute and say how wonderful it is that Jesus goes out off His way to affirm women.  Isn't it interesting how in this historical event, Jesus chooses women to be the first at the tomb?  Tells the church - somewhere we've got it wrong.  'Cos it's not the Jesus way.  Jesus tips the whole thing upside down - women are the important people here.  Women are the people who are given the job of saying that the stone had been rolled away - that the body had gone.  It was women who the angels met and said, 'Why do you look for the living among the dead?  He's not here, He is risen.' And so there's hope from despair......"

[During this sermon, Roger continually attacked the male disciples for not believing Christ Jesus had been resurrected as he promised, without attempting to get a balance between their faith and fear. Perhaps if he had lived in those times, and been in fear for his life as the male disciples of Jesus would have been (being the first obvious follow-up targets for the Sanhedrin), then he might have a better appreciation for the facts and the situation!  But it is sad to acknowledge that Roger wasn't even capable of risking his own skin in the company of an old, inebriated, down-and-out, as his own actions testified.  A knowledge of midrash on the importance of the garden/tomb appearances would also have let him realise why Jesus appeared to the women in the garden.  However, Roger drew this conclusion to his sermon]:

"Christianity isn't to do with the rules and regulations of a church, it isn't to do with church constitutions, it isn't to do with TEN commandments that the church make out that we should do in order to be members of the church or anything else. Christianity isn't to do with a load of rules and  regulations of "thou shalt not" - whatever!  Christianity is a relationship to one who is alive and Jesus is saying 'Touch Me and see'.  Enter into a relationship with Me.  Don't get stuck in the head with the knowledge - you've had the knowledge.  There are young people here this morning - I don't often get the chance to talk to, and I want to say 'you've got knowledge till it's sticking out of your ears.  You've been to more TNG [The Next Generation] meetings & Sunday school classes than I've had hot dinners, maybe."

[According to Roger it is the church which preaches keeping the Ten Commandments 'in order to be members of the church or anything else. Christianity isn't to do with a load of rules and regulations of "thou shalt not" - whatever!'  So, clearly, if you want to be a disciple of Christ, it is not a matter of keeping these commandments, according to Roger Wheelhouse.  He makes it clear that he does not believe keeping the commandments has anything 'whatever' to do with the church.  He swings from an Antinomian bias at one moment when accusing others in the church which, certainly in South Wales, has never emphasised keeping the commandments to be saved, to a Nomian emphasis on another occasion.  Wheelhouse's morals are certainly based on Antinomianism - a contempt towards God and His people.

Shortly afterwards, in the same sermon, Roger employed one of his typical jokey speeches where he put himself in God's shoes, in Word-Faith style, in order to appeal to the youth and declared (speaking for God!)]:

"I couldn't let you have a bicycle then because, for one thing, I [GOD!] couldn't have coped with your Mother worrying every day when you went out on it!"

[Is this your God?  His supporters will argue that Roger was not trying to speak for God - that he was trying to make a point in a humorous manner.  Do you want your God spoken about in this 'light' and blasphemous way?

He continued with sermon with this view of how we should talk with Jesus]:

"I'm not sure if these two disciples - these two followers of Jesus - actually were at the point of giving up, disillusioned.  Oh, isn't it wonderful, that at the point when they're disillusioned, thinking the whole thing is a waste of time - Jesus pops up.  I love this Jesus - He never somehow seems to let go.  He seems to come just at the right time - He must have known how they felt...be real with Jesus...and tell him when you don't think He's come up with the goods...."

He then gave this account of the unfortunate woman who married late, in her forties, and who thought that this was her final hope of having a baby. She became pregnant & was looking forward to having the baby but had an early miscarriage. Then Roger went to see her:

".....she was such an angry lady.  And I said 'Tell Him.' She said, 'I can't - I can't tell him how I feel' - He's not come up with the goods' - you know she didn't say that!  I said, 'Tell him!' She said, 'but I shall scream at him, I shall shout blue murder at Him.'  'Well tell Him - He knows what's going on in your heart so you might as well tell him.'  Why do we try to pray church (sic), why do we try to pray religious, why do we try and not be normal?  You know, Jesus is quite thick-skinned and quite used to it - well He must be because He's got me as one of His disciples and I'm always complaining to him - and He hasn't spat me out yet.  He hasn't let go yet!  Yeah - so she was able to scream out - this lady was able to scream out - and, do you know, in that there was tremendous healing.  I saw that lady transformed because she'd got it off her chest.  She told Jesus exactly what she thought of Him - and then she carried on with her Christian life - and as far as I know is still going on with Christ.  You know - don't worry so much about saying - He wants to hear - He's probably crying out and saying, 'Tell Me how you really feel - come on, stop playing religious games, stop putting this nice smile on your face.  Stop coming to church intending to show everybody in Calvary that you're quite alright.  Why don't you come out with it and say - No, you're not.  And say it - because there is healing in there.'"

[This is Roger's encouragement of "normal" prayer - not  sinful prayer!  Claiming that we should tell Almighty God, the Lord Jesus Christ, what we think of Him when we haven't got what we wanted and when we wanted it?  This is what rubbing shoulders with the Word-Faith heretics will do for your supposedly sanctified mind  - mess it up badly!  Did she ask God for a baby and receive confirmation that she would have one?  Did she even ask if marrying this man was the right thing to do?  What we want is not always what God knows is good for us!  There are an abundance of Scriptural examples of people trying to manoeuvre God and put him in a box!  If she had received a promise from God that she would have a baby - and we have no indication that she did - was this necessarily the baby?  Is it possible that God knew about the well-being of the child better than doctors could?  Too many Christians don't consider these other factors for a second - and readily discard such Scriptural examples as Michal who despised David's celebration of the Ark coming into Jerusalem and remained barren for the rest of her life because of this sin!  When David sinned with Bathsheba the baby who was born as a result of this illicit union was taken to heaven in God's timing (2 Samuel 12)  and David, a sinner but a man of faith, recognised this fact!  (12:23). Solomon was born latter to this union, although it had started sinfully!

The Wheelhouse's of the world would rather rail against God than consider other aspects of tragedies in life, and thus they teach a believer to tell: 
"Jesus exactly what she thought of Him - and then she carried on with her Christian life."  If she did, then she had a very incorrect view of the God of the Universe!  I would refer Richard Lewis, or anyone thinking that Wheelhouse's view is correct, to the words of our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 22v29:

But Jesus answered (the Sadducees) and said to them, "You are mistaken, not understanding the Scriptures, or the power of God.

The Pharisees and Sadducees shared the same problem that raises its ugly head again today--they had separated the Spirit from the Law and were teaching the errors of men instead of God's truth!]

91. Beware the hypocrite who berates his diaconate - but can't answer the questions!

Richard Lewis : OK! Thank you!  Roger?

[Roger Wheelhouse finally had his opportunity to reveal the contempt he felt for the Body of Calvary Baptist Church and every word he spoke is included here - nothing has been omitted]

Roger Wheelhouse : 
"I think what I find so sad tonight, and so difficult, is the fact that I thought we were here to discuss David Williams, and we've spent two hours and twenty minutes, discussing the pastor.  I am confused.  And it seems - if I was David Williams - I would be very satisfied with my night's work.  Because I have come in tonight to destroy a fellowship, and I would be going home rejoicing.  You've done well - well done. (heavy sarcasm!)

[Sarcasm cannot hide the evidence that Wheelhouse refused to address any of his personal and spiritual attacks on the fellowship, and use of knowledge of people's past to damage relationships.  The Holy Spirit doesn't dig around in your past, but reveals your sin and then points you to Jesus (John 16:8-14).  Satan's ploy is the opposite, for he drags up your past, as in the Inner Healing type programmes which Calvary Baptist Church had been tainted with for many years, to keep you in depression which causes you to take your eyes off the Lord and concentrate on your own failings and miseries.  The Wheelhouse's had seriously damaged the church, but still tried to deflect the damage they caused onto others.]

Roger Wheelhouse
:  I want to say, in answer to David's letter, that first of all I was disturbed that Matthew 18 wasn't adhered to - I've got to say that, I know it's been said by others, but I've got to say it.  So forgive me for saying that.  I'm saddened that such a letter, with all its misguided, misrepresented facts, complete lack of love, character assassination - should have dictated this meeting.  I'm saddened that I have leadership, in this church, that has been so pathetic (voice breaking with emotion), that it's allowed for this to take place, tonight.  And even for me to sit here - [Richard Lewis attempted to interject to save Roger from damaging himself further] - or to sit there.  I'm going to have my say, I'm going to have my say!  I've waited two hours and twenty minutes for this (shouting angrily) - [Richard Lewis, "Please folks"]  I've got to say it - that I am saddened that the leadership have allowed this letter to take root.  And to use it as an opportunity to share all the things that you've wanted to share over the last few years.  That you've come in on the shirt-tails of this letter.  I don't think that's appropriate, and I think that lacks a spirituality of a leadership that I thought Calvary had - and should have!  And what it deserves.

[Again, the feeble attempt to misuse Matthew 18 to duck the issues of his sermon messages and abuse of the flock!  We will see if he can explain away what he calls 'misguided, misrepresented facts.'  For him to accuse others of a 'complete lack of love' and 'character assassination' after the way he has treated people takes the gall of an unrepentant, practiced liar.  His attack on the 'leadership' follows the revelation about his treatment of them, yet he is still so wilfully and arrogantly blind as to his own failings that I cannot believe that this is a man in control of himself.  It is no surprise that Bonnie Jones testified (privately!) that he would go into his office and bang his head against the wall and that the marks were clearly visible for all to see.  This is not the normal behaviour of a man mature enough to be a pastor, or even the tantrums of a two year old, but more like one whom Satan is controlling.  This leadership Wheelhouse calls 'pathetic' has had to wait, as he put it,  'an opportunity to share all the things that you've wanted to share over the last few years' because this man kept them in cowed submission for all this time!.  Yes, they did 'come in on the shirt-tails of this letter' - but how else was this vile treatment to come out into the open otherwise?  Since the Baptist Union support this man and his ministry, perhaps they can answer this question: why have the deacons who ignored Matthew 18, when they came in on the 'shirt-tails' of a letter, not been disciplined for failing to follow this Scripture?  I'm still waiting for an answer to this question from Calvary Baptist Church and their 'Moderator' Evans.  How could Wheelhouse state: 'I don't think that's appropriate, and I think that lacks a spirituality of a leadership that I thought Calvary had - and should have!  And what it deserves.'?  Another question Calvary Baptist Church needs to answer - how on earth did you misread this man so badly that you stood up in a meeting where details of his abuse were shown to be abundant, and then state, one after another, that 'God wanted Roger here . . . God wants us to do something marvellous here together'!  Speaking falsely for God is a serious matter!  Where is this man now?  Time is the enemy of the deceiver and the deceived!]

92.  Beware anyone preaching a gospel other than that brought by Christ and His apostles

Roger Wheelhouse : In answer to the heresy - I want to say, 'Who says?' Because it seems to me, that David has set himself up to say that anybody who speaks of an interpretation of Scripture different to his, then it's heresy.  I am confused by that.

There is only one gospel and the major doctrines that emanate from the Word of God do not contradict each other.  Nowhere did I ask for anyone to compare Wheelhouse's teachings with anything but Scripture--and nowhere did I say that anybody coming up with an interpretation different to mine made it heretical. Wheelhouse even contradicted himself in his own sermons, particularly by stating that we should not preach keeping the law to people because it could possibly make them 'ten times worse' - and then preaching 'keep the commandments' to be a disciple.  If one is correct then the other cannot be correct. Logic determines that you cannot be both 'a' and 'non-a'!]

93.  Beware the Antinomian view which leads to lawless behaviour

Roger Wheelhouse :  I want to say that the two sermons that were listed were completely misrepresented and misunderstood.  He quotes all the business about the law, and quotes about "ten times worse" and I want to read Romans 7:12: 'I found the very commandment that was intended to bring life, actually brought death.'  So, if the law doesn't make you ten times worse - I don't know what does, because it brings death?  I want to say to you that law reveals the sin - and that's what makes us feel worse.  But, because it doesn't save, it leaves us in our sins.  And the whole point of that sermon was to show, as Paul did, the move from law to grace, and the gospel.  I understand David's tension, because in the Word there is a constant tension between law and grace.  I have found it here in this church with some of the issues that we've had to discuss over the two years.  The whole tension of the place of law and the place of grace.  It's a tension, as I've said, time and time again - we have to live with.  You can't swing over one to the other.

[This again shows Wheelhouse's confusion, and I told him at this point that he had confirmed to me his Antinomian position.  Wheelhouse tries to correct himself with his statement:  'law reveals the sin - and that's what makes us feel worse…But, because it doesn't save, it leaves us in our sins', while still inferring that there is a problem with the law - which there is not!  Antinomians are infamous for their misuse of the law and the contemporary church has fallen into the trap of following the world in its lack of absolute morals because of this attack on the Law of God.  Wheelhouse follows many adherents of Antinomianism in slanderously misconstruing God's grace in Christ as a licence to sin, which he projects in his abusive 'pastoral ministry'. The Apostle Paul (Romans 6-7) answered such critics before this heresy ever got off the ground.  However, this has not prevented the re-emergence of the heresy known as Antinomianism, derived from a Greek word meaning 'against law' or the equivalent in English: 'lawlessness'.  The relationship of the Christian to the law of God is the contentious point of any discussion with Antinomians - most of whom do not recognise that their view weakens the Christian message by its failure to correctly address sin.

Paul addressed the true relationship between law and grace in chapters 6 and 7 of his Epistle to the Romans, where he obliterated the view that salvation by grace encourages sin.  By arguing that the Christian has died to sin once and for ever because Christ has rescued him from its dominion and service, he makes it clear that we are now risen as a 'new creation' (
Galatians 6:15) in Christ and in a new realm of righteousness.  The 'born again' nature now hates sin and loves holiness.  The out-workings of the life of 'pastor' Wheelhouse speak of one who is not familiar with this concept.  The Apostle John could not have made this clearer:

'No-one who is born of God will continue in sin, because God's seed remains in him; he  cannot go on sinning because he has been born of God' (1 John 3:9).

Holiness is now the general nature of the Christian's life and he lives his new life in the Spirit, a life which increasingly reflects Christ's own essential purity. Further, Paul argues, Christians who were once in the grip of the
"'god of this world (Satan!)" (1 John 5:19), and therefore slaves of Satan and of sin, are now the slaves of righteousness and of God.  There is no alternative route, for men are either enslaved to sin, which leads to death, or else they are Christ's bond-slaves and possessors of eternal life.  Those who are sin's slaves thereby declare that they are not Christians at all.

94. Beware rejecting Orthodoxy for Heterodoxy

Paul makes it clear that Christians are now married to Christ.  Watchman Nee attempted to clarify this point by emphasizing that marriage to Mr Law is now replaced with marriage to Mr Grace!  I know of many who have struggled to understand Nee's decidely mystical writings, just as they ignore the warnings of Martin Luther, who heard the Antinomians claim that
'the Ten Commandments were no rule of life for the believer.'  Luther quickly labelled the heresy 'a blasphemous impiety' and, more recently, Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones described it as 'one of the most subtle, dangerous heresies'. Paul warned the Philippians of those 'who's God is their stomach and their glory is in their shame.  Their mind is on earthly things' (Philippians 3:19) and he cautioned the Corinthians against an Antinomian attitude to incest (1 Corinthians 5-6) - which is why I referred to these passages in emphasizing the Antinomian attitude of Calvary Baptist Church to Wheelhouse's abusive, money-grubbing ministry.  The apostle John warned against idolatry and fornication as Peter and Jude wrote against carnal teachers bringing damnable heresies into the church:

'godless men, who change the grace of our God into a licence for immorality … pollute their own bodies … foam up their shame … follow after their own evil desires.'

James clearly warned against those whose 'faith' does not produce works (
James 2:20-26), emphasising that their faith is, to say the least, under suspicion.  Of course, cultists, such as the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses, misread this passage to claim that your 'good works' aid your passage into eternal life, but in many ways their view that 'Orthodox Christianity' does not have the truth comes out of their observation that so many Christians are living an Antinomian lifestyle!  To those who accuse others of not showing 'love' because of their stand against Antinomians such as Wheelhouse, I invite them to some serious witnessing in Cardiff.  The Jehovah Witnesses come to our sports stadiums every year.  Let God see how much you really care for your fellow man.

I am not surprised at the later attack from Sue Wheelhouse, because those who followed the heretic 
Agricola's errors asserted that the law was not worthy to be called the Word of God, and all who preached it were 'demon possessed.'  Historical records testify to the devastating results of rejecting the laws of God and none better than our contemporary society in Britain.  In England in the seventeenth century, John Eaton (often called 'the Father of English Antinomianism') insisted that the law was useless to Christians, either as a rule of life or as a means of self-examination.  In the nineteenth century, Antinomianism was supported by J. N. Darby, founder of the factious sect of Exclusive Brethren, and father of modern dispensationalism with its disparagement of law over against grace.  The Scofield Bible has also assisted in promulgating this error.

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