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Why grouped together?  Sadly, all are 'Godless' lost people! (1 John 5:19)

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1. September 2002 found a plethora of atheists writing on the Internet questioning the  failure (of the 'god' they don't believe in!) to act in the human way they thought 'he/she/it' should have behaved!

2. Your rather pathetically assinine attempts to denigrate the faiths of others I feel shame when the likes of you folks pervert and bastardize the Teachings of the Christ..and do so by attacking-insulting-denigrating-distorting all other faiths which are incongruent to your own spiritual bigotry and religious perversion of spirit.

3. ... how you can claim such things as Buddhism, Karaté, Hinduism and Islam as "cults" is socking. these are beleifs that predate christianity so your mere accusation is completely hypocritical. This is the most ignoraunt, facist, narrowminded thing i ahve heard in my entire life and you should be ashamed.

4. In your article "What is the NAM?" you stated that "(iv) Napoleon Hill's book "Grow Rich With Peace of Mind" was given to the author by spirits (the "Ascended Masters") who hovered about him."  I'm just wondering if you have any factual proof of this claim?

5. Will you please tell me about concept therapy?

6. You have apparently taken it upon your self to pass judgment on others and play God. I am confident that you have been self appointed in this endeavor.

7. I was sad to read your article about the arch bishop/ arch heretic [TCE: Archbishop Rowan Williams!]. I am feel it lacks real understanding of the develoment of the Druidic traditions within the Welsh Eisteddfod.

8. Hi, I came across your site.  I have been delivered from satanism. Thanks for all that you do!  In Christ,  Jeff Harshbarger  Refuge Ministries

9. Do you have any concern regarding the subject of Freemasonry? I do !!! I would like to hear from you.

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