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What on earth is wrong with the Christian Church today? - 114-117

114.  Beware the Frangipane/Wheelhouse nature

Francis Frangipane is one of a group of heretics who have set themselves up as the apostolic and prophetic authorities who will presume to judge the world and the Church as well.  It is purely in character for the Wheelhouse's to appeal to a judgmental and manipulative heretic who attempts to frighten and bully other sheep with dire cryptic warnings against anyone who dares question his revelations and judgment.  It is a pity Sue Wheelhouse did not quote the rest of Frangipane's piece on 'fault finding demons,' for much of his attack describes Roger Wheelhouse exactly! Francis Frangipane further demonstrates his Gnostic-Romish conformity, rather than to the Word of God, when he calls visions of Mary, and animated statues, "manifestations from God."  Frangipane is gullible enough to believe that the war in Bosnia would have been averted had the 'message of Medjugorje' to forgive Muslims been obeyed. (Tom Barbaho, The United Religions Organization citing "Signs, Wonder, and the Word," Francis Frangipane, River of Life Ministries, August, 1995).

But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons (1 Timothy 4:1) 

It is incredible that Sue Wheelhouse should read out a description of her husband's ministry and attempt to foist accusations on to those who seek to follow the Word of God as their guide to all truth. If the Wheelhouse's were really following the Spirit of truth we would be seeing a very different kind of ministry in the church where every believer should be seeking the Lord's will, through reading the Scriptures and using the gifts of the Spirit He gives, whether prophetic gifts, discernment of spirits, or gifts of wisdom and knowledge.  Thus each fellowship of believers will have those who will be used by God to discern and sift out error so that all can grow to maturity in Him who gave His life for us (
Romans 5:8; 1 Thessalonians 5:10).  The majority of people in every 'body ministry' can read Scripture and this is where discernment starts. God is not doing 'a new thing' that mimics the world or the occult!

The testimony of a considerable number of witnesses had been heard at this meeting, and had shown clearly that Roger Wheelhouse had done exactly what his wife now accused us of doing, for he fitted every statement:

" the accuser of the brethren (has shown activity) among born-again Christians ....The fault-finders spirit assignment (has) assault(ed) relationships on all levels . . . attack(ed) families, churches, inter-church associations, seeking to bring irreparable breakdowns into our unity . . .   slip(ped) into our opinions of other people, leaving us critical and judgmental . . . The fault-finder demon will incite individuals to spend days, and weeks unearthing old faults or sins in their minister or church (remember Wheelhouse's statement about coming "to a hurting church" - he used this excuse from the beginning of his ministry) . . . (his) criticisms are smokescreens for prayerlessness (he also destroyed the prayer-life of the church by his manipulation and criticism)."]

115.  Beware those who ignore the Scriptural questioning and          claim an ad hominem attack

Sue Wheelhouse:  "That someone should discover the imperfections of their pastor is by no means a sign of spirituality. Indeed, we could find fault with the church before we were Christians.  What we do with it, however, is a measure of our maturity. The enemies purpose in this assault is to discredit the minister so it can discredit his message. I have personally listened to scores of pastors and people from many denominational backgrounds  and the timing of the spirits attack is usually prior to, or just after, a significant breakthrough, and this attack will always stop the forward progress of the church.  When this spirit infiltrates an individuals mind, accusations come with such venom and intimidation that even those who should know better are bewildered and seduced by its influence and nearly all involved take their eyes off Jesus.  Devastation racks the targeted church.  Discouragement blankets and seeks to destroy the pastor and his family or other servants of God in the church."

[Where did we concentrate on the imperfections of the pastor?  Our letter dealt with the nature of his doctrinal teaching and its outworking amongst the fellowship.  The evidence of his spiritual attacks on the body were given so that the results of his attack on God's Law (Antinomianism) and his abuse of grace could be discerned.  His message was already discredited by his hypocritical attacks on others.  What was the "significant breakthrough" or "forward progress of the church" in this case?  The Wheelhouse's attempted to introduce Toronto style hype to brag about, but instead delivered a lot of abuse to the flock!  Frangipane, the originator of this "fault-finding demons" nonsense, concludes that "the timing of the spirits attack is usually prior to, or just after, a significant breakthrough" because orthodox Christians recognising the false teachings being introduced into the church will stand up and speak out against this deception.  Naturally, the Charismaniac element will refuse to accept correction based on the Word of God because they accept experiential theology ahead of Scriptural exposition, and so they have to resort to this feeble defence of their errors.  It is questionable whether the immature members who followed Wheelhouse had their eyes on Jesus when they launched their emotional "defence" of their guru.]

Sue Wheelhouse:  'I could go on - and it says that nearly all pastors will get this - we've had letters before.  That's part of ministry, every ministry up and down this land.  But I have never read a letter with so much venom, with so much hate, with so much anger.  Yes, my husband has lots of faults, so do I.  So does each one of us here.  But the only solution is what this says here - that we replace all this fighting, all this distortion, by prayerfulness.  That we actually recognise that we've all done wrong.  We've spent two hours listening to what you say about Roger, but there's plenty we could say.  But I'm not here to say any of it, at all.  What I'm asking you to do is that we learn to love each other.  That we all learn to say we're sorry - wherever that is - and that we actually, as a church, get down on our knees.  Because prayer is the only answer to this.  We are in such a strategic place and God is working , and God wants this place back.  There are things that have gone on in the past.  People have told us this - we haven't gone looking for those things.  There are hurts in the past.  But one of the things I'm learning, that when I've been hurt, I give it back to God, and I forgive the person.  Because, above all else, my relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important thing here, and I want everyone of us to go away and actually say, where do you stand before Jesus tonight.  And are you prepared to forgive, are you prepared to get right with God, and what are you going to do.  Let's get back to prayer because God is the one who wants it.

[Where is the "venom, hate, and anger" in our letter?  This is Sue Wheelhouse's emotional response to our analytical letter of her husband's ministry. We merely drew conclusions to Wheelhouse's doctrinal messages, arrogant judgmental assessment of other Christians, and use of charismanic divination!  Strange how people who point the finger at others freak out when their own behaviour is exposed. The cry of  "YOU don't show love" goes up as they are hoisted by their own petard.  Once again we have the claim that prayer is the answer and, in doing so, they go down the same line as the cults. Emphasize prayer and feelings rather than reliance on the Word of God found only in the Bible, and you are in the same boat as  the Mormons!  Instead of, "Let's return to the Word of God" we hear: "Let's get back to prayer because God is the one who wants it."  If prayer supplied the answers to every problem thrown up by doctrinal error we would expect the Roman Catholics or Muslims to know the truth instead of being trapped in a satanic mesh of ritual and sacramental deception.

Sue claims that
"there's plenty we could say . . . But I'm not here to say any of it, at all"  - and then proceeds to bring up the past again!  The truth of the matter is that the Wheelhouse's used their knowledge of people's past at every opportunity, mainly to set Christians up against each other.  We have shown enough examples of Roger Wheelhouse using information, that he had gleaned in private from Christians, as ammunition against other Christians in the fellowship.  Again, witnesses were willing to complain about this in private but kept silent when they had the opportunity to speak out against this deception.  This is not Scriptural.

After attempting to shift their problems in corporate guilt on the church, Sue really shows where
her priorities lie: "But one of the things I'm learning, that when I've been hurt, I give it back to God, and I forgive the person.  Because, above all else, MY relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important thing here, and I want everyone of us to go away and actually say, where do you stand before Jesus tonight.  And are you prepared to forgive, are you prepared to get right with God, and what are you going to do."  We will see later whether the Wheelhouse's actually showed any sign of repentance at all!]

116.  Beware deceivers who refuse to accept responsibility

Sue Wheelhouse : And I want to know what is going to happen.  Are we going to allow David and Zoë to stay?  Are we going to say, 'Yes, it's alright - you continue.' Because Roger, or any of you, must realise that you will be the ones as you stand up there.  I am the one who is being questioned now, as I'm sure (sic) - but I want to know if David and Zoë are prepared to repent and say this is something that has gone wrong.  Then I will love them as I hope you will love me.  And you will love my husband.  Where he has let you down, where he is prepared to say, 'Yes, I've messed it up' - we can work it together.  But it's all about each one of us coming together.  Satan's had a field day tonight, folks.  Satan's had a field day, for a long time. 

["Are we going to allow David and Zoë to stay? . . .I want to know if David and Zoë are prepared to repent and say this is something that has gone wrong"?  The Wheelhouse's refusal to accept that they had done anything wrong is extraordinary.  The classic deceiver always looks for others to blame and refuses to accept responsibility for their own work.  Look for one word expressing repentance by them! You will not find the word in their vocabulary.  When Sue Wheelhouse says, "Then I will love them as I hope you will love me. . . And you will love my husband" she is really looking for people to back down as so many in the church did on this evening, blaming themselves for the behaviour mêted out on them by Roger Wheelhouse.  In many cases it is clear that immaturity and pride made it impossible for these members to sustain a witness to Wheelhouse's behaviour.  When people refuse to mature and hide behind the old "God hasn't finished with me yet" logo, they can carry on for years damaging the witness to the church with their own ego-tripping behaviour.  At this point of the meeting we just had to wait and see if Roger Wheelhouse was "prepared to say, 'Yes, I've messed it up'"- because you won't find either of them expressing a word of repentance here!  Sue's claim that, "It's all about each one of us coming together.  Satan's had a field day tonight, folks.  Satan's had a field day, for a long time," is yet another excuse to avoid facing the facts that her husband is an abusive, bullying, ego-tripping, deceiver and the field day that Satan had was engineered through this man and his wife.]

117.  Beware deceivers with Word-Faith connections!

Sue Wheelhouse :  And I would like to say one final thing, that we had a church meeting when we were discussing Roger's salary - well, something to do with that - and we had to go out.  And Derek had said something about the finances of the church at that point.  And I went out of this room and I said, 'God - what are you trying to say?' We are short - we're short financially in the church.  What does that mean?  That means what do we do about it?  That means there's sin in the church - or there's sin in my life.  Secondly, what do I do about it?  I pray and I fast .  Thirdly, I keep going.  Those are the things that I felt when I came back in.  On the Saturday I received a letter - it should have come by sea-mail, but God sent some by air-mail, so it arrived on Saturday.  It shouldn't have arrived for a month or more later.  In that letter, it talked about how a situation had been short of their finances, they knew why God wasn't blessing and they'd been taught wisely.  Pray!  See if there is sin in your personal life; see if there is sin in your corporate life.  If there is - repent, and get sorted fast.  And, secondly, pray and fast.  And thirdly, go on.  So, I say to you people - we've sinned.  All of us have sinned!  Let's get on our knees.  Let's ask each others forgiveness.  Let's pray, let's fast.  And let's go on.  But that choice is yours.

[The truth about the finances of the church situation is that the influence of the Word-Faith doctrines that the Wheelhouse's have inculcated into their lives leads them to assume that when they do not get something they require from God they will assume it is because of sin.  Hebrews 11, the faith chapter of the New Testament, commences with an extensive list of the heroes of the Old Testament; heroes as examples of what we should be.  It describes the faith life as going through a realistic combination of good and bad things; it is not necessarily a life of continual misery, but neither is it a life of continual ease and prosperity, but a combination of both and concludes with this powerful description of true faith lived out (Hebrews 11:35-40):

"Others were tortured, not accepting their release, in order that they might obtain a better resurrection; and others experienced mockings and scourgings, yes, also chains and imprisonment. They were stoned, they were sawn in two, they were tempted, they were put to death with the sword; they went about in sheepskins, in goatskins, being destitute, afflicted, ill-treated (men of whom the world was not worthy), wandering in deserts and mountains and caves and holes in the ground. And all these, having gained approval through their faith, did not receive what was promised, because God had provided something better for us, so that apart from us they should not be made perfect."

We are told that these true models of faith were people who accepted suffering, torture, death, poverty, hunger and homelessness precisely because of their faith and that Jesus was a Man of Sorrows acquainted with grief -  and that as his servants we are not above our Master (Matthew 10:24).  Paul's main thrust to his readers was the same as that of Christ's in terms of death to self. Moreover this death to self was not simply to overcome the old nature, but was to be expressed in laying our lives down for others. As Paul writes (Romans 8:36; cf.  1 Corinthians 4:4-13), quoting from Psalm 44:

"For thy sake we are being put to death all day long; we were considered as sheep to be slaughtered."

Jesus made it clear that we cannot serve God and Mammon and those who covet cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, and Paul writes
(1 Timothy 6:8):

"And if we have food and covering, with these we shall be content."

The Word of God tells us godliness is only a means of great gain when accompanied by contentment
(1 Timothy 6:6) and Paul commands that if our basic needs are met, we should be content. Yet the prosperity preachers tell us 'name it and claim it' and if we don't get it, it is because of our lack of faith or because there is sin in our lives.  Far from showing us a faith that fills us with these selfish desires for material gain, because God's purpose is for us to have whatever we ask for including filthy lucre, Paul tells us that those who want to get rich will be snared and plunge into destructive loss of faith (1 Timothy 6:9):

But those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish and harmful desires which plunge men into ruin and destruction.

The prosperity seekers have forgotten that it was Satan who twisted Scripture as the prosperity preachers do.  When he tempted Jesus in the wilderness, he took verses of Scripture out of context as it suited his purpose--and the temptation was for prestige and material things, just as the Word-Faith deceivers promise.  We are plainly told in
1 John 5:14,15 that it is when we ask in accordance with God's will that we will have the things we ask for:

14  And this is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.  15  And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests which we have asked from Him.
Contrary to the lies of Satan uttered through the prosperity preachers, the Word of God never gives us a blank cheque to ask according to our will.  Additionally, we are clearly warned that if we ask for things with materialistic motives, we will not receive them (James 4:3):

You ask and do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, so that you may spend it on your pleasures.
As you can read here, the Wheelhouse's are not really ever willing to admit it is their sin, but will always drag the church into their selfish ambitions so that corporate guilt will cause people to back down and allow them to get their way.   Derek Evans, and a large number in Calvary Baptist Church, were also very aware of the illegal and immoral suggestions made previously by Roger Wheelhouse in his efforts to boost his salary.  The church secretary, Howard Bowen, held the opinion that this meeting Sue alluded to clearly revealed Roger Wheelhouse's attitude: 'It was
all about money!'"  Sue closes with another appeal to "pray and fast" - and to "go on" so that, hopefully, Roger is never brought to book!]

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