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Morris and David Cerullo - 1

15th March, 2004

From: Chuck Phillips
To: christian.expositor@ntlworld.com
Sent: Monday, March 15, 2004 7:33 PM
Subject: David Cerullo

I have recently been offered a set of tapes by David Cerullo.  I have seen that his father Morris Cerullo has been in litigation for some of his alleged deceitful practices.   What is your position on the son, David?


TCE replies: 17th March 2004

Dear Chuck,

it seems the son follows in the father's footsteps in the same ministry.

Since he is CEO (and President of INSP) of his father's ministry and writes 'I am the son of a great man of God, Morris Cerullo', he is presumably blind, or denies the errors they perpetuate, ref.:

http://www.insptoday.com/features/strengthen/yourchoices.asp *

http://www.insptoday.com/offers/offer.asp?offer=1 *

http://www.insp.com/vision/ourministry.asp *

The Word-Faith heresies are only briefly outlined on these, and accompanying pages, and give us no confidence that he differs from Morris' errors.

In Christ Jesus


These links no longer work but the evidence of the 'apple not falling far from the tree' is all over the web - June 2018 - TCE


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