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Bill Stewart - 10

24th September, 2005

The e-mail below contains the language of a thoroughly carnal, possibly deranged or demon-possessed, individual who makes claims in a manner that exceeds the worst responses we have ever received from an adherent of any other cult or religion.  And 'Yes!', we did consider that it might be someone 'pretending' to be a 'Word-Faith believer' so that they could embarrass this cult.  But is the language he used worse than threatening death to those who expose their teachers - as Benny Hinn has done?

Date:  24th September, 2005
Subject: For Your Edification
From:  Bill Stewart, M.Div.

I just finished reviewing your web site.  So that you will know I am not some off the wall quack, I am a 54 year old evangelical Christian with over 35 years of education, theological degrees, and experience in conservative Christian ministry.  To put it bluntly, I find your material...let's see...how did Paul put it?  DUNG!  I would term it absolute bull s**t!  You are an embarrasment to the Christian faith.  Even if you do not agree with a particular ministry or "stream of thought", attempting to show it as heresy when it clearly lines up with the dispensational, rightly divided, clearly understood word of God is nothing more that a pile of the worst mental and spiritual fecal matter known to mankind. 

You are a parasite on the Christian community, an embarrasment to all who name the name of Jesus, the Messiah.  A voice that really needs to be silenced before it can do any further harm.  However, at the risk of becoming an evil purveyor of lies similar to you, I will withhold threats and judgment as they are of no use.  Everyone is entitled to peddle their pablum puke.  Even you.  However, when one does it and causes even one of the "least of these children" to stumble then may a millstone X 10 be placed around their God forsaken neck and they be cast into the sea.

The "word of faith" which you so ardently blast has delivered millions form [
sic] the pit of unbridled mindless fundamentalism, constipation of the mind and spirit of so much so-called "historic Christianity" (which is not biblical Christianity at all but the traditions of men through false theology feeding itself on the poverty and sickness mentality of the eastern mystics), and the utter futility of the "form of Godliness but denial of the power thereof" so rampant in so many of our so-called "fundamental/evangelical" institutions and churches of today.  I makes me want to vomit and s**t dirrahea [sic] at the same time to think of what you are doing [sic] the minds of baby Christians.  You, and you ALONE, are deceived and the worst kind of mental midget for attacking your brothers and sisters in Christ.

The carnal side of me would like to bash your foolish brains in.  The spiritual side of me has to put up with your religions CARRION as a cross to bear in being a part of this thing called "Christendom" (of which you are NOT a part I assure you).  You, sir (dumb ass), are a mindless piece of human debris floating on the sesspool [
sic] of life with nothing better to do that bring accusations against mighty men of God who are doing a final end-time miraculous work in the earth... and, please, for Christ's Sake, don't pervert that by referring to the "anti-Christ" who comes with all lying wonders.  My God!  Your kind of mindless s**t can pervert anything!  When have YOU, O "man of God", ever taken the first step to doing the very simple, basic thing Jesus said, i.e., doing HIS works (casting out devils, healing the sick, and raising the dead?).  I can tell you f****ing when!  NEVER!!!  Because people like ! you never [sic ???]

At least this E-mail is not "anonymous".  I am fully confident to call you what I have called you, to have said what I have said, and to face you one on one for your worthless, Godless, bulls**t commentary!   I DARE you to print this...with my name...unedited.  You chicken s**t piece of CRAP!

Bill Stewart, M.Div.


TCE replies: 7th October 2005

Dear Bill

thank you for taking the time to raise such 'important questions' which we may one day publish on the website as an example of the mighty intellects of the 'Word-Faith' heretics (with a few slight abbreviations of your puerile obscenities and mentally-challenged insults) while leaving the evidence of your mighty educational qualifications for readers to marvel over:

1. Why would someone quote their qualifications without being asked and, after they have bragged, they still fail to present even the flimsiest Scriptural refutation of our exposé of their cult?
2. Why do those who cannot defeat a Scriptural argument always resort to
ad hominem attacks?
3. What spirit is it that leads adherents of Word Faith to resort to angry, carnal, un-Scriptural threats (cf.  Benny Hinn's 'holy machine gun' nonsense!) that would even shame a pagan?
4. Why is it that the Word Faith adherents cannot produce one medically accredited miracle to back up their claims?
5. If the writer hadn't revealed the Word Faith heresy as the source of his devotion, wouldn't we have thought he was merely seeking to discredit Christianity?
6. Who, even in the Word Faith Movement, would embrace such a writer as a 'fellow believer'?
7. Who, reading such a foolish diatribe, would believe the writer is a Christian?
8. Since no one (in 'Christendom') is going to claim allegiance to such material, and only the enemies of Christ could gain from reading it, why should we waste time printing such witless, puerile, drivel that even makes a pagan like the obscenity-laden Billy Connolly look like a Poet Laureat?

Proverbs 1:22; 10:18-19; 12:23; 14:7-8; 15:2; 17:27-28; 23:9; 29:20; Ecclesiastes 5:2; 10:12-14;  Matthew 12:34-37; Mark 7:20-23; Ephesians 4:29-5:5; Colossians 3:5-8; 1 Timothy 6:3-10;  2 Timothy 1:13-14; James 3; 2 Peter 2:12-22

It would be a first for a 'Word Faith' adherent to even seriously attempt to rebut the orthodox doctrines we have so clearly enunciated on our pages - or to show themselves capable of defending their leaders' false doctrines.  As stated on our home page, we will no longer be wasting serious time refuting the shallow arguments that are put forward - and will be supplying evidence of this in the future.

Any future correspondence from you is therefore most likely to finish in our growing 'Word Faith' file titled:

'Not To Be Opened Until Jesus Returns'!

Sincerely in Christ Jesus



September 2018 - Nearly 13 years after receiving this e-mail we only include it on our pages as an example of the kind of adherent the cults attract by their 'doctrines of demons' (1 Timothy 4:1-3).


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