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Sis Farrington - 16

4th January, 2008

Example 2 - Devastation caused to individuals and families by the 'Word-Faith' cult!

Date: 4th January 2008
Subject: Copeland
From: Sis Farrington

In Loving Memory Of Bonnie Parker

I'm writing this in regards to the letter written to Kenneth and Gloria Copeland located at http://sis359.blogspot.com/

I wrote the letter with hopes of someone passing it along to the Copelands.  Comments the letter has brought  is overwhelming.  My heart goes out to all who has suffered any type of a loss regarding Prosperity Gospel. Several times over the past few years, I felt that there was not anything I could do, or say that would make any difference in the way people see Prosperity Gospel. I was battling, and still am, a multimillion dollar organization for answers, I had never felt so alone. Now after receiving hundreds of supportive emails, I feel I have a army beside us. Some have requested a more detailed accounting of the last few months mom was with us, the following is merely a fourth of the story. Our thanks go out to you all.

I have a link all can visit to view pages of mom's diary, there is only a few now but I hope to post them all on this site. If you have any questions about these pages please let me know.

Thank you!


[TCE: Note - 5th October 2018 - perhaps, out of the links below, only one or two to the heretical Copeland's still work!]


Also if you would like to share your story you can visit:


The following articles are referring to Prosperity Gospel:


The following are two must see KCM websites:


No words could describe just how I felt at that moment. I promised her she would not be left alone, yet here we was in the hospital emergency room lobby, and she was somewhere behind the locked double doors  alone. Hour after hour passed , a nurse finally appeared motioning for us to follow her. Seeing the pain in her blue eyes assured me this was no dream, this was it, the moment she knew would come someday but hoped never would. The nurse carefully pulled moms gown back revealing a sight that would be with me the rest of my life. I could hear the doctor asking questions directed to me and my father such as "When did she have a Mastectomy", and "How long has she been this way?". My father replied" She hasn't had any surgery" this answer brought looks of disbelief from the doctor and nurses surrounding us. I realized then exactly they were thinking, they actually thought we denied her medical attention. Their expressions were convicting us without any reasonable doubt.  Her left breast was completely eaten away, leaving only a large whole where it used to be. Reality had hit me all at once, our fears were confirmed she was not going to be with us much longer, and we were being blamed for the condition she was in. Mom would not let us bath her even toward the end, she had led us to believe it was due to the weight loss, she didn't want us seeing her frail body. Truth was she didn't want us to see her chest. We were escorted back out to the lobby so they could resume their evaluation. Result of each test came back just as we had expected, It was too late nothing medically could be done. The following day's brought more criticism from the hospital staff, finally I had endured all I could, it was time they knew the truth. I know it was hard to believe we knew nothing about the cancer that had consumed almost her entire body, but that was the truth. And they were going to hear me out no matter how long it would take. I felt most to blame, I was her daughter, I should have seen this coming. But my father, they was not going to direct this blame towards him any longer. Come shift change I walked down to the nurses station where one group were leaving and the other arriving. Asking for a moment of their time, proved easier than I thought. As they began to move closer, I began to take them back in time where I believed it all began. Starting with her right eye in which she had lost the ability to open. This was the first sign something was wrong. Mom insisting day after day it was merely a sinus infection and nothing more. The mention of a doctor was unacceptable, she made that clear. Her eye would remain this way a few day's then become normal again. Twice more her eye would fail her before closing permanently, refusing medical attention each time. As time passed she began losing weight rapidly, eating very little, and staying in bed mostly all day. We were fighting a losing battle and there was no end in sight. She was dieing and there was nothing we could do. Why was she doing this to herself and us? The time came she could no longer stay alone, someone had to be there at her side at all times. My dad worked most every day so mom was with me most all the time. Each day she became weaker. I bought a baby monitor and put by her bed and mine so I could hear her during the night. I dreaded the night for I didn't know what the morning would bring. I had to get up before my children because if she had passed on I wanted to be the one to find her not them.  The fear of her dieing and us not having a clue of what from, or why, was the reality we faced each day.  My concern had evolved into anger, she was refusing medical attention and putting us though a living hell, why? There was nothing legally we could do, but watch her die. Once we could legally step in and force her to get in the ambulance waiting outside my door, she was probably only hours away from death. Still refusing and begging not be taken they loaded her in and drove away. I believe she knew she wouldn't return, deep down we all knew. But there was always that single ray of hope, and no one was going to put that out. We had spent the last few months surrounded by uncertainty, fear, and anger, maybe now at least we would know physically what was wrong. But why she made that fatal decision to refuse any type of medical help was still a mystery. In my eyes she committed suicide, I was going to have to live with that horrible fact.  Nothing made sense, would it ever? There was not a dry eye in that nurses station that evening after I concluded my memories of the last few months, but in their eyes we were no longer guilty of neglect. Once all the test results were back and we were faced with the fact there was nothing the hospital could do we had at make a decision regarding where to take her to live out what little time she had left. I could not take her back home with me, my kids had been through enough. Southern Oaks nursing home was only five miles from my house, the following two months this would become our home. The staff took us in as if we were family. We owe the last few months of mom's life to the staff of Southern Oaks, we will forever be grateful to them all. Mom from this point on had her good day's and bad. October 19, 2004 she was finally called home. All day her blood pressure had continued to fall, her breathing had became labored, and she was totally unresponsive. Around ten o'clock that night dad told me to go home for a while, I didn't want to but he and my husband insisted. She passed away a few minutes after I left.

For the rest of the story simply type, Kenneth Copeland, Bonnie Parker in your search engine.

Thank you,

The Family of Bonnie Parker


TCE replies: 10th January, 2008

Dear Sis Farrington and family of Bonnie Parker,

we have written generally in the past about the people severely damaged physically and spiritually by the evil 'Cult of Word-Faith' and have even sent details of the video tapes that genuine, Biblical ministries have produced that have a record of the fake healings and teachings administered by these 'sons and daughters of Belial (Satan!)' (Deut.13:13; 1 Sam. 1:16)!

Sadly, too many supposed 'orthodox' (i.e. genuine, Bible-believing) Christians fail to speak out against these vile creatures who manage to infiltrate
ekklesiae ('churches') who fail to be true Bereans (Acts 17:11; 1 Thess. 5:19-22) and 'make sure of all things'!

Acts 17:11 (KJV) - These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and
searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

1 Thessalonians 5:19-22 (NASB) -
19  Do not quench the Spirit; 20  do not despise prophetic utterances. 21  But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good; 22  abstain from every form of evil.

We promise you that we will put your e-mail on our web-pages as soon as we find appropriate time so that the world will know the truth about your dear sister in Christ, Bonnie, and how she was betrayed by the Copelands!

Since we intend to leave money in our wills so that the
TCE will be available long after our deaths, we intend this truth will be available until the Lord Jesus Christ takes care of everything in His time. And His time is always perfect!

In Christ Jesus



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