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Bill Huffman - 20

20th March, 2013

From: Bill Huffman
Received: 20th March 2013 11:40 AM
Subject: Thank you

In response to the Deception article involving Word of Faith:

Thank you for your sound exegesis. I appreciate the clear, scriptural, route from (what I might term) a sound orthodoxy regarding confession to the perversion of (what is commonly known as) the Law of Attraction.

As a matter of theological inquiry, might it be as simple as to believe Jesus died spiritually is to deny the Trinity? Harsh talk amongst evangelicals/charismatics/word of faith but, oh well...

An additional mystic link continues to involve Rome/Mariology.  Charismatics seemingly enjoy the (supposed) credibility of the (spiritual/cosmic) association with Rome, without fully understanding history/mysticism/prophetic study. For instance, they speak of Notre Dame in 60's, but never ask what was really going on.

Also, any good WoF brethren knows the KC "Don't mess with anointed" story. The ruse is to walk in love and trust the Holy Spirit. Sounds good, but it serves as the distraction from the greater theological points above. My guess is that any good WoF church today will teach (however subtly) that event, via Savelle, maybe through a dream or vision, etc. Ignoring the necromancy, sensationalism, etc..., isn't just the same dark spirit as Rome. Granted, no infallibly/anathema is present, but isn't that a direct message from some of the recent Mary apparitions?

Just some thoughts. Thank you so much. Bill.


Confusion about what Christ achieved for us in His death at Calvary is a handicap to Jehovah's Witnesses and 'Word-Faith'!

TCE replies: 29th March 2013

Dear Bill

thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

Regarding your view that 'to believe Jesus died spiritually is to deny the Trinity', we agree that such a literal teaching must inevitably put the promulgator in the same camp as the anti-Christ cult of Jehovah's Witnesses. 
One of the favourite questions of Jehovah's Witnesses is still: 'If Jesus is God and died on the cross (torture stake!), who was in charge of the Universe for the three days he was in the tomb - and wouldn't it have given Satan the opportunity to take over the Universe?'  Similar confusion about the real nature of life after death, and what Christ achieved for us in His death at Calvary, is a real handicap to both cults!

When we compare Paul's clear expose of Peter's hypocrisy (Galatians 2) we can only believe that strong words, if not too 'Harsh', would have been appropriate from the beginning of this heresy.  But it would appear that some leaders in denominations in the US did at least attempt to curb this deception - as a few did with the many related 'charismatic/charismanic' extremes that have reared their ugly heads in the last 50-100 years.  Dr Martin Lloyd-Jones was one of the few theologically sound leaders in the UK who attempted to curb these deceivers, and tried to reason with Billy Graham to some extent at least, but he does not appear to have been forceful enough at times.

The 'additional mystic link ... Rome/Mariology ... etc.' deceptions have all arisen because of ignorance about 'history', the nature and working of the Holy Spirit, and a desperate desire to 'experience miracles' and 'sensational' events!

These End-Times deceptions are certainly linked to the 'same dark spirit as Rome' and the move to return to 'Mother Church' still gathers momentum(
despite the obvious evidence of 'her' true nature demonstrated through their paedophile priests!).  Did Benedict really resign because of 'old age', or because of his demonstrable link to these scandals (was his connection to the cover-ups about to get exposed even more dramatically than has already happened)?  We may never know, but the 'Mary apparitions' - and their acceptance by some Muslims - is certainly all part of 'lying signs and wonders' (2 Thess. 2v9) in these times.

Again, many thanks for your very uplifting letter, it was a great joy to hear from you.

Many blessings in Christ Jesus,



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