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When will 'The Rapture' occur - and which view of the 'Tribulation' is correct?

How many resurrections?

The horrific deceptions of the Cult of the 'Endtime Handmaidens and Servants'!

How to assist people - who have been drawn into a cult - to begin the journey to freedom in Christ Jesus!

Why don't TCE invest their time in really important things - like evangelizing the lost?

New Age, Word-Faith - and other Deceptions!

Are 'Calvary Chapels' trustworthy Christian ekklesiae ('churches')?!

Some of the contemporary deceivers faking their 'Christianity' but exposed by Way of Life!

The 'Roman Road' points out mankind's need of the Saviour Christ to redeem us from our sins!

The simple question that irrefutably proves that 100% Biblical Christianity is the only True Religion!

Is it possible that there are 'TRUE BIBLE CODES'?

Flaws in reasoning lead to rejection of 'Bible Codes'!

God has given us clear Scriptural tests to determine the truth!

Extra-Biblical 'practices' are to be rejected whether from the 'Church Fathers', 'Bible Codes' - or any other source!

How do 'Bible Codes' fare when logical questions are asked?

Should we be surprised that extra-Biblical 'BIBLE CODES' have their origin in anti-Christ works?

The impossibility of 'marrying' Christianity to Islam to form fake 'Chrislam'!

Investigation of Ray Bevan Kings Church - really?!

How can I get a copy of your Rick Warren exposé?

The Ecumenical 'One World Religion' - and Jehovah's Witnesses?!

Anyone who has ever been deeply influenced by a cult can only escape completely by a Sovereign Act of Almighty God and continuous Spirit-led study of the Bible!

'Why use the "Satanic word church" instead of "Assembly" on your website?'

Why the insertion of the word 'Church' into the Word of God?!

Where do we get the concept of "pastoral authority" from today?

Why are there so many abuses of "pastoral authority" in contemporary assemblies?

The tithe originated as the tax that Israelites paid from the produce of the land to support the priestly tribe - the Levites!

'Why do we have a hierarchy within the congregations today?'

Paul carefully lay down the doctrinal and theological basis for all his inspired statements!

If men really exhibited the Christ-like behaviour described by Paul, ekklesiae would be transformed incredibly!

Is it always wrong for a woman to help 'teach/educate' a man?

What are the major areas of pastoral responsibility and corresponding authority?

Could it really have been my deceased pastor warning me to stop using the Ouija Board?!

Former Satanist Jeff Harshbanger's testimony of how the Ouija Board led him into demonism and then Satanism!

King Saul's encounter with the witch at Endor reveals the outcome when Satan comes up against Almighty God!

Obedience to God is the highest good - Disobedience is the greatest evil!

We see, in the life and death of Saul, a microcosm, a miniature version of Israel's history!

The danger of secular support & addiction therapies that may link to occult practices - e.g. Alcoholics Anonymous 12-Step Program!

Know the reality of eternity in heaven by believing on Jesus Christ as your Lord & Saviour!

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