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NAM deceiver vies with Islam!

Dangers of Islam … and Oprah!?

Oprah endorsed Guru who now faces Criminal Charges

Two die - nineteen hospitalized - in 'spiritual cleansing'!

October, 2009

A spiritual guru linked to a philosophy endorsed by Oprah Winfrey is facing possible criminal charges in the deaths of two and the hospitalization of nineteen people in a ritual 'spiritual cleansing' at an Arizona resort.

The victims were participating in a sauna-like 'sweatbox' treatment while attending a programme run by James Arthur Ray, who appeared in a DVD version of '
The Secret,' a New Age book authored by Rhonda Byrne that was heavily promoted by Winfrey.

The dead were attending Ray's 'Spiritual Warrior' program at the Angel Valley Resort near Sedona.  Angel Valley Resort advertises itself as 'a place to relax and heal...where powerful earth energies are present and active' and was founded in April 2002 by Michael and Amayra Hamilton, both of whom are teachers and counsellors there.

James Arthur Ray (born November 22, 1957) is a professional speaker and author who has been a guest on
Oprah, Larry King Live, and The Today Show.  He is the author of Harmonic Wealth, a New York Times best-seller and describes himself as a 'personal success strategist [and] visionary.'  Ray is the President and CEO of James Ray International, a private company which holds seminars and mentoring services on wealth creation, claiming to teach individuals to create wealth and prosperity through all aspects of their lives by simply thinking thoughts of perfection and happiness.

The use of sweat lodges for spiritual and physical cleansing is a part of several Native American tribes' cultures.  Ray claims to have come to his belief system through many influences, such as encounters with Peruvian shamans, Amazonian witch doctors and a kahuna (shaman) in Hawaii and visits to such 'inspiring' places as the Catacombs and Egyptian pyramids.

He is an advocate of the Law of Attraction and his teachings are claimed to be a mix of spirituality, motivational speaking, and 'quantum physics.'  He even takes on a New Age view of the Holocaust, claiming: 'I know people of the Jewish faith and heritage who don't necessarily believe the Holocaust was bad. Now that might be shocking to you but I have people on record who have said, hey there's a lot of good things that came out of that, a lot of lessons, a lot of opportunities for the world.'  In the interview, to which these views are attributed, Ray also repeated another old New Age chestnut concerning the zero absolutes and lack of personal responsibility so popular among these deceivers:  'I fully know, for me, that there is no blame. Every single thing is your responsibility ... and nothing is your fault. Because every single thing that comes to you is a gift ... a lesson.'  (D.  Harris, L.  Ferran, J.  Shaylor and J.  Pereira,
'Beyond Sweat Lodge: James Ray's Controversial World, ABC News, 10/29/2009).

NAM = No Absolute Morals = witchcraft = 'Do As Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law')

NAM practitioners usually add - 'And Harm None' - to the end of this mantra to try and cover themselves;  but any system that allows 'spells' and activities at the beck and call of fallible men will inevitably lead to some selfish and foolish behaviour that will harm others.  The usual riposte from NAM believers is to try and link the atrocities of the Papal Cult of Rome to Christianity - but we have already rebuffed that nonsense in answers to e-mail (and will supply those answers to any interested party as well as posting them in due course)!


America - blinded by Obama-worship - fails to spot the wood for the trees!

The Islamic 'Fort Hood gunman', Major Nidal Malik Hasan, warned senior officers two years ago that forcing Muslim soldiers to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan could lead to `adverse events'.  The U.S. Army psychiatrist, who committed one of the latest Islamic world atrocities, was a Muslim fanatic who wrote Internet postings praising Islamic suicide bombers and was in touch with the former radical leader of a Virginia mosque who had associations with the 9/11 hijackers. The Army knew Hassan was a supporter of the Islamic
jihad against the West and had supposedly investigated his actions for six months.  Colleagues also revealed that he openly declared that Muslim servicemen and women in the U.S. Army should be kept away from the war zones and treated as conscientious objectors.

In a presentation to Army doctors in 2007, U.S.-born Hasan, 39, is quoted as declaring:  'It's getting harder and harder for Muslims in the service to morally justify being in a military that seems constantly engaged against fellow Muslims.'  One part of his speech at Walter Reed Medical Centre in Washington, where he spent six years studying to become a psychiatrist, read: 'We love death more than you love life!' and he ranted that 'non-believers should be beheaded and have boiling oil poured down their throats.'

Lieutenant-Colonel Val Finnell,  an Army doctor who studied with Hasan, said yesterday: 'There were definitely clear indications that Hasan's loyalties were not with America.'  Finnell said he and others questioned Hasan's allegiance to the U.S. Constitution and his commitment to the defense of America (
'Officials: U.S. Aware of Hasan Efforts to Contact al Qaeda,' ABC News, Nov. 9, 2009) but admitted that most of the officers did not file complaints for 'fear of appearing discriminatory against a Muslim soldier' ('Fort Hood Gunman Had Told US Military Colleagues,' The Telegraph, Nov. 8).

Thus he was promoted and remained an Army Major, with access to military intelligence and lethal weaponry, because the U. S. Army has fallen foul to the 'political correctness' disease that lunatic Socialist, Tony Blair, allowed into the United Kingdom (once known as 'Great Britain').  Foolish 'political correctness' is more zealous to please humanists, feminists, environmentalists, Muslims, and lawyers, than it is to fulfill its obligation to protect the world's people from dangerous enemies.  Fearing that dealing with Hassan would violate the principle of 'diversity,' Army spokesmen and media pundits continue to express their combined ignorance by 'wondering what his motive could have been'?!

Hasan wore the traditional Islamic robe and kufi, prayed five times a day and practiced the 'religion of peace' - and they're not supposed to make a connection between that religion and terrorism, even as they prosecute a war on Islamic terrorism?!  The Pentagon's well-publicized moves to show the military does not equate Islam with terror has led to more efforts to accommodate Muslims into the military, whose ranks now exceed 15,000.  It recently dedicated a new Muslim prayer centre at Quantico, commissioned the first Muslim chaplain at the Air Force Academy and inaugurated the first Muslim prayer room at West Point.  Obviously no one can tell a mild, moderate, decent Muslim from a fanatical fundamentalist by sight - or even by everyday overt actions and behaviour - and the majority will serve honestly and admirably (many Muslims have fled to the West to escape the kind of jihadist behaviour that Hasan has embraced!).  But how does the military know which Muslims will put allegiance to country ahead of allegiance to Allah as interpreted by radical Islam? A conflict obviously exists for men like Hasan, just as it did fro Sgt. Hasan Akbar, the Muslim convert who (in 2003) opened fire on commanding officers at a military camp outside Iraq, killing two and wounding 15 others. Akbar said at the time he did it out of loyalty to the
ummah (the supposed international community, or brotherhood, of Muslims - which has waged war among its own ever since their 'prophet' died!).  After Akbar's traitorous attack the Defence Intelligence Agency issued an internal report warning that Muslim soldiers pose a possible security threat - which the Pentagon have clearly ignored when you consider the colossal warning flags that Hasan put out!  When (in 2005) the FBI broke up a Muslim spy ring at Gitmo that involved Muslim military personnel, the Pentagon's counter-spy unit, the Counterintelligence Field Activity, warned leaders that Islamic legal doctrine was compromising devout Muslim soldiers' loyalty.  Several years ago it became known that 10 of the 14 Muslim chaplains in the U.S. military had trained at an Islamic school that the FBI raided after 9/11, a school still run by an un-indicted terrorist co-conspirator.  Members of Congress led by Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC) last year asked the Pentagon to use the FBI to screen groups that certify chaplains.  The Pentagon replied it would be 'legally problematic' to do so - even though some of these chaplains have been radicalizing soldiers.  Last year, Hassan Abujihaad, a Navy signalman, was convicted of tipping off al Qaeda about battle-group movements in the Persian Gulf, including disclosing classified documents detailing the group's vulnerability to terror attack.  The number of terrorists who have infiltrated the U.S. military are clearly unknown, even when they are as transparent as Hasan and one of the convicted Fort Dix terrorists, who said he wanted to join the Army so he could kill U.S. soldiers from the 'inside.'  ('The Military's Blinders,' by Paul Sperry, New York Post, Nov. 7, 2009)

Hasan clearly cried 'Allahu Akbar' ('Allah Is the Greatest') before opening fire, and one of his neighbours has revealed that he gave her a Koran at 9am the morning of the atrocity, before heading to the base, and declared to her: 'I'm going to do good work for God' (
'Fort Hood Gunman Had Told US Military Colleagues That Infidels Should Have Throats Cut,' Telegraph, London, Nov. 8, 2009).  Hasan had made clear, fundamentalist, Muslim statements, e.g. some of his colleagues heard him state that 'infidels should have their throats cut and that they should be set on fire.'  Earlier this summer he cheered the shooting death of a Little Rock Army recruiter by a Muslim ('The Military's Blunders,' New York Post, Nov. 7, 2009).

Now that the Army 'psychiatrist' has killed 13 colleagues and injured 29 the American public are rightly demanding to know how so many clear signals were missed.  The FBI apparently launched an investigation nearly a year ago after being alerted to Hasan's internet posts sympathising with suicide bombers and his links to the known radical Muslim cleric.  Colleagues are also said to have complained about his anti-American rants but, rather than face censure or suffer removal to a safe zone where observation could be continued, Hasan was promoted in April, leaving him free to launch the cowardly and murderous gun attack on colleagues waiting for last minute medical check ups before being deployed to the Middle East.  Perhaps his 'psychiatric' chums and related 'do-no-gooders,' who try and claim that Islamic murderers are 'forced' into terrorist activities as the only way to strike back at their enemies, can explain what great pressure Hasan was under - other than to conform to 'prophet' Muhammad's murderous leadings?  Of course, deluded fellow-psychiatrists, oblivious to the real occultic origins of their profession, will accept that such a man should be free in a society that has been deceived into accepting that such a man is 'harmless' or 'treatable.'  Here in the UK we have countless families testifying to the pain, suffering and death caused to their loved ones at the hands of such 'disturbed' people, allowed to mingle amongst the 'innocent' to repeat their atrocities.  Here is a challenge to even the casual diarists of the world who may read a single daily newspaper or watch  TV: for the next year keep at least a mental note of the number of Muslims and 'mentally-challenged' patients who are released to carry out repeat atrocities.  The figures may seem relatively insignificant until you consider the affect this could have on you if your own family became victims.

Earlier reports claimed that Hasan had communicated 10-20 times with Anwar al-Awlaki, an exiled imam who uses his personal website to urge Muslims around the world to kill U.S. troops in Iraq.  Charles Allen, former under-secretary for intelligence at the Department of Homeland Security, described al-Awlaki as 'an al-Qaeda supporter who targets U.S. Muslims with radical online lectures encouraging terrorist attacks.'  This evil leader fled the U.S. to Yemen after it was revealed he led a Northern Virginia mosque (the
Dar al Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church - 2001) which Hasan attended - along with three of the 9/11 hijackers.  Despite knowledge of this connection, the FBI questioned al-Awlaki but considered they had 'insufficient evidence' to support a criminal prosecution - and also clearly decided Hasan did not pose a real threat!  By the time the commission's investigators tried to interview al-Awlaki, in 2003, he had fled!  The commission's attempts to arrange interviews with the help of the U.S. and Yemeni governments were also surprisingly unsuccessful!

Hasan was attending the Awlaki-run mosque in the same time period as three of the 9/11 hijackers, records showing that his mother's funeral took place there in May 2001.  The 9/11 Commission report revealed that terrorists Nawaf al-Hazmi and Hani Hanjour started going to the mosque in early April 2001 and joined fellow-attendee, Saudi Khalid al-Mihdhar, to be part of the group of five hijackers onboard American Airlines Flight 77 which took off from Dulles and was flown into the Pentagon.  Further evidence of an obviously incompetent investigation and surveillance operation was revealed by the news that  U.S. intelligence officials apparently intercepted attempts in recent months by Hasan (before his recent atrocity) to make contact with Al Qaeda.

In a posting on his website Monday (9th November, 09), Awlaki praised Hasan, calling him "a man of conscience who could not bear living the contradiction of being a Muslim and serving in an army that is fighting against his own people."  He also criticized U.S. Muslim organizations for condemning the shooting attack, calling them hypocrites and - quoting from the Koran - saying "painful punishment" awaited them.

President Barack Obama attended the sombre memorial service at the Fort Hood base yesterday, but the American people remain understandably enraged, for it is their leader who has assisted in the systematic and foolish attempt to paint Islam as 'the religion of peace,' while marginalizing critics of the
jihad as guilty of 'Islamophobia.'  All this against the contradictory back-drop of the long campaign to minimize the threat of radical Islam by taking the war to them in Iraq and Afghanistan!

Our articles have long been warning about the threat of Islam and its terrorist atrocities.  There is a worldwide threat to the world and we need to warn people and encourage our leaders to take intelligent action.  When you consider the colossal cost of the two wars - both unwinnable in real terms, for no one can ever finally win a guerrilla war that is supported by a substantial percentage of the population of a country - it is obvious that a continuous covert operation against bin Laden could not have been less effective or more costly in terms of funding, human lives, and proliferation of false propaganda which in turn encourages the construction of false martyrs and recruitment.

Malik Hassan's decision to commit mass murder in an area of Fort Hood where soldiers were being readied to ship out for battle is a product of the Islamic extremism that has radicalized many thousands of American Muslims, even some inside the armed forces . It is a product of the left's protective alliance with radical Islam that makes every effort to prevent anyone warning against this extremism - and labelling it 'discrimination'! It is a product of the political correctness that has infected almost every American institution including their armed forces - and lives in the UK in a similar manner - and continues to put the world at risk of continuous cowardly and pointless attacks.

Those who appreciate You-Tube videos may like to reference these two:

Army Didn't Want To Appear Too "Anti-Muslim", Hasan Had Links To Hijackers

The second video - in which an 'incongruously' named CAIR spokesman gives the usual 'moderate' view - is entitled:

WGN: Ahmed Rehab Discusses Anti-Muslim Sentiments Arising After Fort Hood

Many watching this second video will be fooled by the front presented by an organisation (CAIR) that has been constantly and irrefutably linked with extremist Muslim groups!

The root problem is deeper and lies in the world-wide apostasy and cowardliness of 'Christian' churches and their 'preachers,' who refuse to proclaim the fear of God boldly and without compromise. As a result, nations have been robbed of the wisdom and power that comes only from the God of the Bible - not from the 'god of this world' (1 John 5#19) is his many guises.  The solution for true Bible believers is to separate from politics and 'the world' and focus on godliness, in our individual lives and in our churches:

'If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land' (2 Chronicles 7:14).

All Christians must know and recognise that it is not enough to just pray.  Lay siege to your MP and community
in word - both through speech and mail, particularly e-mail!  Remember, many organisations count a single letter as the potential view of thousands.  Demand replies!



No Absolute Morals =

Witchcraft =

'Do As Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law'

Christian duty - pray for your enemies!

It was 18th-century British orator Edmund Burke who said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

By their own admission, a large percentage of Muslims regularly flaunt their love of death and of killing infidels - primarily Jews and Christians. Their justification comes from the Qu'ran and the hadith that supports and elucidates every murderous doctrine that emanates from the false prophet, Muhammad. 

The Bible tells another altogether different story, carrying the incomparable message of life imparted to us by the grace of a loving God who cared enough to send His Son to purchase, by His own blood, our redemption. Contrast the message of Christ with that of those who seek to destroy us:  "But I say to you," Jesus said, "love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you" (Matthew 5v44).  A great gulf separates a culture of life from one of death and, thank God, we are on the side of life.  If there is only one thing these words should cause every Christian to do they should obligate them to pray for a spiritually deprived people who desperately need the light and life of Christ.  Please pray for those who live on the death side - and strive to walk in the light of the Gospel of Christ so that you take every opportunity to demonstrate the love of God by doing good to those who think of themselves as our enemies!


What could possibly be the origin of Islamic atrocities in the US armed forces, as widely reported nearly 2 years ago?!

Go to:

"Study: 3 in 4 U.S. Mosques Preach Anti-West Extremism"

[WorldNetDaily], Feb. 23, 2008

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