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Stewart Fleckney - 14

28th August, 2006

Received:  28th August 2006
From: Stewart Fleckney
Subject:  thanks for the eye opener

Hi, Just to say thank u for your site. pleased i found it. At first i was confused by what i read, as ive watched on the tv and read many teachings from preachers and teachers of the word faith- charasmatic world. I do feel a bit torn and confused. But deep down, i agree. ive always known deep down something just wasnt right and didnt add up. The confession of faith isnt a license to ask/demand/draw  Health, Success, Prosperity, Happiness,   is it.  I liked what u said about paul and his tent making...says it all really doesnt it.  The scripture keeps coming to mind that says.. If we suffering in the body, we be done with sin.  and we are to share in Christs sufferings.  ( carry cross ). Still bewildered by all this. but i am very pleased. feels like a big lid has been pulled back from a can of worms in my life ( doctrinal understanding & appropriated living by). Dont know what else to say at moment. But thanks again.   Bit confused bout the born again views u comment on. i mean i know my spirit is alive when i received Jesus as my Saviour & Lord. Know He's in me, and i in Him. Thats right isnt it?.
Many thanks

God bless u all.   in Jesus name.

brother stewart.


TCE replies: 6th September 2006

Dear Stewart

thank you for taking the time to write.

We no longer reply in depth to e-mails (as stated on our home page) because of time & ministry restrictions, including the inability to yet find time to post e-mails from Word-Faith adherents attempting to defend their beliefs.  These are a real eye-opener and we include an example below [we sent the full text of Jeff Schrick's e-mail to us (received 16 May 06) and our reply - but this is now on the website starting on
this page] so you can see how tragic they are.

Obviously Paul should have requested a luxury unsinkable ship equivalent to the modern heretics' luxury vessels!

Regarding Paul and his tent-making - and the rest of his ministry - Word-Faith adherents have tried to tell us that, because of his earlier persecution of the church, God caused him to suffer the 'thorn in the flesh' (2 Cor 12:1-10) etc.  If you read Paul's argument here he talks about (v7) 'the surpassing greatness of the revelations'.  But, apparently, although he was given these great revelations and a ministry of suffering for Christ that bore it out (2 Cor 11:23-29 - obviously Paul should have requested a luxury unsinkable ship equivalent to the modern heretics' luxury aeroplanes/vessels/houses to avoid being ship-wrecked, etc.! Cf.
Jeff Schrick page) God allowed 'a messenger from Satan to buffet him' as punishment!  They cite David in the Old Testament as an example of believers suffering for their disobedience but, of course, there is absolutely no evidence that God ever warned Paul that his earlier persecution of the church was anything but totally forgiven, whereas king David was the anointed king who wilfully disobeyed God - after he was chosen!  Obviously, the Word-Faith heretics don't even have a Biblical view of New Testament total forgiveness in Christ (Matt 26:28; Acts 13:38; Eph 1:7; Col 1:14; Heb 9:22)!

Regarding the 'born again views' you comment on, we presume you mean the false view that Jesus was 'born again'?  If so, then the answer is simply that Scripture never ever states that Jesus was 'born again' so their statement: "... Jesus experienced the same spiritual death that entered man in the Garden of Eden [i.e., He took on Satan's nature]. ... After Jesus was made sin, He had to be born again.... Jesus was a born-again man" is false - and the implication that He took on Satan's nature is utterly blasphemous.  The true believers born again nature seems clear to you and, of course, will be revealed by your reverence for His Word and power of your continually growing witness for Him!

God's best to you Stewart; we pray you will have every blessing in your ministry and continuing walk with the Lord.

In the Precious Name of the Lord Jesus Christ



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