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Lynn Johnstone - 22

17th September, 2013

Example 6 - Devastation caused to another family in the UK by the 'Word-Faith' cult!

Date: 17th September, 2013
From:  Lynn Johnstone
Subject:  thanks for your article

Hello brother /sister in Christ

I'm an evangelical Christian who lives in Glasgow.

Thanks for your website-and in particular for your exposition of the Word Faith Movement in "What on earth is wrong with the Church? Deception in the Church ("Orthodox Heretics")

My  husband-or ,rather, my ex-husband (he unbiblically divorced me at the end of May) embraced the Word of Faith message in a big way and announced to me that he "wanted to be with someone who believed the same as him".

I was wondering if you are in the position to help me? I want to send my ex -husband's mother some (short) materials on the Word of Faith movement , asking her to pray for him. I did buy John Ankerberg and John Weldon's book ,"the Facts on the Word Faith Movement " but started to think that it's maybe a wee bitty complicated for a near 80 year old to read.

I liked your article and thought of sending it to my mother-in- law in South Africa where she lives. I tried to copy and paste it but the text came out really small, bits were cut off completely and other bits of text were "dragged out", making the article 18 pages long all in !!!

Not knowing how to fix all the things wrong with it, I was wondering if, by any chance, you have a hard copy of your article?

I'd also really appreciate knowing if you have any contacts in Scotland who are spreading the word about the heresies of the Word faith Movement up here? Also, have you come across anyone else, whose marriage has been destroyed by the heresies of WOF movement (and would you be willing to put me in touch with them?)

Thank you so much in anticipation.

Keep up this excellent work you are doing for the Lord, please !!!

Love and blessings as you follow His leading,

Lynn Johnstone


How 'Word-Faith' leaders and their disciples' doctrinal errors damage their families too!

TCE replies: 19th September, 2013

Dear Lynn

thank you for your kind and encouraging words concerning the website.

We are very sorry to hear that you have been betrayed in this manner by your husband.  Knowing how 'Word-Faith' adherents portray many of the classic symptoms displayed by all cult members, it would doubtlessly not register with him that failure to apply the Word of God correctly in his marriage is entirely consistent with the way in which he has been deceived into his present position by liars applying 'doctrines of demons' (1 Timothy  4:1-3).  All he had to do was read and believe 1 Corinthians 7 - although I don't suppose he would ever see that he is specifically mentioned in verse 15 as he would, like a Jehovah's Witness, believe that he was 'in the truth' (as that cult puts it)!

We enclose two versions of the article (the second attached as a Word document) - we have only removed a few spaces between the paragraphs which result from the method of 'cutting and pasting'.  The 'trick' in doing this from any document (apart from some which are protected, particularly on the Internet) is to start with your mouse cursor at the
bottom right-hand side of the chosen text then drag upwards to the final word in the document, i.e. in this case from the word 'Christ?' up to the last top word 'Deception'.  Part two of the trick work's in all Word Processors that have the 'Paste Special' instruction (which is all good programs!) - but probably not your e-mail program:

Open a New document (blank pages!) and then follow this instruction:  in Word left-click (abbreviated to LC) on Edit, go down to Paste Special and LC on it and choose Unformatted Text and then LC OK.  This will remove ALL formatting (including embedded code in the document which causes these problems you have found).  You can try clicking on RTF instead of Unformatted Text as an alternative which may leave in some highlighting you might prefer to have in the document.  Please let us know if this is sufficient.

We have also attached a long exchange of e-mails we had with a lady who is also trapped in the Word Faith cult - re. Josephine Melrose (this is now on the website starting on
this page).  The article we are sending you is partially corrected but transcribed from WordPerfect so there will be some minor errors in coding.  We are sorry it is long but it also deals with other 'HyperCharismanic' errors as well as many issues relevant to 'Word Faith' (the leaders are virtually in bed together!). 

We will try and sort out other material if time allows but, finally, we recommend you search out Tricia Tillin on the Web (it will probably be advisable to read her material first as it should be very encouraging) as she also includes her personal testimony of her escape from this cult:


If you Google her name you will find many connections with sites she is very involved in:  e.g.


For 'Word-Faith' tract - which may be exactly what you are looking for:


Tricia's work should occupy you for hours alone!

Again, many thanks for writing - we will remember you in our prayers.

Many blessings in Christ Jesus, our Lord and Saviour God,



Lynn replies: 20th September, 2013

Hello Dave, I think it is ?

I'm a bit of a technophobe  when it comes to phones!  My Broadband is playing up, I wanted to reply to you and say "thanks very much" for your prompt and very kind reply. Now I can't scroll beyond the "more available" at the bottom of my phone to see your name.

Anyway, please be assured that I'm very appreciative of you sending me the 2 attachments. I will use them.

Thanks too for the encouragement to look up Tricia Tillan, I already had a look yesterday.

Have a blessed three weeks on your holiday. Couldn't follow that part. Are you Brits or Americans?

Is there anyone in Britain alerting the churches here to the dangers of WOF? (I know of Hazel Grove Baptist Church) Or even ,more specifically, in Scotland?

Don't (or "dinnae",as we say up here !) Dinnae worry if it's a good wee while before you can get back to me (enjoy a bitta rest) I can wait.

Also, is there anyone you know whose marriage has been destroyed by WOF - and would you be willing to put me in touch with him/her?

Thanks for everything!


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How many pastors leading genuinely Christian ekklesiae in the world warn their flock about the 'Word-Faith' cult - or any of the other cults and deceptions in the world?!

TCE replies:  21st September, 2013

Dear Lynn

glad to hear you received the material.

We just have time to reply to your other questions before leaving for the Isle of Wight!

Here in Cardiff (the remnant of
TCE are all British) we have only once (recently!) heard anybody in a local church mention 'Word of Faith' negatively or display any criticism of their leaders or doctrines but, occasionally, we have heard positive views of the cult from the ignorant in some 'pulpits'!  You probably know that some Elim Pentecostal and Assemblies of God fellowships do more than just tolerate this cult and their congregations sometimes contain considerable numbers who openly embrace many of the errors.  Although there are a few leaders in these two 'Pentecostal' denominations in South Wales who are Biblical enough to stay away from 'Word of Faith', in the main they still do little to actively warn their congregations about the heresies - and just 15 miles down the road from here, in Newport, lies 'King's Church' led (until 2014) by leading proponent of 'Word of Faith' in Wales, Ray Bevan (who, surprise, surprise, divorced his Christian wife some years ago to take up with a 'new model' based on the example set by the USA heretics he has also embraced!).

Since the same pattern of apathetic tolerance exists when it comes to the long-established cults, such as Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons and Christadelphians, none of this is a big surprise! 
Hearing that you know of a church that does warn about this cult is a very pleasant surprise.

We have heard from a few people who have struggled with their partners or families in the 'Word Faith' cult, or even had a death in the family as a result of 'believing for a miraculous healing' which never came (e.g. '
Pip Baily'; 'Bonnie Parker'), but none spring to mind who have shown interest in actively pursuing a ministry to warn others so that they might be of help to you.  Unfortunately, this is only a short step from the kind of reaction of most people who discover that they have been deceived by a cult and then try to avoid all contact with anything Christian because they fear it could happen again, i.e. instead of turning more thoroughly to the Word of God and the God of the Word they turn to the 'god of this world' (2 Cor. 4:4; 1 John 5:19).

Finally, we don't know if you are familiar with Moriel Ministries and Jacob Prasch?  We hope you don't mind if we forward their recent newsletter?  Jacob is perhaps mellowing a little with age and infirmity (!?) but is the most vigorous proponent of a strong orthodox warning ministry we know of in the UK - as well as being much smarter intellectually than he would ever admit to!  Since he seems to be speaking in Scotland in about a month's time, if you haven't heard him speak it might be helpful and he might even know of others who could be of help to you.

We will remember you in our prayers and trust that God will bless you in many surprising ways after this time of terrible hurt and betrayal.

In the Blessed Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus



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