'Studies in the Old Testament'

Early Trials of King David - 5

April 2020

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King David's two coronations (1010 B.C. and 1003 B.C.)

This first anointing of David over Judah alone took place in 1010 B.C. and the second anointing over all of the land of Israel took place in 1003 B.C. in Hebron when David was thirty-seven years old.  We know that, following the death of Ish-bosheth, there was no king in the north for five-and one-half years - possibly because the Philistines were so strong that they would not allow the tribes of Israel to appoint a successor to Ish-bosheth.  It had been twenty-two years since Samuel had poured the horn of oil over the head of young David as they stood in the house of his father Jesse. (1 Samuel 16:1-13). Saul knew that David was to be Israel's next king (1 Samuel 24:20), Abigail recognised it (1 Samuel 25:30), and even the Philistines knew (1 Samuel 21:11). All Israel had to recognise that David was the one God had designed to be king in Saul's place (2 Samuel 3:9-10, 18) and they were a little slow to act on this revelation.  But, at last, when the elders of Israel came to David, it was in obedience to the revealed will of God which was far better than their previous rebellion against God when they demanded a king (1 Samuel 8).

Now, when David was anointed (for the third time) as Israel's king by these elders, it was done in the context of a covenant made with David before the Lord (2 Samuel 5:3). This was an act of obedience and faith.  The reign of David is a reign of righteousness, due in part to the repentance and obedience of Israel and its leaders. The intervening years had included years of military glory in Saul's court, years as an outlaw and a mercenary, often discouraged, and always in danger of death at the hand of Saul. Then, in 1010 B.C., there was his elevation to a throne, but only over his one tribe of Judah. But now, in 2 Samuel 5, in 1003 B.C., he became king over all Israel and, as God's representative monarch, there was no greater man than David on the face of the earth.  As head over God's chosen people he began, with precision and swiftness, to embark on several projects which would endear him to the hearts of the people and would solidify his position as king of Israel.

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Early Trials of King David!

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King David's two coronations (1010 B.C. and 1003 B.C.)

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