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9th March, 2012

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The Cafeteria of 'Thaumaturgus Rome'!

In your second e-mail you write: 'There is no such thing as Catholics of 'various' persuasions: we are united in doctrine, worship, and government.One either acccepts the dogmas of the Church (such as: the Triunity of God, the Immaculate Conception, etc.,) or they don't. One is Catholic by submitting to the dogmas of the Church. Rejecters of any single dogma are struck with Latae Sententiae, regardless of whether or not these sectarians openly identify as Catholics. The Church is divinely kept from the possibility of error by the Holy Spirit, in Her dogmatic pronouncements. When you say there are "various" persuasions, that's due to your Portestant [sic] bias'.

TCE:  We have already proven the myth of your claim on our pages (use Search This Site on our Home Page) and supplied enough examples since those pages were written to expose Latae Sententiae as another Papal myth.

Here is a statement from a Papal Roman Catholic website:


that proves - even further - that there are just as many breakaway Papal Roman Catholic sects/cults as the many 'Protestant' groups that Rome is so fond of sneering at:

'We are not associated in any way with any group or organization such as SSPX, CMRI, The Resistance, the Dimond Brothers "Tradcatknight", and we do not approve nor favor "Hobson"/TodaysCatholicWorld, "Catholic" Family News, "Novus Ordo Watch", WE ARE NOT FEENEYITES, WE ARE NOT "SEDEVACANTISTS", we reject "the two witnesses" website and the pretended Catholic Youtube group called "Defeat Modernism". . . the list goes on and on - False Christs and False Prophets!  See the ABOUT US link above. We are individuals seeking Catholic Truth. Period. Many of these groups have taken our material, warped it, and offered it to their followers.  Also, we are definitely not pretending to be Catholic priests operating this site nor are we pretended or excommunicated priests, the kind you find in the apostate "church" and all those who take any part in it.'

They also write - on the same page:

'In accordance with the decree of Urban VIII, and other Sovereign Pontiffs, we declare that all the graces, revelations, and miraculous facts related on this website have only a human authority, except so far as they have been confirmed by the Holy Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman Church, to whose Infallible Judgment we submit whatever is written therein; and that, in giving to any person(s) the designation of Saint we have no thought of anticipating the decision of the Holy See, which alone has authority to pronounce to whom such character and title rightly belong.

This being said, we give no credence whatsoever to the false church of the apostasy taking place now in Rome. There is no authority with them and hence, there is no Infallibility. You will not find on our  website, any positive reference to approved "saints" or anything declared "holy" by the apostate "church". If the apostate "church" adequately  declares a holy person as holy it is only to appear to be the Catholic Church when in reality they are of their father, Satan, and their father knows how to deceive souls. This is why they engage in such efforts.'

TCE:  we have already written about the many 'cafeteria' Papal Roman Catholics (see our specifically titled pages) and proven that they also contain your popes, past and present (see articles on the heresies they held), so your bluster is wasted!

You write:  Only Catholics have an undeniable history (and still do) of the Gift of Miracles (a sign of holiness). The miraculous cures and events are declared genuine by a board of physicians, experts, scientists, all of whom are non-Catholic (and the most eminent in their fields). The Church is tremendously overflowing (even to this day) with scientifically verified miracles. Since Protestants obviously don't have a 'heritage' of miracles, and also due to Protestant bias, they will choke all the undeniable evidence as either demonic power or fraud. Protestants just simply don't believe miracles happen, and reject Jesus Christ's clear promise to His Church regarding miracles; since they notice the miracles are not being fulfilled in them.

TCE:  Again you indulge in fantasy!  If you really believe your words you will supply details of the 'board of physicians, experts, scientists, all of whom are non-Catholic (and the most eminent in their fields).  The Church is tremendously overflowing (even to this day) with scientifically verified miracles' who supposedly authenticate the miracles of 'The Church' - which was once called Papal Rome but now supposedly exists in numerous forms depending on which 'cafeteria Catholic' you ask!  Unfortunately, Papal Roman Catholics are no different from other cults whose followers parrot any rumour started by the hierarchy and will swear that black is white if the church says so - as proclaimed by one of the heroes of the cult (see earlier):

Claiming '
Protestants obviously don't have a 'heritage' of miracles' ignores the fact that Papal Rome destroyed many of the records of the genuine Christians (e.g. the pre-Reformation Fundamentalists such as the Cathari, Waldensians, Lollards, Hussites, etc.) and utterly fails to allow for the miracles that have occurred in all the ages of the true ekklesiae.  Even in these days there are accounts of miracles in the ekklesia who utterly reject Papal Rome so your claim that 'Protestants just simply don't believe miracles happen ... reject Jesus Christ's clear promise to His Church regarding miracles ... since they notice the miracles are not being fulfilled in them' fails to strike any target.

Did Padre Pio really cure Gemma de Giorgio of blindness?!

You write:  As mentioned in my last email, Padre Pio cured 7 year old Gemma de Giorgio in 1947 of her blindness (one of many thousands he's cured of blindness). She was born without pupils and without pupils it is a scientific fact that one cannot see. She was taken to Padre Pio by her relatives, in the sight of crowds of people. When Padre Pio gave her, her eye sight, she still had no pupils and still doesn't to this day; but she sees. She has been examined by world expert doctors ever since her youth and they call her condition inexplicable. Padre Pio was the most famous, photographed, and video recorded person in the world at his time. Padre Pio ascended to the hights of perfection truly, and he had the gifts of some of the greatest Saints in the history of the world. The Saints alone and their miracles disprove the erroneous beliefs of Protestantism.

TCE: If you search for genuine evidence that Gemma actually 'sees' in the sense that people use to describe near 100% sight of most of the population, you will find that she is not seeing in this way.

Sadly, because of your desperation to prove Papal Rome performs miracles you leave yourself wide open to articles like this one:


Hello, I have seen this miracle reported in many places in the web. Gemma DiGiorgio a girl born without pupils who can see because Padre Pio miraculously cured her. I even saw a video where she clearly can see.

At first I was puzzled. After looking at pictures of her eyes and by some chance finding in Wikipedia I think that this is a case of aniridia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aniridia), not of missing pupils. As clearly stated in this article "Some patients have partial aniridia with relatively preserved vision". Because they have no iris they have problems seeing under normal lighting. In fact in the video I saw of this woman she has to wear dark glasses when going out. Also compare the eyes in the wikipedia article and a picture of her at

Further searching shed some more light on this case. This link:

seems to indicate that she does have pupils but no iris as I had suspected. The ophthalmologist who examined her initially also states that her vision was uncertain when she was 3 months old not that she was blind for sure and would never see as was later claimed. Also she is considered legally blind.

I think this is just a case of a pious people exaggerating a disability because they want to believe in miracles.

Does anybody have more information on this case?'

Another 'skeptic' notes: 'All arguments from miracles are non causa pro causa anyway.  Even if somebody is actually able to prove that a miracle happened, it's not evidence that God was a cause for the miraculous event.'

TCE: When you read the mocking entries that follow this 'explanation' you can easily recognise the 'true' parts and the faulty reasoning that they employ as 'skeptics' and 'atheists' (can they accept the logic that proves there is no such thing as an atheist, for example!).  But they are so busy massaging egos and patting each other on the back for their cleverness that they would never be able to see that their very existence is the result of the miraculous!  If I asked one of them to take a soup of glycine (I'd let them choose their solvent) and then combine it with one other amino acid to form a simple peptide, I wonder how long they would take to realise how difficult it is to do - even in perfectly controlled laboratory conditions!  But in a crude 'primeval soup'?  Don't forget that this has never been 'observed' happening?!  And even if you managed that you are infinitely far away from forming even the simplest living one-celled organism.  To get an idea of the complexity of the task go to these refs.:



Catholics really have nothing to believe in now that Papal Rome has accepted 'Darwin's Theory' as scientific fact!

However, since your popes have also now accepted Darwin's seriously flawed hypothesis' (that was not even 'his brainchild'!) as a 'factual theory', devotees of Papal Rome will now have to accept that they have absolutely no logical or Biblical reason to believe any of the 'Catechism', never mind the Word of God!

But, back to Padre Pio: further down this page of 'The Rational Response Squad' we read:

'It is strange that the Vatican does not recognize this miracle.  No mention of it at all on the official Vatican website pages concerning Pio.


The 'miracle' that made him a saint is documented on the link below.


TCE: Unfortunately, these links are many years old and if any reader wants to supply a good link detailing the evidence on which Pio's 'sainthood' was based we will insert it at a later date.

We have already proven the unproven hopefulness of your claims for countless miracles in Papal Rome and will conclude by emphasising the un-Biblical error of your claim that '
The Saints alone and their miracles disprove the erroneous beliefs of Protestantism.'

You will find enough claims in other churches, such as the 'Word Faith' heretics and 'charismaniacs' from a variety of backgrounds, who also make a multitude of claims for healings which are just as poorly supported, in terms of genuine medical evidence as those in 'Thaumaturgus Rome', and which are just as easily repudiated by orthodox Christians. 

By your reasoning this makes them every bit as genuine as Papal Rome, but we quoted enough Scriptures earlier to show that the appearance of miracles never proves God approves of the miracle worker (or his organisation) and how many claiming to have done these things for Him will be rejected by the Lord Jesus Christ:

Matthew 7:15-23 - Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves. By their fruits ye shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but the corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Therefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy by thy name, and by thy name cast out demons, and by thy name do many mighty works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

No doubt the majority of brain-washed Papal Roman Catholics who read this far will still fail to recognise that, even when all the supposed arguments presented to us have been debunked, spiritual deception still leaves them trapped and under the sway of a fake priesthood packed with perverts - and with matching sacraments and doctrines.

But, like 'the thief on the cross' (Luke 23v39-43), it only takes the shortest prayer to leave the Papal road to Hell and join the Lord Jesus Christ in Paradise:

'Jesus, remember me when thou comest in thy kingdom'.


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The Cafeteria of 'Thaumaturgus Rome'!

Did Padre Pio really cure Gemma de Giorgio of blindness?!

Catholics really have nothing to believe in now that Papal Rome has accepted Darwin's Theory' as scientific fact!

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