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Herman Benedict - 76

9th March, 2012

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TCE:  we have already shown that true believers have existed since the days of Christ and His Apostles and continue to this day - and that very few have been found in the Papal Roman Catholic Church for, as shown, when they raised their heads they were persecuted and even murdered.

You write:  We must always remember that the Church is the 'Pillar and Bulwark of Truth', the Bride of Christ, the Kingdom of God, the very mystical Body of Christ. In the Gospel of St. Matthew, chapter 16, verse 18 Jesus gives Peter the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus tells Peter that the Church built upon him will endure 'the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.' At the end of this same gospel St. Matthew reports the last words of Jesus before he ascended into heaven. Jesus commissions the Apostles by saying, 'All power in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; and behold, I am with you all days, even unto the consummation of the world.' (Matthew. 28:18) When the Angel Gabriel came to Mary he told her that her Son would also be the Son of the Most High God and that 'He shall reign in the House of Jacob forever.' (Luke 1:32)  There are hundreds of such passages. The Church is what Jesus came and died for.

TCE: we have already amply refuted the claims that Matthew 16:18 means 'Jesus gives Peter the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven', in the manner Papal Rome claims, including on this page, under the heading:

Did Peter ever claim to be 'The Rock'?

There are many Scriptural statements concerning the reasons the Lord Jesus Christ came to earth and died (e.g. Romans 5:8:  But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us), but he certainly never came to establish the Pharisaical establishment that is Papal Rome.

You confuse cults with 'Protestants' and 'fundamentalists' -  but Rome can never disturb Biblical reasoning and historical facts!

You write:  All that having been said there are a vast number of Protestant sects, and cults who believe that after the death of the last Apostle the Church was completely corrupted. This, of course, flies directly in the face of Christ's promise to Peter and the Apostles. The point is that all those who are not united to the Church that Jesus founded upon Peter have some kind of excuse for not being a part of it. They all claim that either after the death of the last Apostle or sometime thereafter the Church fell victim to error, which ultimately turned it completely away from God's original intention. Now some of these Protestants, realizing that saying this means that Jesus was a charlatan, devise strange ways of compensating. Some desperate Protestant 'theologians' attempt to show that in fact the Church remained intact through the ages by taking the heretics of every age as their Christian genealogy. The Catholic Church can demonstrate its credentials by using a combination of Scripture and historic fact.  We have seen how the Scriptures proclaim the indefectibility of the Church. Protestantism was not founded by Christ, but by man.

TCE: claiming that the beliefs of cults such as the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons - who both claim  'that after the death of the last Apostle the Church was completely corrupted' - have anything to do with mainstream 'Protestantism' is the height of ignorance.  Likewise, your claim that 'Some desperate Protestant 'theologians' attempt to show that in fact the Church remained intact through the ages by taking the heretics of every age as their Christian genealogy' simply re-iterates the historical claims and actions of the murderous popes who contended that all who did not accept the doctrines of Papal Rome were heretics who deserved to be persecuted and killed.

You write:  The Catholic Church can demonstrate its credentials by using a combination of Scripture and historic fact.  We have seen how the Scriptures proclaim the indefectibility of the Church. Protestantism was not founded by Christ, but by man.

TCE:  again, we have amply refuted such claims for Papal Rome.  While Scripture is clear that the words of the Lord Jesus Christ can never pass away (Matthew 24:35; Mark 13:31; Luke 21:33  Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away) and there would always be a faithful remnant, just as there were in the days of Elijah and Elisha (1 Kings 19:18), this never makes the Papal Roman Catholic Church the remnant!  We refer you to our many pages - which already thoroughly refute your claims - under these headings:

The Developing Dogma of the Papacy

Poverty of Christ to Regal Pontiff!

Papal Historical Revisionism hides the truth

Papal Pretensions to Omnipotence

Denying History to Build a Lie

No Discussion Allowed

Licensing Dictatorial Powers

No Historical Support

A Tragic Farce

Since we have already written many pages in response to almost identical claims made against 'Protestantism' and 'Fundamentalism' by Papal Roman Catholics, we will limit ourselves to these responses for now.

Should you raise any further issues without addressing the questions we have raised we will only reply to them on completion of the website updates.

Thank you again for your interest in the truth.

In Christ Jesus



'Herman Benedict replies': 15th June 2012

You seem to be sure of yourself, I ask you now this, in logic: Are you infallible? Is your interpretation of the bible infallible? If so, how so? The Protestant claims to follow "the preserved infallible word of God", however, it is an astounding contradiction in that they all disagree with each other on fundamental points of doctrine.

They all proclaim loudly from the roof tops that the "holy" spirit will guide the individual bible "believer" to truth, but obviously the countless Protestant denominations and their continual dissensions stand as a proof that the Protestant hermeneutic (of private interpretation) is obviously very false(hence, they are without Truth - but only falsity).

Do you mean to say that each of the Protestants has a different "holy" spirit and that indeed the various "holy" spirits contradict each other and themselves?

So when you say the Roman Catholic has to embrace the Protestant false religion, is it not foolishness? Need you be reminded that the southern Baptist denomination (the largest Protestant sect in the world) is a false religion that arose from a theological defense of racism and slavery? Was this the "word of God?

Richard Furman president of the SBC in 1822: "The right of owning slaves is clearly established in the holy scriptures both by precept and example." When the civil war ended, southern Baptists continued to denounce emancipation as contrary to the will of God. It is interesting to note that Furman was against slavery prior to his conversion to the southern Baptist false religion. Protestantism is corrupt and has been since its inception.

Sola Fide is the most unbiblical belief there is. No one believed in Sola Fide for 1500 years. That doctrine is therefore false. My question to you is: Do you believe it is possible for a Christian to commit sin? If your answer is yes, you are therefore admitting that a Christian will go to hell for sinning. If your answer is no, that it is impossible for a Christian to sin, then you are admitting that sinners [those who commit sin] enter Heaven.

Another question: Do you believe a Christian ceases to be a Christian when they sin? A little history; Martin Luther claimed that he came up with justification by faith alone while on the toilet. He claims that it came as "knowledge the Holy Spirit gave me on the privy in the tower."(Quoted in Willaim Manchester, A World Lit only By Fire: The Medieval Mind and the Renaissance Little Brown & Co., 1993, p.140.) So this is where your belief in Sola Fide came from. The man responsible for your belief in Sola Fide taught: "God does not save people who are only fictitious sinners. Be a sinner and sin boldly, but believe and rejoice in Christ even more boldly, for he is victorious over sin, death, and the world.

As long as we are here [in the world] we have to sin...No sin will separate us from the Lamb, even though we commit fornication and murder a thousand times a day... Pray boldly - you too are a mighty sinner." (Martin Luther, Letter to Melanchthon, August 1, 1521) So this places things in their proper context illustrating that the originator of Sola Fide meant you can commit sins however much and still enter Heaven, which is what you believe. Lord Jesus Christ came to die for sins, and not for us to commit them.

Everything you have mentioned is false and inaccurate. When Protestant Revolters threw several books out of the Bible 1500+ years later, they then turned around and called them "apocrypha" because they refuted their Protestant doctrines. It is only your Protestant "scriptures" that are apocryphal. The Protestant canon that you have today is a result of the dominant version that was circulated by politically positioned compatriots during the Revolt, despite the fact that the revolter leaders removed and rejected more books in the Protestant canon than what appears in it today.The Bible never made itself. You committed an anachronism, in attempting to escape the fact that the Protestant revolters rejected the several books based on doctrines they rejected. You must have never read their writings. In addition, the books they retained do not match the wording of the Bible because they changed the wording. That's why many self styled "Bible" versions have different words and phrases and meanings.Open lesbians, witches, occultists, feminists, and homosexuals sit on the translation committees and state their vision and reasons for changing the already present wording in the Protestant made "scriptures."And this continues on and on in an endless cycle. So  Protestants have in effect lesbian feminist homosexual occultist wiccan made/produced "bibles."And these "bibles" are in turn further revised by leftist pressure groups. That is why all Protestant universities, so called "seminaries", schools and even some churches, receive massive funds from Communist and Socialist groups.
The Bible never made itself. What assurance do you have that the books you have are inspired? It is because of Rome. You depend on Rome's authority in accepting and believing that those particular books which  you have in the NEW TESTAMENT are inspired. St. Luke and St. Mark were not Apostles, but you accept there writings as part of the 4 Gospels based on Romes decision. Neither was St. Paul an Apostle but you accept what he wrote as inspired. What basis do you have for this - Rome's decision.

Additionally, not all Apostles wrote; and the writings of the Early Church Fathers were accepted as inspired scripture and even read out during public worship.  The desperate Protestant tries to invent stories on how the Bible came to be without making reference to the Catholic Church which is ultimately impossible.

Your "supporting historical sources" are Protestant myth and popular bigoted Protestant fictions of the day. You cannot address anything and avoid doing so because you know you are so thoroughly refuted. You have no basis absolutely for accepting the particular books you have as inspired scripture, except on the authority and trust you have in the Catholic Church.The favorite Protestant meaningless tactic of Invoking "God protected and inspired the scriptures" means absolutely nothing; your opponent/s can invoke the same argument. You are not going by the data and the historical fact.Catholics wrote the Bible and decided the canon of the Old and New Testaments. Saying that "God" protected the scriptures doesn't demonstrate that "He" physically put them together. There had to be an outside source doing this endowed with Infallibility and this was the Church. To escape this fact is absurdist, does violence to the facts of history, reason, common sense, and reality, and a holder of your position would have to believe that the texts magically came and were assembled together magnetically through occult means. Or if not, that the canon itself is fallible; thus leaving you without the complete Revelation, and thus no Revelation at all, and therefore refuting in one fell swoop your notion and premise that "God" preserved the scriptures. You either have the full Revelation or you don't at all. Because [true] Revelation is what is complete. Additionally, no one from heaven ever promised that the translations of the Bible would be preserved from error - where do you get that? In the Translator's message to the Readers in the preface to the 1611 KJV they said themselves that their translation was not perfect and preserved from error. If you point back to your version of the "Bible" in response by saying that "God protected His word", then that is a fallacy of circular reasoning; because the issue at hand is the question of who put/placed those particular and specific books in the Bible and whether that was an Infallible decision; and also when exactly did this happen? In your unreason you are unable to answer this question honestly and only with the bare facts in mind, and thus according to your erroneous line of thinking, would have to admit that you don't even know where your scriptures come from and originated and also when they were collected and put together, and by whom. Protestants selectively translate and their "Bibles" are filled and flowing with contradicting errors. In the 7 century the Moslems claimed that Christianity was "corrupt" and lost and changed the scriptures and that they received the true revelation  The Protestants claim to have "recovered" the word of God during the 16 century. The Mormons claim to have "recovered" the word of God in the 19th century. Noting in Protestantism is unique, and specifically nothing in your version and brand of Protestantism is unique. You and other false religions and sects resort to invoking your false gods as a starting point in an attempt to set your false religion and false scriptures as authentic - in the face of the irrefutable and undeniable historical facts which through your false scriptures and false god out the window. The translators of your "scriptures"were never promised they would not error while translating. And to go back to your Protestant "scriptures" for "evidence" that your Protesting "scriptures" are authentic, would be circular reasoning. Because the scriptures did no make themselves nor put themselves together. you have to go to an external outside source to prove the validity of your scriptures; this is called the Archimedean reference point. And since you reject the Church and you know the Church gave you your scriptures [though you corrupted what was given you] you resort to forming mythic stories, and also to smoke and mirror illusions and puff and feathers, in order to cover up the inauthentic nature of your corrupt scriptures. You have to put up and resort to elaborate puff and feather fable and fairytale  in an attempted weak "justification" for not only corrupting the scriptures, but for why you reject several inspired texts.

I must note that your citation and use of Scripture is illegitimate, simply irrelevant, and out of context. What you say of Padre Pio's bilocations is just prejudice. You say it was occultic powers that aided him. According to that logic, all the miracles he performed and thus all the miracles of Jesus Christ, His Aposltes, and Christians after them ,were all occultic powers, but not the abundant Fruits of the Holy Ghost and his Tremendous Outpourings upon His most obedient  and faithful children. Padre Pio listened to confessions 18+ hours a day just like the Cure' of Ars and of course they both bilocated. He was a man mainly of prayer, and prayed during each and every moment. He was also famous on the whole planet for his astounding miracles in the eyes of men. Hundreds of thousands crowded the streets when he occasionally left his monastery and was transferred through a vehicle to the hospitals he was building and supervising to give speeches. You also tried to bring up how I mentioned Martin Luther admittedly had interaction with the Devil, by attempting to connect this to the Saints. That is simply ridiculous. Martin Luther was a Devil Possessed heretic and satanic Rosicrucian. His personal seal on all his writings was the Rosicrucian symbol. I also cited his quotes, well documented and readily admitted by his Protestant defenders. He also accused the Lord of adultery and fornication. He taught man had no free will and was incapable of good. And you evade and dodge the issue. So the supposed allegation that his Table Talk is not found in the online database of his works is ludicrous. I cited the exact source material and it is readily accepted by his defenders and indeed openly admitted. When you make mention of the so called "stigmatist" woman that you know and that she supposedly healed you and hides her hands behind her back because she is modest about her "stigmata", one must call these assertions ludicrous. She is a heretic and cannot perform the miracles that all stigmatists performed; bilocations, mystical and physical ruptures and flights, traveling tremendous distances supernaturally over continents, resurrections, levitations, flying swiftly than birds and arrows etc. She is a worker of false signs and wonders and her stigmata is either fake or from the Devil himself, to deceive heretics like you and all she can do are her false "healings." Wow big deal. Even Transcendental Meditators, Buddhist monks, channelers, mediums, and some psychics can "heal." She is an occultist and Devil worshiper. Only the Church can bring a whole irrefutable package of miracles examined under the most rigid scrutiny that the expert examiners have gained the name "Devil's Advocate" because their job is to try to disprove the wonders with all their might in an attempt to find a scientific explanation of the miracles. To add icing to the cake, only the unbelievers and their expert top scientists that they can bring are made to work on the cases, and when it is determined there is absolutely no natural or scientific explanation of the miracles, the "Devil's Advocate's" job is finished; because they admit that they have no explanation for these things.

You must be one of those gas chamber cultists and believers. You even go so far as to embrace the Christ-Rejecters and Christ-Killers themselves. Perhaps you have never read the Leuchter Report http://www.solargeneral.com/library/leuchter-report.pdf  done by the top gass chamber expert in the world - Fred Leuchter, proving that the whole "jewish" holocaust was a lie, no gass chambers ever existed in the  concentration camps, and that the crematoriums could not have had the capacity  to burn even 1 million bodies - it would have taken 65 years at least. There are  many videos of him online, this is a 10 minute one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diwTI0uyXXk  of course, after exposing the "jewish" holocaust fraud, he has been persecuted  and his career ruined. His compatriot Ernst Zundel has been declared a threat to the national security in Canada, and was taken to Germany to serve prison time for exposing the "jewish" holocaust myth. The Jews control not only the media but also every other facet of our lives. You are a worshiper of the God-insulting jews.

The "Jewish holocaust" is fake - never happened. Almost all the people that died in the concentration camps were professing Catholics. Just over 200,000 people died in these camps according to German, Red Cross, and Russian figures.  They died because the "allies" bombed the water supply and food supply. They got  sick from the water and received communicable diseases. Hitler only went after the Catholics, not Jews. He was Jewish himself, a Rothschild.  http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/the_holocaust.php the only victims in  history are Catholics and always will be. The Holocaust was the OUR LORD JESUS  CHRIST's Sacrifice on the Cross - HE was the Divine offering to the FIRST PERSON OF THE MOST HOLY AND BLESSED TRINITY - THE FATHER.


The Jew Stalin killed 25 million Russians, the Jew Hitler killed mainly Catholics and some goy. The Jews Lenin, Leon Trostsky (Lev Bronstein), Yakov Sverdlow (Solomon), Grigori Zinovier (Radomsylsky), Karl Marx (Moses Levi Mordechai) , Karl Radek (Sobelsohn), Maxim Litvinov (Wallach), Lev Kamener (Rosenfeld) and Morsei Vritsky etc killed upwards of 68+ million Russians and the Jews were the leading Communists. So keep your Jewish racist Supremacist propaganda to yourself. You will burn forever in eternity - almost certainly; but you can avoid this by embracing and living the True and only Faith.

http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,286153,00.html even the biased Catholic-bashing Fox News reports and is complaining about why it is not making front page news how Protestants abuse more kids than the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect, that some wrongly believe is the Catholic Church. In fact, Protestant "churches" have to take large insurance claims for child abuse molestation, because they expect to molest and pervert young little children. In addition, your Protestant "churches" cover-up abuse cases and shuffle around your pervert Protestant ministers. Protestant churches are so pedophilic that they even strongly avoid and protest against forming any system of protecting their vulnerable children, and for reporting pedophile Protestant ministers. The Southern Baptist Convention (largest Protestant denomination) refuses to form a list of abuse cases even while pressured by victim advocacy groups, that can be made available to the public. In fact, Protestant pedophile ministers' abuse and deviancy is never reported by the protestant "churches", but by a third party. Protestant "churches" protect, nurture, and advance child molestation, and refuse to report it and keep it secret. Protestant "churches" do nothing to prevent or curb child abuse. Since most congregations are pedophiliac. Statistically, Protestant ministers are over five times more likely to abuse a child than an employee of the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect (which is falsely called the Catholic Church). The "Evangelicals" (that is what you call your own denomination) are the worst abusers, if not, easily one of the worst of all the Protestant denominations. It is so bad that it is truly mind boggling. You must be very ignorant of the world you live in. What I will say is that you should consult the statistics and see yourself.

The "Evangelicals" are exploding with perverts and sodomite abusers. And the crimes are truly dirty and nauseating. These sickening lusting pervert Protestant "evangelical" ministers commit degradations that most adults never even heard of. Sex abuse molesting pedophile Protestant "pastors" is really an epidemic rapidly growing in fundamentalist and "evangelical" circles. Your sect has reached the lowest of the low and the rock bottom of the barrel and resides at the bottom rung of morality. Your sect just can't wait to get hands on little children during "bible" studies, picnics, so called "Christian" youth camps, Protestant "churches", "church" outings/field trips, Protestant counseling sessions/centers, "Sunday" school, and most especially retreats and other quality time opportunities molester pedophile "evangelical" Protestant "pastor" abusers so earnestly crave, with little innocent children, especially little boys. The lust of your "evangelical" "pastors" is so fervent that sometimes they just uncontrollably forcefully impose themselves grossly in an indecent manner upon the victim and engage their deviant desires. (I also wanted to note that because your "churches" are man made, you have to take out mortgages and a lot of your "churches" struggle with mortgage payments for your false"churches" ,as a result, many are being closed down; this however, does not happen with the true Church, there is no such thing as mortgages with it because it is divine, not man made) What is so pathetic is that your "evangelical "congregations defend your pedophile Protestant abusing molester "pastors" with all the "church" funds even going so far as to put their "evangelical" "church" up as bond, and insisting on the "innocence" of their Protestant pedophile "pastors", despite the fact that the child molester "evangelical" "pastor" abused a great amount of kids in the congregation; and this is another reason why new denominations breakup and form. After abusing many kids the pedophile child molester abuser Protestant "pastor" starts insulting and scolding them and pathetically quoting "bible" verses when their parents are angry, and also during court. Others pathetically plead for mercy while in court. And the congregations begin to shun the children and their families when they report and complain of molestations by their pedophile Protestant "pastors."And the congregants begin to jeer the children and their families, because they worship their pedophile Protestant child molesting "pastors."Their loyal angry congregations pack the courtrooms during trial making angry outbursts against the victims, and they are told by the court to stop the outrageous outbursts. Each of the congregant pedophile supporters stick to their child molester pedophile "pastors" and shake his hand saying they will stick by him.

A case in point is the Protestant "Evangelical" minister Eddie Long, one of the most politically connected protestant mega-"pastors" who engaged in sodomy and "gay" acts with teens. This raging pedophile and flaming homo protestant minister and hypocrite strongly preached against "gay" people - when he himself is a flaming homo! Such hypocrisy, but he is only one tip of an enormous Protestant iceberg.


You are so driven by bigotry that you cannot see the filth in your false religion, and the fact that of all areas of society, of all the false religions, the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect's employees are statistically better off, than any other sect, because of the few vestiges they stole and retained from the Church for their false religion. Their so called "abuse" statistics compared to those of other Protestants, the Moslems, the Jews, the Hare Krishnas, the Hindus, the Buddhists etc are as a speck and almost as nothing. In addition, over 95% of the "abuse" is not by their invalid priests but by volunteers and other employees. In addition, over 90% of the accused invalid "priests" are dead, and the "abuse" misconduct covers a wide range of areas such as comments, looks, and gestures - and not what your perverted mind thinks of. Only 0.3% of the cases are pedophilia; the other 99+% are teenagers making allegations of so called misconduct.

I'm not defending the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect, but only demonstrating your raging bigotry. They have substantially the least, I repeat, the least amount of "abuse" misconduct, compared to all the other false sects and Protestant denominations, and humanist institutions etc . That's statistics. The reason the Liberal media doesn't make a fuss about this is because over 70% of America are Protestants, which is a clear majority, and professing "Catholics" are a minority; and it serves the Leftist agenda of dividing the population into hostile groups and nurturing their bigotry and gaining an avid audience of Anti-Catholic bigots. Abuse will always happen in the sects of false religions, like yours, but the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect has the least amount, of all the sects of false religions. Of course, such things never happen in the Catholic Church, for it is the one True Religion.

http://www.insurancejournal.com/news/national/2007/06/18/80877.htm a pedophile Lutheran protestant minister Gerald Patrick Thomas Jr. in Texas, is a prime example, where the jury awarded the pedophile Protestant's victims $37 million. Earlier settlements involving Thomas cost an additional $32 million - totaling to a staggering $69 million; and that's just one protestant pedophile!

The three insurance companies -- Church Mutual Insurance Co., GuideOne Insurance Co. and Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Co. together, insure 165,495 churches and worship centers for liability against child sex abuse and other sexual misconduct, mostly Protestant congregations but a few other faiths as well. They also insure more than 5,500 religious schools, camps and other organizations.

The companies represent a large chunk of all U.S. Protestant churches. There are about 224,000 in the U.S., according to the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies, although that number excludes most historically black denominations and some other groups, which account for several thousand congregations.

The media atmosphere is one of hysteria, and Protestant predators and their pedophile ministers abuse more children than any other group, even if you looked at denominations individually - you'd realize molester ministers are of a far greater proportion, than Post Conciliar Protestant Sect employee alleged misconduct. So you are very ignorant of the century you live in. Protestant churches keep records hidden and cover-up and shuffle pedophiles.


I guess you resort to attacking what you perceive as the one and only true Religion to make yourself more popular because you realize that Anti-Catholicism sells; by posting complete lies, misconceptions, and falsehoods published by godless journalists I can see why you are enveloped in the most popular myths of today. Indulgences are not bought. It is impossible to purchase indulgences (even plenary indulgences). You might want to look up the meaning of the word indulgences before you mislead an already entirely bigoted Anti-Catholic populous in your Fundamentalist dark mythology.

Bigots like you never cease calling the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect, the Catholic Church. Additionally, you enjoy citing the alleged "misconduct" of  the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect to "prove" that the Catholic Church is "corrupt." That is a misconception. Even if you continued to falsely believe that the Post Conciliar Protestant "Church" is the Catholic Church (which is false), you still lie by omission; because of all the false religions and their institutions, the Post Conciliar Protestant "Church" (which you falsely call the Catholic Church) has substantially the least amount of misconduct by a wide margin, compared to any other false religion and their institutions be it: the Hindus, Moslems, Hare Krishnas, Jews, and Protestants. Even if you took one protestant sect by itself like the Baptists, "evangelicals" or Methodists, they still have larger amounts of misconduct than the Post Conciliar Protestant "Church" and one doesn't even need to look at the statistics in a mathematical proportion even though the Post Conciliar Protestant "Church" is very large in membership than all the other denominations. I am not defending the Post Conciliar Protestant "Church", but you avoid keeping things in their proper perspective through omission, and also failing to recognize that all other false religions carry out more misconduct than the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect. The Jews only constitute 1.2% of the population, but their misconduct is off the charts (this is because the Jewish Encyclopedia and Talmud explicitly teach that pedophilia and sodomy is ok so long as the child hasn't reached their maidenhood or boyhood years yet).

Lastly, public school teachers physically sexually abuse more kids each month than it took the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect employees, 50 years to do. So what the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect employees did in over 50 years; public school teachers accomplish way more in one month. That's Department of Education's own numbers in their Educator Misconduct Synopsis. Additionally, in the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect over 99% of the alleged misconduct was carried out against teenagers (not little kids) and it wasn't by their invalid priests, but mostly by other employees and volunteers (who by the way are openly professing non-Catholics hired into Post Conciliar Protestant Sect institutions). A vast majority of the accused invalid priests who allegedly did this are long dead, and not there to defend themselves. In addition, under the umbrella word "indecent misconduct" is covered acts such as: inappropriate comments, staring weirdly at someone, asking someone out for a date, hugging someone who never wanted it, writing certain notes, sending certain text messages,  a kiss, or entering into the bathroom or changing area to see somebody, asking somebody for an indecent favor, etc., and not what your wild lurid imagination manages to conjure up in regards to alleged rapists on the loose grabbing little children.

It is not a pedophile issue in the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect. Protestants (who constitute by the way over 90% of your bigoted audience) are over 5 times more likely to abuse kids than an employee of the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect. There is an epidemic of abuse, raging corruption, and coverups in the Protestant "evangelical" circles (and victim advocacy groups have been especially vocal with Baptists, Methodists, "evangelical", and Lutheran "churches" for refusing to set up a way of protecting children, and also for refusing to report their pedophile ministers and also for protecting them), but of course you won't cover this because you are afraid of alienating the vast majority of your virulent bigot audience and of course you want the money to keep coming in.

I repeat, statistically, Post Conciliar Protestant Sect abuses are substantially tiny in amount of victims compared to any other false religion that can be brought forward, by a wide margin, because of the few vestiges they've managed to steal from the Catholic Church. So of all false sects, the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect is the safest place for minors. You fail to make note that misconduct will always occur in institutions controlled by false religions, such as the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect, but at the same time you fail to note that immorality is least in the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect than all other false religions, because statistically the more "religious" an institution claims to be the lesser the instances of immorality. Otherwise, none of this ever occurs in the Catholic Church because it never makes mistakes and the Priests are perfect. The Post Conciliar Protestant Sect is not the Catholic Church. I guess you have no reservations for Catholic bashing and Anti-Catholicism as you do reservations with offending protestants, Moslems, Hindus, and Buddhists. Catholic baiting and Anti-Catholcism has been termed as the anti-Semitism of the liberals. This places abuse in perspective.

The Protestants are far worse many times over, than the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect, when it comes to misconduct. The Jews and Moslems too. When one points out public school teacher statistics of misconduct, and those of government facilities, compared to those of the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect, and to any other false religion, and things are put in perspective, you are refuted devastatingly. The Church is perfect, and it is the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect you speak of. Also, just to demonstrate your irrational bigotry against the true Religion, I showed you that the Post Conciliar Sect of which you speak is better off than the humanist run government facilities and every other false sect and religion. I have loads of news articles and the statistics with me, and even, your own pagan newspapers admit your teachers are very immoral etc. Your "evangelical" leaders are many times over worse than the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect, and I demonstrated your paranoiac bigotry towards the Priests of the True Religion, who are perfect and higher than the rest of society. In the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect the misconduct is mostly perpetrated by the lay people employed; and their invalid priests, most of whom are dead (did this a long time ago, especially in the 60's), are better off than the other pagans (of false religions) statistically, because of the few vestiges they have retained from the True Church.


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Subject:  St. Malachy's Prophecy


St. Malachy O' Morgair Archbishop and Primate Metropolitan of Armagh, Ireland. He lived from 1094 AD - 1148 AD. His name in Middle Irish is Mael Maedoc Ua Morgair (pronounced mel-meh-dock----yooo-ahh----Mor-gair), and in modern Irish it is Maelmhaedhoc O' Morgair (almost same pronunciation). He was gifted with the charism of prophecy, healing, levitation, clairvoyance, and was a prolific miracle worker. While on his trek to Rome in 1139 to assume the post of Papal Legate to Ireland (official representative of the Pope in Ireland) he was struck by a vision and began to prophecy: he saw the line of the reign of papal claimants stretching from his time starting with Pope Celestine II the successor of Innocent II and extending through until Judgment Day. He committed his vision to a manuscript which he then gave to Pope Innocent II: who then placed it in the Vatican Library Secret Archives.

St. Malachy's Prophecy of Papal Claimants from His Time to the End of the World

Name of Papal claimant                           Latin motto and English translation with explanation
Celestine II (1143-1144) Ex castro Tyberis
['From a castle on the Tiber' or 'From a castle of the Tiber']

Celestine II was born Guido de Castello, 
Tuscany, on the shores of the Tiber. He truly was an inhabitant of Tifernum, since he was born in Citta di Castello, Umbria, on the shores of the Tiber. 
Lucius II (1144-1145) Inimicus expulsus
['The enemy expelled' or 'Enemy expelled']

His name was Gerardo Caccianemici, 
which means in Italian, to expel the enemy. He was of the Caccianemici family. The prophecy refers to Gherardo Caccianemici's surname, "Cacciare" which means "to hunt" and "nemichi" is the Italian word for "enemies." As his name foreshadowed: Caccianemici would be driven from Rome by his own subjects. 
Eugene III (1145-1153) Ex magnitudine montis
['Of the greatness of the mountain' or 'Out of the greatness of the mountain']

Born in the castle of Grammont 
[Latin: mons magnus], his family name was Montemagno. Yes, he was a Tuscan from the town of Montemagno. The prophecy also refers to Pope Eugene's last name, 'Montemagno.' 'Monte' means mountain in Italian and Spanish: 'magno' means 'great.' The word 'magno' is of Latin origin and it is a variant transcription of 'magnus.' 
Anastasius IV (1153-1154) Abbas Suburranus
['Abbot from Suburra' or 'Suburran abbot']

He was born near a local named Suburra. He was also form the Suburra family. 
Adrian IV (1154-1159) De rure albo
['From a white country' or 'From the white countryside']

He was born in the town of Albion known for its white rocks and white cliffs. Albion in its turn was near St. Albans' Abbey and he was consecrated Bishop of Albano, where he worked in countries of perpetual snow. The title applies quite aptly. He was humbly born in the town of St. Albans, and educated at the St. Albans School in Hertfordshire. Nicholas Breakspear was the bishop of Albano before becoming Pope.   
Alexander III
1159-1181 Ex ansere custode
['From the guardian goose' or 'out of the guardian goose']


Referring to the Pope's family coat of arms: there was a goose in it. The family of Alexander III descended from one of those who, aroused by geese, when Brennus attempted to sack the capital, repulsed him. Malachy was alluding to the salvation of Rome by Alexander III. He was of the Paparoni family. 
Victor IV (1159-1164
Antipope Ex tetro carcere
['From the loathsome prison' or 'Out of a loathsome prison']

He was a Cardinal of the title of St. Nicholas at the Tullian prison. 
Paschal III (1164-1168)
Antipope Via Transtiberina
['The road beyond the Tiber' 'Road across the Tiber']

He was a Cardinal of the title of St. Mary's in 
Transtevere, which refers to Transtibernia. He was Cardinal of St. Mary across the Tiber. As Cardinal, he held the title of Santa Maria in Trastevere. 
Callixtus III (1168-1178) De Pannonia Tusciae
['From the Hungary of Tuscia' or 'From Tusculan Hungary']

He was from Hungary.
He was an antipope of Hungarian birth, and Cardinal Bishop of Tusculum. He was John, Abbot of Struma. This is the part in pontifical history where another antipope, Innocent III (different from the other Innocent III who was valid) comes in, office from 1179-1180. 
Lucius III (1181-1185) Lux in ostio
[The light at the door or light in Ostium or the light at the gate ]

Lucius[light] was born in Lucca [light] and was Bishop of Ostia. He was a Luccan Cardinal of Ostia. In 1159, he became Cardinal bishop of Ostia. 
Urban III (1185-1187) Sus in cribo
[A sow in a sieve]

His family name was Crivelli, which means sieve in Italian; 
his Papal arms had two sows on it. He was a Milanese, of the Cribella (Crivelli) family, which bears a pig for arms. 
Gregory VIII (1187) Ensis Laurentii
['The sword of Lawrence' or 'The sword of St. Lawrence']

He was a Cardinal of the title of St. Lawrence of Lucina
and his armorial bearing was a drawn sword.
Clement III (1187-1191) De schola exiet
['He shall go forth from a school' 'he will come from a school']

His family name was Scolari, which means out of or from the school. He was a Roman. 
Celestine III (1191-1198) De rure bovensi
['From the country of Bovis, or cattle country'/ 'From cattle country']

He was of the Bovensis (Bobone) family. His family name is a variation of Bovis, Bobone: and 'boves' is a word for cattle. (Bs and Vs are at times synonymous in Italian and seem interchangeable, just like Us and Vs in Latin are interchangeable)
Interesting side note, Bovine is derived from Latin bos, "ox", through Late Latin bovinus. Bos comes from the Indo-European root *gwous, meaning ox. The meaning of bovinus is a Latin word and it means ox. Bovine means having to do with cattle, ox, buffalo, any animal of the genus 'bos'.   
Innocent III (1198-1216) Comes signatus
['Signed Count' or 'Conte-Segni' or 'Designated count' ]

A descendant of the noble Signy, later called Segni family, his birth name was Lotario dei Conti di Segni. Yes, he was from the family of the Counts of Signia (Segni) - a descendant of the segni family. 
Honorius III (1216-1227) Canonicus de latere
['A Canon from the Lateran or side' or 'Canon from the side']

He was a Canon from St. John Lateran; he is noted for his canonizations of English and Irish Saints and the approval of the rule of St. Dominic. He was from the Savelli family. 
Gregory IX (1227-1241) Avis Ostiensis
[Bird of Ostia]

The arms of Gregory IX show and eagle and prior to his election he was the Cardinal of Ostia. He comes from the family of Counts Segni, and the family coat of arms features a bird on a gules background. 
Celestine IV (1241) Leo Sabinus
['The Sabinian Lion' or 'Sabine Lion']

His armorial bearing carries a lion and he was Bishop of Sabina. Yes, he was a Milanese, whose arms were a lion and he was Cardinal Bishop of Sabina. The prophecy also alludes to the last syllable word in the Pope's last name; Castiglioni has the word 'lioni' at the end of it - and it is pronounced the same way as the Greek word 'Leoni' which means 'lion or lioness!'
Innocent IV (1243-1254) Comes Laurentius
[Count Laurence]

Cardinal of St. Laurence (San Lorenzo in Lucca). He was of the house of Flisca (Fieschi), and his father was the Count of Lavagna. 
Alexander IV (1254-1261) Signum Ostiense
['Sign or standard of Ostia' or 'Sign of Ostia']

He was Cardinal Bishop of Ostia and a member of the House Conti-Segni, a family of counts. As an aside he was the Pontiff who canonized St. Clare and was most favorable to the Franciscans. 
Urban IV (1261-1264) Hierusalem Campaniae
[Jerusalem of Champagne]

Native of Troyes (Trecae), Champagne, later Patriarch of Jerusalem. Yes he was a Frenchman of Trecae in Champagne, and later became the Patriarch of Jerusalem. 
Clement IV (1265-1268) Draca depressus
['The dragon crushed' or 'Dragon pressed down']

As Pontiff he crushed the practice of nepotism, which was described as a dragon in the Church at that time by noted writers: It is a well documented fact that his first act as Pope was to forbid his relatives to come to the Curia or to attempt to obtain any temporal advantage from his elevation to the papal throne.
His badge is an eagle holding a dragon in its talons. His coat of arms had and eagle crushing a dragon. 
Gregory X (1271-1276) Anguinus vir
['The man of the serpent' or 'Snaky man']

Pope Gregory X was not even a member of the hierarchy when he was elected Pope. He accepted the Papal dignity and took the name of Gregory X. He was born Tebaldo Visconti and had risen to Archdeacon, which is below the rank of priest. From the beginning of his pontificate he sought to promote the interests of the Holy Land. The reference in the title above is to his coat of arms, which shows a serpent. He was a Milanese, of the family of Viscounts (Visconti), which bears a snake for arms. The Visconti coat of arms had a large serpent devouring a male child's feet first. 
Innocent V (1276) Concionatur Gallus
['A French preacher' or 'French Preacher']

Born in 1225 in south eastern France, Petrus Tarantasia (Pierre de Tarentaise) became the Archbishop of Lyons and the Cardinal of Ostia; he was the intimate adviser of Gregory X whom he succeeded to the papal throne. He was the first Dominican Pope, thus a member of the Order of Preachers and from France. He was a Frenchman from the Order of Preachers: and he was a member of the order of Preachers. 
Adrian V (1276) Bonus Comes
[A good count]

This nephew of Innocent the IV reigned only from the 12th of July to the 21st of August. He had been a count and his name Ottobono Fieschi furnishes the explanation for the prophecy. He was from the Fieschi family, from the counts of Lavagna. The word for 'good' in Latin is 'bonus,' which alludes to Adrian V's name 'Ottobono' for 'bono' also means good in Latin. 
John XXI (1276-1277) Piscator Tuscus
['A Tuscan fisherman' or 'Tuscan Fisherman']


He  was born Pietro Juliani; he was appointed Cadinal of Tusculum; Piscator refers to his name Pietro or Petrus; Tuscus is an adjective that refers to Tusculum. Formerly John Peter, Cardinal Bishop of Tusculum. John XXI had been the Cardinal Bishop of Tusculum.
Nicholas III (1277-1280) Rosa composita
['The modest rose' or 'The rose composite' or 'Composite Rose']

His coat of arms bore a rose. He was of the Ursina (Orsini) family, which bears a rose on its arms, called 'composite.'
Martin IV (1281-1285) Ex teloneo liliacei Martini
['From the office of Martin of the lilies' 
or 'From the receipt of custom of Martin of the lilies' or 'From the tollhouse of lilied Martin']

Prior to being Pope he was the Canon and Treasurer at the Church of St. Martin in Tours, France; the fleur-de-lis is a well-known emblem of France.
Honorius IV (1285-1287) Ex rosa leonina
['From the leonine rose' or 'Out of the leonine rose']

The Pope's coat of arm's had two lions holding a rose. Yes his coat of arms were emblazoned with two lions supporting a rose. He was of the Sabella (Savelli) family, and his arms were a rose carried by lions. 
Nicholas IV (1288-1292) Picus inter escas
['A woodpecker among the food' or 'Woodpecker between food']

He was from Ascoli, now called Ascoli Piceno in Picene country. Picus inter escas is an illusion to the fact that Nicholas came from Ascoli in Picenum. The Province of Ascoli Piceno is a province in the Marche region of Italy. Its capital is the city of Ascoli Piceno. 
St. Celestine V (1294) Ex eremo celsus
['Elevated from the desert' or 'Raised out of the desert']

Prior to his election Pietro di Morrone had become a Benedictine at the age of 17 and loved solitude which led him to the wilderness of Montemorrone and later into the wilderness of Mount Majella. He followed the example of St. John the Baptist, wearing hair-cloth roughened with knots. A chain of iron was fastened around him every day except Sundays, and for long stretches of time he lived on bread and water. In July 1294 three Cardinals accompanied by a great multitude of monks ascended the mountain and announced that Pietro had been chosen Pope by a unanimous vote of the Sacred College. Two years and three months had elapsed since the death of Nicholas IV. Pietro heard of his elevation with tears, but obeyed the will of God. Owing to his inexperience of diplomatic matters the affairs of the Curia fell into disorder and he looked upon affairs of state with distaste. He considered abdication. The question arose for the first time whether a Pope could resign. On the 13th of December he summoned the Cardinals and announced his resignation.  He was later canonized but as the hermit, Morrone, not Pope Celestine, although he is titled St. Celestine V. [Some accounts of papal history render his successor, Boniface VIII, as the jailor of Celestine and have him dying in prison. This is untrue. Boniface was worried about the extended enthusiasm of the followers of the resigned Pope and had him watched under guard in the Castle of Fumone, not prison.]
The prophecy's use of the word celsus/Coelestinus is referring to the Pope's chosen name Celestine. 
Boniface VIII (1294-1303) Ex undarum benedictione
['From a blessing of the waves' or 'From the blessing of the waves']

The Pope's amorial bearing which shows waves going diagonally down through the middle of the crest is the obvious reference. He was previously called Benedict (Benedetto) of Gaeta. The prophecy also refers to the Pope's Christian name 'Benedetto' which means 'blessing.' His coat of arms were waves. 
Benedict XI (1303-1304) Concionator Patereus
['A preacher from Patara' or 'Preacher from Patara']

This Pope was a native of Patara and a Dominican, the Order of Preachers. He was called Brother Nicholas of the order of Preachers. The Pope belonged to the Order of Preachers. Patara was the hometown of St. Nicholas, a namesake of this Pope (born Nicholas Boccasini). 
Clement V (1305-1314) De fessis Aquitanicis
['From the Aquitainian fesses' or 'From the misfortune/fesses of Aquitaine']

He was from Aquitania and the fesses refer to the striated lines on his armorial bearings. He was a native of St. Bertrand de Comminges in Aquitaine, and eventually became Archbishop of Bordeaux, also in Aquitaine. His coat of arms displays three horizontal bars, known in heraldry as fesses. He was an Aquitinian by birth, whose arms were fesses.   
John XXII (1316-1334) De sutore osseo
['Of the cobbler of Osseo' or 'From a bony cobbler' or 'From the bony shoemaker']

He was the son of a shoe-maker named Osse. And his family name was "Ossa," which means bone.
Nicholas V (1328-1330) Corvus schismaticus
['The schismatic crow' or 'Schismatic crow']

Corvus is an obvious allusion to Pope John XII's place of birth- who was being opposed by antipope Nicholas V; And antipope Nicholas V, whose name is di Corvaro, and therefore a crow, was acting like a schismaticus towards the Pope.
Benedict XII (1334-1342) Frigidus Abbas
[Cold Abbot]

He was a Cistercian monk in the monastery of Fontfroide, which means "cold spring" and he later was the Abbot there. 'Font' comes from the Middle French, and it means a receptacle in a baptistery containing the water used for baptism - A receptacle in a church for the water used in baptism, typically a freestanding stone structure or it can mean spring: and 'froide' means cold in French. 
Clement VI (1342-1352) De rosa Attrebatensi
[From the rose of Arras]

He was the Bishop of Arras and his amorial bearings show six roses. Yes he was Bishop of Arras, (Latin: Episcopus Atrebatensis), and his armorial bearings were emblazoned with six roses. 
Innocent VI (1352-1362) De montibus Pammachii
[From the mountains of Pammachius]

Malachy's prophecy refers to the fact that innocent VI had been cardinal of Pammachius and his family crest shows six hills or mountains. He was born at Mont in the diocese of Limoges, France, and he rose to prominence as the Bishop of Clermont. He had been a cardinal priest with the title of St. Pammachius (i.e., the church of SS. Giovanni e Paolo in Rome). Yes he was Cardinal of Saints John and Paul church, had the title of St. Pammachius, and his coat of arms were six mountains. 
Urban V (1362-1370) Gallus Vice-comes
['A French viscount' or 'French viscount']
He was born of a noble French family and this is obviously what St. Malachy is referring to. He was also Apostolic nuncio to the Viscounts of Milan. 
Gregory XI (1370-1378) Novus de Virgine forti
[A new man from a strong virgin or a virgin fort]

In De Beaufort's name is found the word Forti, which means strong, because what happened was that he was; "renovated in spirit through the bold exhortation of St. Catherine of Siena, a Virgin:" he was one of the Avignon Popes. Yes he was called Peter Belfortis (Beaufort), Cardinal of New St. Mary's. He was from the Beaufort family and Cardinal of Santa Maria Nuova (Nova). 
Urban VI (1378-1389) De Inferno praegnanti
['The Pregnani from Hell' or 'From a pregnant Hell']

Malachy's prophecy is easily explained here: Urban VI was a Pregnani[Prignani] and a native of place called Inferno near Naples. Yes he was born in a place called Inferno, and his family name was Prignano or Prignani. 
Boniface IX (1389-1404) Cubus de mixtione
[The square of mixture]

Malachy's prophecy is an allusion to the Pope's coat of arms, which had a bent chegny of squares. He is of the Tomacellie family, born in Genoa in Liguria, whose arms were cubes. His coat of arms includes a bend checky- a wide stripe with a checkerboard pattern.
Innocent VII (1404-1406) De meliore sidere
[From a better star]


Born in 1336 Cosma became a Papal Delegate to England and in 1387 Archbishop of Ravenna. In 1389 Boniface IX created him Cardinal and on the 17th October 1404 he was elected Pope and took the name of Innocent VII. He died on the 6th November 1406. During his reign he did little for the suppression of the Schism.

Malachy's prophecy refer to the Pope's name and an allusion to his armorial bearings whim show a comet. He was called Cosmato dei Migliorati of Sulmo, whose arms were a star. The word "better" (melior) refers to the pope's last name, Migliorati (Meliorati). There is a shooting star  on his coat of arms. 
Gregory XII (1406-1415) Nauta de ponte nigro
[A sailor from a black bridge or the mariner of Negropont]


Angelo Correr was born in 1327 in Venice. He became Bishop of Castello and Patriarch of Constantine in 1390. In 1405 he was made Cardinal and after the death of Innocent VII was elected Pope by the Cardinals in Rome on the 30th November 1406. Due to internal strifes Gregory XII resigned in 1415. The Cardinals accepted the resignation and appointed him Bishop of Porto. Two years later, before the election of a new [valid] Pope, Martin V, Gregory XII died.

Nauta appears to refer to Venice. Gregory XII was also Commendatarius of the Church of Nigripontis. Yes he was a Venetian, commendatary of the church of Negroponte.
Clement VII
[Antipope] De cruce Apostolica
[from the Apostolic cross]


Cardinal of the title of the twelve Apostles, this antipope's coat of arms shows a cross, quarterly pierced. He is responsible for the Great Schism of the West, a period in the history of the Church which lasted for nearly half a century. 
Benedict XIII
[Antipope] luna Cosmedina
['the moon of Cosmedin' or 'Cosmedine moon' ]


This antipope was the famous Peter De Luna, Cardinal of the title of St. Mary in Cosmedina, who was born in 1328 and created Cardinal in 1375. He returned to Rome with Gregory XI after whose death he took part in the conclave which was attacked by the Romans and which elected Urban VI. His spiritual director and confessor was the great Vincent Ferrer, who believed him to be the real Pope. When Clement VII died he was unanimously chosen to succeed him. He died in Spain in 1423.
Malachy's description refers both to the antipope's name and his coat of arms. 
Clement VIII
[Antipope] schisma Barchinonicum
[the schism of Barcelona]
This Antipope was a canon of Barcelona.


This antipope is only recorded in a footnote to the Vatican list. He was a Canon of Barcelona to which Malachy's description alludes and died in 1447. [In the same footnote appears the name Bernardo Garnier who claimed the title Benedict XIV between 1425 and 1430.] 
Alexander V (1409-1410)
[Antipope] Flagellum Solis
['the lash of the Sun' or 'Whip of the sun']


Pietro, born in 1339, was a homeless begger boy in a Cretan city, knowing neither parents nor relations. He received elementary education from a friar and later entered a Franciscan monastery. Because of his unusual ability he was sent to be educated at Oxford and Paris where he distinguished himself as professor, preacher and writer. Pietro was made Bishop in 1386 and Pope Innocent VII made him a Cardinal in 1405. On the 26th June 1409 he was the unanimous choice of the Cardinals to fill the presumably vacant papal chair. His pontificate was marked by unsuccessful efforts to reach Rome. He died on 3rd May 1410 in Bologna, where he was held prisoner by Cardinal Cossa who succeeded Alexander V as John XXIII, on the 3rd of May 1410.
He was a Greek Archbishop of Milan, whose coat of arms was huge sun. His coat of arms had a large sun on it. 
John XXIII (1410-1415)+
[Antipope] Cervus Sirenae
['the stag of the Syren' or 'Stag of the siren']


Baldassarre was born in 1370 and was one of the seven Cardinals
who, in 1408, deserted Gregory XII and who had pIaced themselves under the jurisdiction of Benedict XIII. He became Cardinal in 1402 and Papal Legate in the following year. In 1409 Cossa played an important part in the Council of Pisa and when Popes Gregory XII and Benedict XIII were deposed, he conducted the election of Alexander V who remained entirely under his influence. He died on the 22nd November 1419.

Malachy's prophecy is an allusion to the fact that Cossa became Cardinal of the title of St. Eustachius, who has the stag as an emblem. He was born in Naples which has the emblem of the syren. Yes the antipope was Cardinal Deacon of St. Eustace who is depicted with a stag, the antipope was a legate of Bologna, a Neapolitan. Baldassarre Cossa was a cardinal with the title of St. Eustachius. St. Eustachius converted to Christianity after he saw a stag with a cross between its horns. Baldassarre's family was originally from Naples, which has the emblem of the siren. 
Martin V (1417-1431) Corona veli aurei
['The pillar with the golden veil' or 'Crown of the golden curtain']

Oddone Colonna was born in 1368 and became a Papal Nuncio at various Italian courts under Boniface IX. In 1405 he was made a Cardinal (Velabro). He deserted Pope Gregory XII and participated in the election of the Antipopes Alexander V and John XXIII. The influential family of Colonna had already given twenty-seven Cardinals to the Church, but Martin V was the first to ascend to the Papal throne. The Church was just passing through the most critical period of its history, the great Western Schism. John XXIII had submitted to Pope Martin in 1419 and was given the title of Cardinal Bishop of Frascati. He died in Rome in 1431.

Malachy's prophecy is an allusion to the pope's cardinal title and his family name. He came from the Colonna family, and was Cardinal Deacon of St. George at the golden curtain. Oddone Colonna was the Cardinal Deacon of San Giorgio in Velabro. The word "Velabrum" is derived from "Velum aureum", or golden veil. His coat of arms had a golden crown resting atop a column. 
Eugene IV (1431-1447) Lupa caelestina
['The Cœlestinian she-wolf' or 'Heavenly she-wolf']

Gabriele was born at Venice in 1383 and was the nephew of Gregory XII. Although he inherited a vast fortune, he gave it away to the poor and entered a monastery. At the age of twenty-four he was appointed by his uncle as Bishop of Siena. In 1408 he was created Cardinal and became Pope in 1431. He died in Rome in 1447.
Malachy refers in his prophecy to the fact that Eugene IV belonged to the order of the Celestines and also was Bishop of Siena which bears a she-wolf on its arms. He was a Venitian, formerly a regular Celestine canon, and bishop of Siena. Yes he was indeed the celestial she-wolf.

Felix V (1439-1449)
[Antipope] Amator crucis
['A lover of the Cross' or 'Lover of the cross']


Amadeus was born in 1383. After the schismatic Council of Basle had declared the rightful pope, Eugene IV, deposed, the Cardinals wished to secure additional influence and financial support by turning to the rich and powerful Prince, the Duke Amadeus VIII of Savoy. After the death of his wife Maria of Burgundy, Duke Amadeus led a life of contemplation, in the company of five knights whom he had formed into the Order of St. Maurice. He was consecrated and crowned by Cardinal d'Allamand in 1440. He submitted in 1449 to Nicholas V from whom he received the title of Cardinal of St. Sabina. He died in 1451.
He was called Amadeus, Duke of Savoy, and his coat of arms had a big white cross. He was previously the count of Savoy and therefore his coat of arms contained the cross of Savoy. His name was Amadeus of Savoy. Amadeus is largely used in the English and German languages, and its origin is Latin. The name's meaning is love of God. It is derived from the elements 'amare' meaning to love ; 'deus' God.
Nicholas V (1447-1455) De modicitate lunae
[From the littleness of the moon]

Tommaso was born in 1397 and acted as the factotum of the Bishop of Bologna for twenty gears. He accompanied the Bishop on many missions and later became the protege of Eugene IV who also entrusted him with other diplomatic tasks, which he carried out with such success that he received the Cardinal's hat in 1446. After the death of Pope Eugene, Parentucelli was elected Pope. He died in Rome in 1455.
Malachy's prophecy refers to his place of birth in the diocese of Luna and his humble origin.
Callistus III (1455-1458) Bos pascens
['Grazing ox' or 'a bull browsing' or 'Pasturing ox']

Alfonso was born in 1378 of a noble family and after finishing his studies espoused the cause of Benedict XIII who created him a Canon. He submitted, however, to Martin V who appointed him Bishop of Valencia in 1429 and Eugene IV made him a Cardinal in 1444. In 1455 Alfonso de Borgia was elected Pope. His reign is remarkable for the revision of the trial of Joan of Arc, which was carried out by his directions and according to which the sentence of the first court was quashed and her innocence proclaimed.
Alphonse Borgia's arms sported a golden grazing ox.  Yes his coat of arms had a grazing ox. 
Pius II (1458-1464) De et Albergo
[From a nanny-goat and an inn]


This pope was also born of a noble family, in 1405. He received elementary instruction from a priest and entered the University of Siena at the age of eighteen. He became the secretary to Bishop Capranica and later to the antipope Felix V. In 1445 he changed his allegiance and in 1447 became Bishop of Trieste. In 1456 he was created a Cardinal by Calixtus III whom he succeeded as Pope in 1458. He died on the 14th August 1464.
Malachy's description is an allusion to the fact that Pius II had been secretary to Cardinal Capranica and Cardinal Albergato (or Albergatii or Albergatus) before he was elected Pope; and their names contain "nanny goat" and "inn." Capra means 'goat' and Albergo means 'inn' in Italian. Yes he was a secretary to Cardinals Domenico and Albergatti.   
Paul II (1464-1471) De cervo et Leone
['From a stag and a lion' or 'From a stag and lion']

Pietro Barbo, a nephew of Eugene IV, was born in Venice in 1417 and entered the religious profession at the elevation of his uncle to the papacy. He was first Bishop of Cervia and Cardinal of Venice. He succeeded Pius II as Pope in 1464 and died in 1471.
Malachy refers to his Bishopric Cervia (stag) and his Cardinal title of St. Mark (lion). Pope Paul II was a Venitian, who was a commendatory of the church of Cervia, and Cardinal of the title of St. Mark. Since he reigned in Cervia as Bishop, Cervia comes from the word 'cervus' meaning 'stag' or 'deer.'
Sixtus IV (1471-1484) Piscator Minorita
['The Minorite Fisherman' or 'Minorite fisherman']

Francesco was born in 1414. As a child he was placed in a Franciscan monastery because of the poverty of his parents. After filling the post of Procurator of his order in Rome, he was in 1467 created Cardinal by Paul II. He was elected Pope in 1471. His reign was overshadowed by political strifes and quarrels in which members of his family played leading parts and his appointing of men such as Pietro and Girolamo Riario to the highest offices in the Church are blots on his high office. He died in 1484.
Francesco was born the son of a fisherman and a member of the Minor Friars. [It is interesting to note that at the time of Malachy this Order did not exist.] Yes he was born the son of a fisherman and was a member of the Franciscans, also known as "Minorities."
Innocent VIII (1484-1492) Praecursor Siciliae
['The Precursor of Sicily' or 'the forerunner from Sicily' or 'Forerunner of Sicily']


Giovanni was born in 1432 and entered the service of the Church after a somewhat licentious youth. In 1467 he became Bishop and in 1484 the successor to Sixtus IV. Great insecurity reigned at Rome during his rule, largely owing to weakness on his part in dealing with transgressors. In 1484 he issued his Bull against witchcraft. Constantly confronted with financial difficulties he resorted to the objectionable habit of creating new offices and granting them to the highest bidders. A great number of Papal Bulls were sold during his reign, many of which are considered to be forgeries: among these latter must be placed the permission granted to the Norwegians to celebrate Mass without wine.
Giovanni Battista Cibo (Innocent VIII) was named after St .John the Baptist, the precursor of Christ, and he also lived in the court of Alfonso, king of Sicily. In his early years Giovanni served as the bishop of Moltfetta in Sicily.   
Alexander VI (1492-1503) Bos Albanus in portu
['The Alban bull at the port' or 'bull of Alba in the harbor']

The young Rodrigo who was born in Spain on the 1st January 1431, had not yet chosen his profession when the elevation of his uncle to the Papacy (1455) opened up new prospects to his ambition. His uncle conferred upon him rich benefices and sent him to study law at the University of Bologna. In 1456 he was made a Cardinal and he held the titles of Cardinal Bishop of Albano and Porto. Towards 1470 began his relations with Venozza Catanei, the mother of his four children: Juan, Caesar, Lucrezia and Jofre.
Borgia, by a two-thirds majority which was secured by his own vote, became Pope in 1492, and took the name of Alexander VI. He is probably the only Pope who has never found an apologist in spite of the most grievous accusations against him by his contemporaries. Perhaps the kindest thing one can do is to use the words of Leo the Great (440-461) who had declared in his "Third Homily for Christmas Day" that "The dignity of Peter suffers no diminution even in an unworthy successor". Alexander VI died in Rome on the 18th August 1503.
Malachy's prophecy refers to the pope's armorial bearings and his Cardinal titles of Albano and Porto. In 1456 he was made a Cardinal and he held the titles of Cardinal bishop of Albano and Porto. He also had a red bull on his coat of arms. 
Pius III (1503) De parvo homine
['From a little man' or 'From a small man']

Francesco who was a nephew of Pope Pius II, was born in 1439. He had spent his boyhood in destitute circumstances when his uncle took him into his household, bestowed upon him his family name and arms and took charge of his training and education. His uncle appointed him Archbishop of Siena and in 1460 created him Cardinal. After the death of Alexander VI the Cardinals could not agree on a principal candidate and cast their vote in favour of Piccolomini, who though only 64 years old died after a reign of only 26 days, in 1503.
Malachy refers to his family name Piccolomini (parvus homo), in English: little man. He was a Sienese of the Piccolomini family. His family name was Piccolomini, from 'piccolo' "small" and 'uoma' "man"
Julius II (1503-1513) Fructus jovis juvabit
[The fruit of Jupiter will help]

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The mistake you make is to believe bringing Martin Luther down will destroy the beliefs of orthodox Christians!

Luther was a product of Roman Catholic error and pagan philosophy who put far too much trust in Augustine!

Papal Rome's 'Indulgences' and 'Prayers for the Dead' are clearly cruel, un-Biblical, deceptions!

Luther started off well before falling back to Rome's false position that God had rejected the Jews - and the 'new Israel' was the Christian church!

Luther's failings don't begin to compare with Papal Rome's vile pogroms, Inquisitions, and paedophilic priests and nuns!

Paedophiles in 177 out of 179 Roman Catholic diocese and archdiocese!

Compare Papal Rome's flagellation with the sins of Luther who learnt his traits from Rome and not from the Bible!

Papal Roman Catholics claim that Luther came up with 'justification by faith alone' while on the toilet!

Do all Roman Catholic writers try and make use of 'Table Talk' to score points against Luther?

You confuse cults with 'Protestants' and 'fundamentalists' -  but Rome can never disturb Biblical reasoning and historical facts!

Why accuse 'Protestants' of believing that Christians 'fall in and out of heaven' depending on their sinfulness?!

Further refutation of the fable that Luther's famous insight was received 'on the privy in the tower'!

Accusations refuted by 'Luther's Preface to the Small Catechism'!

Blanket rejection of facts and reasons given by orthodox Christians is not an answer!

Hurling wild, unproven accusations without a single example to support your ludicrous claims is not refutation! 

Ignoring our refutations of the claims made for Padre Pio is not refutation any more than your constant ad hominem attacks!

Stating that our facts are 'simply ridiculous' and ignoring our clearly stated reply is not refutation!

Sadly, the demonic blindness you labour under has persuaded you that the "stigmatist" who treated YOU was our experience!?

Claims made without a shred of supporting evidence proves your desperation!

A sad descent into blatant demonic Nazism!

Claiming that 'Protestants abuse more kids than Papal Rome' is thoroughly refuted by the following facts!

Courts worldwide reveal Papal Rome to be the abuser of men, women, and children - as history has long revealed!

Even these meetings reveal the extent of the End Times Apostasy in 'Protestant' churches! 

An example of Papal Rome's involvement with the religions of the world in the Great Apostasy!

Figures show Rome has the most sexual offenders of all religions - and only the secular world exceeds their filth!

Inventing scapegoats, denial, or hiding their perverts, has always been Rome's methodology!

On 28 May, 2014, Pope Francis admitted Papal Rome's priests committed child abuse - 'like a satanic mass'!

What do the facts reveal about the paedophile clergy of Papal Rome in the USA?!

A 2004 study revealed Papal Rome had spent $1 billion settling lawsuits and observed "the end [was] nowhere in sight"!

What do the facts reveal about the paedophile clergy of Papal Rome in the UK?!

How the Word of God describes the real punishment for Rome's evil clergy - in Hell!

How the Word of God describes genuine priests of God - and their holy behaviour!

How Papal Rome's monstrous, abusive, paedophile scandals had their origin in their seminaries!

How Papal Rome's paedophile clergy - just disappeared!

Why does Papal Rome think it can deal with paedophilia and adultery - but retain 'celibacy'?

Where does the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI fit in all this?

Who had the power to cover-up in such a manner other than the 'infallible' John Paul II?

Confidential Vatican document proves Papal Rome's policy called for absolute secrecy over sexual abuse by priests!

Papal teaching means the abused knows they will be 'damned to hell' if they tell anyone about the abuse they suffered!

There are just as many sexual scandals involving 'Protestants' and Jews?

The Anglican cult in the UK has recently been found guilty of 'relatively few' examples of abuse and paedophilia!

Pope Francis claims: 'In the Curia, there are holy people ... but there is also a stream of corruption'!

Popes, cardinals, bishops, and priests without number have been habitual reprobates for centuries!

What about the many women forced into immorality by Papal Rome's 'celibate priests'?!

Commit the 'sin of marrying' & never function as a priest again - but sexually abuse children - and Rome protects you forever!

The example of Apostle Peter repeatedly proves the false view of marriage held by Papal Rome!

John Paul II's Veritatis Splendor condemns "intrinsically evil" behaviour which a high percentage of Papal clergy practice!

Another result has been a large number of AIDS cases among the priests of Papal Rome!

April 2012 - first Roman Catholic official accused of protecting abusive priests by moving them from parish to parish?!

In 2007 alone the Catholic Church in America paid $615 million to settle abuse cases!

The sex abuse cases should be no surprise since Papal Rome was built on nothing but lies!

Many skeptics opposing the idea that a 'One World Religion' could form fail to consider the role of Mary in Islam! 

The overall figures paid out in compensation by Papal Rome are MUCH HIGHER than $1.6 BILLION!

High-lighting a Lutheran pervert is like attacking 'one of your own' since 'The Joint Declaration of Justification'!

Long before 'Protestants', genuine Christians were persecuted, tortured and executed by Rome!

Papal Rome's wealth was acquired through outright theft - and the 'sale' of salvation!

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