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Herman Benedict - 82

9th March, 2012

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Papal Rome's wealth was acquired through outright theft - and the 'sale' of salvation!

You write:  I guess you resort to attacking what you perceive as the one and only true Religion to make yourself more popular because you realize that Anti-Catholicism sells; by posting complete lies, misconceptions, and falsehoods published by godless journalists I can see why you are enveloped in the most popular myths of today. Indulgences are not bought. It is impossible to purchase indulgences (even plenary indulgences). You might want to look up the meaning of the word indulgences before you mislead an already entirely bigoted Anti-Catholic populous in your Fundamentalist dark mythology.

TCE:  You truly delude yourself in claiming we 'perceive [Papal Rome] as the one and only true Religion'!  And we have already thoroughly exposed 'indulgences' on pages that were completed years ago - try reading this page under the heading:

The Abomination of Papal Indulgences!

We could add to those facts but such efforts are mainly wasted on the blind and deceived who rant and rave in the manner you demonstrate.

You bluster about '
falsehoods published by godless journalists' - perhaps you should go back and check on who you have foolishly quoted!  And the other knee-jerk reaction of Papists in rejecting the historians of Papal Rome who told the truth - but were then ex-communicated for having done so - simply will not wash!  You have to refute facts to try and make them go away - but Papal Roman Catholics are simply incapable of genuine exegesis and reasoning - as you have so ably demonstrated!

We will remind those searching our pages for such facts that most of Papal Rome's wealth was acquired through the sale of salvation and untold billions (dollars, pounds etc.) have been paid in by those who thought they were purchasing heaven on the installation plan for themselves or loved ones. The blatant practice continues to this day where Papal Rome is in complete control, but less obviously in the few genuine democracies of the world (another clear reason why the popes railed against the freedom that the USA - in particular - achieved just a few centuries ago). 
This exceptional deception and abomination was rarely challenged and, when sixteenth-century Dominican scholar Cardinal Cajetan dared complain about the sale of dispensations and indulgences, the Church hierarchy was indignant and accused him of wanting "to turn Rome into an uninhabited desert, to reduce the Papacy to impotence, to deprive the pope...of the pecuniary resources indispensable for the discharge of his office" (J.H. Ignaz von Döllinger, The Pope and the Council, London, 1869, pp. 307-08).

In addition to such perversions of the gospel which have led hundreds of millions astray, there are the further abominations of corrupt banking practices, laundering of drug money, trading in counterfeit securities, and dealings with the Mafia (fully documented in police and court records), which the Vatican and her representatives around the world have long employed. Nino Lo Bello, former
Business Week correspondent in Rome and Rome bureau chief for New York Journal of Commerce, wrote that the Vatican is so closely allied with the Mafia in Italy that "many people...believe that Sicily...is nothing more than a Vatican building" (Nino Lo Bello, The Vatican Empire, Trident Press, 1968, p167; cf. David A. Yallop, In God's Name, Bantam Books, 1984; Richard Hammers, The Vatican Connection, Penguin Books, 1983).

Christ and His disciples lived in poverty.  He told His followers not to lay up treasure on this earth but in heaven.  Papal Rome has disobeyed that command (
and many, many, others!) and has accumulated a plethora of riches without equal, of which "the Roman Pontiff is the supreme administrator and steward. ..." (James A. Coriden, Thomas J. Green, Donald E. Heintschel, eds., The Code of Canon Law, Paulist Press, 1985, Canon 1273). There is no church, no city which is a spiritual entity, no religious institution past or present which even comes close to possessing the wealth of Papal Rome and the un-Biblical indulgences play a large part in keeping the popes rich and the people poor.

In the Book of Revelation, John's attention is drawn to the inscription boldly emblazoned upon the woman's forehead: 'mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth" (Revelation 17:5).  Sadly enough, the Roman Catholic Church fits the description "mother of harlots and abominations" as precisely as she fits the other. 
Much of the cause can be traced to the unbiblical demand that her priests be celibates.

You write:  Bigots like you never cease calling the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect, the Catholic Church. Additionally, you enjoy citing the alleged "misconduct" of  the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect to "prove" that the Catholic Church is "corrupt." That is a misconception. Even if you continued to falsely believe that the Post Conciliar Protestant "Church" is the Catholic Church (which is false), you still lie by omission; because of all the false religions and their institutions, the Post Conciliar Protestant "Church" (which you falsely call the Catholic Church) has substantially the least amount of misconduct by a wide margin, compared to any other false religion and their institutions be it:  the Hindus, Moslems, Hare Krishnas, Jews, and Protestants. Even if you took one protestant sect by itself like the Baptists, "evangelicals" or Methodists, they still have larger amounts of misconduct than the Post Conciliar Protestant "Church" and one doesn't even need to look at the statistics in a mathematical proportion even though the Post Conciliar Protestant "Church" is very large in membership than all the other denominations. I am not defending the Post Conciliar Protestant "Church", but you avoid keeping things in their proper perspective through omission, and also failing to recognize that all other false religions carry out more misconduct than the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect. The Jews only constitute 1.2% of the population, but their misconduct is off the charts (this is because the Jewish Encyclopedia and Talmud explicitly teach that pedophilia and sodomy is ok so long as the child hasn't reached their maidenhood or boyhood years yet).

Lastly, public school teachers physically sexually abuse more kids each month than it took the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect employees, 50 years to do.
So what the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect employees did in over 50 years; public school teachers accomplish way more in one month.  That's Department of Education's own numbers in their Educator Misconduct Synopsis.  Additionally, in the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect over 99% of the alleged misconduct was carried out against teenagers (not little kids) and it wasn't by their invalid priests, but mostly by other employees and volunteers (who by the way are openly professing non-Catholics hired into Post Conciliar Protestant Sect institutions). A vast majority of the accused invalid priests who allegedly did this are long dead, and not there to defend themselves.  In addition, under the umbrella word "indecent misconduct" is covered acts such as: inappropriate comments, staring weirdly at someone, asking someone out for a date, hugging someone who never wanted it, writing certain notes, sending certain text messages, a kiss, or entering into the bathroom or changing area to see somebody, asking somebody for an indecent favor, etc., and not what your wild lurid imagination manages to conjure up in regards to alleged rapists on the loose grabbing little children.

TCE:  Of the many plainly disgusting sentences you have written, it was your vile, anti-Semitic, rants and the ones above - highlighted and underlined in red - that first convinced us not to hurry to reply to your demonic filth!  Your subsequent rants made it even clearer that you are not even slightly interested in the truth and facts mean nothing to you - for you think you can invent them and the gullible will just accept it as truth.

The only action that would lead to further responses from TCE would be for you to supply some facts for ALL the many claims you make and to actually answer ALL our previous questions and accusations which are ALL based on clear and irrefutable facts!

And your attempts to replace the historic Papal Roman Catholic Church with 'Post Conciliar Protestant Sect' labels simply will not ever wash!  For centuries Papal Roman Catholics have claimed that their 'infallible popes' and their organisation are the church that Matthew 16:18 is speaking of:

'And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.'

So you only have two choices: ONE, either admit that we are correct in our interpretation that this verse does not apply to Peter as the first pope and it also does not apply to Papal Rome as the 'church [that] the gates of hell shall not prevail against ...'; or TWO, admit that Papal Rome (aka the Roman Catholic Church) is the organisation that is responsible for the largest known example of unrelenting paedophilic abuse against children and young adults in the known history of the human race (and there is also the accompanying issue of encouraging the massive installation of homosexual 'priests' in a church that claims to be Christian)!

Note, again, that contrary to your denial that the abuse was mainly by Papal Rome's 'priesthood' the facts reveal:

"the overwhelming majority of sexual abuse cases in the Catholic Church - about 90% - involve homosexual priests preying on teenage boys. The major media and the U.S. culture at large want to deny or spin the homosexual factor out of the scandal."

You have also forgotten that you wrote:
'We have seen how the Scriptures proclaim the indefectibility of the Church' - yet you now attempt the sad role as apologist for Papal Rome by claiming that the Roman Catholic Church and its errors is not really the Roman Catholic Church but is now to be called a 'Protestant Sect'!

The clear truth is that it is the Word of God that is without error - and this remains so despite the obvious defects of Papal Rome which remain inexcusable and identify them clearly as another cult.

As we can easily see from your subsequent rants, you prove that you do not even read our answers so we are wasting our time in supplying them to you - but they will be of interest to sincere people examining our website and seeking the truth.  So, from this point we will simply
highlight your major unremitting errors in red with your major errors and blatant lies also underlined and add our comments in blue (although this is not to indicate that you have written many words that bear any resemblance to the truth)!

You write:  It is not a pedophile issue in the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect. Protestants (who constitute by the way over 90% of your bigoted audience) are over 5 times more likely to abuse kids than an employee of the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect. There is an epidemic of abuse, raging corruption, and coverups in the Protestant "evangelical" circles (and victim advocacy groups have been especially vocal with Baptists, Methodists, "evangelical", and Lutheran "churches" for refusing to set up a way of protecting children, and also for refusing to report their pedophile ministers and also for protecting them), but of course you won't cover this because you are afraid of alienating the vast majority of your virulent bigot audience and of course you want the money to keep coming in.

TCE: Again, all you do is repeat wild, unsupported, accusations and, after claiming without any evidence at all that 'Protestants ... constitute ... over 90% of your bigoted audience ... are over 5 times more likely to abuse kids than an employee of the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect' you laughingly claim that we 'want the money to keep coming in'?  Our ministry has no donations from any outside source and has always been financed entirely by the few workers involved in the ministry of 'The Christian Expositor'!  We have also supplied examples and statistics of abuse by the Anglican Cult which broke away from your Cult of Papal Rome - so it is easy to argue that more than 99% of all abuse in 'churches' is by fake Christians!

You writeI repeat, statistically, Post Conciliar Protestant Sect abuses are substantially tiny in amount of victims compared to any other false religion that can be brought forward, by a wide margin, because of the few vestiges they've managed to steal from the Catholic Church. So of all false sects, the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect is the safest place for minors. You fail to make note that misconduct will always occur in institutions controlled by false religions, such as the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect, but at the same time you fail to note that immorality is least in the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect than all other false religions, because statistically the more "religious" an institution claims to be the lesser the instances of immorality. Otherwise, none of this ever occurs in the Catholic Church because it never makes mistakes and the Priests are perfect. The Post Conciliar Protestant Sect is not the Catholic Church. I guess you have no reservations for Catholic bashing and Anti-Catholicism as you do reservations with offending protestants, Moslems, Hindus, and Buddhists. Catholic baiting and Anti-Catholcism [sic] has been termed as the anti-Semitism of the liberals. This places abuse in perspective.

The Protestants are far worse many times over, than the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect, when it comes to misconduct. The Jews and Moslems too. When one points out public school teacher statistics of misconduct, and those of government facilities, compared to those of the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect, and to any other false religion, and things are put in perspective, you are refuted devastatingly. The Church is perfect, and it is the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect you speak of. Also, just to demonstrate your irrational bigotry against the true Religion, I showed you that the Post Conciliar Sect of which you speak is better off than the humanist run government facilities and every other false sect and religion. I have loads of news articles and the statistics with me, and even, your own pagan newspapers admit your teachers are very immoral etc. Your "evangelical" leaders are many times over worse than the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect, and I demonstrated your paranoiac bigotry towards the Priests of the True Religion, who are perfect and higher than the rest of society. In the Post Conciliar Protestant Sect the misconduct is mostly perpetrated by the lay people employed; and their invalid priests, most of whom are dead (did this a long time ago, especially in the 60's), are better off than the other pagans (of false religions) statistically, because of the few vestiges they have retained from the True Church.

TCE:  Repeating yourself in this wild, bigoted and brain-washed manner merely exposes your utter refusal to consider the facts.  Again, all you have supplied are quotes without regard to their source or what the genuine figures might represent, the threat of using statistics without supplying any, and ridiculous, raving extrapolation!

So we will save time and effort by supplying our coup de grâce again - contrary to your denial that the abuse was mainly by Papal Rome's 'priesthood' the facts reveal:

"the overwhelming majority of sexual abuse cases in the Catholic Church - about 90% - involve homosexual priests preying on teenage boys. The major media and the U.S. culture at large want to deny or spin the homosexual factor out of the scandal."

And, if you bother to work out the statistics from our Google analysis, you will find that more than 99.99% of all 'religious paedophiles' are from the Papal Roman Catholic Cult - and the second most significant group are Anglicans - the Cult of Henry VIII, formed by him when he discarded the popes who would not play ball with his evil plans for his kingdom!  And the figures continuing to pour in reflect an even greater percentage of the perverts are from Papal Rome!

We have now refuted all of your points, including your attempt to besmirch God's doctrine of Grace by using more Luther 'toilet' humour - how sad that you are so enamoured of such a weak jibe that you had to re-work it more than once in a feeble attempt to goad us into rushing to respond to your bombastic defamations.

If only you learned to read carefully you would know that we are not 'Protestants' and no followers of Luther, or any other off-shoot of the 'Reformation' - as we explain clearly on our pages.

Even if it was true that Luther re-discovered the Biblical doctrine of 'salvation by grace alone' while resting in some place on the planet that was not 100% sterile, it is still more than Papal Rome ever discovered!  We can just extrapolate your reasoning to some filthy cell where prisoners of Papal Rome awaited their end at the hands of your murdering clergy - doubtlessly you would rather they died than find out the truth in such un-sanitary conditions.  God's thoughts are not your thoughts, or His ways your ways (Isaiah 55v8-9) and, by your reasoning, the guilty thief on the cross (Luke 23v39-43) should not have discovered the truth that sent him to Paradise on the day that he died!  Just 'faith alone, in the Saviour alone' got the thief to Paradise - no sacraments, baptism, good works, church membership, kissing the ring or the multitude of other pointless, un-Biblical genuflections commended by Papal Rome, played any part whatsoever!

It is a blatant fact that the cult you follow has been responsible for the persecution and murder of many genuine Christians who went to heaven because of their complete faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Nothing that an anti-Christ follower like yourself can put together can ever over-turn the results that the blood of the martyrs has bought through their faith (Revelation 17:6):

'And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. And when I saw her, I wondered with a great wonder'.

Your pathetic boast - '
I have loads of news articles and the statistics with me' - is just that!

This is the completion of our thorough and complete refutation of your embarrassing rants.

There are occasions when it almost seems pointless to pray for some people.

Almost .... but ....

2 Peter 3:9:  The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some count slackness; but is longsuffering towards you,
not wishing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

We do not doubt that you are incapable of supplying any valid answers and, since you began your foolish crowing before waiting for a response, we will only place your work on our pages to reveal the dangers inherent in embracing the teachings of a cult:

1 Timothy 4:1-3 - '... the Spirit saith expressly, that in later times
some shall fall away from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons, through the hypocrisy of men that speak lies, branded in their own conscience as with a hot iron; forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by them that believe and know the truth.'

It would do you well to take heed of the words of a wise man:

Ecclesiastes 10:12-15 (NASB) - 12 
Words from the mouth of a wise man are gracious, while the lips of a fool consume him; 13  the beginning of his talking is folly and the end of it is wicked madness. 14  Yet the fool multiplies words. No man knows what will happen, and who can tell him what will come after him? 15  The toil of a fool so wearies him that he does not even know how to go to a city.

You have utterly failed to make a single valid point and this refutation is now complete and at an end.

In the Name of the Lord Christ Jesus, Almighty God and Saviour of the world!


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The mistake you make is to believe bringing Martin Luther down will destroy the beliefs of orthodox Christians!

Luther was a product of Roman Catholic error and pagan philosophy who put far too much trust in Augustine!

Papal Rome's 'Indulgences' and 'Prayers for the Dead' are clearly cruel, un-Biblical, deceptions!

Luther started off well before falling back to Rome's false position that God had rejected the Jews - and the 'new Israel' was the Christian church!

Luther's failings don't begin to compare with Papal Rome's vile pogroms, Inquisitions, and paedophilic priests and nuns!

Paedophiles in 177 out of 179 Roman Catholic diocese and archdiocese!

Compare Papal Rome's flagellation with the sins of Luther who learnt his traits from Rome and not from the Bible!

Papal Roman Catholics claim that Luther came up with 'justification by faith alone' while on the toilet!

Do all Roman Catholic writers try and make use of 'Table Talk' to score points against Luther?

You confuse cults with 'Protestants' and 'fundamentalists' -  but Rome can never disturb Biblical reasoning and historical facts!

Why accuse 'Protestants' of believing that Christians 'fall in and out of heaven' depending on their sinfulness?!

Further refutation of the fable that Luther's famous insight was received 'on the privy in the tower'!

Accusations refuted by 'Luther's Preface to the Small Catechism'!

Blanket rejection of facts and reasons given by orthodox Christians is not an answer!

Hurling wild, unproven accusations without a single example to support your ludicrous claims is not refutation! 

Ignoring our refutations of the claims made for Padre Pio is not refutation any more than your constant ad hominem attacks!

Stating that our facts are 'simply ridiculous' and ignoring our clearly stated reply is not refutation!

Sadly, the demonic blindness you labour under has persuaded you that the "stigmatist" who treated YOU was our experience!?

Claims made without a shred of supporting evidence proves your desperation!

A sad descent into blatant demonic Nazism!

Claiming that 'Protestants abuse more kids than Papal Rome' is thoroughly refuted by the following facts!

Courts worldwide reveal Papal Rome to be the abuser of men, women, and children - as history has long revealed!

Even these meetings reveal the extent of the End Times Apostasy in 'Protestant' churches! 

An example of Papal Rome's involvement with the religions of the world in the Great Apostasy!

Figures show Rome has the most sexual offenders of all religions - and only the secular world exceeds their filth!

Inventing scapegoats, denial, or hiding their perverts, has always been Rome's methodology!

On 28 May, 2014, Pope Francis admitted Papal Rome's priests committed child abuse - 'like a satanic mass'!

What do the facts reveal about the paedophile clergy of Papal Rome in the USA?!

A 2004 study revealed Papal Rome had spent $1 billion settling lawsuits and observed "the end [was] nowhere in sight"!

What do the facts reveal about the paedophile clergy of Papal Rome in the UK?!

How the Word of God describes the real punishment for Rome's evil clergy - in Hell!

How the Word of God describes genuine priests of God - and their holy behaviour!

How Papal Rome's monstrous, abusive, paedophile scandals had their origin in their seminaries!

How Papal Rome's paedophile clergy - just disappeared!

Why does Papal Rome think it can deal with paedophilia and adultery - but retain 'celibacy'?

Where does the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI fit in all this?

Who had the power to cover-up in such a manner other than the 'infallible' John Paul II?

Confidential Vatican document proves Papal Rome's policy called for absolute secrecy over sexual abuse by priests!

Papal teaching means the abused knows they will be 'damned to hell' if they tell anyone about the abuse they suffered!

There are just as many sexual scandals involving 'Protestants' and Jews?

The Anglican cult in the UK has recently been found guilty of 'relatively few' examples of abuse and paedophilia!

Pope Francis claims: 'In the Curia, there are holy people ... but there is also a stream of corruption'!

Popes, cardinals, bishops, and priests without number have been habitual reprobates for centuries!

What about the many women forced into immorality by Papal Rome's 'celibate priests'?!

Commit the 'sin of marrying' & never function as a priest again - but sexually abuse children - and Rome protects you forever!

The example of Apostle Peter repeatedly proves the false view of marriage held by Papal Rome!

John Paul II's Veritatis Splendor condemns "intrinsically evil" behaviour which a high percentage of Papal clergy practice!

Another result has been a large number of AIDS cases among the priests of Papal Rome!

April 2012 - first Roman Catholic official accused of protecting abusive priests by moving them from parish to parish?!

In 2007 alone the Catholic Church in America paid $615 million to settle abuse cases!

The sex abuse cases should be no surprise since Papal Rome was built on nothing but lies!

Many skeptics opposing the idea that a 'One World Religion' could form fail to consider the role of Mary in Islam! 

The overall figures paid out in compensation by Papal Rome are MUCH HIGHER than $1.6 BILLION!

High-lighting a Lutheran pervert is like attacking 'one of your own' since 'The Joint Declaration of Justification'!

Long before 'Protestants', genuine Christians were persecuted, tortured and executed by Rome!

Papal Rome's wealth was acquired through outright theft - and the 'sale' of salvation!

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